1. Spanish quotes and proverbs with English translations

The Spanish language has a rich heritage of culture and wisdom. It is no surprise, then, that Spanish language is full of many inspiring and memorable sayings and proverbs. These quotes and proverbs provide deep insight into the Spanish language, culture and psyche. Some have to do with particular events or moments in time, while others are broader in scope and discusses values, principles, and philosophies often carried through generations. No matter the context or the source, these quotes provide profound insight into the Spanish language and culture. In this article, we will explore some of the most famous Spanish quotes and proverbs and the English translations of these famous Spanish sayings.

Spanish Quotes and Proverbs

Spanish quotes and proverbs range from the comical to the poignant to the whimsical. To truly appreciate these famous Spanish Sayings, it helps to consider the context of the saying’s origin as well as the English translation. Here are some of the most popular Spanish quotes and proverbs:

a. A buen entendedor, pocas palabras – “For the one who understands, few words are required”

b. Al mal tiempo, buena cara – “Be cheerful in bad times”

c. Amor de lejos, felices tres – “Love at a distance makes three happy”

d. Busca en ti la clave del cambio – “Look within yourself for the key to change”

e. Busca tu alegría en los demás – “Find your joy in others”

f. La fuerza del águila está en sus alas – “The power of the eagle lies in its wings”

g. La mejor venganza es el perdón – “The best revenge is forgiveness”

h. Lo que el hombre siembra, eso cosecha – “You reap what you sow”

i. Muchos caminos llevan a Roma – “Many roads lead to Rome”

j. No hay mal que por bien no venga – “Every cloud has a silver lining”

Famous Spanish Proverbs

The list of classic Spanish proverbs is long and ever-growing, offering insight about life, love, and more. Here are some of the most popular Spanish proverbs and their English translation:

a. A otro perro, con el mismo collar – “Same treatment, different person”

b. A río revuelto, ganancia de pescadores – “When the river is in flood, the fishermen benefit”

c. Bien. Hecho es mejor que perfecto – “Good is better than perfect”

d. Dime con quien andas, y te diré quien eres – “Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are”

e. Donde hay gato, no puedes poner ratón – “Where there’s a cat, you can’t put a mouse”

f. El que canta sus males espanta – “He who sings chases away his ills”

g. El que calla, otorga – “Silence implies consent”

h. Hacer el bien no tiene precio – “Doing good has no price”

i. La fuerza de la costumbre – “The power of habit”

j. Las manzanas no caen muy lejos del árbol – “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

Motivational Spanish Quotes and Proverbs

For a boost of motivation and inspiration, check out some of these popular Spanish quotes and proverbs:

a. Amor propio es el principio de la sabiduría – “Self-love is the beginning of wisdom”

b. Contigo mismo, debes lidiar antes que con nadie – “You must deal with yourself before anyone else”

c. Cuando el agua toca la tierra, solo la tierra queda – “When water touches the land, only the land remains”

d. La verdadera grandeza no consiste en no caer, sino en levantarse cada vez más fuerte – “True greatness consists not of never falling, but of rising every time stronger”

e. No vale la pena ser desfavorecido – “It’s not worth being disadvantaged”

f. No puedes tener dos amores – “You can’t have two loves”

g. No temas al fracaso, temas no intentarlo – “Don’t fear failure, fear not trying”

h. Para ganar, primero debes perder – “To win, one must first lose”

i. Que el tiempo sea bueno, para el que no lo sabe hacer bueno – “Let time be good for those who don’t know how to make time good”

j. No hay que ver el problema con los ojos, hay que verlos con el corazón – “Do not see the problem with your eyes, see it with your heart”

Spanish Quotes About Life

Many Spanish sayings touch on life and the challenges of living it. Here are some popular quotes regarding life and how to live it:

a. A veces nos vemos en el espejo – “We sometimes see ourselves in the mirror”

b. Cada mañana hay que levantarse con más fuerza – “Every morning must rise with more strength”

c. De dos males, el que menos duele – “Choose the lesser of two evils”

d. El amor es como una flor, que nace y se marchita – “Love is like a flower, which blooms and fades”

e. Los logros se miden con los fracasos – “Accomplishments are measured by failures”

f. Muchas veces, el cuerpo sabe antes que el intelecto – “Often, the body knows before the intellect”

g. Nadie sabe lo que el mañana nos traerá – “No one knows what tomorrow will bring”

h. Nada es seguro, por eso hay que disfrutar la vida – “Nothing is certain, that is why we need to enjoy life”

i. Sin sudor, no hay recompensa – “No sweat, no reward”

j. Vaya donde vaya, la luz siempre estará detrás de ti – “No matter where you go, the light will always be behind you”

Spanish Quotes About Love

The mystery of love is something discussed throughout the Spanish language and culture, so it isn’t a surprise that many famous Spanish sayings touch upon the topic of love. Here are some of the most popular Spanish love quotes and their English translation:

a. A veces, el mejor amigo es el amor – “Sometimes, the best friend is love”

b. Amor y tiempo no necesitan respuesta – “Love and time don’t need an answer”

c. El amor dura tanto como le dé vida al recuerdo – “Love lasts for as long as the memory gives it life”

d. El amor no tiene edad – “Love has no age”

e. Hay un lado en nosotros que no se puede esconder – “There’s a side of us that can’t be hidden”

f. Muchos lo llaman destino – “Many call it destiny”

g. Nadie llega tan lejos como una madre amorosa – “No one goes as far as a loving mother”

h. Siempre hay que decir “te quiero” – “You should always say “I love you”

i. Sin amor, no vale la pena vivir – “Without love, life is not worth living”

j. Una sonrisa puede cambiar todo – “A smile can change everything”