We present to you the interpretation of dreams about what it means when you dream of small and large fish, according to different books, and what to expect from such a dream.

Miller’s Dream Book

Dreaming of a fish according to Miller’s book can promise both trouble and loss (if it’s a dead fish), but also sudden surprises (if you see fish swimming in clear water). For lovers, this is also a symbol of strong feelings.
Profits and joy promise dreams in which you go to the market and buy ice cream, for example.
Miller also has an explanation for what it means when you dream of catching fish in the sea – it’s about successfully completing the tests. However, you will need a lot of courage to do this.
Fishing in a dream with the help of a rod symbolizes the state of well-being that you can achieve with the help of your own action.
The fishing hooks in your hands give you a clue: you have everything to arrange your own destiny. But if you are left with nothing after fishing, you have to reconsider your desires, because there is a lot of chaos in them.
Watching someone else fishes means that soon you will feel a surge of strength and you will be able to distribute your priorities correctly. The fishing net will tell you about imminent purchases. Be careful in what condition, however, the fish is caught: if you are torn or cut, minor problems await you.
The interpreter also mentioned what it means when you dream of colorful fish – this dream foretells the warming of feelings in the relationship, harmony and love between lovers.

Baba Vanga’s dream book

In case you need to find out what the dream fish of different types (fish, salmon, pike, trout, carp, etc.) means, Baba Vanga’s book will help you in this regard.
The Bulgarian expert interpreted the images, especially about the pike. If you fish it – it’s a good sign: the enemies will get into the trap designed for you. Opponents are also symbolized in dreams in which you are fed fish. Thus, meditating on what it means when you dream of eating fish fried, smoked or cooked in any other way, Vanga concluded that, in reality, someone will try to deceive you.
Fish without scales is a signal to you: get ready for trouble and disease. It would be good to check your health. At the same time, everything that happens must be accepted as tests offered to purify your soul and thoughts.
One reason to reconsider your life is the dream of headless pike: the first impression can be misleading, do not lose your head.

The Islamic Dream

Book The book interprets dreams in which you eat fried fish as symbols of family problems. If it is salty, then you will travel for the sake of new knowledge.
Moreover, salted fish promise difficulties because of a close relative or an official. Dead fish symbolizes unfulfilled dreams, and more living fish, dreamed of by women, will bring wealth. It promises profit and dream fishing, but you will get it through hard work.
It is important that the water is clean. If the pond is muddy – it foretells sins and sorrows. If your catch consists of small specimens, then you will quickly lose the goods you received.
When you fry fish in oil, know that you are actually investing money in a seemingly insignificant business. But later, it will bring you a lot of joy. Following someone’s fishing is a success in business, and buying a catch from fishermen prepares you for a wedding.
The dream fish, by the way, is able to talk about the future wife / future husband. So, if you eat bad fish, then the character of the spouse will be as bad as the smell on the plate.
In the Muslim book, dreams about whales or other giant fish are also interpreted: they promise alarming thoughts, bad events, reasons for anger.

Freud’s dream book

Pisces, according to Freud, reflects what happens in your intimate life. The small fish symbolizes the male seed, the middle one – the baby, the fishing rod – the male genital organ.
Catching fish signals you: Ignore business thoughts during sex, because neither you nor your partner can relax and have fun, and dissatisfaction can turn into a chronic form. You’ve been fishing, but to no avail.
It’s about the subconscious fear of cheating during intimacy. Most likely, the reason is the bad experiences of the past.
For a man, the dream of eating raw fish is a call to pay more attention to your partner and not just satisfy your own desires.

dream book
Fish in a Dream is a reflection of the search for tools that will help you meet your needs as well as the desire to find what is well hidden from view. In addition, fish can mean travel.

Nostradamus’ dream book

Dreams about fish are interpreted by Nostradamus, mainly in a negative way, personalizing instability, duality, difficulties.
A fish falling from the sky predicts an ecological catastrophe, and a fish with a human face – a nuclear one. The fight between two fish foretells an attack on submarines. When you dream about rotten, expect rumors that will make your relationship with someone important worse.
A large number of fish is a sign that you need to rely on your own strength, not fate. Otherwise, you will lose your chance. Catching fish in a dream means that, in reality, you are trying to find a way out of a difficult situation.
But not all dreams about fish are bad. So, three dream fish promise happiness. If you eat fish dishes, good news awaits you. The living carp in your dream reflects your endurance.

The esoteric dream book

If in a dream you look at fish, then problems associated with children may arise; even an unwanted pregnancy is not ruled out.
Fishing advises you to pay attention to your surroundings – your heirs are watching over your property. If you yourself want to become an heir, then success is symbolized by eating fish in a dream, and failure – by cleaning and cooking fish.

Maya’s Dream Book

Interpreting what it means when you dream of fish in an aquarium, the book talks about a near future in which everything will be fine. To make it last longer, hang a picture of fish in each room.
If you dreamed of a plate of fish, someone wants to disturb your peace. To prevent the enemy, eat a piece of raw fish and drink a cup of coffee.

Meneghetti’s dream book

According to the Italian, the fish is a symbol of vitality and health, but also of healthy sexual relations.
Live fish means a favorable state of healthy human instincts, and sick or dead fish – regression of varying degrees and, consequently, loss of vitality of the body.

The Yellow Emperor’s Dream Book

In this book, the interpretations of the living fish, seen or caught, depend on who the dreamer is – woman or man. It also matters if the fish lives in the water – it’s yin, if it’s cold – so is yin, or if it’s very mobile – yang. Also pay attention to the smell of fish – it is sharp, fresh, bitter.
For a man, the dream fishing of live fish in winter is the link between the active male energy of the yang and the season that requires moderate cold emotions (the fish is cold but mobile).
For fishermen, the dream can be just pleasant memories, but even in this case it is favorable, because it restores the energy balance between winter and summer: it cools the activity in winter and warms the emotions in summer.

For a woman, to see, to buy, to fish live – can predict pregnancy. It is a symbol of the capture of the egg by the male sperm (motile, like a fish).
If he sees / catches / buys dead, lifeless fish, the dream is unfavorable. If the fish seem unhealthy and weak, it is a double dream, related to pregnancy.
Eating fish is the dream of refusing to eat meat and replace it mainly with fish. When you see or eat fish – you may have iodine deficiency in your body, problems with your lower limbs or respiratory system.

Denise Lynn’s Dream Book

Here, the fish is a spiritual symbol of Christianity. Christ has been called the “fisher of men,” and the fish, in a spiritual sense, can symbolize food, renewal, and rebirth.
Because he swims in the element of water, which symbolizes emotions or consciousness, his image is associated with the mental perception of the deep layers of unconscious emotions.
For the ancient Babylonians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, and Chinese, fish was associated with spiritual fertility because of the large amount of caviar it contained. In addition, Pisces is also associated with the zodiac sign Pisces, which indicates the high sensitivity and intuition of the person born under it.
These people swim in the mysterious realms of dreams and spirituality. Maybe a person related to the Pisces sign played an important role in your life.
It would be a real reason why these aquatic beings dreamed.