Send your good thoughts to your loved ones through funny messages. You can send them as such or you can accompany them with Easter images. We have compiled a long list of Easter wishes for your relatives, life partner, children, friends or colleagues. So here are the most beautiful Easter messages. Get inspired!

As with any holiday, we also like to know that the dearest beings in our lives think of us. And the best way to prove this is to send us messages. Here is a list of Easter messages for your loved ones.

Easter Messages for Parents

“May the heavenly blessing be poured out on our family and make us better, more generous, wiser! Christ has sent! ”
“For some, Easter is a time of family reunion, in which they want peace and joy. For others, it is a day to have fun or get away from work or school. For me, it’s a wonderful holiday that I want to spend with the most wonderful beings in my life – my parents. Happy easter!”
“May the Holy Holidays make our life more beautiful, our house richer and our meal more abundant. May the Resurrection of the Savior make us bring light, warmth and love into our souls. Christ has sent! ”
“My dear parents, you have enlightened my life and shown me the right way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice and for the love you have given me! Happy easter!”
“When I was little, I wanted the most beautiful gifts from the bunny. Now I know that the most important gifts are not beautifully wrapped, but you. Happy easter!”

Easter messages for children

“The news is spreading all over the city that the bunny is coming / To bring you in the evening, Happy Easter and Lighting!”
“A very cute rabbit got in the way at high speed and wishes you a wonderful Easter and Christ is risen!”
“Bunnies: 8 are spying, 5 are sleepy and dreaming beautifully, 2 more whites give holiday gifts, and the last one read Happy Easter! > ”

Easter Messages for Husbands or Spouses

“Easter is a promise that God renews every spring. May your promise of eternal love be the same. Happy easter!”
“The bunny contacted me and told me I was going to be your Easter present. So you will have a happy Easter! ‘
“I made my Easter wishlist… I want you in the garden, at home, in my thoughts and in my soul! If you reply, it means I received my gift, so the bunny can do his job this year! Happy easter!”
“Jesus was a lily among thorns, and you, through his love, became a lily among lilies. Christ has sent! ‘
“At Easter, I will come out of the egg especially for you, the light in your soul I will turn on again. To be happy and loved; I send all my love to the rabbit. Christ has sent! ”

Easter messages for friends

“This year, let the bunny come to you full of goodies and don’t forget to give you the envelope with the hundred kisses from me. Happy easter!”
“Live life to the fullest! Jesus gave up his for that. Happy easter!”
“Rediscover the sincere feelings hidden in your soul, be better with those who need love and support and as loving and full of warmth as only you know how to be! Christ has sent! ”
“Christ the Messenger! Because I hated you, it’s your turn to hit an egg! Put cakes on the Easter table and celebrate the Christian way! Happy easter!”
“Rediscover the sincere feelings that are sheltered in your soul, be better with those who need love and support, and as loving and full of warmth as only you know how to be! Christ has sent! ”

Easter Messages for Colleagues

“Today, on a holiday, may peace and quiet descend upon your home. May the miracle of the Resurrection of Jesus last in your heart, enlighten your life and bring you the rebirth of faith, hope and joy. Christ has sent! ‘
“May the Lord’s Resurrection increase your health and abundance, may your thoughts and hopes be fulfilled, and may the holy light of the Resurrection descend into your soul. Happy easter!’
“May the joy of the Lord’s Resurrection bring peace, peace and happiness to your soul to spend these magical moments with your loved ones. Christ has sent! ”
“May the holy feast of the Savior’s Resurrection illuminate your path and fill your soul with the joy of a life that will never end! Happy easter!”
“Let the light and warmth of Easter warm our souls, enlighten our minds, open our hearts to love, faith, forgiveness. Let us be better, let us fully enjoy the beauty of all the things around us and let us give love to our loved ones. Happy and peaceful holidays! ”

Easter Messages for the Family
“May the holy feast of the Lord’s Resurrection bring you the 4 divine mysteries: trust, light, love, hope. Have unforgettable moments with your loved ones! Happy easter!”
“May the Lord’s resurrection strengthen your confidence and hope! Christ has sent! ”
“May your heart be full of peace and joy. Happy easter!”
“May your days be as colorful, cheerful and bright as Easter! Happy celebrations!”
“May all the joy of this glorious moment of the Savior’s Resurrection be yours too! Happy easter!”

Easter messages to send via SMS
“There is so much light around for each of us. Let the light enter the house of your soul and you will feel truly fulfilled. Christ has sent! ”
“May the resurrection of the Lord bring you joy in the house and in the soul, joy and wisdom. Christ has sent! ”
“The time has come for hope, faith, and love to rise in our souls, brought by the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! Christ has sent! ”
“In the past, people had a wooden cross and a heart of gold. Now they have a golden cross and a wooden heart. May the holy feast of the Resurrection bring gold back into our hearts. Happy easter!”
“Let the angels protect you, let the sadness look at you, let the goodness of God be poured out on you! Happy easter!”

Funny Easter Messages

“I wish the bunny didn’t get around you again this year, even though I know you weren’t as good as you try to look. Happy easter!’
Eat Easter, don’t go hungry, lamb has about 200 calories per gram. Christ has sent! ‘
“Beak! Beak! Today I came out of the egg special for you, to wish you a happy Easter with laughter and good cheer! ”
“This year, there are no more sponsorships, so I only wish you happiness, health, joy and a lot of love. Signed: The bunny! Christ has sent! ”
“May your life be fluffy like a cake, carefree like a lamb, colored like an Easter egg and bright like the day of the Resurrection. Christ has sent! ”

Easter Messages in verse

“The mustachioed bunny is lucky Easter, don’t leave a gift in your boots, he has other secrets: Easter, red egg, cake, fried lamb and a Happy Easter!”
“A rabbit with a white bottle came to you on the doorstep. Bring you a red egg, which will fill your basket. Christ has sent! ‘
“The bunny full of flowers will appear at your window at dawn. Bring Easter home to your home and many chosen goodies on the table. Christ has sent! ”
“The bunny doesn’t come anymore, because he doesn’t feel well. He learned from Parliament that there is a crisis in the budget. So he got drunk so as not to be in crisis! Happy easter!”
“On the night of the Resurrection, when the bells ring, I wish from the bottom of my heart that Christ is risen! > ‘

Easter Messages for Facebook

“May the Lord’s resurrection bring joy and love to your soul. Happy Easter to all your loved ones! ”
“A gentle angel from heaven descends, prays in secret, then flies. From above he sends us: a gentle smile, a warm ray, three words: Christ is Risen! ”
“With lighted candles and a pure soul, let’s say together Christ is risen!”
“Everything is empty, without a core. It’s not love, it’s not belief, what’s good is thrown away. It is a new world, in sin, that you forget to forgive what is forgiven even by Christ! ”
“Those who fight to learn peace, those who hate to know how to love, and those who are rich to learn to give. Christ has sent! ”