Your wife’s day is one of the most important events of the year. Celebrate the day of the person who means the most to you and who knows you best. Tell her how you feel about these messages for many years for your wife. You will definitely find here the most beautiful message from many years for her. On the day of the special woman in your life, give her the most beautiful thoughts with these messages from her birthday for her wife.

The wife is the person you have chosen and with whom you want to live your life. When you look at her, remember your happy moments together and use these messages from many years to wish her only beautiful things.

Below you will find the most beautiful messages from many years for the wife and mother of your children.

Christian messages for many years for your wife

Through the messages of many years we can show how much we care about a person and how much the presence of that person in our life has helped us. With these Christian messages for many years for your wife, you can offer the perfect congratulation to your wife. You don’t know how to tell your wife how much you love her. We help you find the words to express your feelings.

Happy birthday, my beautiful wife and beloved mother of our children. I would like your everyday outfit to be happiness, and your constant companion, apart from me, to be the inspiration!
“Dear wife!” You always remain such a nice, wise, intelligent, understanding woman! Happy Birthday!
“Happy birthday, my love.” You are a beautiful wife and a good mother! I wish you the taste of happiness, the smell of love and the color of joy!
💄Our mission is to live together until the golden wedding, without quarrels, insults, worries, losses, troubles and sufferings. I kiss you affectionately and tenderly! Happy Birthday!
Be happy, my soul! Be healthy and fulfilled. Happy Birthday!
I wish you, dear, to be bright as the sun, beautiful as a flower and amazing as a rainbow in the sky.
My dear! You are a source of inspiration and warmth and the reason for my and our children’s smiles. Congratulations on your birthday!
Happy birthday! I wish you not to notice the boring and gray things of life, to spend every day under an incendiary melody of the soul and a happy song of the heart.
“Happy birthday, my soul mate!” Thank you for the warmth, love and care you give me. May all your dreams come true, and I will make every effort to do so!
“My dear wife, I wish you a happy day.” Let your life be a fairy tale, where I will be the kind and caring king and you will be my most desired and most beautiful queen!
💄Honey! Always be as hardworking as Cinderella and amazing as Aphrodite. Happy Birthday!
💄My beautiful wife, the best and most wonderful mother, we wish you a happy birthday!
I want you to smile more often and always stay so gentle, kind and beautiful. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! Always be just as gorgeous, a caring housewife, a happy woman and a faithful keeper of the comfort of family and the hearth of love.
My dear! I hope you have everything you dreamed of, and if not, then in the near future I will give you everything you want! Happy celebrations!
“The best wife and mother!” May all your dreams come true!
Be happy, my wife, and be successful in both small and large deeds.
Dear, happy birthday! Accept the warmth, tenderness and loyalty of my heart that loves you!
“Honey, I wish you a happy day.” You were born for joy and love! Know that I love you dearly and I will do everything to make you happy!
I wholeheartedly congratulate you on this holiday, my dear wife! I’m ready all my life to meet the sunrises and see the sunsets with you! I love you, I cherish you, I respect you.
“This world just wouldn’t make sense without you.” I want you to shine brighter every day! Happy Birthday!
💄Dear, beloved, gentler, affectionate, beautiful and sweetest wife and mother! We wish you much happiness, may your smile never leave your face, may the stars always shine in your eyes, and may your heart never know sadness and trouble.
💄Always be young, cheerful and happy. I will try to do everything for this! Happy Birthday!
I wish you, my dear, eternal beauty and happiness, success and constant passion – passion for me, your hobbies and your life.
You are the standard of beauty, intelligence, grace and femininity. I love you so much! Happy Birthday my dear!
My dear and wonderful wife and best mother, congratulations on your birthday. I want the story of our love to never end, for the gardens of inspiration to always bloom for you!
“My only beloved wife, I wish you a happy birthday.” May my love make you happy and joyful, and may the pain not darken your life!
Happy birthday! I wish you health, successful activity and interesting commitments, fun, fruitful creativity, carefree rest, much happiness and good luck.
“My star, my daily sun, dear wife.” Congratulations on your birthday! I want you to flourish like a beautiful flower, to reap success from any occupation, to love and enjoy life.
💄I wish you, my dear, an active life, successful plans and their favorable implementation!
MeaMy love, and this morning your eyes shine with tenderness, and my soul melts every time it sees you. May everything you want come true today, spend your birthday with your loved ones and enjoy every moment. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
MeaMy dear, let the flowers bloom for you today and enjoy their beauty all year round. To me you are my flower and I want to have you by my side forever. On this day, love, enjoy the people around you, have fun and do not forget that no matter what happens I love you. Happy birthday, baby!
💄Life is made up of memories, of the beautiful moments we spend together, and today is the perfect day to enjoy ourselves, our loved ones, the love between us and the beauties that come our way. Happy birthday, my dear wife.
“Happy birthday, my dear wife.” I came here today from two young people in love. On your birthday I wish you happiness, fulfillment, good health and love.
“My dear wife, any time spent with you is magical.” Ever since we met and you have made me the happiest man ever. On the occasion of your birthday, I wish you success at work, love in life, peace in your heart and at home and may your every dream come true. Happy Birthday my dear.
💄Your day to shine like the sun. I’m glad I can be with a hardworking, intelligent, loving and caring woman like you. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
💄Happy birthday to the most beautiful, housewife, most loved and most charming of women. I love you, my dear wife, rejoice as you feel today!
This morning I will bring you the best wishes with a bed breakfast. Good health, money, success in everything, to have an orderly and quiet house like your beautiful soul, my dear! I love you so much. Happy Birthday!
I am very glad to have the opportunity to meet you and be with you. When I first saw you my heart began to dance and to this day it has not stopped dancing. On the occasion of your birthday, I wish you a bright road, happiness and pleasant surprises everywhere. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
TaYour day will bring you only smiles and happiness. I wish you health, beautiful days, warmth in your heart as much as possible. I warmly embrace you, my dear wife. Happy Birthday!
💄I offer you a sweet kiss this morning and all the good in the world to envelop you. May love protect you, and may people be good friends you can count on when needed, my dear. I love you! Happy birthday, my beloved wife!
“I consider myself a lucky fool.” Not all people have such a loving, understanding, and diligent man as you, my wife. I love you with all my heart, and for your birthday I will make sure that your dreams come true, my dear. Happy birthday, my wife!
💄Every morning when I wake up next to you, my love, I feel the love I felt for each other at first. When I see you, I won’t take my eyes off you. All I want today is for you to be happy and enjoy your birthday. Many years ahead and good health, my dear.
Happy birthday, love to my heart, enjoy today. Hugs dear, my wife!
“My dear, today is a very special day.” I’m glad we can spend this day together and I can honestly tell you that I love you. I wish you everything you want, peace, happiness and health, to forget all your worries and to enjoy what you have around you. Happy birthday, my dear wife.
💄I wish you all the best for your birthday, only happiness, fulfillment, full moon and prosperous life. The flame of love is brighter than ever, and with all the warmth of my soul I wish you today the warmest happy birthday, my wife!
“You have no idea how happy you make me every day.” Every moment spent together means happiness and smiles, and today, for your birthday, I want to make up for it and offer you happiness too. I wish you a lot of money, career success, peace and a lot of love. Happy birthday, my wife!
I wish you a life as beautiful as the love between us. Let nothing separate us, and let the peace we feel in our hearts make its presence felt at work and at home. I love you, my dear wife, happy birthday!

Beautiful messages from many years for your wife

Your wife’s day is one of the most beautiful events. Remind her how special her birthday is with these beautiful birthday messages for your wife. Give your wife a birthday message that shows how much you appreciate her and how much you care about her.

MeaMy dear, be happy not only on this day, but also in every moment of your life! Happy Birthday!
I love you more and more every day! Be happy, my dear! Happy Birthday!
“My dear wife!” For your birthday, I want to say: thank you! Thank you for the love and warmth with which you warm me! Thank you for the understanding and support I so desperately need! Thank you for your smile and laughter that resonates throughout the house! I bring great joy! Thank you for your gentle hug that warms my soul! Thanks for the wise advice that has helped me many times in my life! Thanks for believing in me! Thank you for the comfort of our home, which is so important to me! Happy Birthday!
👰My dear woman, I wish you to always be so flowery and beautiful, to give me your charming smile and to be the happiest with me!
Cunosc The more I know you, the more I understand how happy it is to live with you! Always be happy and happy! I love you!
Dear, happy birthday! Know that everyone is envious that I have such a beautiful wife!
“My dear wife!” I promise that I will always help you to fulfill your desires and I will show your love with good deeds and actions! Happy Birthday!
Happy Holidays, my dear wife! It is said that marriages are bound in heaven. Thank you that the angels gave me a star as beautiful and pure as you. I will never give up on you!
“My dear wife, happy birthday!” If you were a rose, I would definitely be a butterfly. If you were a leaf – I would be windy. If a bird – I would be a tree, and if a fish – I would be the sea!
MeaMy star, my prize, my love, my joy, I wish you a happy birthday. Be captivated by your aspirations and dreams, be irresistible with your beauty, be inspired by my love and the wonders of the world and be happy in my arms every day.
“It’s nice to spend the evening at home with my best half – a hospitable and caring housewife, my beloved wife!” Too bad it doesn’t allow me to enjoy the attention and the gifts you deserve more often! Happy birthday to you today!
“May this day bring new bright colors of happiness into your life, may smiles appear more often on your face and open the widest doors to success.”
“My dear wife, congratulations on your birthday.” I wish you to remain incredibly beautiful, the most tender and sweet, divine, radiant and charming woman!
“My dear and dear!” Today is a special day – your birthday! I want to tell you that you are always in my heart. You may rarely hear these words from me, but know this: I love you so much!
My dear wife! I will always idolize you and help your dreams come true. Happy
“Honey!” Don’t be sad that the years fly like birds. Your beauty is becoming brighter and more attractive every day! Happy Birthday!
“I love my wife so much!” And today, for her birthday, I want to offer her all the stars in the sky, all the warmth of the Sun and the coolness of the Moon, so that your dreams come true as soon as possible! Smile and be happy! I will help you in this regard!
Please remember that I am proud of your attractiveness and human qualities. I know I received a real gift of fate! Happy Birthday my dear!
“My dear, today is a great holiday – your birthday!” I want to congratulate you first and wish you to celebrate this happy and unforgettable day, as always!
👰Be the most beautiful, kind and intelligent woman not only today, but always. I kiss you, my dear, and I wish you a happy birthday!
No woman is worth even your little finger. Because you are everything to me. I want to wish you love and warmth, understanding and support, happiness and joy!
“For your birthday, my dearest woman, I want to offer you words of love!” Let your life shine with rays of happiness! Always be so sweet and kind, let your soft words and sweet smile warm the hearts of your family and friends!
👰Dear, darling, dear – congratulations on your birthday! I wish you happiness and health for many years to come. Be beautiful and cheerful on this day and always!
My wife is a beautiful and wise woman! She is beautiful not because she has a kilogram of cosmetics on her face or a pile of jewelry on her neck, she is beautiful by her outer and inner nature. And she is wise because she chose such a wonderful person as me as her husband! Happy Birthday!
“You are the dearest and closest person to me!” Over the years and trials, I keep this first love for you, which caught fire in my heart instantly! Happy birthday, my joy!
👰I want to do everything I can for you and more! Happy Birthday my dear! I have no one closer than you!
“Dear wife!” You are like a ray of light to me on dark nights. You warm my soul with your goodness. I know you’re always by my side and that’s why I love you so much. Happy Birthday!
I wish you good health for many years, to be able to overcome all troubles and adversities, your eyes to sparkle with joy and only tears of happiness to have. Happy birthday, my dear wife!

The most beautiful birthday messages for the wife

Well, this year too you managed not to forget your birthday, but, like many others, you don’t know what to write on the greeting card and you are looking for help, no. Well, you have come to the right place, because below you will find messages of soul, beautiful and original from many years for the wedding anniversary, written especially for your wife.

I love you and I will never tire of repeating this! Happy birthday, happy birthday!
My dear! Let your smile always adorn your face! Let your life be full of goodness and comfort! May you always have true friends! Let there be no pain and tears in your way!
Happy birthday! Be happy, gentle and desirable. Remain our joy and love!
“My love, happy birthday!” I wish you to be the same charming, gentle, adorable and wonderful wife!
“Happy birthday, darling!” May all your wishes and dreams come true on this day! Let the sun of luck light your way and warm your soul!
May spring always live in your heart! Happy Birthday!
My dear, my soul mate! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! I want to offer you joy and warmth every day, to smile as often as possible and to always be by your side!
Happy birthday! I promise to be with you always, to protect you, to appreciate you, to love you and to praise you!
“My love!” I want you to be the happiest, most wanted woman in the world. Health, success, fulfillment of desires. May every day be magical and fabulous!
💐I only want to wish you happiness, so that I can start each day with your happy smile, which illuminates our warm and comfortable home. Happy Birthday my love!
Happy birthday! May your divine smile always enlighten our lives, may your gentle hands embrace us with caress and care, and may your beautiful eyes never know what tears are!
Even so many years have passed, you are as beautiful, young and slender as a birch tree! I want to stay like this for many years!
Viata May life, my dear, rejoice in bright events and pamper you with happy encounters. Be, my dear, successful and happy!
I want to tell you, dear, that I am happy that you are in my destiny! Thank you for your love, for your affection, for your comfort in your home, for your understanding! Happy Birthday!
I want you to live without knowing the troubles and problems, so that you have time for everything! Let your eyes shine and your wishes come true!
“Happy birthday, darling!” Thank you for being the best wife, a loyal friend, a wonderful woman and a great mother. We wish you excellent health and happiness, so that all your wishes come true.
“My dear, my love!” A priceless wife and mother! I will never tire of thanking God for giving me such a wonderful woman who has become such a wonderful wife, a faithful friend, a good housewife, and a caring mother to my children! Happy Birthday to us!
“My dear wife!” Today is a special day, full of fun and joy! It can’t be otherwise, because we are celebrating our wedding anniversary! I want you to stay just as dazzling, incredibly gentle, sensitive and charming!
I can only compare my life with you with a walk on the sea. Life carries us along its waves, sometimes smooth and easy, sometimes sudden and dangerous, but our yacht is strong and reliable, and its team is friendly and is not afraid of any storm! Happy Birthday to us!
Each family has its own role. The woman has always been the protector. It preserves comfort, relationships, love, but also the foundations on which the family rests. Congratulations, my dear! I’m glad I have you, our family’s hearth is in good hands!
“I once met a girl who stole my heart.” I’ve never met anyone like her before. Time passed and she became my wife. And now I still feel like a teenager in love, but the most interesting thing is that I don’t want to get rid of this feeling. Today I wish you a happy birthday, my dear!
“Happy birthday, my dear wife!” Congratulations, my soul mate! On this happy and wonderful day, I wish you, my dear, health, femininity, brilliance and beauty!
The greatest achievement in my life is my unique and beloved wife! We have a lot of common interests and life situations experienced – they have brought us closer to each other. This spiritual closeness gives us insight and smooths the relationship between us, people on different planets – a mountain of moss on Mars and a woman on Venus, strong in her weakness. Happy Birthday dear!
MeaMy wonderful wife, you are the dearest person for me, and for your birthday I hope you feel like in the 9th heaven. Health, joy, beautiful gifts and everything you want are just a small part of what I hope you receive. I love you, my dear, happy birthday!
“I don’t think there’s a better day to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me.” Every day spent with you is like a fairy tale. I love you and I hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest, your health does not leave you and you do not forget how much you are loved. Happy Birthday my love!
Healthy abundance, full love, as much money as you want, peace and quiet with your loved ones. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
“My dear wife, happy birthday!” I wish you wisdom, true friends, and peace of mind. Appreciate every step you take and every moment you live. Best birthday, my dear! Happy Birthday!
MeaMy wife, never change and don’t forget I’m by your side whenever you need me. Today is a really special day and not just for me, but for all the people in your life. You are a very beautiful, smart, hardworking and unique woman. Happy birthday, my dear wife. I love you!
💐I wish you colorful days, to enjoy health, happiness and as many beautiful moments with your loved ones. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
“My dear, I don’t know if I thank you enough for everything you do, for all the joy you bring into your family’s life.” You are a wonderful and truly special woman, I do not know anyone more diligent, more generous, more loving and with a more beautiful soul than yours. For your birthday you deserve everything you want. Happy birthday, my wife!
“If I were to write down every happy moment we lived together on paper, I would write the longest book in the world, but which I would like you to read only, my love.” You are an extraordinary woman, the best mother, the most loving wife, the most diligent lover and the most invaluable person in my life. May life protect us and we enjoy each other for years to come. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
“Happy birthday, my dear wife.” Happy New Year. Drinks, full glasses, well-being, fine gifts, health and love. I love you!
Everything you ever dreamed of, everything you wanted today to come true. I only wish you beautiful things, my dear wife. Happy Birthday!
When I met you I became the happiest man on earth, but what I didn’t know then was that in years and years I would be even happier. I’m glad to meet you, my dear wife. I wish you the happiest and most beautiful family. Enlightened mind and soul, much joy and good cheer every day. Let your health radiate from you. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
I learned from you that nothing is impossible, that if you work for what you want you will receive, that if you offer kindness and patience this is what you will receive in return. For your birthday I want to thank you sincerely for everything you do. I love you darling. Good health and good cheer, happy birthday!
I don’t know where to start with wishes, my dear, but first of all I hope you have health and many days to enjoy, secondly I hope you have only joy in life, still all I want is to have fun and love as you always did. Don’t change, my dear wife, happy birthday!
Today I wish that all the joy you spread around him would return to you tenfold. Happy birthday, my wife. May this day bring you joy!
💐messages for many years for the wife
MeaMy love, I consider myself a lucky man because when I married you I knew that you are my soul mate and that nothing will separate us. You have brought me countless joys and for your birthday I hope you will be the happiest and feel the most loved woman. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!
“My dear wife, I wish you the happiest day.” May you enjoy everything, may God protect you and always have the warmth in your soul to offer to those in need. Happy birthday, my wife.
Every year I want to be the first to tell you my birthday, my love. I hope you enjoy every moment today. Everything you want to become a reality and life to protect you. Happy birthday, my beloved wife!

Funny birthday messages for the wife

Soon it’s your wife’s birthday and you don’t know how to wish her a happy birthday. Below we have gathered the funniest messages for many years for your wife that will amuse her and make her feel loved. In addition to the perfect birthday present, a message will be the icing on the cake.

“My dear wife, happy birthday.” My dear, I wish that neither the years nor the character would turn you into a babuta!
“Happy birthday, my beloved witch, my star, my queen.” I want you to be adored, excellent and beautiful, luxurious and romantic, amazing and sophisticated. I love you and I will always do everything to make you happy!
“My dear wife, congratulations on your birthday.” I want you to be a playful and active antelope, a strong and confident bear and an affectionate and gentle squirrel!
I would like you to always remain a charming host, like Cinderella and a gorgeous woman, so that any model on the cover of magazines can envy you. Happy Birthday!
“My star, I wish you a happy day.” I’ll try to be Apollo for you, James Bond or Don Quixote, whoever you want, my dear!
👑Know that you are the most wonderful and beautiful and without the kilograms of makeup and all kinds of clothes from Versace! Happy Birthday!
MeaMy dear, never think about age, for me you will always be 18 years old! Congratulations!
MeaMy dear, my love, my gold and an extraordinary person, I congratulate you on your birthday. I want you to always be the same: when a cold rain, when a bright sun, when a sad wind, when an angry hurricane, when a colorful rainbow, when a fluffy cloud. In any state and in any situation, I will always love you dearly!
“My only wonder in the world, congratulations on your birthday.” Wife, I wish you love serenades, successful hip-hop, an impeccable rock of passion, the anthem of luck and the song of my voice that will calm your soul!
My beloved, my dear, the light of my eyes and the joy of my soul, I wish you a happy birthday. May I always remain my strawberry jam, the papanas with raisins, the incomparable goddess of beauty, a woman of incredible imaginations and funny fantasies!
“My dear wife, happy birthday to you!” I want your appetizing shapes to remain the same, for your little eyes to always shine with happiness and joy, for you to always be the queen of my life and the faithful talisman of my luck. I kiss you and I love you dearly!
I wish you were always as beautiful to the point of madness, witch to the point of astonishment and happy to the point of exhaustion! Happy Birthday!
“Happy birthday, my dear wife.” Today is your birthday and you deserve everything you want. Good health, love and good cheer. May life protect you and always keep you safe, everything you want to become a reality. Happy Birthday my love!
“No matter how long it takes, you are just as beautiful, young and full of life, and today, on your birthday, I hope you enjoy it the most.” Stay healthy, loving and caring as before. Thank you for all the happiness and for the help you give me every day. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
“It’s an honor to be your husband, but for your birthday I’d like to be more.” I would like to be your knight, my princess, the king who rules the wool queen over their kingdom. Although we are not blue blood, our kingdom is the house we have and the love we have and we would not give that for anything in the world. Happy birthday, my dear wife.
“You are a real treasure to me.” Every day I live with you is a joy that I hold close to my chest. I am very happy that we are together and that life takes care of us. Happy birthday, my dear wife.
“You are the dearest wife and the most devoted mother.” We are very happy that you are in our lives and that you love us. Happy Birthday my dear!
👑My love, for your birthday I wish you all the best in the world. May every annoyance and displeasure disappear. I wish you health, to have a beautiful and happy family that will make you proud. I love you much my dear. Happy Birthday!
MeaMy love, for your birthday I want to remind you how special you are. You are unique, wonderful and special. No one can surpass your love and your diligence. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
I have the most loving wife, the most diligent and the smartest. Sometimes I look at you and I feel like you have them all. You are perfect for me, my love, and I hope you enjoy your birthday and receive everything you want. Happy birthday, my beloved wife!
Happy birthday! I don’t even know when time has passed over us, we probably had too much fun and didn’t notice how fast it passes. But what I know for sure is that today I will make you the happiest woman. For your birthday I wish you only beautiful things, health, love, warmth and peace. Happy birthday, my dear, to live happily ever after!
“So many years have passed, and each passing year brings us even closer to each other. Every year happiness gathers, and today I wish you the most sincere happy birthday! Power and health, only beautiful things in life. Keep warmth and love in your soul. Enjoy today as you wish. Happy Birthday!
On this wonderful day I hope you feel the most loved and the happiest woman on earth. I love you, my dear wife, may your life be easy and peaceful, and may your joys never cease. Happy Birthday!
OferToday I offer you a warmer kiss. I wish you health, good cheer and lots of love. I love you the most, happy birthday, my wife!
👑My dear, for your birthday I wish you wisdom, health, love and much happiness. You are truly the most housewife, the most beautiful and the most extraordinary woman and I am glad every day that you are my wife. May the sun warm your life, and the moon and the stars guide you. Happy birthday, my dear wife!