Farewell messages have become popular and in high demand lately, in case he or she wants to end the relationship and cannot meet that person or does not have the courage to say it face to face. Thus, in such cases, you can call for parting messages.

Farewell messages that can be sent to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Painful parting messages for him and her.

If you are running out of ideas on how to express yourself or simply can’t find your words, in this article we provide you with some parting messages that suit your context. Whether you are looking for some extremely deep parting messages or friendly parting messages, in the following lines you will find the right ones.

Therefore, in order to fulfill the requests for parting messages , we have compiled a collection of this type of message, as follows:

Deep parting messages

The following breakup messages are deep and express the most intense feelings about the separation from the person with whom you had a love affair:

“I think I’m the one who lost”

  • “I think I’m the one who lost, because you found something better and newer, but the problem is, I’m still here, all alone, crying behind you.”
  • “I think I’m the one who lost, because I wasn’t with you when you needed it most, because I didn’t show you at the right time how much you meant to me.”
  • “You are an extraordinary girl, but I do not have feelings as deep as you have for me. I think I’m the one who lost, but I want to be honest with you and I want you to meet someone else who can give you everything I can’t. Sorry!”

“Breakup is a chance to wake up”

  • “Breakups aren’t always done to finally reconcile, sometimes they happen and to wake up, open your eyes and see that the relationship was going nowhere, neither for me nor for you, and it kept us going. place.”
  • “It hurts me to see how you don’t care about me, about us. I tried to do everything I could, but I got to a point where I felt like everything was in vain. I feel helpless in the face of your indifference. Separation is a chance to wake up to reality, and I, although I suffer, have clarified about you. “
  • “When you break up with someone, it means that you have opened your eyes and embraced reality. I have loved you blindly for a long time, but everything that has happened lately has made me realize that you are not the right person for me. “

“A second chance”

  • “Sometimes giving someone a second chance at life is like giving them a second bullet because they failed the first time. So, let’s not make the same mistake and stay in the same stage. It’s better for both of us, it’s time to admit we’re not for each other. “
  • “You don’t deserve a second chance, because you made fun of my feelings. You don’t know what it means to love and respect someone, you’ve been playing all this time, and now I want to heal you and find my happiness with someone who doesn’t pretend. “
  • “I would ask for a second chance, but I am sure you will not give it to me. I respect your decision to break up, maybe that’s the best thing for both of us. “

“Better or bitter”

  • “Getting over it is not about talking, deleting the phone number, ignoring the person, avoiding and forgetting. Going over refers to the fact that you have accepted that he / she is not for you and you are not for him / her. You don’t have to be full of bitterness when you can be better than you used to be. Let’s remain friends and accept that we will never be more than that. “
  • “When you have a choice between being better or more bitter, you must always choose to be better. Our relationship has brought me a lot of bitterness lately, and I’m tired of so much suffering, I want to be well, to find peace of mind so I can love someone else again. “
  • “Instead of being better, you have become more bitter and, no matter how hard we try to fix the problems between us, you do not see a way to success, you do not want to fight for us. You made me suffer a lot and I can’t continue like this with you. I hope that one day you will realize how special our relationship was, but today it is better for both of us to put an end to it. “

“I can’t love a girl the same way”

  • “If a boy cries for a girl, it doesn’t mean he’s a sucker, if a boy doesn’t get over a girl, it doesn’t mean he’s stubborn, if the boy gets sad because of that girl, it doesn’t mean he’s lost, if a boy always dreams to that girl, it doesn’t mean he’s addicted, if the boy becomes obsessed with the girl, it doesn’t mean he can’t be with another girl, if a boy is madly in love, it doesn’t mean he lost his mind… but it means he loves that one the girl so much that she can’t love another girl in the same way. I’m sorry, you’re not that girl. “
    • “There were wonderful moments between us, but also quarrels that tore our souls. I can’t love a girl the same way I loved you, but I want to see my life and, even if you’re no longer in my life, I hope you find your happiness and fulfillment with someone who will love you. value more than I did. ”
    • “I’m sorry, I can’t love a girl in the same deep way that I loved my ex. I tried to dedicate myself to the relationship between us, but I can’t command my heart, I’m not healed. I can’t forget her and I don’t want to lie to you. You deserve someone who can be totally involved, and I’m not that person. “

    “When you’re not happy anymore”

    • “Staying in a relationship when you’re no longer happy is like fooling yourself. Letting go of someone you still love can be very painful, but the time will come when you will realize that it was the best decision you could have made at that moment. So, ask yourself, we’re still happy
      . Think about it. “
    • “When you are no longer happy, you find no joy in anything with the person you are with. There is no point in living in suffering, we only have one life, why not enjoy it
      ? I can’t give it to you. “

    “I will be waiting”

    • “I will wait for the day when I will not be able to forget you or I will wait for the day when you will realize for yourself that you cannot forget me. I’ll be here waiting ”
    • “I will wait for you to clear your thoughts and feelings, to realize how hard it is to find a person who will love you with all your heart, as I love you.”
    • “I will wait for you as long as my heart trembles when I hear your name. Take the time you need to achieve what you want, and if I’m going to be the person you want to be in your life, you know where to find me. “

    Friendly parting messages

    It also happens that we meet nice, nice people, whom we like, but with whom nothing romantic is related, although in the first phase we had an openness. In these situations, it is good to use friendly parting messages, instead of disappearing completely, to show common sense and not bad growth. With the help of friendly parting messages you can convey your good intentions, you can express your regret that a love affair cannot be forged, even though that person has a lot of qualities.

    Although it is preferable to have a face-to-face discussion, especially in the case of relationships that have lasted a long time, in those recently formed and that did not last long we can call for parting messages to send, and if we feel that we can remain friends with those people, through friendly parting messages we can communicate this to them. Thus, although I could not feel love, a friendship can be made. Here are some examples of friendly parting messages:

    • “I was glad to meet you, you are a good person, but I’m sorry to say, I don’t feel any real connection between us. It is better to remain friends now than to create illusions and to suffer later. “
    • “I want to tell you that it was a pleasure to meet you, to see you and to talk to you. I would like to talk more, but unfortunately only friendly, if it’s okay for you too. I’m sorry, I can’t do more, even though you’re a wonderful person. “
    • “I do not feel compatibility between us, for me the relationship does not work and I do not want to create illusions. I’m sorry, I can’t offer you anything but my friendship. “
    • “We had a great time together and I don’t want to lie to you, I feel that there can be no more than friendship between us. Let’s stay friends and seek our happiness with someone else. “
    • “The moments spent together were beautiful, I thought there could be more between us but I was wrong. I can’t love you, but I can offer you my sincere friendship. “
    • “I wish things were different between the two of us, but it takes a lot more involvement to love someone. I can’t get involved enough, I regret it, but I can’t change and I don’t want to fool you. We better stay friends. ”
    • “We have very different personalities. I tried to give the relationship a chance, but from my point of view, it leads nowhere. We remain friends, if you want, you can’t do anything else. “

    These friendly parting messages are a solution that you can use when you are not inspired to express your thoughts. resentments. With these parting messages you can express your desire to remain friends with an interesting person, but with whom you do not resonate from a romantic point of view. When you’ve been to one or just a few dates and haven’t felt the potential for more than friendship, through friendly parting messages you can stay in an ok stage.