It is so wonderful to celebrate Dragobetele every day. Confessions in feelings, compliments and surprises will help you make love stronger, turn it into a beautiful novel.

Here you will find a collection of new love statuses, love statuses for him or her, with deep meaning, about distant love, love indifference statuses, beautiful love statuses that embody your entire love affair.
If you are incredibly lucky and have a boyfriend or girlfriend – appreciate the relationship, pay attention to it, send nice messages and dedicate love status at first sight and happy love status.
And if you are looking for the half, you can describe your condition through sad love statuses.

Love statuses for my boyfriend / girlfriend

❤️ I have a weird feeling – I still don’t love him, but all thoughts are on him.
❤️ Take care of love. Take care of your whole soul. Call now, call and tell about your enormous love.
❤️ Look for love while it’s time. Look for time for the love you have already found.
❤️ Why is it so scary to ask
Take the first step
❤️ Those who suffer most often do so in silence.
❤️ I want everyone to meet the eyes in which they will see happiness.
❤️ Love transforms you more than a plastic surgeon – it rejuvenates you and changes you without a scalpel, with just the touch of your heart.
❤️ Love is a game. Whoever said “I love you” first lost.
❤️ I like your smell, I like to hear your voice, I like to watch your eyes, I like to feel you.
❤️ Love is when someone hugs you so tightly and at the same time delicately, as if they are afraid of losing you.
❤️ Love is not given to everyone. It is given only to the elect. Loving and falling in love are different things.
❤️ The best doctor for the soul is the word of the loved one.
❤️ I don’t need anything: flowers, presents, fiery phrases. I just want to hold your hand and feel your breath on my cheek.
❤️ Love is when you wake up early to make him a cup of coffee, and the coffee is ready and he smiles at you from the kitchen.
❤️ You can paint your eyelashes, lips, cheeks, but only the love of a man can “draw” the radiance from your eyes.
❤️ I would really like to tell you everything I feel, because every night when I fall asleep I think only of you.

Beautiful love statuses

Status has two purposes. The first is to let people know about you, and the second is to give you a lot of positive, fun things and the opportunity to share it with others. Thus, we suggest that you also declare love to me through the beautiful status of love for him or her, presented below.
❤️ Fight for your love, even when everything is against it. Fight, if you feel with all your heart that nothing is more important than this!
❤️ When I’m in love, I don’t see other faces, I don’t know the limits and I don’t care about anything, because I’m synonymous with happiness.
❤️ Man has two favorite toys: his destiny and the feelings of others.
❤️ I propose a game. The rules are simple: don’t call him, don’t write to him, don’t read his statuses, don’t wait for him. The prize of the game is the release of the past.
❤️ I want to come to your apartment in the middle of the night, sit on your bed and watch you sleep.
❤️ I don’t care about your “forgiveness” when everything is trampled on, burned, killed…
❤️ The information is wrong, the testimony is false. He wrote to me, “I will die without you!” But we both survived.
❤️ To love means not to compare.

The most beautiful Status of Love and Longing

Statuses are usually simple and easy sentences. Below you have a selection of the most popular, touching and the most beautiful status of love and longing, which perfectly describe the great feeling between two people.
❤️ There are people you never hugged, you didn’t hold their hand, but when you wake up in the morning, you always want to know what I’m doing.
❤️ Tears fall quietly on the pillow. I’m not your love, it’s just a toy.
❤️ Love is like a butterfly: if you press too hard – you crush it, if you leave it alone – it will fly on.
❤️ He is unique. And no one else will be like him.
❤️ Every time I meet you, my heart stops.
❤️ If a man loves a woman, he will turn the mountains upside down to see her smile every day.
❤️ They may be different, but they always remain yours.

Love statuses in English and Romanian

For some time now, the statuses that many of us use on social media and in communicating with virtual friends have become entrenched and ingrained in our lives. In this collection we have prepared the most atypical love statuses in English and Romanian, which you can post with confidence.
⭐ Kill me or love.
⭐ For the love of the game.
⭐ Give me my heart back!
⭐ The smell of your skin lingers on me now.
⭐ Always on my mind, always in my heart, always in my dreams, always, all the time!
⭐ Tomorrow I will wake up and realize that I love you more than yesterday!
⭐ On this sleepless night I understood one thing – I love you very much.
Be close. Today. Tomorrow. Always.
⭐ We have nothing in common with him and we do not have common photos on the wall. But we have the best relationship without it.
You are the only person I want to admire all my life.
⭐ There is so much tenderness and love in me, enough for the whole world. But I just need you.
⭐ -My dear, tell me, why in the bouquet all the roses are white and one is red
-Because they are all the same, and you are unique.
⭐ One day you will ask me what I love most: you or life
And I will answer that life. You will leave without knowing that my life is you.
When you’re sick without a man – it’s a good sign. And when you’re good without a man – it’s a bad sign!
It’s incredibly nice to fall in love with the same person over and over again. In his smile and the way he looks at you.
I want to be with you. I don’t need promises, I don’t expect the impossible. You will be with me and I will be with you.
⭐ Unconditional love is useful for poets’ books: it fills the pages and empties the soul.
⭐ – I love you! – You’re doing it well. – But you
-I love myself too.
⭐ Love is the motto of human life. Only those with a different life motto are unhappy.
⭐ We can fall asleep in different beds – the important thing is that we fall asleep thinking about each other.
I had an argument with my husband. I’m in the kitchen. I don’t want to see him. He comes in, puts three bottles of champagne on the table and says, “Let’s drink until we like each other.”
⭐ A man should divorce his mother before marrying a woman.
I like Dragoș. But I still love Victor. In general, Bogdan is my only one. David, I’ll call you tomorrow.
I want love, but love doesn’t want me.
Love can be compared to the sea: one likes the sensation of a storm with huge waves of feelings, and another prefers warm and smooth water, with a moonlit path on the horizon.
⭐ In a love triangle, a corner is always boring!
It’s easy to say goodbye and it’s painful to hear it.
⭐ I posted the status about love and now I’m waiting for love.
⭐ Love is easy to lose and hard to return.
⭐ Love gives us the strength to wake up, breathe, and smile constantly.
If you can express your love in words, it means that you love a little.
⭐ Smile, because someone can fall in love with your smile.
⭐ Love is somewhere close, look around.
⭐ The main enemy of love is neither lying nor betrayal. The main enemy of love is indifference!
True love is like a ghost: everyone talks about it, but almost no one has seen it.
⭐ Love cannot be bought, but it is paid dearly.
⭐ If you can’t win love, leave.

Short Statues of True Love

The statuses convey the mood, reflect your thoughts and opinions. This way of expressing yourself will help you meet new people who can appreciate your spirit and creativity. But most importantly, I can reveal your secret emotions to a long-loved person. Here are some short statuses of true love.
Sad people do not think about love, they already know about it.
⭐ Love is like a rare flower that grows on top of a mountain.
⭐ Men want to be the first love for women, and women want to be the last love for men.
They meet on facebook, communicate in messenger and love on instagram.
⭐ It is impossible to hide love where it is, and it is impossible to show it where it is not.
There is no better way to win someone’s love than to give your own.
⭐ It is very painful to be friends with the one you love…
⭐ The seconds without your loved ones last for hours, and the hours with your loved ones pass in a few seconds.
⭐ People in love are blind: they don’t see anyone around, they just see each other.
A new love will not heal the wounds of an old one, but only the pain.
You have to appreciate those who love you and not those who are happy without you.
We love those who do not love us, and then we forget those who forgot us!

Love statuses in English

English is a necessary condition and the main means of international communication. In recent years, virtual communication has become very common, especially on social networks. The love status in English below will be useful for all lovers and ardent fans of English.
Usually, status reflects a person’s mood, dreams, desires, feelings, and experiences, and what they are doing at the moment. Love status in English is a good source of inspiration and motivation.
🌎 We hate the ones we love because they can cause the deepest suffering.
🌎 Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.
🌎 Love begins with love.
🌎 Never compare your love story with those in the movies, because they are written by scriptwriters. Yours is written by God.
🌎 Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.
🌎 While I’m breathing – I love and believe.
🌎 Love is death.
🌎 The best love affairs are those we never had.
🌎 Love is blind.
🌎 You will be the death of me.
🌎 The love of my life.
🌎 You will trust me… As I trusted you then… And I will deceive you cruelly!
🌎 A man falls in love just as he falls downstairs. It is an accident.
🌎 Love is betrayal.
🌎 Kill me with spites, yet we must not be foes!
🌎 True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.
🌎 Always on my mind, always in my heart, always in my dreams, always, all the time!
🌎 Love is when you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams…
🌎 In the game of seduction, there is only one rule, never fall in love…
🌎 One day when the sky is falling, I’ll be standing right next to you.

Short love statuses

Even just a few beautiful virtual words allow you to sincerely share your feelings with the chosen half. Therefore, short love status, sad or funny, may be the best option to attract the attention of your loved one.
🍂 Better to be alone than with anyone!
It is better to be good friends than bad lovers.
We need to live for those who need us constantly, but not temporarily.
🍂 Falling in love with the soul without touching the body is a talent.
🍂 How to lose weight if your boyfriend brings you chocolate
🍂 Only my lips can close my mouth.
🍂 I want butterflies in my stomach and wind in my head!
I thought I would die without you, but no, I sit and eat.
🍂 Nothing fascinates women more than promises.
🍂 – He’s your friend
– No! It’s just mine.
Don’t look for the perfect girl. I am home.
🍂 When you let yourself be tamed, it also happens that you cry.
🍂 If you have a dream and a love – protect them.
🍂 The invitation to flirt is written with the eyes.
🍂 You can’t order the heart, but you can’t prove it to the brain.
I want to be the cause of your happiness.
I’m not jealous, I’m just guarding my happiness.
It’s hard to be friends when you want to kiss.
🍂 When faith dies, so does love.
Stay close, you’ll like it.
Love is a sacrifice for the loved one.
🍂 I ask the Lord so little – only you…
🍂 Love is a toothache in the heart.
🍂 If you lose your heart, then only in the proper embrace.
You don’t love anyone and everyone will like you.
🍂 Love is when you walk on the sand without leaving a trace, because you have wings.
It’s hard to love me, but it’s even harder to love you.
🍂 Sometimes you have to move more to get closer.
🍂 For love there is no “yesterday” and love does not think of tomorrow!
🍂 Men’s shirts are only suitable for happy girls.
🍂 We will be together despite the horoscope!

    🍂 The first sign of love in men is shyness.
    🍂 Let me close your heart and throw away the key!
    Mea My life is in your heartbeat.
    🍂 Sometimes this is the case: the body is in one city and the heart is in another.
    🍂 Love and madness cannot be contradicted.
    🍂 I’m not looking for my half, my mother gave birth to me whole!
    🍂 -How to find common language
    -Kiss me!
    I find you in every song.
    🍂 Love is not the best choice, but it is yours!
    🍂 You are like Coca-Cola: delicious, but better to avoid.
    Shut up! I want to know what your heart is talking about.
    Love is like lunch: a woman serves something cold first, then something warm. And a man is like a child: he wants to start with sweets immediately, after which he loses his appetite.
    Remember, there are millions of women in the world who are more beautiful, smarter, and more interesting than you, but it doesn’t matter if you touch his heart.
    One morning you will wake up and understand that she is dear to you. But when that day comes, she will wake up with the one who understood this earlier.
    🍂 Love is the punishment you take as a blessing.
    It’s not easy to love, but it’s worth it.
    🍂 Love is when your girlfriend laughs at your stupid jokes.
    Love is when every day is Valentine’s Day.
    🍂 The lips of the beloved are heavenly pleasures.
    You know the joke of life
    When you are ready to give a person everything he wants, and he needs all this, but from someone else.
    Better to love and lose than to love at all.
    🍂 -I told him that the door of my heart is locked. -And he
    -He went in the window.
    Love at first sight does not last long. Sometimes it lasts those feelings that are seemingly without emotions, which are born from discussing views on life, finding qualities that make you look at some things differently. And you have no idea how the feelings start to appear.
    Maybe we’re too proud to say, “I miss you.”
    🍂 Just call me. I will shine brighter than the sun, I promise!
    I’m looking for a prince to help me forget the king.
    🍂 Love is what makes the earth spin.
    Love means making important decisions together.
    Love is an enticing mixture of delight and pain.
    Don’t look for me, don’t call me, don’t send me messages, I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to hear you, because the doctor forbade me sweets.

    Status of love, sadness and suffering

    Separating from your loved one is always a difficult task. Goodbye, tears, pain – these are just a few words associated with separation, which you will find in these sad love statuses, about the suffering of long-distance love. Find the best separation method with minimal losses.
    No upset, I just drew conclusions.
    ⇒ If I had known it was the last time I saw you, I would have memorized your face, your gait, everything related to you. And if I only knew it was the last time I kissed you, I would never have stopped!
    When the heart breaks, it happens in silence. Inside, everything screams, but no one hears.
    Hysteria is when you yourself are amused by how bad you are.
    ⇒ It has probably happened to everyone that you think of a person every day, every day!
    It doesn’t matter – at night or in the morning, it’s always in your head. Memories of it, words, phrases, visualizations. Everything is in memory, because you can’t miss it. And even though everything seems to be going well, you miss this person so much!
    ⇒ No matter how many friends a man may have, he will still be alone if he has no one to love.
    ⇒ Do not waste your words on those who do not hear them, on a trifle that is not worthy of your attention, on those who are next to you and breathe evenly, on those whose heart does not hurt from your pain.
    ⇒ Everything is possible except “the two of us”.
    I have a new perfume. Feel it with your nose, if you can’t with your heart!
    ⇒ If you love a man and he is far away, know that he will always be by your side in your heart. But if the person you don’t care about is with you, then he or she will always be away.
    ⇒ He was everything to me, and I was just a new body to him.
    He pushed me into the abyss. And I suddenly caught wings and flew past him, not looking back.
    He said I would live in his heart forever, but I didn’t know he had a boarding house there.
    ⇒ “Forgive me for love.” How can you forgive that you have become the meaning of life for someone
    ⇒ And so we live: him in my heart, me in the list of virtual friends.

    Love statuses for him

    The relationship between a man and a woman is a kind of mystery. The status of love for him makes it possible to express the most diverse feelings that are inherent in a person. They offer the opportunity to understand the complexity of happy or unhappy relationships, but also all their parts, both positive and negative.
    👨 Only you can reassure me with one word and you can make me angry in a second.
    You may not be her first, nor her last, nor her only. She fell in love before falling in love again. But if he loves you now, what else do you need?
    She is not perfect, nor are you, and you will never be perfect together. But if it makes you laugh, if it gives you the opportunity to be HUMAN, to make mistakes, hold on to it and give it everything you can. He may not think of you every second of the day, but he can give you some of it because he knows you can break his heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze her, and don’t expect too much from her. Smile when it makes you happy, let it know when it makes you angry and miss it when it’s not around.
    👨 The psychology of love is simple: if a man runs after love and tries to catch it, love will run away from him, and if he turns his back on him, love will immediately reach his shoulder.
    Honey, you will not marry my principles! They don’t love you, they love me!
    I am so eager to write a status here that after reading it you will understand everything. But I still don’t know such words.
    👨 What butterflies
    ! People have organs inside, not insects.
    👨 What are you thinking about now
    You’re sure not me
    👨 How much does a person need to be happy
    Too much. Just another person!
    👨 Beautiful women either dream of them during the night or they do not give you peace to sleep.
    👨 True love is not only easy and pleasant, but always sincere. Accept it raw and jealous.
    You know, you are a kind of universe for me…
    👨 There is no status for our relationship!
    👨 To create a family, it is enough to love. And to save it – you have to learn to be patient and forgive.
    I look at her and think about what beautiful children we will have.
    A cool sneaker is looking for a nice bounty for a regular twix.

    Love statuses for her

    Every girl wants to be loved and therefore tries to prove to her boyfriend that she deserves to be held in her hands. These excellent love statuses for her, the selection of which is presented below, help to reveal the true essence of the relationship between two loving hearts.
    I will never compare you with anyone, because they do not compare those you love.
    Kiss me on the neck and you will drive me crazy.
    👩 One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is when you hug your loved one, and he hugs you in response even harder.
    👩 You put your hand on his hand and he squeezes your fingers. You put your head on his shoulder, and he hugs you and kisses you lightly. Honestly, I don’t need anything else in this world.
    👩 Love is not measured by gifts, words and statuses on social networks. The power of love is measured by how many times it has been saved by evil tongues, jealousies, and rumors.
    👩 The heart is like flowers – they cannot be opened by force, they must open by themselves.
    👩 I talked to him again until late at night. Leaves. Write: Thank you. I ask: Why
    He: Because you are the way you are. Here’s how not to love him
    You are as warm as the sun.
    👩 You have to be with me because that’s what I want!
    👩 Bring me a state of uncertainty, a gentle love, an attachment to eternity…
    👩 I will look into his eyes and see hearts in them.
    👩 And instead of a teddy bear, I will hug my boyfriend. I grow up.
    I remember the day I got sick of you. And the medicine like that and we never found it again…
    👩 Separation is the only thing we remember about paradise, and therefore paradise for us is hell.
    👩 Eye to eye. I smile happily.