Choosing status for pictures often becomes complicated, especially when you want to surprise your friends, relatives, or strangers with nice status for your pictures. How to describe the photo in such a way that it is full of meaning or subtle humor.

We have prepared a collection of statuses for photos on Facebook or any other social network that you use, which are suitable for all situations in life: statuses for pictures of girls or boys, statuses for profile pictures, statuses for pictures with friends, status for love pictures or simply status for beautiful pictures you post daily.

Nice status for pictures

↩️ The broken photo can be pasted. The torn soul – never.
↩️ Stay indifferent – this angers everyone!
↩️ Never remember people. However, you will never forget those who really need you.
↩️ At night, the whole discussion becomes sincere…
↩️ If everyone around you is jealous, then you have reached your happiness.
↩️ The winner’s tactic is to convince the enemy that he is doing everything right.
↩️ I am a law-abiding citizen.
↩️ It is impossible to hide love, and when it passes, it is even harder for you to hide.
↩️ And they lived happily ever after… but not together.
↩️ Life is a struggle. Before dinner – with hunger, after dinner – with sleep.
↩️ Love is a joy that torments us, but this torment brings us joy.
↩️ How fate will be, no one knows… Live free and do not be afraid of change. When the Lord takes something, do not miss what He gives you in return!
↩️ Life is a book with color images and black and white text.
↩️ It’s such a good saying – “Trust me, but still check”. It’s a pity that sometimes the test results are so unpleasant that you immediately remember another saying: “The less you know, the better you sleep.”
↩️ The expression you wear on your face is more important than the clothes you wear.
↩️ Take a step and the road will appear on its own.
↩️ If someone doesn’t like me, then live right. If someone loves you, then don’t live in vain!
↩️ The truth, whatever it is, is better than uncertainty and suspicion.
↩️ It could be bad every day. But something good, of course, is every day.
↩️ Man finds time for everything he really wants.
↩️ Finding the common language with everyone leads to the loss of one’s own self.
↩️ To live with the speed of a child is to have time to notice the color of the sky, the smells of the streets and your own emotions. You have time to surprise yourself and enjoy the simple things! Life is beautiful!

Stats for facebook pictures, suitable for boys

🔔 A genius sleeps in each of us, but every day the sleep is getting stronger.
🔔 When you become Gulliver…
🔔 -What do you want to do before you die
-Let me live. That’s enough for me.
🔔 When you don’t expect anything from life, you get everything.
The eyes are blind. You have to search with your heart.
🔔 He creates like a god, rules like a king, works like a slave!
🔔 It is much nicer to write status: “Coffee and cigarettes” than “Alzheimer’s and lung cancer”.
🔔 The most beautiful makeup of girls is the smile.
🔔 Only with age do you begin to understand that you do not have to knock on all the doors and you do not have to enter all the open ones.
🔔 And he moved his soul and put furniture there.
However, women are much better than men. We are brainless selfish, noisy narcissists. We do too much for public opinion. And women, after all, believe in us.
Love awakens evil in me. After falling in love, I lost my sense of humor.
🔔 When a person laughs, he becomes gentler. So the request to borrow money should start with a joke.
🔔 The New Year is the official chance to start a new life. Avoid unnecessary people, omit laziness and do not make promises.
🔔 Disadvantages accompany us all our lives. If someone seems ideal to us, it means that his shortcomings correspond to his age and position.
There is no sadder story in the world than the photo in the first bulletin.
🔔 It would be nice to take care of me.
🔔 The longest journey begins with the words, “I know the short way.”
🔖 I’m fine, but I’m not happy.
🔖 I speak English with the dictionary. I’m shy to talk to people.
The psychiatrist has already stopped talking to me, I almost convinced him that sarmales have their own civilization.
🔖 Please share your dreams with me!
🔖 -It’s true that it’s so difficult with all girls
-Only those with brains.
🔖 An experienced firefighter is looking for a firefighter.

🔖 March 8 – almost the only day when the woman agrees with everything that is said about her.
🔖 Everyone who knows me is divided into two categories: those who like me and those who don’t like me.
I need a person who will not drive me crazy but love me.
I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Loneliness. She never offends me and is always with me.
🔖 If a girl looks great, she is kind, friendly and smiling with everyone – it means that her ex-boyfriend is somewhere close.
I don’t know what to do with myself. I dreamed at night that you should be with me.

Stats for facebook pictures, suitable for girls

👩 Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But the worst suffering is not knowing the decision.
D -Dore, said the heart. -Look, time said. “But I’ll be back sometimes,” the memory whispered.
👩 Dreams come true at some point. Most often this moment occurs when it is no longer needed.
There are times when you feel sad and lonely. And even if there’s someone calling you, you know it’s not up to you.
Too bad most men have stopped conquering the ones they want. They choose the ones who agree.
👩 In the morning she made him breakfast. At noon, he: make me a sandwich, please. Said and done. He eats, then: make me another one! She does not! It was the demo version of the caring woman. You can only get a subscription after marriage registration.
“We don’t need Hercules’ deeds.” We don’t need money and power. Don’t make us cry and only then will you be called men!
👩 Those who are perfect, to be exhibited in the museum.
I suffered for garbage, and garbage will not even suffer for me.
We love those who do not love us and we destroy those who love us.
👩 The ability to dance gives you the greatest freedom: to express yourself fully.
👩 In life, it is seldom possible to find someone with whom you feel the real attraction. And if that happens to you, you have to fight.
👩 Beautiful girls are always non-photogenic.
👩 I can spend a few days with the meaning of life
👩 Be close. Today. Tomorrow. Always.
“Forgive me for love” – ​​for someone it is just the name of a romantic movie, but for someone it is a bitter confession. How to forgive yourself because someone has become the meaning of your life
👩 Girls, stop looking for the perfect man! He is already with me.
👩 Feminine logic: “You agree with me
” Later: “I have already changed my mind”.
👩 If I ever die because of a man, then just laugh!
👩 The first year of college is like pregnancy – it takes 9 months, but you start to feel bad from the second week.
👩 Love is when it is not a shame to walk hand in hand.
👩 Happiness will come to everyone. And not necessarily from Tuesday night to Wednesday, in February or July. Not necessarily in good condition. But it will certainly come suddenly.
👩 Love. This feeling should not be confused with passion, because passion does not bring pain and does not make you unhappy.
Have you ever had the desire to say, “Guys, I love you so much, but please go ahead with your advice and condolences!”
👩 I can hug you
In silence, without breathing, just listening to your heart beating because of someone else…
👩 -He really loves you! -And why didn’t he write to me
-Because he knows you don’t need it.
👩 There is nothing eternal in life.
👩 I want a person to write to at any time: “Get out of my life, I hate you”, and instead receive a message with: “Get dressed, in 10 minutes I’m on your ladder.”
👩 The hot summer has arrived. Be as gentle with the second half, and those who have not yet met their soul mate, want them to know him, to love each other, to give flowers! Be happy!