Sex during pregnancy is an important part of family life. During this period, the woman experiences many internal changes – from physical to emotional.

The most important thing your partner can offer your pregnant woman is support and love. During these nine months, future parents will not only have to understand that their family will soon grow up, but also that the passion that united them will have to be maintained.
Pregnant sex with the man you love helps maintain a favorable hormonal background in the woman’s body and family harmony in the couple.
In this article, we will examine in more detail what happens to sex in the first weeks of pregnancy, with the attraction between women and men during this period, in what positions sex is indicated during pregnancy without risking the health of mother and baby and what doctors think. on this subject.
Expectant mothers and fathers should not deny themselves the pleasure of making love. Knowing the “secrets” of sex during pregnancy will not only alleviate your potential risks, but will also bring something new, bright, sensual to your relationship.
Therefore, find out from this article to know everything about sex during pregnancy.

I can have sex during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in every family’s life. But while you are expecting a baby, your intimate life is undergoing major changes. Remember: pregnancy is not a disease, and in most cases, sex during pregnancy is not contraindicated.
It has long been believed that the main purpose of a woman is to give birth and raise a child, and sex should only be done to continue the birth (Orthodox belief). Consequently, the pregnant woman should not be interested in men, and they should be interested in them.
Many modern couples have a different view of this hypothesis, believing that you are allowed to have sex during pregnancy, and continue to have intimate relationships during the nine months. And I’m definitely doing well.
So, if you want sex and have no medical contraindications, then you can lead an active sex life.

Sex and pregnancy: what doctors say

During pregnancy, many couples are afraid to make love so as not to cause contractions and premature birth. Modern medicine considers this to be a mistake: during sex, the uterus and placenta do not experience more vibration than normal gait, and the birth process does not begin until both organisms – both mother and baby – are ready for it.
In general, the position of doctors is as follows: sex is allowed during pregnancy, provided that the pregnancy is performed without complications.
It is believed that sex in the first trimester, during the days of menstruation (corresponding to the cycle before pregnancy) may increase the risk of miscarriage.
However, doctors and statisticians say the opposite: most cases of miscarriage occur due to birth defects, when the mother’s wise body decides on the viability of the fetus.
About until you can have sex during pregnancy is also not an exact day. Everything is based on information about pregnancy complications.

How often can I have sex during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time when it is important to seek spiritual intimacy and not give up physical relationships. Feel free to tell your husband and doctor about your feelings and enjoy a full life, taking all possible precautions.

Regarding how often sex is allowed during pregnancy, focus on your feelings again. You can make love whenever you want.

Often the number of sexes during pregnancy decreases slightly – hormonal changes affect this moment, but paradoxically, interest in sex can increase. For many women, pregnancy brings relationships with a loved one to a new level. They get closer, and sex promises strong sensations.
In the first trimester, up to 12 weeks, pregnant women usually do not really want privacy, because the body is subject to restructuring, hormonal changes and sometimes worsens the condition, causing toxicosis and pain.
From the second trimester onwards, the future mother’s well-being improves and her mood increases. During this period, it is possible to dedicate yourself to pleasures at least every day, if there are no contraindications.

Sex by trimester

Whether or not to have sex during pregnancy is the individual choice of each couple. Doctors’ recommendations and warnings cover only a few nuances that vary from quarter to quarter.

First Trimester

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12

Second Quarter

Week 13
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
Week 17
Week 18
Week 19
Week 20
Week 21
Week 22
Week 23
Week 24
Week 25
Week 26
Week 27
Week 28

Third trimester

Week 29
Week 30
Week 31
Week 32
Week 33 Week 33
Week 34
Week 35
Week 36
Week 37
Week 38
Week 39
Week 40
Week 41
Week 42
About these, but also how a certain trimester affects your lower sexual preferences.

First trimester

So it is good to have sex in the first trimester of pregnancy
It would seem that in the first trimester there should be no barriers to intimacy: the baby is like a bean and the belly is still completely invisible.
However, this period is often accompanied by painful sensations: increased drowsiness, a constant feeling of fatigue and in some pregnant women – discomfort in the form of toxicosis, often even nausea. And all this brings about mood swings.
It is quite natural that in such conditions, the woman’s attraction is reduced to almost zero. If you have experienced the negative symptoms – enjoy life, but first – consult a gynecologist who will guide your pregnancy. There are a number of factors that are not obvious, but should be treated with caution.


Sexual desires manifest, then fade. The reason for this is the well-being of the future mother.
Vomiting, drowsiness, nausea – these are the constant companions of the first trimester. At this point, the taste and olfactory feelings are aggravated, moods change almost instantly, the woman becomes extremely emotional.
He may find it unpleasant to have sex because of the increased sensitivity of the mammary glands and frequent chest pain.


He is frightened by his wife’s behavior, he does not know what to expect next time. At this stage, the couple is often followed by scandals and quarrels.
At the psychological level, the main thing is to be able to find a common language and learn to understand each other.


Sex in the first trimester of pregnancy is irregular, it requires an increased attention of the man on the feelings of his wife. Physical proximity is completely safe in the absence of contraindications.

The second trimester

The second trimester is perhaps the most favorable time in the life of a future mother, because her health returns to normal: morning sickness recedes, shapes are rounded, healthy skin shines and hair becomes thick.
Under the influence of estrogen hormones, emotions become stronger: the woman wants more affection and love, shows tenderness and desire for her boyfriend. During this period, the volume of blood in the body increases significantly – to provide all the necessary substances to both the expectant mother and the growing child.
Due to the increased circulation, the tactile sensitivity is increased: hugs, massage and touching erogenous zones cause vivid and very pleasant sensations.
The belly is already starting to appear, but it is not too big yet, which favors sex during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester for various positions.


Her well-being has improved significantly, she feels every movement of the fetus, and this is a little invigorating, soothing. Against the background of emotional stability, hormone bursts decrease.

The partner

got used to the role of the future father. The husband is in a happy and serene state. He is very sensitive, gentle and receptive to his wife.
The second trimester is often called the “golden age” of intimacy, because then the couple learns the best aspects of sex during pregnancy.


Husbands should not be shy about fulfilling their sexual desires – during normal pregnancy, physical intimacy is not contraindicated. Finally you can relax completely and just think about the pleasure.

Third trimester

Birth is a natural but often unpredictable process that can cause a lot of experiences for the expectant mother, including sex in the third trimester of pregnancy. Wearing the belly gets heavier every day, the growing uterus puts pressure on the intestines and bladder.
The woman may also worry about gaining weight, she feels clumsy and ugly, which also does not help to increase libido.
The man’s task at this time is to be particularly delicate and careful, more often to be interested in his girlfriend’s mood, not to “ask” for sex if she does not want, and, if possible, to take control of various problems in their own hands, without bothering his wife.
The months leading up to her birth are her last chance to fully relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Pregnant The

fetus grows up, there is discomfort in the abdomen, the feeling of fear intensifies when thinking about the approaching birth. Sex during the 3rd trimester can be painful.


Sexual activity is reduced – the husband is afraid of harming the fetus. His fears are not in vain, because it is impossible to say until which month of pregnancy sex is allowed.
The exact answer will only be provided by a doctor, who can name the contraindications and tell you how safe sex can be in the last trimester.


Doctors recommend refusing sexual intercourse a few weeks before the expected date of birth. In the process of arousal, oxytocin is released, which stimulates the contraction of the uterus and can cause the onset of labor.
The exception only applies to couples expecting twins. They are allowed to have sex in the last month of pregnancy.

You don’t feel any attraction
It’s okay

When you get pregnant, a woman’s sexuality changes – sex begins to be perceived differently than before pregnancy.
This is due to the change in the hormonal balance in the female body. In some pregnant women, sexual desire increases, in others – it decreases.
On the one hand, the vagina, clitoris and nipples become more sensitive during this period. Some women want to have sex more often. On the other hand, sex during pregnancy causes too much discomfort or even pain.
If for some reason you do not want to have traditional sex, do not force yourself, even for your beloved husband. To give birth to a healthy and calm baby, all you need is positive emotions. After nine months, everything will be back to normal.
At the same time, you should not completely deprive your husband of a sexual life. You can always find a compromise and find ways to satisfy each other without traditional sex.
Not all expectant couples are very excited about sex. But if the woman can explain the unwillingness by changing her mood and hormonal fluctuations, then the man would have much more difficulty.

Why men refuse sex during pregnancy

The main “excuses” usually consist of the “presence of a third party” (of course, we are talking about the baby), the “incredible fragility” of the pregnant body and the fear of “hurting something”.
It is important to remember that the man and the woman are in different psychological states during this period. The decrease in libido in women is typical for the first trimester and is explained not only by strong hormonal fluctuations, but also by the sudden burden of responsibility – both for himself and for the unborn child.
A woman’s emotional ups and downs during pregnancy can cause a mixed reaction in the future father: many men get lost and do not know how to behave when their girlfriend leaves or cries for no apparent reason.
We must also emphasize that the future father deserves no less attention and respect than the future mother.

This period is not at all easy for him: the man thinks about how to support the family, how to protect and provide everything necessary for his new composition.
Fortunately, in most cases, the second trimester – when the future parents are finally getting used to their new status – the desire returns, and the mutual understanding in the couple improves.
The key to success in this matter is to trust each other and not be shy – talk to your partner about everything that worries you.
To help couples, we propose 5 problems that will explain why the pregnant woman reacts differently to her husband’s attempts to fulfill his marital duties, why some experience an even greater desire and bring their husbands to exhaustion, and others try to avoid fulfilling their marital duties or do it demonstratively as a favor.

Problem 1. Hormonal Blast

Your body suffers from a severe hormonal blast, which of course affects your sex life. Pregnant women are not able to control their emotions and are subject to a marked change of mood.
During sexual arousal, they may even cry.


Explain clearly to your husband what you are experiencing right now. After all, with all his will, he can’t get pregnant.
And therefore he does not know about your fears and feelings. Achieving sexual harmony is possible only if the spouses are attentive to each other’s psychological and physical needs. For a man, the most important thing now is not to neglect his wife’s unstable emotional state and not to answer her accusations, which are often unfounded.
Also, do not try to keep the negative in you, otherwise a real storm of emotions awaits you. Tell your husband about all the worries, the doubts. Sexual satisfaction is only possible if you fully trust your partner.
Over the next nine months, your mood will change constantly and you will receive new emotions from sex every day. So don’t refuse sex just because you didn’t like it yesterday. Look for the one that gives you the most satisfaction and, on the contrary, causes negative emotions.

Problem 2. Three in the same bed The

psychological factor plays a significant role. Indeed, in bed you are no longer two, but three, and it would take time to get used to the thought.
For this reason, some men perceive their pregnant wife as a mother and not as a woman. Sometimes women explain the refusal of sex as follows: “It seems to me that the baby in the womb is constantly looking at me and evaluating my behavior. And in bed I can’t relax. It’s like having sex in public. “

The solution to the problem

It is no secret that children are not in the cabbage and do not bring the stork. The beginning of every life is based on sexual intercourse.
It is immoral to have sex in the presence of an adult child. But for the next nine months, you and the baby are one. Remember that the baby feels good only when the mother feels good too. At the time of orgasm, there is a strong exchange of energy between partners.
Naturally, the fetus feels these changes, which have a beneficial effect on the pregnant woman and on her. Scientific studies show that infants in the womb respond to their parents’ sexual games.
From the ultrasound observation, you can see how the fetus reacts to the maternal orgasm with an irregular movement and heart palpitations. During intercourse, the uterus begins to contract and for the baby, maternal orgasm is a kind of training before the next birth.

Problem 3. Toxicity

Nausea, dizziness and fatigue do not add sexual desire. In the morning you are tired of breakfast, then nausea occurs, then you want to sleep, then eat again, and in the evening you are so exhausted that you do not want to think about anything but sleep.
In addition, it is terribly annoying that your husband cannot share with you all the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

The solution to the problem

Schedule your sex games at the most convenient time for you. After all, you don’t feel bad 24 hours a day. According to most expectant mothers, the best time to have sex is early in the morning, before breakfast or after a nap.
Do not adapt to your husband to the detriment of your desires. The worst thing is if you feel bad about your own husband, but at the same time you want sex.
In this case, try to understand what annoys you: the scent, the smell of tobacco, etc. and try to eliminate the source of irritation.

Problem 4. Pregnant

body A woman’s body changes before her eyes: her belly is incredibly large, her chest becomes sore, and when you are aroused, colostrum may come out.
Attempts to take your favorite positions look ridiculous and offer nothing but inconvenience. Instead of enjoying your husband’s caresses, you want to hit him (at least).

The solution to the problem

Love your pregnant body. Men see these changes in appearance differently. The appearance of the pregnant wife is very interesting for many men.
Stop emphasizing your huge belly. However, you will gain weight gradually, and your husband will have time to adjust to your new size. For the next nine months, you can be proud of your tummy – this will be the main comfort.
Of course, as your abdomen grows, you will need to be creative in finding sex positions during pregnancy. But gender diversity is welcome.
Pregnancy is a period of gentle sex, without complicated acrobatic tricks. As for the breasts – don’t be patient if your husband’s caresses cause you pain or discomfort.
Explain to your boyfriend how to cope with a pregnant chest. If colostrum starts to flow from your breasts when you are aroused, buy beautiful underwear and do not undress it.

Problem 5. Sex is dangerous for the baby

It is believed that intimate life during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or harm the unborn child. On the one hand, the woman wants to make her husband happy, and on the other hand, the fear of the child does not allow her to relax completely.
And instead of enjoying life, the young mother either looks at her husband with a full-fledged sex life or agrees to have sex only for the sake of her husband and suffers from fear for the child.

The solution to the problem

Pregnancy is not a disease, but a double responsibility, which means caution. Therefore, some restrictions are still present. Sex is an additional risk factor. If the woman is healthy and the pregnancy is uncomplicated – you can’t completely refuse sex.
At the same time, you need to monitor your feelings carefully and, at the slightest doubt, consult a doctor. Do not be afraid to accidentally injure your baby during intercourse: he is well protected from the bladder and fetal uterus, and the amniotic fluid absorbs strong shocks.
You need to make sure that your partner does not suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.
Finally, we will mention that pregnancy is a special period in the life of a couple, when the future parents, as never before, must feel the spiritual closeness and mutual support.
And often, gentle conversations, touching, and kissing bring much more satisfaction than traditional sex. Tell your husband about your experiences, talk to your child, and dream.

The benefits of sex for the expectant mother and child

Sexual intercourse has a positive effect on the pregnant woman and the fetus. It’s about:

  • The appearance in the female body of the hormone prostaglandin, which is contained in sperm and has a positive effect on the cervix, helping it to open better during birth;
  • Training the uterine muscles, which guarantees more productive contractions;
  • Emissions of the hormone endorphin, which beneficially affect the child’s emotions;
  • From the first weeks of pregnancy, the blood supply to the uterus and vagina increases dramatically. The absence of orgasm (anorgasmia) in some women is caused precisely by the violation of the mechanism of extra blood flow to the uterus and genitals when aroused. Thus, changes in the vascular system and intense blood supply to the uterus allow women to experience orgasms. In addition, immediately after intercourse, excess blood flow is delayed, thus inhibiting the decline of sexual tension. So, the pregnant woman’s orgasms are not only more frequent, but also longer lasting;
  • Intimate relationships can be an excellent alternative to fitness: sex is a fairly energy-intensive process, which also includes stretching elements that are extremely useful for women.

Protected or unprotected sex during pregnancy

It is important to know that pregnant women can ONLY have sex with a condom! And it’s not necessarily about sexually transmitted infections.
First of all, unprotected sex during pregnancy, which causes microtrauma, can also cause an exacerbation of common candidiasis, which is aggravated during pregnancy. Second, “ordinary” microbes that can enter with semen, although they do not cause sexually transmitted diseases, sometimes cause an inflammatory process, such as cystitis.
During intercourse, microbes enter directly into the cervix, which increases the risk of intrauterine infection. So, during pregnancy, you need to protect yourself carefully, especially against infections, and avoid sex without a condom.

When sex is contraindicated during pregnancy Sex during pregnancy

is recommended in both the early and later stages. It is almost impossible to cause physical harm to the fetus because it is protected by the muscles of the uterus, membrane, amniotic fluid.
However, there is a general list of indications for sexual rest. The nuances can vary, and the final decision is made only by the doctor – so each task is individual. Sex should be avoided if there are the following complications during pregnancy:

  • With multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets), doctors, regardless of the future mother’s well-being, recommend giving up sexual activity starting with the 20th week. This is due to the fact that with multiple pregnancies, there is always a risk of premature birth and sexual arousal can stimulate labor;
  • If the tone of the uterus is increased. In this case, regardless of gestational age, sexual intercourse can cause uterine contractions and premature births;
  • If, according to the ultrasound, you have a low localization of the placenta or the placenta praevia, sexual intercourse can cause bleeding. In this case, doctors recommend avoiding positions that ensure deep penetration;
  • With the appearance of bleeding or spots, it is recommended to abstain from sexual contact until the visit to the doctor;
  • If you have had abortions and premature births in the past, or if there is a threat of miscarriage, you should refuse sexual intercourse during particularly dangerous times. In this case, the days of the alleged menstruation are considered dangerous, ie in every fourth week of the term (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, etc.), as well as the dates of previous abortions;
  • With any sexually transmitted diseases, as well as in cases where the pregnancy took place during treatment for sexually transmitted diseases;
  • If there is isthmic-cervical insufficiency – a pathological condition in which the isthmus and cervix are not able to withstand intrauterine pressure and hold the fetus;
  • If there is a threat of premature birth in the second and third trimesters;
  • Amniotic fluid leakage;
  • Complications in previous pregnancies.

The doctor who is monitoring you should explain why sex is contraindicated and for how long (ie until you can have sex during pregnancy – it is forbidden for a certain “critical” period or until the end of the pregnancy).
If you have been given “green light”, that is, you have obtained your doctor’s permission, make sure that you listen to your feelings. If you have pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, bleeding intensifies or occurs after intimacy, you should refuse sexual intercourse and consult your doctor again.
If your pregnancy is classified as “high risk”, then you should refuse not only sexual intercourse but also sexual arousal.
Many women are afraid of uterine tension that occurs after orgasm, but if it is not accompanied by painful sensations and disappears in half an hour, there is no cause for concern.
The uterus is a muscle and needs training through the right positions for sex, which are recommended during pregnancy. The ability of the uterus to contract is very useful during birth.
However, 2-3 weeks before the expected date of birth, most doctors recommend giving up privacy.
Along with sexual arousal, the female body produces the hormone oxytocin, which stimulates uterine contractions. The male hormone prostaglandin, contained in semen, has a similar effect. So, sexual intercourse immediately before birth can cause contractions.
But if the birth does not start on time, doctors, on the contrary, advise to stimulate the onset of labor with the help of sexual caresses.
Remember to tell your gynecologist about any discomfort and risks. The main thing is not to be shy and ask her the questions that concern you.

The best sex positions during pregnancy

Physical proximity during pregnancy brings positive emotions to both mother and baby. Feeling the joy of the woman, the child is also satisfied.
If there are no contraindications, enter sex without fear. Here are the sex positions during pregnancy that will diversify your intimate life:

Vaginal sex

Can be practiced almost without limits. Most often, couples prefer the following positions in the first two trimesters:

  • The woman above “: the picture guarantees the woman the ability to control the depth of penetration and the degree of pressure on the abdomen.
  • On the one hand “: the peculiarity of the position is that the male genitalia does not penetrate deep, which means that it does not cause discomfort even in the late stages of pregnancy. In addition, there are no unnecessary movements – one of the partners may not move at all. The main thing is to make sure that the man does not press his hand hard on your belly.

Here are some convenient sex positions in the last trimester of pregnancy:

  • Kneeling ” – the woman leans on her elbows and knees, and the man goes back. It is one of the most comfortable positions during pregnancy, avoiding even the slightest tension in the muscles of the spine. If your hands get tired, you can lie down partially by resting your chest on a pillow. However, in this position the man can increase the range of motion, which can be unprofitable for both mother and child. Always remind your future father that he should be gentler and more careful.
  • Standing ” – a woman stands with her back to the man, both standing. In this position, the pressure on the abdomen and strong agitation are completely eliminated.

Many expectant mothers have heard that they should avoid having sex in the missionary position during pregnancy. Doctors have divided opinions about this.
Some claim that the baby is reliably protected from amniotic fluid, so the pressure from the man above cannot cause harm.
Others advise, however, not to tempt fate and to avoid all positions where pressure is applied to the abdomen.

Oral sex

There is no unequivocal medical opinion about the dangers and benefits of oral sex during pregnancy, but most modern experts believe that with good maternal health, there are no contraindications.
Oral sex during pregnancy is allowed when the partner does not have infectious diseases of the oral cavity (eg herpes).
To prevent infection, partners must pass appropriate tests and rule out (or cure) all possible diseases.

Anal sex Anal

sex during pregnancy is possible with strict hygiene and should be treated with extreme caution. Violations of the birth canal microflora can lead to premature rupture of fetal membranes and cause labor.
Only have anal sex with a condom.
Remember! The main criterion for a “correct” position is your inner feelings. If you feel comfortable, then sex is absolutely safe. Otherwise, change position.
Another important point is the intensity of sex. Here, experts agree that it is better for pregnant women to prefer a more relaxed style. Hard, sharp and fast sex, meaning “sporty”, should be avoided for a while.
So, in the absence of contraindications, sex during pregnancy is extremely useful: making love is one of the best ways to keep and strengthen the closeness with your beloved partner.
And do not be afraid – the baby is protected from amniotic fluid, uterine walls, fat layer, connective tissue and muscles of the mother’s abdomen. And the mucus plug is tightly clogged.
In addition, the fetus is much larger and deeper than the vagina, which means that sexual intercourse can not cause any harm.