To make the feast of Holy Easter a blessed one, share with your loved ones Happy Easter greetings and wishes! Dedicate your best Easter greeting card templates to your family and friends – with funny, solemn, religious or love text – and you will make this day a very special one.

We have gathered the most inspired Easter cards for children and adults, which can be shared on social networks, SMS or e-mail. You can include these Easter greeting card ideas in your drawings or send them as is.

Easter messages and greetings (simple)

The closest people deserve not only beautiful gifts, but also Easter messages and greetings. Below are some examples of simple Easter greeting texts and select the most appropriate ones.
✅️ The Lord has been reborn today. Let us celebrate His day together and celebrate the joy of life and love.
✅️ On the occasion of Easter, let us pray for a blessed life. Happy Easter to you, darling.
✅️ Have a blessed and holy Easter with your loved ones… May you be blessed with peace, happiness and harmony in your life.
✅️ I send you my warm greetings on the special occasion of Easter. May you be filled with the blessings of Jesus for a successful and prosperous life.
✅️ May the occasion of Easter bring you many other reasons to celebrate. I wish you a very happy Easter, full of joy and pleasure.
✅️ Easter is the time to celebrate with family and friends to create memories that last forever… I wish you a warm Easter!
Happy Easter. Let’s fill this beautiful day with the positivity of the holidays and the goodness of the festivities.
✅️ May this Easter be full of enthusiasm, emotion and high spirit for you and your loved ones. Warm Easter wishes to all.
✅️ May the vibrations of Easter fill every heart with happiness. I send everyone a warm Easter greeting card.
✅️ Easter is the day when we all feel blessed by the Almighty. Let us thank Him and thank our loved ones who make this our life a beautiful one.
✅️ I wish everyone a happy Easter. Let’s infuse this day with smiles and festivities to create memories with your loved ones.
✅️ Let us be inspired by Jesus to be always patient and strong, hardworking and dedicated! Good luck in life… Best wishes for Easter to you.
️ Easter reminds us that a man’s strength does not lie in his body, but in his faith and determination… I wish you a very happy Easter, my dear.
✅️ The Easter holidays are aimed at spreading love and happiness and leaving behind all negativity… Warm greetings on the occasion of Easter !!!
For a meaningful life, we must always follow the teachings of Jesus. I wish you a very warm and blessed Easter.
✅️ On the occasion of Easter, I want you to be surrounded by opportunities, happiness and peace in your life. I wish you all the best for Easter.
✅️ Let us be proud of our religion and be inspired by it to always follow the teachings of our religion and to have a happy and blessed life. Happy Easter.
✅️ I wish you the best holidays, candy and love… I wish you an Easter full of fun and laughter !!!
✅️ Let’s make this day a memorable Easter holiday for everyone, sharing jokes and wishes that bring a smile to every face. Happy Easter.
✅️ May the goodness and happiness of Easter add more positivity to your life… I wish you an Easter full of laughter, fun and pleasure !!!
✅️ Let us rejoice and praise Jesus because it is Easter and we must celebrate this special occasion with high spirits and much joy. Happy Easter!!!
✅️ Every leaf of the spring season is a proof of God’s promise of the Resurrection… I wish you a very happy and blessed Easter.
✅️ May your heart, home and life be full of new hopes, positive approach and much success. I send you warm Easter greetings !!!

The most beautiful Easter greetings

In this post, we have selected the fantastic collection with the most beautiful Easter cards. Share these messages with your loved ones!
⭐ I wish you lots of sweets for Easter. May this special occasion be full of blessings and much love for you. Happy Easter!
Honey, I wish you a very happy Easter. Jesus bless you with much health and much happiness to make this year a great one for you.
⭐ May this spring bring you new hopes and new life, full of happiness, success and prosperity. Best wishes to the best dad in the world.
May the Holy Spirit always be there to bless you and fill your heart with happiness, health and goodness. I wish you a very happy Easter.
Easter is a promise from God when he renews the spring season and I want this Easter to bring more joy. Best wishes for Easter.
Honey, you are the reason I made every Easter so beautiful, happy and memorable. I wish you a very happy Easter.
⭐ Dear mother, I wish you a very happy Easter. I look forward to eating your baked cake. I look forward to another beautiful and memorable Easter with you.
On the occasion of Easter, I send you my warm greetings with much love and I thank Jesus for blessing me with an amazing mother like you.
⭐ May the Holy Spirit of Easter always be there to bless you with much health and happiness. I wish you a very happy Easter.
You are the one who has always made every Easter so special… I can’t wait to create some beautiful memories in this Easter with you. Congratulations!

⭐ As we celebrate Easter, I want you to always be with me to add more sparkle to my Easter holiday! Christ is Risen!
I wish you a very happy Easter. On this day, I seek your love and blessings, as I seek them from Jesus.
On the occasion of Easter, I pray that Jesus will always be there to keep you happy and healthy. I wish you a very happy Easter!
⭐ For Easter, I send my best wishes to my grandmother. May the smile on your face never go out and may your love always be there to make every day of my life a blessed one.
⭐ Warm Easter wishes for you, mom and dad. May your hearts be full of happiness. May your life be full of new hopes. May your home be filled with the most beautiful blessings of Jesus.
May Jesus bless this world with positivity, peace, and love. May He enlighten us with much knowledge and help us to get through the darkness. Warm Easter wishes to all!
Have a memorable Easter holiday. Let us thank Jesus for his blessings and follow the path He has shown us. Happy Easter.
⭐ Warm Easter wishes to all. May Jesus give us the strength to face life’s challenges and never give up.
⭐ On the occasion of Easter, I send warm greetings to all for a blessed and beautiful day, full of sunshine, hope and festivities.

Christian Easter greetings

Send inspirational Christian Easter greetings to family, friends, parents, and siblings. Wish everyone around you the religious spirit. These will add more faith to the holiday.
↩️ Death has no power over the believer. Happy Easter!
↩️ The sunrise is God’s gift to us. Happy Easter!
↩️ Only Jesus has the power over death! Happy Easter!
↩️ Jesus lives in us. Happy Easter!
↩️ He died and then he came back to give us a new life… Happy Easter everyone!
↩️ Jesus is the story of Easter that is told over and over again… Happy Easter!
↩️ Easter reminds us of the road to eternity. Happy Easter!
↩️ Easter is the time to remember the perfect love that God has for each of us. May this pure love fill every heart with joy and hope. I wish you a warm Easter.
↩️ I wish you a blessed and beautiful Easter, my dear. Enjoy this day with your loved ones, with joy and happiness.
↩️ On the occasion of Easter, to be able to release everything that makes your life difficult. A very happy Easter for you, blessed and positive.
️ Easter is the time to share the laughter and offer prayers to the Almighty to thank Him and seek blessings. I wish you a warm Easter.
↩️ Hope is something that never dies and the empty tomb of Christ is proof of it. Things may seem difficult, but one day success will come. Happy Easter for you.
↩️ Easter is the most anticipated time of the year, as it celebrates new life, new hope and a new beginning. I wish you a blessed start to life today.
↩️ May our hearts and souls be full of the positivity and goodness of Easter. May Jesus give us all the strength to sustain ourselves when things are difficult. Happy Easter.
↩️ I send you warm Easter greetings, my dear. May you be filled with new hopes and new dreams to make this year a wonderful one.
↩️ A very happy Easter for you, my friend. May you enjoy this day with your loved ones, thanking Jesus for his love and blessings.
↩️ On the occasion of Easter, I send warm wishes to you and your family for Easter. May you find goodness and happiness even in the most difficult times.
↩️ I wish your love and hopes to be revived with positive energies this Easter. May you be able to fulfill all your dreams with the blessings of Jesus. Happy Easter.
↩️ I wish my friend a happy Easter. Have a year full of hopes and renewed dreams that will lead you to success and joy.
↩️ For my dear family, I send warm Easter wishes. Never worry about your future, because Christ is always there to take care of each of you.
↩️ I wish my mother and father a very happy Easter. I thank Jesus for the blessings he has bestowed on my wonderful parents and I pray for their happiness and well-being!
↩️ On the occasion of Easter, I send you my best wishes. May this beautiful opportunity fill your life with joy, peace and kindness. Happy Easter.
↩️ A very happy Easter for my amazing parents. May you enjoy this Easter as we share a happy holiday and beautiful smiles.

Electronic Easter greetings

Such electronic Easter greetings are usually sent to all customers, partners and co-workers. Also, all staff members deserve to receive personalized Easter greetings online, written for Facebook or emailed!

  • I wish all employees joy and happiness. Happy Easter.
  • Happy Easter to my staff. I wish you a wonderful holiday.
  • Easter is the time to celebrate joy and happiness. Happy Easter to all employees!
  • I wish all the employees a fun Easter. Happy Easter!
  • A warm, wonderful and happy Easter. May this Easter bring prosperity and success into your life.
  • I wish all employees a wonderful Easter holiday. I hope that your association with the company will continue for a long time. Happy Easter.
  • May the Lord bless everyone with more success and happiness. I wish all employees a very happy and memorable Easter.
  • May this Easter bring much joy and happiness in everyone’s life. God bless you every day. Happy Easter to all staff!
  • Thank you all for your support and hard work in completing the project. I wish you all a peaceful and blessed Easter. Have a wonderful holiday.
  • I wish you and your family a very happy Easter. Enjoy this opportunity with painted eggs and chocolate bunnies.
  • The Easter holidays are incomplete without wanting a fantastic Easter with your loved ones. Enjoy the good times and create beautiful memories.
  • Easter is the time to take a break from your work and spend some time with your family and friends. I wish you a warm Easter.
  • Let us celebrate this Easter with positivity and a promise to spread peace and happiness. I wish a happy Easter to all my co-workers.
  • I send a warm Easter wish to all my co-workers. May this special day fill your heart with happiness and a life of positivity.
  • May the goodness of Easter go beyond this day and spread new hopes and new joys in your life. Happy Easter to all my co-workers.
  • You are all like my family and I wish you all a blessed and beautiful Easter with your loved ones. May you all return to work with a high spirit and a lot of smiles.
  • I wish you many sweets to make this Easter a memorable one for you. Happy Easter to all my colleagues!
  • Easter reminds us of festivities. Easter reminds us of our task of spreading peace and happiness in this world. Easter reminds me to send you all my best wishes.
  • On the occasion of Easter, I wish all my colleagues a memorable and happy Easter. May this special day spread smiles and new hopes in your life.
  • Warm Easter wishes for you and your family. Enjoy this special occasion with happiness, smiles and lots of candy.
  • I wish you lots of sweets and beautiful Easter smiles. May you celebrate this day surrounded by your loved ones.
  • May this Easter be full of decorated eggs and delicious candy. I wish you a happy Easter with your family and friends.
  • It’s time to dye the eggs and enjoy the chocolate bunnies because it’s the best time of the year. A very happy Easter for you.

Easter greetings (funny)

These funny Easter greeting cards are full of humor and will make the person feel happy and put a smile on their face. Below are some examples of funny Easter messages that can be sent to close friends and children.
😄 Dear friend, Easter cards! It’s time to fast and pray. We will lose a few pounds.
😄 Happy Easter to the candy lover. Enjoy your candy!
😄 Let’s celebrate this year by eating a lot of chocolate. Happy Easter, dear friend.
Easter is about sharing love. But it’s also about sharing chocolate with me. Have a very happy Easter.
You are my good friend, but you can be better if you bring me some candy. Happy Easter, my dear friend.
😄 A new year, new life, new season and new clothes. Go to the clothing store before you go to church. Happy Easter, my friend.
This Easter, most children pray for bunnies to lay colored eggs. Happy Easter to all the children.
Easter means praying to God. It’s about the holiday, colorful eggs and bunnies. I hope you all have painted eggs and chocolate bunnies in your basket. Happy Easter.
😄 Make this Easter a memorable one, with some sweet pleasures that treat you to all evil and some funny jokes that make you laugh… Happy Easter !!!
😄 I wanted to make a funny Easter for you and that’s why I’m waiting to see your belly after you eat the delicious candies !!!
😄 Easter aims to share happiness, share jokes and maybe share your candy… Have a happy Easter.
Easter is here! Let’s not be afraid, it’s just about bunnies and chicks, not bears !!!
😄 Have a happy Easter, following the bunny, because he has all the candies you want.
I thought I’d tell you a joke about an egg, but I realized it’s not broken yet! Happy Easter!

Special congratulations on Orthodox Easter

Easter is about celebrations and wishes for loved ones. Share with them all the special Easter greetings and send them blessings. We offer you an original collection of such texts.
► Easter is a time of joy and love. I want the holiday to be full of love and laughter for you. Happy Easter.
► Celebrate Easter with a loving heart. May the Lord bless you with a happier life. Happy Easter.
► May the Son of God bless us on this holiday with happiness and joy.
► May the Lord make us happy and bless us in our relationship! Happy Easter!
► As we celebrate this Passover, may the Lord pour love, peace, and happiness upon us.
► The message of Easter is the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection. So let us celebrate the supreme joy. Have a very happy Easter.
► As we celebrate Easter, may peace, love, and joy come into our lives, and may we always be together. Have a wonderful Easter.
► I wish you a very happy Easter and I pray to the Lord to make this day special for you. Let us pray and celebrate the feast of Easter together.

To our little angel, we send you warm Easter wishes. May this holiday be full of blessings and gifts for you. Happy Easter!

► You are the most beautiful blessing we have been endowed with. We wish you happiness and success in life. Happy Easter to our little niece.
► I wish our Princess a very happy Easter that makes every Easter so full of energy and happiness for all of us.
► May the occasion of Easter be as beautiful as yours. I wish you a warm Easter.
► I wish you a very happy Easter with a basket full of candy and a hug full of warmth and love. Happy Easter.
► Because you are here to celebrate Easter with us, we feel that we need nothing else. We wish you a very happy Easter.
► A very happy Easter for our nephew. May you always be surrounded by happiness, sunshine, chocolates and lots of love in life.
► We wish you a blessed Easter. May you find all the smiles and eternal joy in the blessings of the Almighty.
► May the sweetness of the candies and the happiness of the gifts always make you a happy boy. A very beautiful Easter for you, my dear.
► I wish you a warm Easter! The sun, candy and love are what we want on this special day to make it a wonderful one for you.
► Easter greetings to our nephew, which is the reason behind our smiles. May this Easter bring you blessings and many gifts.

Easter texts and greeting cards in English

Aceste texte și felicitări de Paște în engleză îi vor face fericiți și să se simtă bine pe toți cei care sunt departe de voi, fie că e vorba de iubtți sau prieteni.
➡️ Easter is the time when we all want to be with our loved ones and so do I. Happy Easter to you my love. I wish you were here to make this occasion a special one for me.
➡️ May you celebrate the festival of Easter will a heart full of love. May this distance between us doesn’t make this Easter a day without fun and smiles. Happy Easter to you my dear.
➡️ To my dearest girlfriend, I wish a very Happy Easter. On this occasion, I just pray that the miles between us zero down to none and we celebrate this day together.
➡️ Easter is the time to express your feeling to the ones who are important to you. Warm wishes on Easter to you my dear.
➡️ Let us be thankful for all the blessings Almighty has showered us with on the occasion of Easter. A very Happy Easter to you.
➡️ Warm wishes on Easter to you my love. May the high spirits of Easter make you forget the pain of distance that is keeping us apart.

  • Wishing a very Happy Easter to my boyfriend who is miles away. May you come to me and together we celebrate this day with love.
  • Easter is the time when I want to be with you, to tell you how much I love, to hug you and to kiss you. Warm greetings on Easter to you my boyfriend.
  • On the occasion of Easter, I want to thank God for blessing me with a boyfriend like you and I want to tell you that I miss you with all my heart. Happy Easter love.
  • Distance doesn’t really matter when you have someone in your heart. Sending my love and warm wishes on Easter to my gorgeous girlfriend.
  • We could not be together this Easter but I promise that we will be soon together to have some beautiful moments together. Happy Easter to you my love.
  • Wishing a very Happy Easter to my girlfriend. I know you are going to miss me and you know that I am going to miss you because it is the festive time of the year.
  • My dear boyfriend, wishing you a very Happy Easter. Don’t be sad because we are not together to celebrate it but remember that we both are just a call away.
  • They are hundreds of miles but they don’t really matter because you stay in my heart. Sending you warm greetings and lots of love on Easter my dear.
  • Wishing a blessed Easter to you my love. May all the blessings are showered on you for a happy and high spirited Easter. Miss you love!!!
  • May the risen Christ bless your life with best of happiness and health and shower you with love… Best wishes on Easter to you.
  • Wishing you an Easter full of joy and smiles. Wishing you an Easter full of memories and merriment. Happy Easter.
  • Wishing abundance of happiness and success in your life. Wishing you the love of your dear ones. Best wishes on Easter dear!!!
  • May the Easter feeling never end… May you find new opportunities in every day… Warm greetings on Easter.

➡️ Wishing you all the happiness in this holiday season and wishing you lots of memories on this special occasion. Best wishes on Easter to you.
➡️ Easter is here and I wish that this occasion along bring along some beautiful times for you to create some amazing memories. Happy Easter!!!
➡️ May your Easter be full of new energies, new hopes, new opportunities and new vibes… Best wishes on Easter to you.
➡️ Easter is the time of celebration… And may you have the best of celebrations with the best of people around you. Have a wonderful Easter!!!

Easter texts and greeting cards in German

Make this Easter a special one for all people close to the soul, but physically removed, dedicating Easter texts and greetings to them in German. Wish them success, happiness and good times, using the samples below.

  1. Happy Easter from…
  2. We wish you a happy Easter.
  3. I wish you spring-like Easter holidays. Greetings from…
  4. Warm Easter greetings and a happy egg hunt wishes you…
  5. I wish you all a healthy and happy Easter. Wishing you spring-like Easter greetings…
  6. We wish you a sunny and peaceful Easter time.
  7. I wish you a happy Easter and a happy egg hunt! The very best Easter greetings from…
  8. We wish you all a happy, blessed and relaxing Easter. Greetings from…
  9. Wishing you many happy and sunny hours for Easter…
  10. I wish you a happy Easter and peaceful and happy holidays! Warm greetings…
  11. We wish you a happy, joyful Easter time. Soon we’ll meet again!
  12. I wish you and your family a wonderful and peaceful Easter.
  13. Happy Easter for the whole family…
  14. Happy Easter and lots of joy on the holidays…
  15. We wish you a happy egg hunt and colorful Easter days!
  16. Joy, peace and God’s blessings accompany you in the Easter season! Happy Easter from…
  17. Happy Easter for the whole family and lots of fun coloring the Easter eggs…
  18. Easter night in candlelight, that’s how it should always be. Happy Easter from…
  19. We wish you a lot of joy and relaxing hours in the Easter season! Happy Easter from…
  20. I wish you and your family a happy and peaceful Easter.
  21. Now the eggs begin again with the Easter celebrations! We wish you happy egg dancing, bunny hopping and flower picking!
  22. Easter bunny, Easter hen, Easter lamb, Easter chick… we wish you a wonderful Easter!
  23. I wish you and your family a nice, peaceful Easter and that the Easter Bunny doesn’t run past your garden in a hurry. Happy Easter from…
  24. To relax, I wish you a few restful, happy Easter holidays and lots of Easter sunshine. Sending you love Easter greetings…
  25. We wish you a nice Easter, may it bring joy, relaxation and contentment above all! The warmest Easter greetings from…
  26. The Easter Bunny sends you warm greetings and a wonderful Easter Sunday!!!
  27. Happy Easter, lots of colorful eggs and a wonderful Easter feast with your family…
  28. 10 little Easter bunnies sat on the spring lawn, wrote on the Easter eggs: “Have a nice Easter celebration!”
  29. I wish you a very happy, peaceful Easter, which will hopefully bring blue skies and mild spring sun…
  30. On the feast of Christ’s resurrection, I wish you that you feel reborn so that you can start the warm season fresh and happy! Happy Easter from…
  31. At Easter I wish you that you always shine like the spring sun, always be pious like an Easter lamb and always happy like a young chick!
  32. Whether in the garden, on the terrace, in the park or in the living room: I wish you that the egg hunt will be a complete success

Easter greetings in French

With the help of these Easter greetings in French, you can wish those who are far away the best Easter holidays and make them a special day! In addition, these texts are a perfect way to express your love and gratitude for them!
🔖 It’s off to the wish hunt! Oh! I got lucky, behind the tulips! And me health, under a poplar tree! Look, here is love, hidden in my heart. And if you are looking for happiness, you have just found it in this enchanted map! May this wonderful Easter day, full of sweets and surprises, bring you everything you want. And why not some chocolate too.
🔖 In your opinion… Who appeared first: the egg or the hen
One thing is certain, if they are chocolate, I will be the first to eat them. Will you accompany me
Happy Easter!
🔖 At Easter, nature awakens and shines. At Easter, the smiles get bigger and the children laugh. At Easter, families come together and celebrate life. At Easter, all wishes of happiness are allowed! I wish you a wonderful Easter!!!
🔖 My heart is celebrating today! No more snow, cold and rain! Thanks to Spring, we are ready to believe it, when nature brings its message of hope and joy blooms in my heart. Wishing everyone moments of happiness, let’s take advantage of this period of peace, to send lovely thoughts to each other, Happy Easter!
🔖 If you want eggs for Easter, don’t forget to send a little message to one or more bells! Here, I’m done. Happy Chocolate Day!
🔖 In this beautiful season, where the sun makes its rays dance, the wind dances, twirls and blows sweet songs. It is the great miraculous awakening of nature, which amazes with the beauty of its greenery. Let’s celebrate Spring and its blessing. Let us celebrate Easter and the resurrection and glorify this call to new life! Happy Easter!
Hello my hen! What’s up
There’s something wrong
The hunters have stood you up Good
for you, you’ll have more chocolate! Happy Easter my daisy.
🔖 Knock knock knock!!! I’m coming to give you an express delivery of chocolate and gourmet kisses! I wish you a wonderful Easter celebration. I hope the chickens, rabbits and eggs invade your garden!!! Long live Easter!
🔖 Roasted lamb, topped eggs, filled baskets, pretty chickens! Here is the best menu for the most joyous of celebrations! We wish you a delicious and gourmet Easter.
🔖 May the divine light of God enlighten you on this wonderful day… May Easter enlighten you and bring you hope, tolerance and harmony!
🔖 I have never experienced the cold of winter and the clouds of autumn. I have never felt life as a monotonous languor. Because I have a sun that illuminates my life every day. Who sweetens my days and gives me a dose of joy and energy. It has always allowed me to better appreciate the small pleasures of life. This sun, it’s you my darling!!! Happy Easter!
🔖 At Easter, Mother Nature decides to make herself beautiful. She dresses in pretty colors, perfumes herself and shines with happiness, She cheerfully sings her hymn to spring. Let’s enjoy this sweet season!!! Happy Easter celebration.
🔖 It seems that for Easter a big party is organized. Happiness, hope, gentleness and generosity are invited there. Do you want to participate
Come on, I invite you! I wish you the best for Easter!