The fact that you cry in a dream is far from always a sign of negative events. Sometimes it’s just an emotional discharge or a harbinger that something good is waiting for you in life. Interpreters have different ideas about what it means to dream that you are crying out loud.

Details about the dream

If you dreamed of crying and waking up crying with a pillow full of tears – you may have been in a bad mood before you fell asleep.
Of course, negative emotions and sadness in the heart will make you look in the dream books, finding out, according to the interpreters, what it means that you cry very hard and have tears in your dream. We advise you to remember, without getting out of bed, the details of sleep.
Who made you cry
There was a reason for that After
, you experienced a relief, you felt better
Or the tears only made the situation worse
emotional stress. Pay attention to the body signal: it may, in reality, suppress the urge to cry or complain
Maybe you try to look stronger and struggle too much
. Allow yourself to become weaker and live your experiences.
The interpretation of dreams about tears depends a lot on who cries in the space of your night vision. If the man dreams that a beautiful girl is crying next to him, then new and interesting knowledge awaits him, which can change his life for the better.
When your mother cries, think about changing your attitudes toward life, your lifestyle. Maybe you went the wrong way and you lost your purpose.
If you dream that someone is crying in a wedding outfit – expect problems on your personal front.
In a dream, noticing that your parents are crying means one thing – you have to overcome obstacles, because your luck has fallen, and this is largely your fault. The mother, dreaming in tears, may indicate that her family is expecting illnesses in the future, which will bring a lot of anxiety.
It is worth taking care of your health, without expecting misfortunes. If tears run down your sister’s cheeks, you may be drawn into a conflict you don’t need at all. He shows firmness and does not get into unnecessary disputes.
Good news brings you, instead, the dream in which your boss cries. Possibly you will soon be seated in his chair.

What does it mean to dream of mourning someone’s death?

When you dream that you are crying that someone has died, it means that in this way you get rid of negative emotions, thoughts, some life problems. If you want to know what it means to dream that someone is crying and this person is actually dead, daydreaming should make you more careful.
Most likely, conflicts, problems, aggression from other people are waiting for you. The weeping dead left you.
In this way it offers you a chance for a successful life and peace of mind.
Finding out what it means when you dream that you are crying over someone’s death, and the person is actually alive, don’t be discouraged, that doesn’t mean that death is really waiting for them.
Instead, serious problems can be associated with this dream. You will have to look for compromises. Moreover, if you dream that you are crying out of love for the deceased loved one, say goodbye to her.

What it means when you dream of a crying baby

You may also need to interpret what it means when you dream of someone crying as a child. If you hear a child crying in your sleep, then good news awaits you.
A pleasant surprise can come from afar. When you clearly see a baby crying, unfortunately, in life, you must experience disappointments that may be associated with important areas of your life.
Hearing only the cry of the child, this, on the contrary, indicates that good news awaits you, that something fantastic will happen to you and you will find out about it soon.

The astromeridian dream book

According to this book about what it means when you dream that you cry, the circumstances in which you cry, who cries in the picture and how much you cry matter a lot.
For example, if in a dream you saw an ex-girlfriend crying – that means the possibility of reconciliation in reality, at least only for a later friendship. The woman who is very good at crying in a dream – according to the book, can expect a quick marriage.
It is not a good sign if you are crying and worrying about someone who is far away from you. You may have problems and should be warned.
Looking for what it means when you dream that your hair is falling out and you are crying, you will find out that dreams foretell misfortune. The image of your teeth falling out and crying has the same meaning.
Instead, expect good news when you meditate on what it means to dream that you are pregnant and cry. A good symbolism carries the dream that you cry and quarrel.

Miller’s Dream Book

Meditating on what it means when you dream that you are crying in your sleep, Miller thinks that trouble is really waiting for you. Dreaming that the people around you are crying means that they will support you in your misery.
For Miller, tears in a dream are a warning that cannot be ignored. You may be foretold by an argument. Being a business person, crying in a dream is most likely an opportunity to deal with worries and problems in business.
But if someone cries next to you and caresses them – expect an early reconciliation with important people. Someone will forgive you if you offended him before.

Freud’s dream

book The interpretations in this dream book are very unexpected, especially for women of childbearing age. If you see that you are crying, it means that you want to become a mother, you are expecting a lot of children and you have the most favorable period for conception.
If the man sees tears in a dream, then he is still a revealer, a man who is not ready for serious relationships, is only interested in intimate relationships, one night, and a large number of conquered ladies.

Baba Vanga’s dream book

Dreaming in a dream is a good sign. Moreover, the louder you cry, the better news or a pleasant event awaits you.
If only a few tears fell out of your eyes, expect a call with good news or a kind word for your work. Tears will run down your cheeks
. You will surely have a reason to have fun soon and everything will be fine. If you have experienced a lot of tears, you can expect a wedding – yours or someone’s close. Here you will have a lot of fun.

Loff’s dream book

Loff suggests focusing on exactly why you decided to cry in a dream. This reason gives you the opportunity to think about the effect of sleep on reality.
It is a reflection of real life experiences. This way, you can find out what your subconscious mind is telling you.

Zhou-guan’s Chinese Dream Book

If you cry out loud – expect unexpected joy. Crying while sleeping is explained as a great misfortune in life, which will happen to people close to you. If you share your tears with other people, expect congratulations, gifts, a big celebration.