A friend’s birthday only happens once a year. Therefore, it should be remembered for funny wishes, sincere words and positive emotions. To create such a mood, we have prepared the best wishes for Happy Birthday to your dear friends, through which you can express your respect to your wholehearted friends.

Best wishes for Happy Birthday to your friends

Here is a selection of the most beautiful Happy Birthday wishes for friends, which will be of great help to you when you are not inspired.

πŸ”– May all your big and small plans come true. Happy Birthday!
“People like you are rare, my friend!” You are one of those who meet me every day with joy, because you know how to share your joy with others! For your birthday I will say: never leave you this wonderful ability, let there be no reason for sadness!
πŸ”– I want to heartily congratulate my closest friend, a charming man! You have become a wonderful companion and helper. Thank you that I can always count on you. May everything in your life be good! Happy Birthday!
Multi Happy Birthday! I wish you not to know the irreparable losses of life and to intelligently adjust your desires to the possibilities, so that you will always be happy.
πŸ”– I wish you Happy Birthday! Do not encounter any obstacles in the way of life. I wish you loyal friends, a strong and loving family and much prosperity.
πŸ”– Favorable fate has endowed you with generosity, beauty, health, intelligence and a vessel character; with such a quality baggage you will definitely get everything from life. I wish you this sincerely and with all my heart for your glorious day!
πŸ”– Best friend, most devoted and trusted, for your birthday I send you my sincere wishes for a bright and extraordinary life – magical sunsets and gentle sunrises, important victories and romantic encounters, hopes that will be fulfilled and plans on which you can accomplish! Happy Birthday!
πŸ”– I wish you luck in business and in your personal life, that there will always be enough health for work and rest. Have all the joys in the world! Happy Birthday!
πŸ”– Congratulations! May your life be interesting, rich, full and as comfortable as possible. Have everything for this, and your talents and abilities will be enough to conquer the world.
πŸ”– Believe in yourself – and surely everything will work, believe in friends – and they will never leave you in difficult times, believe in love – and she will touch you tenderly with her wing! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Buddy! On this wonderful and joyful day for all of us, we want to wish you well and prosperity! You have always been an example and a pride for us and we very much hope that, by getting a year older, you will only change for the better!
  • Happy Birthday my dear! Let there be no problems and difficulties in your life. I wish you all kinds of adventures and to always be worthy of the attention of the strong sex.
  • My dear friend, today, for your birthday, I want to wish you all your wishes, the opportunity to achieve your dream and enjoy it! Let only good people surround you, great ideas in your head and creative thoughts visit you!
  • I wish you to always be in the circle of your loved ones and enjoy their company. Happy Birthday!
  • I sincerely congratulate my dear friend and a wonderful man on his birthday. Thank you for teaching me to cherish friendship and for opening up the world to me in a new way!
  • Happy Birthday! Good luck, good health, happiness! Know that I appreciate and respect you!
  • Happy Birthday, I solemnly congratulate you and I wish you a great true love! I sincerely wish that many miracles happen in your life and that your eyes always shine with happiness!
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for Old Friends

    Surprise your friend with unusual and bright phrases that will touch him on the significant day – his birthday. These include Happy Birthday Wishes for Old Friends:

    ↩️ Happy Birthday! I wish you to be the object of admiration of the most beautiful female half, never to depend on exchange rates and weather forecasts and also to return with big trophies from fishing and hunting!
    ️ Live happily! Life is just a magic dream and I wish you a good sleep in this life! Happy Birthday!
    ↩️ Because the birthday is only once a year, I want you to celebrate it cheerfully and funny, so that you have what you remember the next day. Secondly, I wish you cool gifts, to be beautiful, necessary and very pleasant. What else
    ↩️ You are so sincere, good, unique – like a ray of sunshine. You are brave and strong, funny and wonderful, it is a pleasure to communicate with you. I wish you to boldly go through life! Let the birds sing only for you, let the gardens bloom only for you and let the sun shine only for you! Happy Birthday to you, my dear!
    ↩️ We wish you many years of life, good health, like a twenty-five year old whiskey, a Playboy magazine harem, great mood rivers and successful oceans! Happy Birthday!
    ↩️ Happy Birthday, my good friend! Don’t let your head hurt from wine or problems! Let life be sweet and kisses be sweet. Let the dizziness come only from happiness and from the peak of your career! Have fun!
    ↩️ Friend! Happy Birthday! We want to thank you for all the pranks, jokes and other ugly little things you’ve done to us, because they have shown us the golden words to feel for us: “Everything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. ! ”
    ↩️ My dear friend! Today is your birthday. I want you to be honest with yourself, not to fall into despair, to have a lot of positive emotions and to let the smile on your face come from your heart. Happy Birthday!
    ↩️ Well, your birthday has come, my friend! Yes, of course there is a downside – we are getting older, brother. But there is also a huge and indisputable plus – we will celebrate this holiday in such a way that we will surely remember many, many years later (and probably not only us, but also your neighbors…). So, Happy Birthday, buddy!
    ↩️ Dude, Happy Birthday! Even if you are not an architect, build a beautiful destiny. Although he is not a CFO, let the money flow like a river and leak into his pockets. Although you are not an archaeologist, let all the treasures be yours!

    Happy Birthday to true friends

    The birthday of your best friends is a special day not only for the homage, but also for you. If you want to make this holiday truly festive, warm and memorable, turn to such Happy Birthday wishes for true friends.

    🎁 I want you to believe and love, I want you to hope for a miracle and dream that life will change in an instant. All the best for your birthday, my dear!
    We are childhood friends! You are the best of all my friends! You are reliable, courageous, agile, you act according to the situation. You, as a human being, never tease me and never embarrass me. I wish you all the wonders of the Earth, all the talents and successes that are inherent in man! Happy Birthday, my golden friend!
    Totul May everything be wonderful in your life, my dear friend. Let everyone be proud of you, and let all your desires and dreams turn into roses received from your lover! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 I wish you, our dear, that everything works, that you are yourself, and that your dream comes true!
    🎁 Hello, today is someone’s birthday! Oh, how happy I am to congratulate you on this wonderful holiday and wish you all the best!
    Multi Happy Birthday! I want the angels to protect you every second of your life. I want you to achieve everything, to be respected by the people around you. You are the most wonderful person on Earth!
    🎁 I wish my friend prosperity and success on his birthday. I wish you good luck, to catch the bird of success by its blue tail!
    🎁 Dear friend! I hasten to congratulate you on your birthday and I wish you no obstacles in your way of life!
    🎁 May you have a strong, united family, a loving wife and many loyal and trustworthy friends. Happy Birthday!
    🎁 For your birthday, blow out the candles on the cake as soon as possible and spend a wonderful evening!
    🎁 You are persistent in achieving the goal and it is nice to talk to you. Stay like this forever! Congratulations, buddy!
    🎁 Today I sincerely want to congratulate you on your birthday and say “thank you” for the fact that the Lord has given me a friend like you. Maybe someone will think that this is not so important, but they will be wrong! I appreciate you very much!
    🎁 Happy Birthday, good friend and wonderful man! I wish you strength of soul and unchanging faith. All is well with you. To achieve everything the soul wants!
    🎁 On this day, I send greetings to my friend, a man with a capital letter, who will never betray, will always understand me and forgive me. Don’t be disappointed, and let all your troubles get around your house. Happy Birthday!
    Friend! May all your dreams come true and your problems sink into the depths of the ocean! Congratulations!
    🎁 In our life, you can live without a lot of things if you trust that at any moment you will find a strong hand, ready to support. And it doesn’t matter how many years pass – our friendship is ageless! Happy Birthday!
    You are my friend, fate has bound us. I will always be grateful to him for appearing in my life. Happy Birthday! All the best!

    Happy Birthday to your best friend

    If you have a very good friend who is going to celebrate an event and you are looking for wishes, Happy Birthday messages for my girlfriend, read the list below. I gathered the most sincere wishes for Happy Birthday to a special friend. Remember that they must be prepared in advance. Besides the gift, good mood and care, choose a Happy Birthday for a dear friend and the festive atmosphere will be guaranteed!

    Multi Happy Birthday! Health, success, harmony! I wish that work always brings you not only decent income, but also pleasure.
    πŸ₯› For your birthday, let all your dreams and desires come true and all the bad things disappear. May all your friends respect and adore you, help you in everything!
    Multi Happy Birthday! Stability, optimism, prosperity, joy, fun! Let your head spin happily.
    πŸ₯› Congratulations to my best friend on her birthday, I sincerely wish you happiness! May success follow you everywhere and may you always be happy and laughing at home!
    πŸ₯› I do the same thing every year – I wish my friend Happy Birthday! This brings her joy and, in my turn, I am happy to be able to give her a few warm words. You are a worthy person and I believe that everything in your life will turn out the way you want! I promise to help you if necessary!
    There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing happy and successful people. So forgive my selfishness and please me – be happy, loved, successful, healthy, cheerful, young in mind and body. I want to see you like this always, both on holidays and during the week! Happy Birthday!
    I wish you good luck, that all your plans and dreams come true. And most importantly – never be afraid to set great goals and achieve the impossible! Happy Birthday!
    Multi Happy Birthday! May your every dream come true! Have many beautiful children, always be a beautiful wife and do what you love the most!
    πŸ₯› My dear! For your birthday, I wish you Happy Birthday! With all my heart I wish you only the good of life, to fulfill your dreams easily, to reach your goal!
    πŸ₯› Congratulations! Let only victories and the happiest moments accompany you. Let family and friends be close. I wish you constant faith, hope, confidence in your abilities, but also career growth.
    πŸ₯› We filled our vests with bitter tears several times! But who else is able to listen to the pain than a friend! Good luck, prosperity – and fewer tears soaked in tears!
    πŸ₯› I want to see you always cheerful, warmed by mutual love, with a happy glow in your eyes. Of course, for happiness to be complete, you have to do what you love, feel needed and succeed. Happy New Year!
    πŸ₯› On a birthday, it is customary to wish what all the people on the planet dream of. Everyone wants to be healthy – and I wish you good health for many years to come. Everyone wants to be loved and I wish you this with all my heart! Happy Birthday! You are my best friend!
    πŸ₯› Congratulations from the bottom of my heart today! I fly to you with the kindest thoughts, the brightest feelings. Happy Birthday!
    πŸ₯› On a beautiful day, I wish Happy Birthday to a wonderful person and best friend! I wish you to never give up, but to always go to your goal!
    πŸ₯› For your birthday, I would like to wish you, my faithful and sincere friend, that your heart beats to the rhythm of the blues. I wish the wind of change to bring you comfort and warmth, love and pleasure, hope and faith!

    Happy Birthday to your best friend

    The collection also contains Happy Birthday messages for a friend. Positive desires will bring you joy, because only by sharing it will you receive true pleasure. So choose Happy Birthday cards for your best friend and send them on the special day.

    ➑️ I wish you to always look to the future with optimism. Never complain about fate, and in general – never complain. I wish you to be a true warrior, to fight bravely with troubles and to believe in the best. Happy Birthday!
    ➑️ My best friend! I wish you a lot of joy and fun for your birthday! I hope all your wishes come true!
    ➑️ You were born today, so – happy holiday, friend! I always wish you prosperity, success, career growth, happiness. Be healthy and happy!
    ➑️ Be happy, be healthy, be confident and successful! Let your dreams come true not only for your birthday, but for every moment of your life! Happy Birthday!
    ➑️ Friend! Be the happiest person in the world, because you deserve it! Happy Birthday!
    ➑️ Dude! Believe in yourself and everything will definitely work! Hurry up to love and never forget that in this world you are loved too! Congratulations!
    ➑️ My dear friend, I want to wish you Happy Birthday and wish you courage and perseverance. Take everything you can from life, because all this is not given to us in vain!
    ➑️ I know that I will never meet friends like you again in my life – such unique people are no longer “made”. For your birthday, I just want to say a few simple words – sincere, kind, just like you. Worthy of you! Just be happy and lucky!
    ➑️ Let everything happen as planned in your youth! Happy celebrations!
    ➑️ May your family and friends be close in difficult times, always be the ones you want to share your joy with! I wish you health and long life, joy and laughter, respect from colleagues and love from relatives! Happy Birthday!
    ➑️ Dude! Let no one hurt you! Don’t get tired of the multitude of victories and achievements! To dream, to fight for success and to believe in your lucky star! Happy Birthday!
    ➑️ There is friendship between a man and a woman! I declare this responsibly, because I have a friend as wonderful as you! Congratulations on your birthday, I wish you to remain a happy, healthy and sincere person! You are the best friend!
    ➑️ May the source of goodness never dry up in your soul! Go through life boldly and directly! Happy Birthday!
    ➑️ I wish you never knew what disappointment and betrayal are, to swim in love and money, to remember that night is followed by dawn, and after the rain the sun always appears in the sky!
    ➑️ Friend, remember that life does not happen twice and you have to live it happily! Happy New Year to you!
    ➑️ My wonderful friend, congratulations on your birthday. You are not only the soul of the company, a talented employee, an intelligent interlocutor, but also a good man. You are extremely capable, convincing and always reach your goal. I wish you always be like that!
    ➑️ My dear friend, Happy Birthday! On this day I wish you to receive many gifts, compliments and surprises, to blow out the candles on a huge cake and to make a wish, and tomorrow a kind witch to fulfill it!

    Happy Birthday to close friends

    With the help of a Happy Birthday to your friends, you can convey your attitude towards the homage. Don’t be indifferent to choosing an original greeting card, because your friend deserves special words. Here are some examples of Happy Birthday to close friends:

    ⭐ On this day, you have already wanted so many things that I simply have nothing to add. Only from the bottom of my heart do I want to confess my love and friendship for you, over which nothing has power.
    ⭐ Today, congratulations on your birthday! You are the best person in the world! Good luck to come to you in a fabulous carriage and bring you the most trusted lover in life!
    ⭐ My dear! I am sure that for all your holy good, fate will thank you a hundred times more. Good luck in life and family! Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ Smile, rejoice, be merry – and all will be well. Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ Today I want to congratulate my best friend! May there be as many happy moments in your life as possible, let incredible miracles happen, and may your cherished desires come true without the magic wand.
    ⭐ For your birthday, I will offer you, my wonderful friend, a wind of change that will radically change your whole life! Be happy!
    ⭐ For your birthday, I want to wish you happiness again, to be surprised, to be lucky and to have everything you want!
    ⭐ I wish you Happy Birthday and all the best, my dear friend!
    Friend! Let the woman you love, not the alcohol, inspire you. Today you are forty years old, hurry to gather all those who are dear to you at the holiday table!
    ⭐ I want your salary to increase one hundred percent every day, and the warm countries to conquer you with their charms. Confidence in the future and a wonderful wife! Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ I wish you, my friend, that life is not complicated for you! Remember that I will always help you in everything! Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ I hasten to wish you health and spiritual wealth. I am very proud that you are always with me, that you help me without asking for anything in return. You lead me through the storms of life, do not judge or betray me. I wish you happiness, no hassle!
    ⭐ On your birthday, be away from all the pain and problems! Just remember the good thing! May your career progress and succeed in life! Congratulations!
    ⭐ Happy Birthday, my friend! On this day, I wish you happiness, success and love in your family. Let all the pain go or perish, and let your eyes shine with happiness and love.
    ⭐ I want your dreams to come true and only the bright moments of life to be remembered. May the development of your career be successful and beneficial in all your efforts! Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ My best friend – congratulations on your birthday! You always help me and you know how to cheer me up! I wish you perfect love in life, eternal success, that every wish may come true and that you may always be happy in the present!
    ⭐ Friend! Enjoy this wonderful life! Happy New Year!
    ⭐ On this day, I want to wish my friend youth and spring in my heart and happiness in my body! Happy Birthday!
    ⭐ May all the wishes of today be fulfilled! Happy Birthday!