It is said that the dream is the window to another world. If you dream something, most often, the script of your images are directly related to your life.
Seeing gold and money in a dream is always a pleasure. High status in society, wealth, luxury – these are the associations that usually cause us any jewelry, gold bars or coins. To find out what it means to dream of gold, interpreters are ready to give you different but very interesting explanations.
Remember that dreams in which gold appears only give you a general outline. In order to understand correctly the dream and what it means when you dream of gold money or jewelry, it is necessary to take into account all its details: on what day of the week do you see the dream, sex, age and status of your family.

The book of idiomatic dreams

The authors of the book consider that gold is a double symbol, because the surface of the metal is ambiguous. For example, the shine of gold jewelry can be perceived as a “sweet lie” – the person can be with two girls, saying something in the eye and completely different on the back.

The book of dreams of the 21st century

The authors of the book believe that seeing gold in a dream is a success both in business and in personal life. Meditating on what it means when you dream that you are buying a lot of gold, they have come to the conclusion that this is how you see yourself. They also found the explanation for what it means when you dream that you are losing a gold earring, a gold ring or another piece of jewelry – be careful, the dream is about missed, unrealized opportunities.

Women’s dream

book This book guarantees you: if you dream gold – it’s good. And it’s not just about the material sphere. Yellow metal is considered a favorable sign both in business communication and in personal life.

Muslim Dream

Book The book focuses on pieces of gold scattered on the floor. To see such a dream is, unfortunately, bad.

Baba Vanga’s dream book The

clairvoyant Vanga did not expect anything good from gold and considered it a temptation. It approaches gold from the perspective of the troubles you create for yourself, because you are trying to control everything.
But excessive lust for power is not good! Learn to give in.

Miller’s dream book

Miller appreciated the richness and opportunities associated with gold. Therefore, it explains what it means when you dream that you find gold and jewelry in the following way: you will find success in all your efforts.
If in your dream you are offered jewelry and you want to know what it means when you dream that you receive yellow gold, know that a rich groom will appear in reality.
Also, if you have seen a gold mine or a treasure from which you can extract gold coins or bullion – the dream means that wealth and career growth await you. When you wash gold, it reflects the fact that you can’t resist the desire to get something forbidden.

Freud’s dream book The

psychoanalyst Freud was sure: everything is due to intimate relationships! Gold, as well as any jewelry made of it, speaks of the desire for happy changes in life.
According to Freud, everything related to yellow metal is good, joy, love. And it doesn’t matter if a man or a woman had nightmares.

Nostradamus’ dream book

Nostradamus was especially focused on what it means to dream that you have found gold – bracelet, ring, pendant, gold earrings. In his opinion, metal foretells good news. But if you lost a piece of gold jewelry in your dream – rings, earrings – you risk missing out on opportunities.
Be persevering and decisive at work. If you are given gold jewelry and you are happy with it – peace and quiet will come in the family, and if the gift has caused you concern – someone intends to intervene in your well-being.

Loff’s dream book

Loff took this noble metal seriously and interpreted in its own way what it means when you dream of gold: earrings, chains, coins.
In his opinion, you will be richer in reality or there will be an opportunity to prove your strength. Explanations also suggest that gold is power, light, joy, and prosperity, so it is a good sign.

When you dream of a gold

ring The gold ring is most often dreamed of. The general symbolism of the rings is unambiguous: it is a sign of ties, strong relationships, whether it is friendship or marriage. If you are not married, then it is clear what it means when you dream of gold wedding rings – it is for a wedding or engagement soon enough.
It is considered especially favorable to find an engagement ring or to receive it as a gift – you will surely meet your future husband.
But if you are a married woman and you are looking for what it means when you dream of a gold wedding ring on your finger, then such a dream promises either success in business life or even the birth of a child.
If you have heard a conversation where people specify the size of the ring, you will soon be recognized in love.
Wearing gold rings in a dream leads to happiness in reality: in the family (if you are already married) or simply in your personal life (if you are still waiting for half) – it depends on the circumstances.
In addition, when you are in a relationship and you receive a ring from someone in a dream, be sure: the person you love will not deceive you.
A smooth, shiny, beautiful engagement ring is a wonderful dream. It is a symbol of mutual love and fidelity. Moreover, the interpretation is valid for both married and single girls!
If you dream of wedding rings, but not smooth, but decorated with a precious stone, this is also a wonderful sign. It is believed that your future husband will be a very rich man, and love will be strong and beautiful.
In the dream where the stone fell and you put it back, it also reads a good sign. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.
Of course, there are also negative interpretations, depending on how exactly you see this ring. When you are planning a wedding and you see a dream in which the wedding rings hang in the air – it means that the wedding is canceled. Lost Your Rings
Expect disturbing news.
If the gold on the ring does not shine, it looks dirty and untidy – it is a warning that there is a black line in your life.

When you dream of gold

earrings Earrings also have many positive and negative interpretations. In general, seeing gold earrings is a dream come true. Usually, he talks about a strong, mutual feeling of love and trusting friends. But there are nuances.
If you are a lonely and free girl, then the dream with earrings suggests that you will soon start living with a man. You want to know how rich your half will be
Try to remember how expensive the earrings were for you in your dream.
When you find gold earrings – it’s a dream come true, especially for unmarried girls. You will surely meet an interesting person soon, who will impress you.
Even just looking at earrings is good. This promises improvements in your financial situation.
The dream in which you receive earrings as a gift means good news. For those who have a rival in real life, and in a dream you break her earrings – the image means your victory over this girl and a strong relationship with your boyfriend.

There are also many unpleasant dreams associated with earrings. The married lady who dreams of being decorated with earrings suffers from envy towards someone. According to another interpretation, the intrigues are woven in relation to you and it would be better to be careful with the gossip of others.
If in your dream you have big and heavy earrings – in real life, a serious psychological burden puts pressure on you.

When you dream of gold chains

Looking for what it means to dream of gold chains, the authors of the dream books have reached a consensus – it is a wonderful symbol.
There are a few unfavorable interpretations, including :

  • If you have a dream in which you have lost the chain, in real life expect the distrust of a friend. Be careful and then the conflict will be avoided.
  • Don’t step on the gold chain in a dream! By doing this, you will not be able to avoid conflicts and troubles at work.
  • When you or someone else has broken the chain, get ready for family problems. However, in some dream books, there is another interpretation: if the chain is broken, you will be protected from difficult, suffocating relationships. And this is a favorable sign.
  • The scratched chain is dreamed of by people who are stuck in an unhealthy relationship. Think about it, you may not need these burdensome connections

Among the favorable ones we emphasize :

  • If a stranger has given you a chain – you have trusted friends who are ready to help you at any time.
  • Finding the gold chain on the street is a good sign. The dream will tell you that soon you will have a magnificent, noisy and joyful celebration. Another option is that you can easily and easily solve all the questions.
  • When you see a solid and heavy gold chain – you are incredibly lucky. This dream symbolizes the strength of your family union.
  • If you have been given a cross chain, expect praise from your superiors. When the chain is on a pendant – you will soon meet close friends.
  • The lover who gave you a gold chain foretells that your loved ones may need your help.