Choosing a gift for the beautiful half of humanity is a very difficult matter, because the mood and preferences of girls are more changeable than the weather.

Moreover, it is especially difficult to choose the perfect March 8 gift for your girlfriend! For this reason, approach with great responsibility the topic “what gift do you give to your girlfriend on March 8”, no matter how much you intend to spend.
Even the cheapest gift for the March 8 girlfriend can bring a lot of pleasure, and the exaggerated expenses do not guarantee a correctly chosen gift. For inspiration, we have gathered a list of gift ideas for your March 8 girlfriend, suitable for every taste and wallet!

Best March 8 Girlfriend

Gifts These March 8 Girlfriend Gift Ideas are standard and universal options, but they are sure to be appreciated:

  1. FLORA

Flowers are a must for Women’s Day. They can be given for breakfast or left with the romantic note on the fridge. But don’t buy ordinary bouquets – you certainly won’t surprise your girlfriend this way. Come with a non-standard bouquet, consult the florist.
You can arrange a bouquet in the form of a greeting card, its name or a heart. You can buy beautiful lilies or orchids. Your girlfriend will definitely be delighted with a bouquet of blue, green, white and even colorful roses.

  1. Parfum

Perfumery is quite individual, but this makes it a no less popular gift, usually given to women.
Its main advantage is the ability to choose the price – from budget options to expensive perfumes. If you are not sure about your girlfriend’s preferences, buy neutral and fresh perfumes.

  1. cosmetics

The range is huge – decorative cosmetics, skin, hair or nail care products, bath kits, etc.
The advantage is that, in practically all stores, there are sales consultants who can help you with your choice and can offer you cosmetics that do not cause allergies.

  1. Jewelry

They are something without which almost any image will be incomplete. And here you can give free rein to your imagination, taking into account the material opportunities – from expensive gold jewelry with diamonds to modest accessories.
When choosing a surprise in the gold or silver department, it should be borne in mind that almost all girls associate the rings with the offer of hand and heart.
If you have not yet decided to apply for marriage, it is better to offer her earrings, chains, bracelets or pendants. You can present the ring only to the girl you want to see as a wife.

  1. Watches

They are a good gift, even if many girls still believe that they are offered for parting.
To reassure the superstitious girlfriend, it is enough to give her a coin before handing over the watch, so that the act of donation turns into a purchase and the sign will lose its power.

  1. Gadgets

They are not cheap, but they would be the most welcome gift of March 8 for the loved one.
The new phone will be a wonderful gift for your beloved wife, and a fitness bracelet or wireless headphones can be presented to a girlfriend who is actively involved in sports.

  1. Underwear

It is a very intimate gift that is also a sign of a serious relationship. Such a gift will be relevant if you are really close.
We do not recommend giving you bras or panties, but beautiful and sexy pajamas are very suitable.

  1. Accessory

The range of options is huge. These can be: bag, wallet, belt, elegant gloves, umbrella or scarf. Knowing the tastes of the second half, it is quite easy to find such a gift.
It is enough for these things to be comfortable and functional (in the case of bags and wallets). But do not experiment with colors – if you are not sure, it is better to buy accessories in a universal range of colors – black, brown, gray, etc.
In addition, opt for unusual things, such as an umbrella with a printed starry sky.

  1. Clothing

All girls have an individual sense of style, so they often buy their own clothes. But this does not detract from the relevance of such a gift.
If you do not know the size and tastes, the ideal solution would be to purchase a gift certificate for a certain amount.
Such a “savior” can be used when choosing almost any of the above gifts.

  1. Photo gifts

Today, photography can be applied to almost anything. Mugs, pillows, umbrellas, T-shirts, bags, watches and even chocolate bars.
You can decorate a smartphone case with a photo or print it on a huge puzzle. The degree of originality of such a presentation will depend on where the photo will be placed.
But such a gift will surely be appreciated.

  1. Scented lamp

Choose one with an exclusive design, which emphasizes the particularities of the bedroom interior and fills it with relaxing aromas.
Agree that such a gift will be not only a useful decoration of the room, but also a favorite attribute of a girl who is crazy after all kinds of spa sessions without leaving her house.
You can also complete the gift with a set of large scented candles, which create a “tasty” comfort or a set of essential oils that can be mixed according to individual preferences.

  1. Photoepilator

It is designed for the painless removal of hair from the whole body. This is a very expensive device that will replace the visit to the beauty salon.
Such a gift will not only surprise the recipient, but will also become the most beloved device for many years.

  1. Smart mirror illuminated with built-in radio

This will allow her to create makeup or experiment with her hair on her favorite music.

Useful gifts for your March 8 girlfriend

Here we have gathered the really necessary things, which may not surprise her, but will perfectly reflect your care and attention to the needs of the woman you love:

  1. Household appliances

They are a wonderful and necessary gift that is perfect for your beloved wife. Although on March 8 the woman can be exempted from housework, the remaining 364 days of the year they do not go anywhere.
Therefore, good aids in the form of vacuum cleaners, food processors or microwave ovens will surely be to the liking of the real housewife.

  1. Sportswear

If your girlfriend likes to play sports, is a member of the gym, then a spacious bag or backpack, a sports suit, a water bottle, etc. may be a relevant gift in this case.

  1. Car’s accesories

Driving a car has long ceased to be the prerogative of the powerful half of humanity. Today, the woman who drives is no less common.
For car enthusiasts, a practical gift will be a set of car interior care, a dashboard, a custom pillow, a navigator, an air compressor, a car vacuum cleaner.
Cheap gifts for a lady can include: an indoor perfume, a thermal mug, a telephone holder, an original document case or a keychain with a flashlight.

  1. LED candles

Not only will they decorate any interior, but they will also help create a romantic festive atmosphere. An added bonus is that you don’t have to worry about security.

  1. Organizers: jewelry or lingerie

It is a very useful thing for both travel and home.

  1. Electronic book

A good gift for girls who read anytime, anywhere. E-books are quite light (not even 200 grams) and compact, so they can easily fit in a medium-sized bag for women.

  1. Hairdressers

If your half loves to experiment with her image, but for some reason does not yet have the necessary hairdressers, it is time to fix it.

Opt for corrugating or straightening devices. For example, the electric comb, which not only allows you to dry and straighten curls in minutes, but also has a beneficial effect on hair follicles.
Or – thermal curlers – women like to look luxurious and elegant, so something like this is a must at home!

Romantic gifts for March 8

Spring is a romantic season, when every woman expects a little love from her loved ones.
Here we have gathered the most beautiful gifts for your girlfriend on March 8 that will help you tell her about your feelings:

  1. Gala dinner (at home or in a restaurant);
  2. Tickets for the two of you to the theater or cinema;
  3. Common photo session;
  4. Subscription to a spa or beauty salon;
  5. Hot air balloon flight;
  6. A creative gift – a song, poem or portrait of your girlfriend;
  7. Romantic trip to a winery.

HOME : You can create a romantic atmosphere even at home by scattering rose petals, decorating the apartment with candles or simply turning on the appropriate music. You can order pizza or sushi with delivery, you can open a bottle of wine and watch a romantic movie.
IN THE HOTEL : Do you want to delight your wife or bride
? Then do not hesitate to book a luxury room in a good hotel, order a champagne dinner there and enjoy the company of the other. This will not only be a pleasant surprise, but will also highlight the depth of your love for your life partner.

Original gifts for your girlfriend on March 8

For those who do not want to be trivial and set their main goal to surprise, we have prepared some ideas for March 8 surprises for your girlfriend:

  1. Extreme fun – skydiving, flying in a wind tunnel, fascinating flying on a hang glider, ropejumping, etc.

All this will become a truly original gift for any girl on March 8. The main thing is to remember that not all women appreciate extreme sports! If you are still not sure about your girlfriend’s preferences, you better not risk it.

  1. Bilet la master class

Analyze your girlfriend’s hobbies and present her the appropriate ticket – Argentine tango, art photography, ice skating, culinary master class “Italian cuisine” or “the art of making chocolate”.

  1. Passion development courses

If your girlfriend has long dreamed of going to makeup, manicure or photography classes, buy her a certificate for classes in her favorite business. The only downside to such a gift is that it will cost you a lot.

  1. Online language courses

If your girlfriend dreams of learning a foreign language, you can encourage her to do so by buying her online course in English, Spanish, Italian, etc.

  1. Ticket to her favorite artist’s concert

This is an opportunity not only to please the woman, but also to give her a lot of positive emotions.

  1. Excursions to the sea or a weekend tour

This can be a visit to a beautiful European city with many attractions, a yacht or boat trip, a three-day holiday on the Cote d’Azur or extreme skiing. In such moments, women forget about everything in the world, bloom and are full of positive emotions for more than a week.
Wrap the purchased voucher in a nice envelope and hand it in solemnly. Believe us, your gift will overshadow everything else and leave you with an unforgettable experience.

  1. Annual subscription to yoga or dance classes

If you want your loved one to use the gift and be full of positive emotions for more than a day, then consider an annual subscription to yoga, dance or fitness classes as a presentation.
This is a great reason to relax after a busy week of work and also to keep your figure in great shape. Women like to go to the gym and then admire their reflection in the mirror.

  1. Set for creating selective perfumery at home

Pay attention to this unusual present in the form of a palette of aromatic oil perfumes and a base, with the help of which any woman or girl can create unusual perfumes that will certainly be impossible to repeat or feel in another person.

  1. Swarovski crystal bracelet or Pandora bracelet

It is something that will always be relevant for any girl!

  1. Unusual tea set

On its packaging it is important to have the photo and the initials of the recipient. Such an original gift will impress you, surprise you and allow you to enjoy a wonderful party for two.

Handmade gifts for March 8 girlfriend

Such things are usually presented to each other by friends. But receiving such a gift from a loved one will be a hundred times more pleasant.
You do not need special talents to make such a gift. A little imagination and desire will suffice. Such a surprise can be presented on its own or can become a complement to the main gift.

  1. “Delicious sets” – a selection of favorite sweets, predictive cakes, bouquets of sweets, personalized muffins, etc. You can cook them yourself or buy them in specialty stores.
  2. Jewelry box – take a simple box and decorate it with any material at hand – from shells to common photos.
  3. Photo collage or poster – all you need are photos and a little imagination. Combine images with important moments in your life at your own discretion, print them on paper, fabric or decorate a wall calendar.
  4. Music compilation – collect your girlfriend’s favorite songs and write them on a USB stick. For retro lovers, a box with your favorite songs will be a real surprise.
  5. Original card with your declaration of love and warm words in honor of the holiday.
  6. Cake baked by you, brought to bed early in the morning, with a cup of freshly brewed coffee – the girl will surely appreciate your work. In general, try to cook for her! It is said that if you did not cook for your wife or girlfriend, then you did nothing in your life. So, cook for her from the heart. We guarantee that he would like any dish, not just the cake!
  7. If you know how to play a musical instrument or write poetry, then write him a song or a verse – he will remember such a surprise for a long time.

On the Internet you can find many video tutorials on how to create jewelry boxes, photo frames, handmade pillows. Choose a simple option and master the technique.

Cheap March 8 gifts for your girlfriend

Many men face the situation where it is necessary to give a March 8 gift not only to their girlfriend, but also to relatives, colleagues at work or school, acquaintances.
If the number of gifts required exceeds the one-digit number, budget gift options will be useful.

Such a warning sign will certainly not go unnoticed. Here are some cheap but beautiful gift options:

  1. Handmade soap;
  2. Scented candles;
  3. Keychain or magnet;
  4. Original agenda;
  5. Cosmetic bag;
  6. Hairbrush or decorative clip;
  7. Elegant brush;
  8. sugarcane term;
  9. set the oje;
  10. Face mask;
  11. Pocket mirror;
  12. Books.

Many girls like to weave bracelets, embroider, sew clothes, others like to cook, bake cakes, enjoy making cocktails, etc. An embroidery kit, a book on beverage preparation, a set of paints and brushes for an artist – there are many options for budget gifts.
You can also give gifts for two, such as a board game for the evening meeting. A good and cheap gift would be soft toys, as long as the girl loves the toys. Along with cheap gifts, be sure to express your feelings with a greeting card: this is something they always like.
Express your feelings in a cute or handmade greeting card. Write on it how much you love her and yes, don’t forget to write your Women’s Day wishes.

Creating a festive atmosphere

From March 8, not only the gift is important, but also the festive atmosphere. Let your girlfriend relax completely on this day.
Do not allow them to approach the stove and cook! Better to send your soul mate to the shopping, to meet your friends or to visit the SPA center.

  • Wake her up with nice music and a delicious breakfast served in bed. You can write a declaration of love with jam or ketchup on the plate, you can make mixed eggs in the shape of a heart or an original sandwich. The mood of your half will immediately become festive.
  • Place the bouquet of flowers in a prominent place and complete it with a postcard in which you confess your love! There is nothing more pleasing than the subtle scent of flowers and beautiful words. Therefore, such an act will certainly not go unnoticed.
  • Say goodbye to her, not just on paper, compliments and nice words – show her how much you love her. The more you like them on this day, the more they will love and value you.
  • Organize a nice walk for two: go for a nice walk in the morning in a garden full of flowers or in the evening in a park. It should be such a place where only you are. Talk about your previous days and your future love days.
  • At home, organize an intimate evening with a fragrant bath, massage or watching a melodrama.
  • Tell her you love her: some couples are very shy and even though they love each other, they never said that to each other.
  • You can also ask your friends to help you prepare a surprise for your loved one. Have them inflate a lot of balloons, help you draw a greeting poster, or paint the asphalt under the house window. The girl will be happy to see such a greeting card and will surely thank you.

Unwanted March 8 gifts for girlfriend

Thinking about what to offer your girlfriend on March 8th, immediately throw the following options out of your head:

  • Ordinary souvenirs, figurines;
  • Shoes – you can go wrong with both size and style. The only exception is the presentation of a voucher;
  • Brand fakes, either in terms of clothes or perfumes;
  • Kitchen utensils – if appliances, in some situations, are even expected, then cutlery and plates would be too mundane things, which you can buy any other day. So, if the girl does not ask you to give her something for cooking, then you should avoid the given gifts.


The key to successfully choosing any gift is attention to detail. In order to present a truly correct gift, you need to prepare for it.
Especially when it comes to the gift for the March 8 girlfriend. Therefore:

  • You don’t have to give those things that the girl already has in abundance. She is unlikely to be delighted with the fifth green bag or the seventh pair of ballerinas.
  • You don’t have to show the girl, who is far from extreme, a subscription for mountaineering or rafting on a mountain river. Or indoor flowers to a girl who can’t stand them. A sportswoman, a creative person, a car lady, a businesswoman – everyone dreams of different things and for each one you can buy something really necessary.
  • What a young woman will like is not always to the taste of an older lady. Girls appreciate the surprise and vivid impressions of the gift, while women pay more attention to its practicality and quality.
  • Character is one of the main parameters when choosing a gift. A pragmatic businesswoman can hardly be surprised by the presentation of a giant plush bear. While a dreamer will not enjoy a set of bed linen.
  • Be careful of the present in advance – many girls like to suggest what they want. Let your girlfriend give you an idea. In the conversation with your girlfriend on the eve of the holiday, be a little more careful and you will definitely come across a clue. In addition, buying a gift in advance will significantly save your budget, as price increases are a must-have for any holiday.
  • Before choosing the gift, select the budget – this will significantly narrow the range of searches. An expensive gift promises a certain responsibility, therefore, such gifts are often presented to girls with whom they are in a serious relationship.

How to please your loved one is up to you. Among all the options recommended in this article, you will definitely find the one that suits you. The main thing is to be honest and loving, not to be afraid to confess your feelings and compliment them. Your girlfriend will appreciate your words of love and your attention more than the most precious gift!