“I am not afraid. Fear kills the mind. Fear is the small death, the bearer of total abolition. I will face the fear. I will let it pass over me, through me. And after it’s over, I’ll turn my inner eye and look after her. Where fear has passed, there will be nothing. Only I will remain ”… (Bene Gesserit mantra uttered by Paul Atreides in the novel“ Dune ”)

The film is based on the famous novel “Dune”. The “Dune” series was written by Frank Herbert (1920-1986) and published in 1965. , the novel was rejected by more than 20 publishers ), in time the novel gained notoriety and was considered the best SF series of all time (probably the most influential of the genre), a reference book for lovers of and permanent inspiration for other novels and science fiction stories that followed.

With a screenplay written by Jon Spaihts, Denis Villeneuve, Eric Roth and directed by Denis Villeneuve, the 2021 screening of Frank Herbert’s famous science fiction book – “Dune” has brought us back to the center of our imagination and fire. Dune. Dune was probably one of the most anticipated films of 2021 and is already considered a visual masterpiece even by fans of the series who are looking forward to the release of the second part, announced for 2023. Hans Zimmer is the one who composed the futuristic soundtrack, but with ancient film accents.

In 1966, “Dune” rightly won the Nebula Award for Best Novel. In 1959, writer Frank Herbert was appointed to write an article for the United States Department of Agriculture, and his research work on dunes was a powerful source of inspiration for the novel that would forever change the science fiction genre. from Arrakis are a kind of character in itself).

The story of “Dune” takes place in the distant future, after humanity discovered the interstellar flight, and the noble houses are under the strong influence and fierce hand of a galactic emperor. The fate of the young Paul Atreides, whose family agrees to manage the strange and inhospitable but so coveted planet Arrakis, plays an important role in the book. On this hostile planet is “spice”, a drug that prolongs life, gives certain mental abilities and also facilitates space navigation due to its ability to awaken multidimensional “sight”. Although the book focuses on human evolution and planetary science, the problems and dilemmas of the past follow us as a human species. Politics, religion, technology, ecology, time, death, life, love, human emotions, power struggle,

The book abounds in lines, quotes and ideas that inspire reflection, and today we invite you to (re) discover a small part of them….

The best quotes from “Dune”, one of the best science fiction books in history

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s just where you stop the story. ”
“Willow is subject to the wind and thrives until one day there will be more willows – a wall against the wind. That is the purpose of the willow. ”
“A world is based on four things: the teaching of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the faithful, and the boldness of the brave. But all this means nothing without a leader who knows the art of governing. ”
What senses do we lack that we cannot see and hear another world around us? ”
“ The persistent need for a logical and coherent universe is deeply ingrained in the human unconscious. But the real universe is always one step away from logic. ”
“Spoken or unspoken, thought is a reality and has the powers of reality.”
“Think that the deaf cannot hear. But aren’t we deaf too
? “If you rely only on your eyes, the other senses will weaken.”
“The truth may be worse than you think,” the Duke thought. “But the dangers are also precious, if you are taught to face them.”
“What you despise
. That’s how you can really be known.”
“I am not afraid. Fear kills the mind. Fear is the small death, the bearer of total abolition. I will face the fear. I will let it pass over me, through me. And after it’s over, I’ll turn my inner eye and look after her. Where fear has passed, there will be nothing. I will be the only one left. ”
“The stranger is around us every moment. That is where knowledge must be sought. “
“Pull out your questions from where they grew up and you’ll see the roots: other questions.”
“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”
“It’s hard to live in the present, useless to live in the future and impossible to live in the past!”
“The survival of the individual, the species and the environment is what motivates the human being. It should be noted that the order of importance varies during a human life. ”
“What matters to a leader is what makes him a leader. The needs of his people. ”
“The only lasting past lies, inexpressibly, within our being.”
“It simply came to our notice then. People need suffering and oppression to develop their psychic muscles. ”
“In order to know something well, you must first know its limits. Only after you have exceeded his tolerance rules will you find out his true nature. ”
“Saving someone from a mistake is a gift from paradise.”
“When you imagine mistakes, there can be no question of self-defense.”
“There is no escape – we pay for the violence of our ancestors.”
“Live as long as you can. Life is a game whose rules you learn by stepping into it and playing it to the white canvases. Otherwise, you will be taken by surprise, you will always be surprised by the unexpected twists. Passive spectators whine, complaining that luck always eludes them. They refuse to see that much of that luck could be created by themselves. “