From Greek philosophers like Aristotle to great American presidents like Benjamin Franklin. And going through the writers, poets and leaders who changed the world as we know it, like Nelson Mandela, they all had something to say about the importance of education in our lives. That’s why I chose the best quotes about education to find inspiration to surpass yourself or to inspire your loved ones, as the case may be, to discover the world through knowledge and education.

Education transforms people’s future, and the beauty of knowledge inspires us to learn something new every day. Only through knowledge, creativity and curiosity do children become the adults of tomorrow, who will run companies or create artistic masterpieces. 

Last but not least, we have a wonderful series of quotes about children and education, in which you will find wonderful ideas of the creator of the Maria Montessori education system. You will definitely find some ideas to take in your child’s education or to remember and re-apply.

Last but not least, education without school and teachers is not possible. Despite the many online courses from which you can learn any subject you can imagine, education without teachers has not yet been invented and most likely will not be invented. Because the education process is closely linked to the teacher and his power to inspire students to love the subject and to discover it. That’s why you will find more beautiful quotes about teachers, school and education, which will remind you of the teachers who marked you during your school years.

Quotes about education

1. Education is our passport to the future, because tomorrow is for those who are preparing for it. – Malcolm X
2. Investing in knowledge always pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin
3. The education of the mind without the education of the heart is not education. – Aristotle
4. Education is the most powerful weapon by which we can change the world. – Nelson Mandela
5. Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create, and hearts to love.
6. All those who remember our training period remember the teachers, not the methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the education system. – Sideny Hook
7. Tell me and I’ll forget. Teach me and I will remember. Get involved and I’ll learn.
8. The expert in any subject in the world started as a beginner…
9. From the moment you learn to read, you are free. – Frederick Douglass
10. Kindness lessons are as important as math lessons…
11. Don’t teach your child to be rich. Teach him to be happy, to know the value, not the price of things.
12. Anyone who has stopped learning is old, whether they are 20 or 80 years old. Everyone who continues to learn stays young. One of the most wonderful things in life is keeping your mind young. – Henry Ford
13. Education is the key that will open your world, it is a passport to freedom. – Oprah Winfrey
14. Education never ends. You don’t read a book, you pass an exam and you’re done with education. The whole life is a process of education, from the moment you are born until you disappear. – Jiddu Krishnamurti
15. Don’t learn because you have to. Learn because this knowledge is power. Because no one can take what you know. Learn because you want to know more. Study because that’s how you grow.
16. It’s not about what you do for your children, it’s about what you taught them to do for themselves. This will make them successful. – Ann Landers
17. Children need freedom and time to play. Playing is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

18. There is no “just play”. Because this is how the child learns.
19. Play produces those free, active personalities who try and take on things we will need in the future.
20. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.
21. If you want to be strong in life, educate yourself. It’s such a simple equation.

Education through reading and books

Education is closely linked to the human knowledge gathered for millennia in books. Therefore, there is no educated person who does not like reading. Encourage children to read and always set a personal example. Here are some quotes about reading and books to motivate you in this regard.

22. Reading should not be presented to children as an obligation. It should be given as a gift. – Kate Dicamilio
23. Children become readers in the arms of their parents.
24. Today’s reader, tomorrow’s leader.
25. The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.
26. A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.
27. The strongest leadership tool is personal example. – John Wooden
28. The purpose of early education should be to activate the child’s natural interest in learning. – Maria Montessori
29. One of the tests of the correctness of education is whether the child is happy. – Maria Montessori
30. It never helps a child to do something he thinks he can do alone. – Maria Montessori
31. The care we give to children should not be governed by the desire to make them learn, but to help them to light in themselves the light called intelligence. – Maria Montessori
32. Education is not about learning data, but about helping the mind to practice thinking. – Albert Einstein
33. When you solve the problem of attracting and controlling the child’s attention, you solve the whole problem of education. – Maria Montessori
34. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. – Sydney Harris
35. The child, when he becomes confident, will no longer seek the approval of the figure who represents authority for every step. – Maria Montessori
36. The child is not an empty being who owes us everything he knows. No, the child is the builder of the adult. There is no man who has not been formed by the child who was at one time. – Maria Montessori

Quotes about education and school

School has always meant an ambivalent relationship for children around the world and regardless of the times. Without school we would never have been what we are today, we would not have made friends for a lifetime and we would not have discovered the beauty of knowledge. On the other hand, school meant not only valuable education, but also the restriction of play and free choice, which also means education, but at a more natural pace for everyone. That’s why the school has generated so many interesting thoughts and quotes that will make you think or have fun… Here are some of these quotes.

37. The school is a 4-walled building where our future lies. – Lon Watters
38. The road to freedom begins here and everywhere on Earth with school hours… – Hubert Humphrey
39. The most important day for our education is not graduation day, but the first day of school. – Harry Wong
40. You will know wonderful things! Today is just the first day of school on this extraordinary journey.
41. Let’s not forget: a book, a pencil, a child and a teacher can change the world. – Malala Yousafzai
42. First day of school
Always a fashion show The rest of the school year
A pajama party.
43. Teaching children about the world around them and about nature should be considered one of the most important things. – Thomas Berry

Quotes about children and education

The child is the sweetest thing, but also a very clever machine to learn and absorb new and new ideas and knowledge. How we channel the child’s natural curiosity, how we set some limits and how much we guide him in education and the discovery of the surrounding world have been topics of thought for great personalities of the sciences of education. From the thoughts of these personalities we also gleaned some valuable quotes about children and education.

44. The best thing we can do for our children is to believe in them.
45. Children are born with all the curiosity they need. And that will last a lifetime if you are fed up with new ideas every day.
46. ​​The role of the adult is to teach the child with love what the limits mean, otherwise life will teach him, but without love… – Paul Polk Lillard
47. Every time someone teaches a child something that he could discover that child alone he will not invent it himself and will not fully understand it. – Jean Piaget
48. Through play, children gain satisfaction and knowledge, following their own interests.
49. When we forbid children to play, we forbid them the right to understand the world. – Erika and Nicholas Christakis
50. Play gives children the opportunity to practice what they have learned. – Mr. Rogers
51. Sometimes the best way we can help our children is not to help them. – Kristen Welch

Quotes about education and children by Maria Montessori

Some of the clearest and most beautiful thoughts about early childhood education come from Maria Montessori, a very fashionable educator today. Her ideas about children and education are at the heart of the Maria Montessori education system, which is widespread today in kindergartens around the world. Let’s see what Maria Montessori had to say about preschool education and we hope you find ideas to guide your own education that you offer your children.

52. The child is a miraculous being and this must be the thought of the educator every day. – Maria Montessori
53. Let the children go free. Let them run outside when it rains. Let them take off their shoes when they find a puddle. – Maria Montessori
54. Play is the work of the little ones. – Maria Montessori
55. To let the child do only what he wants when he has not yet developed a center of control is to betray the idea of ​​freedom. – Maria Montessori
56. The first idea that a child must acquire is the difference between good and evil. – Maria Montessori
57. The first essential thing for the child’s development is the ability to concentrate. – Maria Montessori
58. When the child goes outside, the whole world is offered to him. Let’s take him outside to show him real things instead of representations of ideas and not keep them in rooms. – Maria Montessori
59. The greatest gifts you can give your child are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. – Maria Montessori
60. At the age of 3, the child has already laid the foundation of his personality. – Maria Montessori
61. Unleash the child’s natural potential and you will give it to the world. – Maria Montessori
62. We cannot create observers by telling children “observe!” But giving them the strength and opportunity to observe. And this can only be done by educating the senses. – Maria Montessori
63. Every child needs at least one adult who is absolutely crazy about it.
64. Childhood is not a race to see how fast a child can read, count or write. Childhood is a small window of time in which every child can learn and develop at his or her own pace.
65. Give children something to do, not something to learn. And that thing to do requires thinking. This is how learning results. – John Dewey
66. The attention and environment you give to your child will influence the development of the child’s brain for life.
67. When we deny children the right to be in nature, we deny them its beauty. – Richard Louv
68. My teacher thought I was smarter than I was. So I became smarter. – said by a six-year-old
child 69. Every child is at a distance from a caring and loving adult to become a success story.
70. Teachers who love to teach teach children to love teaching.
71. Students don’t care how much you know, until they see how much you care.
72. The best teachers are the ones who tell you where to look, not what to see.
73. Teachers not only teach, they inspire students!
74. The role of the teacher is to assist, to feed, to observe, to encourage, to guide, not to interfere, to prescribe, to restrict. – Maria Montessori
75. Being a teacher is the greatest act of optimism.
76. The best thing about being a teacher is that it really does matter. The hardest thing about being a teacher is that it counts every day… – Todd Whitaker
78. The secret of a good teacher is to treat the child’s intelligence as fertile ground where they can germinate seeds in the warmth of the imagination. – Maria Montessori
79. Education as an exercise in domination stimulates students’ credulity, pursuing the ideological intention (often not perceived by educators) to indoctrinate them to adapt to a world of oppression. – Paulo Freire
80. The best thing about education is that no one can take it away from you. – BB King
81. You will never be too dressed or polite. – Oscar Wilde
82. The ability to learn is a gift. The desire to learn is a choice. – Brian Herbert
83. Today’s reader, tomorrow’s leader. – Margaret Fuller
84. The main purpose of education is to create individuals capable of new things, not of repeating what other generations have done. – Jean Piaget
85. The more we let children take risks, the better they will learn to take care of themselves. – Roald Dahl
86. Children are naturally creative. It is our responsibility to give them the freedom, the materials and the space so that their creativity can flourish to the fullest.- Jean Vant Hul
87. Education does not mean filling a vessel, but starting a fire. – William Butler Yeats