If your loved ones are far away, send them Easter messages on Facebook or Easter text messages. This way, wishing a happy Easter can reach your family or friends much faster. Instead of the simple Christ, he resurrected, choosing to make Easter wishes in a unique way, through funny messages or Easter images. 

You can find beautiful Easter messages below:

Easter messages for parents

  • May the holy feast of the Lord’s Resurrection bring you the four divine mysteries: trust, light, love, hope. Happy Easter!
  • For some, Easter is a time of family reunion, in which they want peace and joy. For others, it is a day when they have a little more fun or miss work or school. For me, it is simply a wonderful day, which I want to share with you. Happy easter!
  • It is the day when hope, love and good thinking are born. It is the day we forgive and give. It’s the day of the Lord’s Resurrection. Happy easter!
  • May God give you a rainbow at every storm, a smile at every tear, a blessing at every step, and an answer to every question. Happy easter!
  • To understand the ultimate sacrifice, we just need to be better, more forgiving, more forgiving, wiser, always with light in our souls, thoughts and feelings. Christ the Messenger!

Easter messages for wife or girlfriend

  • Easter happy lamb, egg sits red, out of shame has become more expensive. Beloved rabbit, bring you euros, happiness, health, good luck and good luck to all!
  • This year the bunny will come to you full of goodies and will give you the envelope with the hundred kisses from me.
  • I hope the bunny doesn’t get around you this year either, even though I know you weren’t as good as you try to look!
  • I made my Easter wishlist. I want you in the garden, at home, in my thoughts and in my soul! If you reply, it means that I have received my gift so the bunny can do his job this year!
  • The bunny contacted me and told me I was going to be your Easter present.

Easter messages for children

  • Happy rabbits and squirrels, / Red eggs, joys, / Lambs with throats in their throats / To keep you ugly! / Healthy Easter, / Holy, enlightened days
  • Choose your favorite bunny, your favorite color and your favorite wish! Have a Happy Easter, and the congratulatory bunnies come to you with the gifts promised by all three! Christ the Messenger!
  • Clean sky, rich earth, peaceful soul, enlightened spirit! CHRIST SENT HIM! Thought fulfilled! HAPPY EASTER!
  • 16 bunnies… 8 are spying… 5 are sleepy and dream beautiful… 2 more whites… give holiday gifts… And the last one read… A new Happy Easter!

Easter messages for the family

  • The mustachioed bunny is lucky Easter, don’t leave your gift in your boots, he has other secrets: Easter, red egg, fried lamb and a Happy Easter!
  • Reddish egg, browned lamb, Happy Easter. May this holiday bring you much hope and peace in life.
  • May the Lord’s resurrection strengthen your confidence and hope! Christ sent!
  • May the holy holidays of Easter bring peace of mind, much joy, health, happiness and the power to give and help others.
  • May your life be fluffy without worries like a lamb, colored like an Easter egg and bright like RESURRECTION DAY.
  • I can’t wait to reach you, my dear ones. Until then, take care of yourself and clean the house and your soul. The Great Feast of the Lord’s Resurrection is approaching. Let’s welcome her properly!

Easter messages for colleagues

  • May the light of the Savior’s Resurrection flood your home and bring you only harmony, happiness, and much love. Happy easter!
  • Christ sent! May the light of the Resurrection fill your soul with hope, peace, joy and love!
  • May the light of the Holy Resurrection penetrate your soul and your hearts rejoicing in the miracle of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Beyond parties, gifts and holidays is the true meaning of Easter. I wish you peace, love, holiday joy and the rest of the year!
  • On the occasion of this special day, I wish you and your family a Happy Easter and good health, as you would do for the rest!

    Easter messages to be sent via SMS

    • May this Holy Feast help us to be better, to forgive and to love unconditionally! I wish you a pleasant holiday and a happy Easter with your loved ones!
    • News is circulating all over the city that the bunny is coming / To bring you good Easter and Lighting in the evening!
    • May the Holy Holidays flood your soul with peace and faith, fill your house with light and bring you closer to your loved ones!
    • Light, hope, strength to walk the path of life with your forehead up, confidence in your strength and a lot of love from your loved ones.
    • At Easter, you heal from envy, hatred, pride and become better, more understanding.

    Short Easter messages

    • After such a long fast, I wish you many red eggs, many chocolate bunnies! Happy easter!
    • I hope Easter strengthens your confidence and hope! Christ sent!
    • Christ the Messenger! I wish you health, joy and as many moments spent in the presence of family and loved ones.
    • May the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection show you the way to happiness and joy. Christ the Messenger!

    Funny Easter messages

    • I say sit down at the table, eat a lot of bread, I don’t think you can tell if it’s a lamb or a dog.
    • The rabbit doesn’t come anymore, because he doesn’t feel well. He learned from Parliament that there is a crisis in the budget. So he got drunk so as not to be in crisis! HAPPY EASTER!
    • Countless bunnies / Jump on your mess / Straight on the carpet.
    • Have a good Easter and enjoy yourself! Rejoice as a colorblind person when he sees colored eggs!
    • The mustachioed bunny turned his socks upside down and told me in two whispers to give you an EASTER MESSAGE

    Easter messages in lyrics

    • Light all the candles – / Jesus descends among us! / Set aside the enmity / And help one another.
    • A gentle angel from heaven descends, / He prays in secret, then flies./ From above he sends us: / A gentle smile, a warm ray / And three words: / Christ is Risen!
    • Melodious bells are ringing in the middle of the night / And at the church all Christians are called, / They are heard, from heaven, of the whispered angels, / What Easter announces, again, of course.
    • In the willows weeping a rumor of crucifixion / And the lambs howled on the meadows with greenery./ Christ to bring you light and love / In the Night of renunciation of death for life.
    • And if Jesus is to come / From heaven back to us, / It is a sign that faith has risen, / As resurrected what is good in us./ Happy Easter!

    Religious Easter messages

    • Two bunnies, like two little children, ran over the imas and bring in their flight the good news to all, that CHRIST HAS RESURRECTED, to forgive us of sin, and we will listen to Him, we will sit in heaven with HIM, and man fly on HIS wing, lest we be afraid. Amen!
    • Easter is a promise that God renews every spring. May the promise of Easter fill your heart with peace and joy! Happy easter!
    • The cross illuminates the way to heaven, shows glory, justice, and gives forgiveness and peace to all who look upon it. Christ the Messenger!
    • May the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ bring peace, joy, happiness in your heart and bring you closer to Him, so that you may live a life according to His will. CHRIST SENT HIM!
    • The Savior had a wooden cross and a heart of gold. Today, many of us have gold crosses and wooden hearts. May in the moment of proclamation, in a voice of the Resurrection of the immortal, our power to love and to forgive be reborn. I wish you a happy Easter and I tell you: Christ is risen

    Easter messages for Facebook

    • It may seem completely devoid of originality, but you know that simple words are the most beautiful. So Christ has risen!
    • I’d like to spend Easter together. Although I know it is not possible, I will be with you with my soul and may the hope of the Resurrection bring you to me almost soon! Happy easter!
    • With lighted candles and pure soul let’s say together CHRIST IS RISEN!
    • Joy comes from small things. Peace comes from the heart. The light comes from everyone’s heart. Happy easter!
    • Christ sent! The feast of the Lord’s Resurrection blessed by the holy light to bring warm feelings, wealth and well-being in a reddish egg of love and in a delicious cake like goodwill.