The frog can be so cold, sticky and unpleasant… Or she can be a fairytale princess, a charming beauty and an intelligent girl. Thus, the interpretation of dreams about what it means to dream of green frogs can be completely the opposite.

Here is the interpretation of dreams with frogs, depending on the water in which they swim:

  • dirty – predict chronic disease;
  • in the swamp – the appearance of difficulties;
  • clean – respect from others;
  • transparency – you will reach a high position in society.

Miller’s Dream Book

Whatever the frogs do in their sleep, they symbolize adventures that will end in a bad way. For women, this is a dream come true – your name and reputation are at stake.
Think about what can be so outrageous about you and if there is a way to stop gossip.
If you kill a frog in a dream, your decisions will be criticized. If you only cover it with your palm, you will hurt your friend with your own hands.

Baba Vanga’s dream book The

clairvoyant Vanga also had more interpretations of what it means to dream of frogs.
She advises you to pay attention to where the frog was: sitting in the grass – a reliable, balanced friend will appear in your life, who knows how to keep secrets and give good advice in time; he was in the swamp – cherish the people close to you, because only with their help will you be able to face the troubles that will soon befall you.
Two other dreams about these amphibians are associated with loved ones. If you have caught a frog, you should pay more attention to your health. Otherwise, you may become seriously ill and cause many problems and suffering to family and friends.
Looking for what it means to dream of snakes and frogs, Baba Vanga came to the conclusion that you will experience a passing joy and you will benefit from a little communication with someone in the environment.
Luck is waiting for you if you dream of a very big frog, but only for women – the dream promises an acquaintance and a possible marriage with a very rich widower. True, he will have children who need attention and care.

Islamic Dream Book

If there were no more than two frogs in a dream, then it is a symbol of a devoted person who has dedicated his life in the service of Allah. If there are many amphibians, such a dream is associated with the “army” of Allah. The mercy of the Creator will fall on the one who catches the frog in his sleep.
If you only hear the amphibian, but don’t see it, you’ll be hired by a government official. If the frog speaks in a human voice, you will buy a new home.
In addition, the Islamic dream book also interprets what it means when you dream of turtles – thus, they mean quarrel and deception.

Freud’s dream book

And Freud thought about what it means to dream of frogs and snakes. Thus, the unpleasant, frightening, slippery and disgusting frog suggests that sexual intimacy is unpleasant for you, considering it a depraved, meaningless action.
The psychoanalyst also meditated on what it means when you dream of frogs holding yourself or holding one in your hands, interpreting that in this case you do not like to have sex in general.
Talk to your partner, find a compromise on how to satisfy him and do nothing by force.

Anyone who hears amphibians in a dream can expect something unusual or even an exotic connection. An acquaintance with a representative of another nationality may be acquainted.
Try to satisfy your curiosity, but don’t forget the safe sex rules. If you stepped on the frog in your sleep, it is due to inattention in the previous relationship, which can lead to health problems.


Broasca’s dream book is a character from popular culture. Lots of signs and superstitions are related to it. Loff believed that if one of the popular wisdoms is deposited in your head, then the subconscious can “send” the amphibian in a dream.
For example, suppose you found a frog in your stuff after outdoor recreation. Therefore, if you are dreaming of a picnic, then do not be surprised when you see the frog.
Another option would be for a woman to dream of the man she likes, holding the princess-frog in her hands. This suggests that she wants to stop being unseen in his eyes and wants to become the only and beloved princess.
A clue to the interpretation of sleep may be the size of the frog. A fat, creepy person characterizes a pompous person. Remember, there is such a person in your environment