Choosing a gift for your girlfriend on her birthday will help your intuition, but also the ideas below.
In the proposed list you will find tips and recommendations, examples of gifts categorized by age and preferences, but also original gifts for more creative people.

  1. Digital frame – this shows images from a connected USB flash drive;
  2. 3D Puzzle – for lovers of puzzles that focus on developing intelligence;
  3. Pajamas made of natural materials with a beautiful print;
  4. Elegant accessories: warm gloves, scarf, hat, leather belt, handbag;
  5. Cryogenic roses – these symbolize the inaccessibility and immaculate beauty of the homage;
  6. Elegant umbrella in rainbow colors or in transparent colors, with a print of the city or a 3D umbrella;
  7. Hairdressers, such as: hair dryer, hair straightener, curler;
  8. Unusually packaged tea or personalized coffee with a box of candy;
  9. Live plants in an interesting pot, handmade;
  10. Wireless headphones;
  11. Computer accessories – keyboard, mouse, etc .;
  12. Lunchbox with original design, such as hamburger or ice cream;
  13. Stylish jewelry: earrings, rings, necklaces or pendants;
  14. Portrait in pencil;
  15. album photo;
  16. Manicure and pedicure kit;
  17. Aromatherapy set, which may include lamps, essential oils, perfumes, candles, etc .;
  18. High quality yoga mat;
  19. Organizer for jewelry storage;
  20. Electronic book;
  21. Pendant with your friend’s initials, which symbolizes your strong friendship;
  22. Certificate for the purchase of clothes, shoes, accessories or cosmetics in the girl’s favorite store;
  23. Custom bathrobe and slippers;
  24. Necessary things for the car: car vacuum cleaner, trunk organizer, navigator, etc .;
  25. Scratch-map of the world, which allows the removal of the protective layer from the countries already visited;
  26. Predictive biscuits;
  27. Florarium – is a mini-garden in a glass container;
  28. Robot vacuum cleaner;
  29. Vouchers for facial massage or other facial cosmetic procedures;
  30. Certificate for recording a song in the studio, if the homage is passionate about music and dreams of something like that;
  31. Festive decoration of the girl’s room on the occasion of the birthday: balloons, photos, flags, etc .;
  32. Annual subscription to your favorite magazine;
  33. Voucher for massage session or SPA.

Original gifts for 12-15 year old girlfriend

When thinking about your 12-15 year old girlfriend’s birthday present, it’s important to remember that at this age, girls are getting ready to move into a new stage of life – adolescence, and the usual things for children are no longer fit.
In addition, if your girlfriend is so young, it can be concluded that you are probably just as young.
At this age, children usually depend financially on their parents, so they are very limited in financial resources.
The best option would be the gift made with your own hands, for example :

  1. Handmade soap. If you think that such a gift would be a great idea for your girlfriend, you should start looking for the necessary ingredients to make it. The composition of the product usually includes a soap base (can be replaced with regular baby soap), base oil (any vegetable oil – sunflower, olive oil, etc.), essential oils with a certain aroma (here you must focus on personal preferences and tastes of the friend in terms of smells), dyes, additives (for example, to improve the condition of the skin add glycerin, honey, clay, etc.), alcohol, water. You can find on the internet the algorithm with all the components and their quantity, so that you can get the desired result;
  2. Beautiful photo frame. To make this decorative element, you will need any available materials, for example shells, glitter, ribbons, beads, sequins, etc. The frame itself can be purchased from the souvenir shop and preferably a very simple one. After that, it will be necessary to fix all the materials found on this frame and place a common photo;
  3. Original agenda. If you want to offer something interesting and handmade to your 12-15 year old friend and at the same time know how to draw well, consider this gift – a personalized diary, the cover of which will be decorated by you. Even if you do not have such skills as painting, but the idea of ​​this gift has entered your soul, you can contact the printing house, where professional designers will develop the concept of the product and bring it to life. Also, you need to think not only about the first page of the agenda, but also about its internal content – what sections it will include, what color range will persist, etc.

Gifts for your best friend aged 16-19

If you are still thinking about what to offer your girlfriend on her birthday, you should keep in mind that at the age of 16-19 girls can already be called adults and trained people.
She is unlikely to be happy with toys or office supplies, and she already buys clothes and cosmetics on her own.
At the same time, young women are showing an increased interest in modern and high-tech technology. Therefore, the right gifts can be:

  1. Beautiful mobile phone case – it’s an excellent decision, considering that young people love everything related to gadgets. Today, manufacturers offer a wide variety of smartphone case designs. They can be made of various materials – plastic, silicone, wood (which, incidentally, is now very popular), etc. In addition, the appearance and style of the product also depends on your preferences, but also on the homage: it can simply be printed an abstract landscape, or a funny image with an inscription, or a friend’s photo, her initials and much more – all what comes to mind;
  2. USB flash with engraving . If you can’t decide on a birthday present for your girlfriend, remember that the most valuable thing in our life is memories and information. Both can be saved on a special flash drive. At the same time, the original appearance of the device will make the use process more enjoyable and also will not allow you to confuse it with someone else’s flash drive.
  3. External battery for charging gadgets . The gift according to the age of 16-19 must correspond to the image and rhythm of your friend’s life. No matter how much she prefers to spend her days, she, like all young people of this age, is certainly always in a hurry and running somewhere. At such a rate, it is not always possible to find time to charge your mobile phone or tablet, and this is where the external battery comes in handy.

Gift Ideas for Girlfriend at 20-24

You have to keep in mind that 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 year olds pay close attention to their appearance.
In addition, at this point, most girls are starting to build a career and lead a very active lifestyle.
Given these features, the following gifts will be appropriate:

  1. Professional photo shoot with a famous photographer . Every girl dreams of such a gift, because it increases self-confidence and disinhibits you in front of the cameras. In addition, the memory of this interesting experiment will remain for the rest of his life – in the form of beautiful pictures;
  2. Thermos mug with original design . Students or prospective businesswomen often suffer from a lack of time to have a regular snack and a cup of coffee. This gift will not only save her time, but will also show your concern for the health of the honored woman. Regarding the look of the mug, you can choose almost any image, even the common photo;
  3. Alarm clock . Lack of time and sleep, which is so characteristic of young people, will help you answer the question “what to give your girlfriend as a gift
    .” Moreover, it is not an ordinary alarm clock, but choose that model that has special wheels and moves when it rings. Thus, in order to stop the alarm, the owner will have to “catch” the culprit of the noise.

Beautiful gifts for my girlfriend at 25-29 years old

Sometimes, the reflections on the topic of gifts will give you big headaches. To avoid such problems, you must remember that at this age a woman has most likely already achieved success in her career and can afford a lot.
Therefore, your main task is not to give her an expensive gift, but to take into account the pleasant emotions of the holiday. This can be done with the help of such gifts as:

  1. Ticket to the concert of the favorite singer or to the premiere of a movie at the cinema . Ideally, give the girl two tickets. In this case, she will be able to go to the event with someone else or with you, if you are in a very close relationship;
  2. Book about feng shui . If you are looking for a cheap gift for your girlfriend’s birthday party and at the same time you know that her passion is the harmonious improvement of the home, such a gift will be a savior. This book will help her to arrange the objects in space in such a way that her life will be filled with well-being;
  3. Subscription to the gym or pool . Despite all the advantages of such a gift, it is important to be sure that this will not be taken as an insult by the homage. An ideal reason would be if the girl herself has been involved in sports for a long time – then the gift will be absolutely appropriate and logical;
  4. Voucher at a perfume shop.

Original gifts for a friend aged 30-35

After 30 years, a woman’s life usually becomes less active. At this point, she continues to raise children, maintain an idyll in the family, get involved in creativity, build a career and communicate with her friends.
Obviously, among all these activities, the homage simply does not have time to take care of herself and her health. Your mission is to correct these shortcomings, and the following gifts can help:

  1. Warm blanket with sleeves . The uniqueness of such a product lies in the presence of special sleeves, which keep your hands warm even during an activity – when reading a book or eating. The original print will help you give the gift an even more interesting look (for example, you can print your shared photo);
  2. Fitness bracelet . It is a universal gift that allows you to monitor physical activity: monitor your heart rate, measure the number of steps, count calories, etc. Such a bracelet will definitely help you in building a beautiful body;
  3. Orthopedic leg . Sleep is the key to health, well-being and beauty. In many cases, the absence or poor quality of sleep is a consequence of inadequate external conditions, including the use of an inappropriate pillow. An orthopedic pillow helps reduce pain in the neck, back and joints, ensures a correct position and aligns the spine. As a result, the next morning the person will feel rested and full of strength.

Symbolic gifts for your 36-40 year old girlfriend

After 35 years, the representatives of the most beautiful half of humanity are at an unusual crossroads: behind them are many happy moments from their youth, without worries, and in front of them there are still many interesting moments.
Now begins the period when the woman lives for her own pleasure, dedicating time to health, interests and loved ones. Here are some examples of age-appropriate gifts:

  1. The book of the favorite writer of the homage, in an exclusive edition . If you know the passions of the homage from a literary point of view, use this information in choosing the gift. Unusual publications may provoke a special delight in the woman, especially if it also contains the writer’s autograph;
  2. Humidifier or air ionizer . Such a gift will be welcome if the woman lives in the city. The humidifier eliminates the consequences of the heating system in the apartments, namely the drying of the air. The ionizer, in turn, will reduce the negative impact of radiation from household appliances;
  3. Greeting card . We advise you to pay attention to this idea. To create a video, you can involve everyone closest to you – children, spouse, parents, other friends, and relatives who will say goodbye. Such a film full of warmth will remain with the heroine of the day for the rest of her life, being able to review it whenever she wants to feel the love of her loved ones.

Original gifts for the creative girlfriend

If your girlfriend is a creative person, then you will need a special ingenuity, because in this case you will have to think not only about the gift, but also about the way you will present it.
We advise you to pay attention to these options:

  1. Tickets to a photo exhibition or art gallery. This gift is suitable for all age groups, because the knowledge of artistic masterpieces can give a boost to intellectual development. In these works, the homage will be able to find the deep, seemingly uncomplicated meaning, but also to find inspiration for her own creativity;
  2. Certificate of participation in a master class : wood carving, ceramics, soap, knitting, Chinese painting, etc. Choose one direction or another, starting from the interests of your friend. If the financial sources allow it, then you can give him a full course where he will be able to develop all the necessary skills in a certain field;
  3. Certificate for henna tattoo . If you know that her friend has long dreamed of decorating her body with a symbolic image, her birthday is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill her wish. You need to find an experienced craftsman who will make your tattoo quality and as comfortable as possible for the client.

Gift-impressions for your best friend

If you decide to give your best friend something unusual and memorable, you need to consider the ideas related to the adventures.
This gift category includes:

  • Everyone will be excited to take a horse ride . The opportunity to admire these intelligent animals, but also to ride will become the perfect gift for her friend on her birthday. And if you decide to go with your friend, this walk will be remembered as the best fun for two;
  • Paragliding . Such a gift is suitable for foolish people who love the extreme. During the flight, the girl will be able to detach herself from any thoughts and get an indescribable pleasure, combined with a lot of adrenaline.

Tips on how to choose the most original and suitable gift for your girlfriend

  • Preventively look for the gift, so that you have time to find the most suitable one;
  • Consider all of your girlfriend’s preferences: hobbies, interests, lifestyle, temperament, age, health, etc .;
  • Talk to other people close to the girl – maybe they will suggest a gift or you will join forces and give her a more expensive gift;
  • Pay attention to the girl’s reaction to various things she sees in advertisements or in shop windows – after her emotions you can understand the attitude towards certain things;
  • When you come to the homage, pay close attention to her house – you will probably see the cream half empty or a broken cup – details that can later be a reference when choosing the gift;
  • Regardless of the gift you choose, don’t forget to wrap it nicely.

What gifts should be avoided on your girlfriend’s birthday

Even if your girlfriend is one of the closest people to you, it’s important to understand that not all gifts can please her.
Ignore such gifts:

  • Money – this demonstrates your unwillingness to spend time looking for a gift;
  • Things that can be perceived as an indication of defects, for example: diet book, weight loss training tickets, etc .;
  • Items that you can find in your home without a birthday: crockery, towels, shower gel, etc .;
  • Medical devices and other diseases;
  • Cheap souvenirs and sweets;
  • Basic clothing, such as stockings;
  • Household appliances and everything needed for cleaning – the gift should be for the homage, but not for the rest of the household;
  • What has been given to you before – first, the truth will come out sooner or later, and it will offend your girlfriend, second, if things were useless to you, then most likely your girlfriend they will be of no use to him.

You are a close person to your girlfriend, so choosing a gift should not be difficult.
Try to put yourself in the place of the homage, with her character traits, hobbies and tastes and think of what will make you feel happy – then the idea of ​​a perfect gift will come to mind.