Birthday is celebrated in all countries of the world because it is a special event for everyone, the day you were born. These really are special occasions where positive emotions are welcome. You are special on your birthday, it is the day you took your life, the day God blessed you. A message with a birthday makes a person feel his holiday more special, he feels loved and appreciated by those close to his soul, congratulate the people close to him to make their holiday more special.

When it is the birthday of a loved one, we want to wish him the best of luck. But there are also moments when it leaves us inspired. If you want to make a beautiful and memorable gesture, but you don’t know how, today we give you more examples of messages from many years. They will bring a smile on the face of the celebrant, and you will be glad that you made a pleasant surprise.

Christian birthday messages

The birthday of a loved one, religious, gives you the opportunity to express not only the appreciation for his life, but also to recognize their religious conviction. If you need inspiration for a beautiful Christian message, read below and choose the perfect Christian message for you.

🎆Birthday is a wonderful holiday! I wish you the main things in life: health, success, happiness, love. Let these components make your life brighter and more positive!
Happy birthday! Know that we all love you! We sincerely wish you the best of health! The house should always be warm and comfortable!
God smile at you. Happy Birthday.
Today, we thank you for being a living example of the Christian faith, and we especially thank God for putting someone like you in our lives.
In celebrating your life, we rejoice in the Lord who gives us the desires of our heart in a friend like you!
We wish you wisdom, kindness, generosity. Health should not fail, and the mood should always be high! Happy Birthday!
LungaLong life is a unique blessing that only the Lord can give to man, and we are all happy that He has decided to extend this priceless blessing to you.
Even if God has already brought you to a mature age, may He bless you with so many years of life that people will praise Him whenever He speaks of you.
Happy birthday! Trust and support from friends and relatives and a good future!
On this blessed day, may your future be highlighted by such effective discipline and by such abundant blessings that there is no doubt that they have come through the Most High God!
God smile at you.
🎆From your birthday, I wish you with all my heart to believe that there is happiness in life and to feel its bright taste!
Happy birthday! All the most beautiful! Have the sunniest birthday, the brightest sun, the most faithful friends, the warmest smiles, the best wishes, the most pleasant confessions, the most charming happiness, the most unsurpassed joy, the most amazing success!
Happy birthday! I sincerely wish you a beautiful, interesting, happy and long life. All expectations and plans come true!
Happy birthday! I wish you the fulfillment of your wishes, so that every day is full of love and joy, good health, lasting beauty, optimism and long years of happy life.
Happy birthday! Life is a series of good and bright events, as well as sad ones. I wish you always have people around, who are ready to give you a helping hand and give you a reliable shoulder at any time! Appreciate every minute you live, because minutes make up eternity!
🎆From your birthday, I want to wish you peace of mind, determination and an environment of trust that will support you in any effort!
On this wonderful day, I want to wish you the fulfillment of your cherished wishes, incredible happiness, sincere and faithful love, success and joy, all the best in life!
“Congratulations on your birthday!” I wish you happiness, success, love, faithful friends and bright dreams! And all the best!
🎆I wish you with all my heart happiness, good health, more success in hard work, long life, well-being in the family and always good mood. Happy Birthday!
We are very happy today because God considered you worthy to bring you to another new era of your life!
Finally, it doesn’t matter if you spend this day alone, because where human beings can stay short, God is still with you. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday.
🎆Every day should be bright and colorful like a rainbow! May the love and care of those closest to you accompany you at every step, and may the sun and the stars light your way day and night! Beautiful birthday!
On this beautiful day, let me congratulate you on your birthday and give you a piece of heart and soul. Let your life be filled only with the most amazing moments, wonderful memories and bold plans!
Congratulations! Only let good people surround you! May luck accompany you in all problems! Live easy, smart, happy!
Happy birthday! I want the sun to always shine for you, raising your spirits! May all your wishes come true! May those close to you and your loved ones be close, and may strong love warm your soul!
🎆Let life be full of rich and bright moments, and the goals achieved should motivate you towards new achievements! Congratulations!
“Happy birthday.” Let life flow under the sign of happiness and love, to warm you with kindness, tenderness and prosperity, and to be close to your relatives and friends.
Let this new era bring with it the realization that no bad situation is permanent and that God still has a plan that He will carry out in your daily life.
I sincerely wish you a lucky star who will guide you only forward and only to happiness! Happy Birthday!
Let you inherit long life, prosperity and all that God has in store for those who love and serve Him.
🎆I wish you with all my heart happiness and the fulfillment of your wishes! Allow life, like a shining mosaic, to give you bright colors of joy, unforgettable events and every new day to bring you luck and good mood!
You are the heart of the body of Christ which is this church. Thank God He naturally allowed this celebration of your life and thank you for being such an effective leader!
Congratulations! I wish you immense health, unlimited happiness, secure love and a high salary.
AndWhen God created you, He created the model human being, complete with all the extras! I hope your special day is full of God’s special blessings.
Today, we celebrate the life of a woman whose faith no attempt in life has succeeded in overcoming. Dear God, the Holy Spirit continues to renew your power for countless years to come!
Even if you grow old in the body, you never get tired of doing good. May your birthday give you nothing but immense happiness and God’s blessings.
Today, we celebrate the life not only of an ordinary person, but of a person who has taken on the responsibility of exemplifying what it means to live a godly life.

The funniest messages of many years

Give your friends and loved ones a memorable birthday experience and put a smile on their face on the most important day of the year. Sending a funny message to a good friend should not be a routine affair and should not be boring, especially on a birthday. So, read below these funny messages from many years and choose what you like. With these messages, you will certainly not bore anyone.

Happy birthday! I want you to always find interesting adventures, money to fly in your wallet like flowers to bees, not to have dramas in your life, but just funny comedies and romance.
😂Let fate offer you chic and luxury, may your head always have enough intelligence, and may your heart beat constantly in the rhythm of the dance of happiness. Happy Birthday!
I congratulate you on your birthday and I wholeheartedly wish you all the troubles in life to be overcome, to be able to easily get through any problem, to follow in the footsteps of famous and great people, but at the same time to achieve your own success – greater , stronger, more authoritarian!
I wish you to swim in luxury, to enjoy the smell of the sea and to take refuge in a fluffy happiness, so that you can live your life at a high level and without stress!
Happy birthday! Today a smart and beautiful child was born, that is you. I want you to proudly raise your head, to go through life with intelligence in your mind and with sincere feelings in your heart!
Happy birthday! I wish you to always be in the first place, to keep the feelings of tenderness with your soul mate, every day the golden fish to fulfill your three wishes, to have the power of the four elements and to constantly find interesting adventures!
😂Live on the street of harmony, in the city of love and create your most beautiful life, the richest! Happy Birthday!
😂Every new year should not make you old, but make you smarter. Keep your money in bags and enjoy your half with pleasant whispers!
Happy birthday! Let the wind of success hit you in the face, let your head spin not from disease, but from success, from sweet wine and from fun!
I wish you a straight path forward, an ever-flourishing mood and an abundance of humor. Live carefree and, most importantly, to the fullest. Luck in love! Happy Birthday!
😂I wish you with all my heart that any failure becomes a trifle, in any situation you keep calm, and happiness is not only in the food, but also in every breath of air!
😂A huge bag of success, joy and health! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! I wish you luck and happiness to cling to you like honey flies, to always manage to stay in excellent shape, with high status, cheerful mood, unique talent and special personality.
😂Any crisis, whether economic or age-related, leads to development. Therefore, I wish you a life full of incredible events and vivid impressions. Use the presence of difficult moments as an opportunity to show all the facets of your uniqueness, because you are perfect!
Happy birthday! I wish you to catch the bird of happiness by the tail and not to miss it! Let the wind blow your money in large quantities every day and find your own storybook, where all the stories end well!
I wish you the eternal flowering of happiness and love, to always float along the waves of luck and prosperity. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Happy holiday, crazy fun, strong drink and maximum mood!
I wish you to renew your earthly comforts and live a life full of crazy and incredible adventures. Happy Birthday!
😂I wish you a lucky car for your birthday, a basket of joy, and the money to grow in the garden! Health, happiness!
😂Congratulations on your birthday and I want to wish you more happy days in life, great news and pleasant sensations, down to the goosebumps.
Have a happy day of aging, oh, that is, of birth. I wish you never lose your face and always remain a wonderful diplomat.
“Never lose your head, because you have no one else to spare!” Live without being sad, let your life shine and sound like bells. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! I wish you meat in soup and money in your wallet!

The most beautiful birthday messages

Birthday messages (origin) are always sent to those who celebrate their birthday. But there are times when we have no inspiration to compose the most beautiful messages of many years, so here is a selection of the most beautiful messages of many years.

I want you to have everything, always and on time! Enjoy every m
🎊Happy birthday! Let your glass of life be full of happiness, health and love! May all your wishes come true! Let everything be as you wish!
🎊Leave your house a bowl full, work well and always have relatives and friends ready to lend your shoulders. Be happy!
🎊I sincerely want to congratulate you on your birthday! May all your dreams come true and the people around you be friendly!
I wish you many smiles, kindness and joy, so that you have faithful friends, pure and mutual love, good health, endless happiness, much patience in life, all the blessings and the most beautiful and radiant events!
🎊Let the good, faithful and sincere people always surround you and each new day bring you happiness and joy! Congratulations!
Happy birthday and I wish you to always be in a good mood, to believe in yourself, to strive to make your dreams come true.
🎊Every day to make you happy and bring you wonderful events! May all dreams come true! Happy Birthday!
🎊I wish you health and good mood, all the blessings and pleasures of life, well-being and comfort at home, love and human happiness! Happy Birthday!
Let the source of goodness never remain dry in your soul! Live life boldly! Happy Birthday!
🎊I wish you health and long life, joy and laughter, respect for others and love of family! Let everything come true as planned in your youth! Happy Holidays!
“Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart!” May everything always come true!
🎊I wish you good friends, health, success in your personal life. Happy Birthday!
oment that life gives you! And, of course, great opportunities for all and sundry.
Happy birthday! I wish you the best of health, success in all your endeavors, prosperity and more love!
🎊May Mrs. Noroc always keep up with you and any goals you set out to become real and achievable! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! I wish your life to be full of value, carefree, with brilliant ideas and bright victories!
I wish you success in all your endeavors, much joy, laughter and positivity! Happy Birthday!
I wish you good health and always a positive mood! May there always be peace, comfort, happiness and love in the family in your home!
Happy birthday! We wish you a festive mood, happiness, good luck and all that is best, bright and beautiful!
🎊Birthdays seem to be coming more and more often, we get older and sometimes it seems like we don’t have time to get something important out of these pages called Life. I want your life to be filled with happy pages, so that you don’t miss anything important and all your plans and dreams come true.
🎊Let your family and friends be close during difficult times and there are always those with whom you want to share your joy! Congratulations!
Let life give you thousands of happy opportunities and let each of them be used one hundred percent. Happiness, luck, prosperity! Happy Birthday!
🎊I wish you uniqueness – so that emotions, good events and pleasant sensations can replace each other with a bright kaleidoscope, give you a wonderful mood and make your life rich!
“May there be much happiness in life.” I also wish you good health, much love and good luck in everything and always! Happy Birthday!

Messages for your loved ones birthday

It is not at all easy to formulate messages from many years for the loved ones in your life. It is important that the message is honest, personalized and conveys exactly what you want. Sometimes we run out of ideas and fail to find the right wording or approach. That’s why we come to your aid with a selection of birthday messages for the birthday of friends, relatives or office colleagues.

🎁Be happy! Today is the day you were brought into this world to be a blessing and an inspiration to the people around you! You’re a wonderful person! Have as many birthdays as possible and fulfill all your wishes!
IeLet the joy you have spread over time return to you on this wonderful day. I wish you a sincere Happy Birthday!
I wish you immense happiness and abundant love for your birthday. May all your dreams come true and your luck knock on your door every day. Happy Birthday!
“With each passing year, we become wiser.” I’m not sure what you learned this year, but I know that every experience has turned you into the person you are today! Happy Birthday!
🎁Accept my sincere wishes for the best! Happy Birthday!
🎁To receive flowers for your birthday and to learn from every flower to love, to shine, to bring joy and celebration! Happy Birthday!
“Happy birthday, queen!” I wish you this year to be full of pleasures, surprises, love, bright dates, travel, shopping, tenderness, romance and good news!
I can’t help but marvel at you – unparalleled strength of character, strength and determination! Be yourself, be healthy and happy. Happy Birthday!
🎁May all your hopes and desires come true, turning your life into a real fairy tale! Happy birthday, the most beautiful woman on Earth!
Congratulations! Let life be full of positive emotions, faithful friends, happy days. Bright, easy and happy events for you!
Happy birthday! I wish you to swim in the ocean of positivity, to live on the island of joy, not to know sorrow and evil!
Congratulations! In the difficult moments of your life, always have close friends and people! Of course, have health and long life, joy and laughter, respect from friends and love from relatives! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! Become even more beautiful, and kinder, and smarter, and richer, and more necessary, and more interesting and happier! I wish you a wonderful birthday!
I wish you a happy birthday and always be just as sincere, cheerful and happy! Congratulations!
🎁Let your life be not only a bright line, but also full of all the colors of the rainbow! I wish all your plans to end with the expected result and to always be proud of you! Congratulations!
🎁Happy Birthday, on the occasion of the anniversary, good health and joy! To be happy, but also to make others happy. To be loved, but also to spread love around you. May you have all that is beautiful in this world and may all your dreams come true!
On this special day I wish you to find love and happiness in everything and in every person in your life! Happy Birthday!
Thousands of colorful balloons rise in the sky, and congratulations burst forth with bright fireworks – and this is in your honor, for your birthday! Congratulations!
“I wish you would never stop on the road to success.” Good luck and new ideas! Happy Birthday!
🎁Each year is a book with 365 blank pages. Create a masterpiece every day, using all the colors of life, and as you write, smile! Happy Birthday!
Every day is full of fun! Feel free to embody all your ideas and make your dreams come true!
Congratulations on your birthday! May every day of your life be full of positivism and optimism, interesting ideas and pleasant meetings.
🎁Birthdays mean a new beginning and a perfect time for new goals in life. Forward with confidence and courage! You are a special person. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! I want you to wish life to be full of pleasant events, brilliant ideas and real victories! Let your soul shine with a positive and good mood!
Congratulations! May your health never leave you and give you a happy mood. Good luck and success to be your constant companions and small difficulties to be easily overcome.
🎁Everything that seemed unattainable should come true and the most desired dreams should come true! Happy birthday!
🎁Let life become a long journey, full of adventures and discoveries. Every day to promise you a holiday, and the night – a fairy tale! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! I wish you health, luck, prosperity, kindness, joy, love, happiness, good mood, smiles, vivid impressions!
Happy birthday! I want your life to be bright and enchanting, your loved ones to pay attention, joy, warmth and affection, your friends to surround you with understanding and sincere support, and your colleagues to be respectful.
Happy birthday! I wish you a lot of money and always have three whales in your life: happiness, health and luck!
IcitI congratulate you on this holiday, everything that is designed to become a reality. I wish you happiness, harmony in your personal life and success in all your efforts!
🎁Enjoy every moment, smile, be happy and remember one thing: today is your special day, so live it to the fullest! Happy Birthday!
“Good luck, happy birthday!”
Happy birthday! Let your warmth and comfort always fill your house, let the sunlight warm you at all times and make your wishes come true.
Happy birthday! I wish you immense happiness, good health, true love, luck, prosperity, fulfillment of wishes!
Happy birthday! Positive mood, high achievements, spiritual harmony, prosperity, good health, success in everything!
“You are an exemplary man, and a birthday is a good time to tell you about it.” Let the years not change you, but let her always change for the better!

Birthday messages

Each of us loves to feel celebrated on his birthday, but it is often difficult not to use the usual phrases to wish for a happy, banal day. These happy birthday messages will allow you to send your best birthday wishes and it will be impossible not to make the celebrant smile!

I wish you to find true values ​​in life, to understand and keep the mystery of love, to catch the bird of happiness and to hold it tight by the tail! Good spirits and interesting travels! Happy birthday!
🎈All earthly blessings for you, prosperity, warmth and love! Happy anniversary!
🎈 Fly in the plane of ambition, land at the airport of success, may your future always shine. Happy Birthday!
I wish you would never be discouraged by anything, go to your dreams and do not doubt your own strength! Happy Birthday!
🎈For your birthday I wish you to be surrounded by friends, to listen to your soul music, to illuminate the city around you! Happy Birthday!
I send you this Happy Birthday message with all my heart and I assure you of my eternal friendship!
🎈One day of the year is yours and it is the most beautiful day. Enjoy it with your loved ones. Happy Birthday!
🎈Today’s dreams come true, tomorrow’s hopes come true, any fall one step ahead, good thoughts and happiness to always accompany you. Happy Birthday!
So many wishes, so many smiles, so many memories, but too few words for such an important day. Happy Birthday!
🎈Let the smile never leave your lips on weekends and weekends, let your income recharge your pocket and work inspire you to new discoveries. Happy birthday, happy wishes, surprises and gifts!
I want today to bring you as much joy as possible, as much as the one you emanate from those around you. Happy Birthday!
I hope that for your birthday all the things you want in your life will come to you as you imagined. Happy Birthday!
I wish you excellent health, good mood, financial well-being and peace of mind. There should be fewer worries in life and more vacations, so that every wish is fulfilled, and every cherished dream becomes closer to reality.
Know that not only for your birthday, but also for any other day, I wish you from the bottom of my heart all the most beautiful and cheerful wishes! Love, bright and unforgettable meetings, faithful friends, festive mood, fulfillment of cherished wishes and creative achievements! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! I wish you to wake up every day with a feeling of happiness and in the best mood!
I may not be with you on this special day, but I want you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing you a sincere happy birthday!
“For your birthday, I want to say a lot of important words, nice compliments and best wishes.” Let life be in full evolution, let the years give you experience and wisdom. I wish every birthday card to be sincere, kind and desirable!
I wish you a lot of youth, happiness and more smiles. Let nothing bother you and good luck always be with you! Happy birthday!
“You thought I forgot about such a special day.”

“I congratulate you, my joy, and I wish you all the best.” Always stay just as happy, and your beauty will always delight everyone around you.
🎈I hope your day brings you all that is best for your soul! I wish today was full of pleasant surprises! Happy Birthday!
🎈Let your health and money only multiply, and let your dreams and desires come true as often as possible, allowing you to enjoy the new victories and always smile. Congratulations!
Today is your birthday! It is a very significant day not only for you, but for all of us. Even if you become a year older, this does not mean that the years are getting older. After all, the soul is young forever!
May success accompany you everywhere, may work and income be a joy, and may health never fail! Congratulations!
🎈Leave the aromas of the given flowers and the attention of the loving people to offer you pleasant moments and special happiness for your birthday!
Nothing at all. This is your book and you are the author. It is in your power to write the adventure novel with over a hundred pages. So, always have enough strength and inspiration, health and excellent creative mood for that!
I hope this day is the beginning of the greatest and most wonderful year of your life. Happy Birthday!
You know how to combine work and rest, to appreciate every day and to enjoy even the smallest achievements. Let today’s wishes charge you with positive energy and all your wishes will surely be fulfilled.
Happy birthday! Let each new day bring you vivid impressions and unforgettable events. May only true and faithful friends surround you!
Every year is a new page in the book of your life. By turning a new page, you add another year. What does all this mean
🎈I have no words to express how happy I am that you are celebrating another year of your life! I wish you to always be happy and healthy. Never change. Happy Birthday!
I wish you a beautiful day, with much health and eternal happiness. Happy Birthday!
I want you to know what you are looking for in life, to realize when you have found what you need and to be lucky enough to keep what makes you happy. Happy Birthday!
I wish you an hour of peace, a day of peace, a week of joy, a month of accomplishments, a year of health, a century full of money and a traditional Happy Birthday.
I wish you a day full of joy and a year full of joy. Happy Birthday!
Our life consists of two halls – a waiting room and a performance hall. So, I want you to move from the first room to the second as soon as possible. In order to leave your mark in the hall of achievements, you will need health, patience, courage and good luck, which I wish you with all my heart!
Every day should be full of the light you share with your loved ones. Good luck! Happy Birthday!

Lovely birthday messages

Often, in special moments, birthdays or various anniversaries, we want to be with our loved ones by sending them the most beautiful messages of many years. Read below and see enchanting messages from many years to congratulate your loved ones.

Happy birthday! May this day be bright, beautiful and happy!
Today is your birthday! Allow faithful people to be with you! They are always ready to help you, not only on holidays, but also on any other day! I wish you good health from the bottom of my heart!
Happy birthday! I wish you all the best: excellent health, luck, prosperity. And also success in any endeavor, implementation of all plans and respect from others.
🎉The warmest and most sincere wishes on this wonderful day – happiness, love, joy and a wonderful mood! Happy Birthday!
I wish you success and prosperity, the embodiment of all desires and projects, health and longevity. Always be surrounded by bright events, happy moments and in a wonderful mood!
🎉Walk through life easily, without unnecessary worries and exhausting problems. May every moment be full of joy only. Happiness, sunny days and good luck! Happy Birthday!
🎉Let your whole life be a bright holiday! Dream, smile, enjoy every moment!
“Many may envy your sharp mind, beautiful appearance, wonderful personality, and brilliant humor. You succeed in everything – your fate is favorable to you, and this is very pleasant. Let everything you want, what you dream of, come true quickly, easily and beautifully!
🎉I wish you sparkling happiness, true love, complete well-being and the fulfillment of any wish! Happy Birthday!
Each of us is born to be happy. To do this, you must find meaning in life and follow the call of your heart. I wish you to find your own path, which will lead to your cherished goals and to the realization of your innermost desires! Many happy years!
I wish you good health, family happiness and excellent mood. Let yourself be greeted with bright shades in the morning. Give people smiles and they will answer you the same! Happy Holidays!
Joy, power, hope, health, patience, dreams and their fulfillment, love, warmth, luck, joy, prosperity, energy, light, inspiration, smiles, success, kindness, loyalty, delight! And also career-climbing, bright life, strength, fire in the soul, desire and intoxication happily! Happy Birthday!
🎉Inspiration, harmony and happier events in life! Happy Birthday!
🎉Birthday happens only once a year and you have to spend this unforgettable holiday! Today I wish you to smile more, to enjoy the attention of the guests and to know that there will be many more such wonderful days and sincere meetings with dear people!
Congratulations on your birthday! On this holiday, I want to give you a huge bouquet of compliments and it will all be true!
“For your birthday, I want to wish you joy, kindness, health and good luck.” To accompany you in everything! And I also wish you great personal happiness, so that it warms you every day of your life and fills your soul with love and warmth.
I wish the past to be a dear memory for you, the future to be a pleasant surprise, and the present to bring you good news every day! Happy Birthday!
Congratulations on your birthday! May life give you many happy and warm days, full of positive goodness.
Happy birthday! Happiness, health, luck, love, understanding, beauty, wealth, peace, sun, light, kindness and warmth!
I congratulate you on your birthday and I sincerely wish you that every new day of your life is full of optimism, interesting creative ideas, happy meetings with friends and close people.

Funny birthday messages

At important moments in the lives of loved ones, the messages conveyed along with Happy New Year wishes are the most emotional thoughts to keep as a memory for years. Because it is not at all easy to find the right words when you want to send Happy Birthday messages, below we have selected the funniest and most special messages for you to celebrate.

EstiYou are only once young in life, but you can be immature until death. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! I want your head not to be empty, your wallet to be full of money, to be always tasty on the table, to live happily every day, your soul to be drunk with happiness, and your heart to be tender and loved.
😄Your life to have love, as in the most beautiful movies and happiness, as in the most wonderful fairy tales. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! I want the butterflies to fly in your stomach and the funny beetles to live in your head. Let the money stick like flies on honey and be as happy as there are grapes in this wine!
This year it was hard for me to choose your gift. I wanted it to be something special, something unique, something that you will certainly not receive from someone else. And then I realized that you already have me in your life… and I only have the classic Happy Birthday left!
EFrom the birthday, we are used to wanting everything, but I will say what I do not want to wish you! I do not want you to know misery, indifference, sadness, adversity, disease, evil. I don’t want you to fail and get to know the traitors. From the bottom of my heart, honestly, on this holiday, I DON’T WANT YOU THAT!
😄You know someone to whom I have to send a Happy Birthday message, an anniversary
😄I have the pleasure of wishing Happy Birthday to the only person I think of (almost) as much as I think of myself.
Happy birthday to a person who is smart, beautiful and funny and who
😄Happy birthday, sweet! I wish you to look for happy adventures with confidence, not to waste time on trifles and to arrange concerts in honor of your ascents and super ideas.
“On this day, I wish there was always spring in your heart, that there would never be sadness in your eyes.” I wish you luck in all matters. Let your pocket be full of money, every day be full of optimism and happiness, and every night be full of love. Happy Birthday!
very similar!
Let your wrinkles appear from your smiles, let your enemies have sclerosis, always have money in your pocket and good health. Congratulations!
I wish you wouldn’t become a grilled chicken when the sun is browning and not turn into a dove when it freezes outside. Happy Birthday!
😄Today for your birthday, I wish you a happy new year! Cheers and good luck! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, with the beginning of the new personal year. I wish you small things: health, happiness, luck. Happy Holidays!
😄Happy birthday messages are hard to do, I wish you everything you want and a thousand times over!
😄Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I remember without the help of Facebook!
Good luck! Good luck, good luck! What an elephant! And love! Love, love a lot and often. Yes, these are the things that make up a wonderful life. Good luck in love!
😄Everything you want, everything you lack, a Happy Birthday message from the one who loves you!
😄Happy birthday to the person who hopes to remain my friend even when we are too old to remember birthdays.
I wish you always had the opportunity to spend money, to delight your stomach with gastronomic delights and to delight your heart with miracles. Happy New Year!
Forget the past, you can’t change it! Forget the future, you can’t predict it! Forget my gift to you, I didn’t buy you one! I can wish you, however, a sincere Happy Birthday!
😄Birthday is not a sad holiday and it is not about old age. Don’t worry, don’t bother with gray hair and snoring. Congratulations and I wish you a full blast on this day, to light the light of happiness and fun in your heart, to make the right plan to take over the world and not even think of moving away from the pleasures of life and love. .
Happy birthday! I wish you good health, like medicinal alcohol, a brilliant life that fulfills your desires, love with a crazy passion and a lot of happiness – until you lose consciousness.
If you know of any parties, let me know, because I haven’t eaten cakes in a long time and my blood sugar is falling!
Happy birthday! I wish you charm and sexuality from head to toe, so that there is no stress for your heart or liver! May your life be a ballet band of pleasures for both body and soul!
“I would hate to have all your wishes fulfilled, but I’m afraid that, if it comes true, next year I won’t have anything to wish you.” Happy Birthday!
“As you get older, three things happen.” The first one – your memory goes away – and the other two things I can’t remember. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! I wish there were no fish-clowns and evil sharks on the ocean of your life, that you should be carried away by the flow of happiness and that you should not be carried in dark keys! And let no one dare disturb the water near your shores!
😄Have a happy birthday with friends, with cake and gifts! The bags should not be under the eyes, but with money, not to have headaches, but to provoke them in the head of your competitors, to have so much luck that they will bore you!
Happy Birthday! The joy of the whole world, Day to day knocking on your door, Good God to give you, Everything you want you want!
😄I wanted to give you the cutest gift in the world for your birthday, but I realized that it is impossible, because you are the cutest gift in the world!
😄Each medal has two parts and I want you in the next year of your life to learn how to combine the opposites: fly on the wings of a dream and stand firm on your feet, laugh at adversity and cry for happiness, conquer the world and obey love you. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! On this happy day, I wish you ce you know what
😄Happy birthday! I want you to know that everything is brilliant, that everything that happens is full of cool moments and that you have many moments full of glory.