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New life statuses

You can tell an interesting and meaningful story about your life through a simple status. Select one of the following.
πŸ”” Hey, Life! Know that I will not give up my dream anyway!
πŸ”” You don’t have to bang your head against the wall, suffer, degrade and love those who don’t appreciate you. Spend it better on personal stuff!
πŸ”” Life is like a poker game: you always have to be prepared for someone else’s bluff and have an ace up your sleeve.
The best way to keep your promise is to keep it.
πŸ”” The best way is to take home.
πŸ”” Always remember when you feel bad: if you give up, it won’t get any better!
πŸ”” Sow an action – reap a habit, sow a habit – reap character, sow character – reap destiny.
Weak people believe in luck, strong people – in cause and effect.
πŸ”” Look forward, look back with gratitude, look up with faith, and look around with love.
If you learn to enjoy every moment of life, then you will get great pleasure from it.
It is not a paradise where there are many people. Paradise is where there is only one, but it loves you dearly.
Don’t be shy about your feelings and desires. There will be no more life for them.
πŸ”” A person’s life is too short to repeat the same thing twice.
Learn to find joy in life – this is the best way to attract happiness.
πŸ”” If you have a desire – there will be opportunities. If there are actions – the result will appear.
I hate when people teach me life that they haven’t really lived it.
Chances are not the only ones in life. The only thing is life.
πŸ”” I am grateful to everyone. One – for help and support, another – for example, the third – for a lesson. And only a few people – because they exist!
πŸ”” When you were born, you cried and the world smiled. Live your life so that you die with a smile and the world cries.
πŸ”” Life is a choice: either you enjoy every little thing or you are saddened by every ugly thing.
πŸ”” Leave in your life only what can inspire you and fill you with energy and say goodbye to anything else, without regret.
πŸ”” Life is like a train: if you stand in its way, you will be crushed, if you take a few steps, you will pass.
πŸ”” When a person is uncomfortable lying on one side, he turns on the other, and when he is uncomfortable living, he cries and moans.
πŸ”” What I dreamed
of Living, breathing, loving and knowing that I am loved! Our life is unique!
πŸ”” – Why are you so calm
– I’m thinking about how to enjoy life more!
Life is very short – than doing everything right, you better do what you want.
πŸ”” Even if life has turned its back on you, give it a compliment and maybe it will come back to you again.
πŸ”” – What do you want from life
– A house by the sea, overlooking my perfect husband.
πŸ”” For all the best in life you have to fight to the end. Fortunately. For love. For the dream.
πŸ”” One day you can’t change your life, but you can change your thoughts that will change your life.
πŸ”” Often people just don’t know how much they have changed someone’s life…
πŸ”” Instead of wiping tears from your face, you are destroying the lives of the people who made you cry!
πŸ”” I would like to meet the person who writes the script of my life and ask him: do not be rebuked by your conscience
πŸ”” To attract something into your life, imagine that you already have this something.
πŸ”” Life is reciprocal with those who sincerely love it and do not change it at all.
πŸ”” Live in the center of your life, not as a stranger!
πŸ”” Life, of course, is not always like sugar, but I have a great weakness for sweets!

New sadness statuses

In the collection below you will find short sad statuses, but with a deep meaning, suitable for posting on any social network.
I feel weird when my heart is sad.
We often offend our loved ones. We say ugly words to them without thinking. And our phrases, like black powder, burn their souls with sparks of hatred.
πŸ‚ Pillows share sadness with us, without asking for anything in return.
πŸ‚ Who am I without you
I’m just without you and just me.
πŸ‚ Sadness is late autumn in the soul.
Nu I don’t suffer. I am sad not because it hurts, but because it has become empty in my heart.
πŸ‚ I woke up again at five in the morning, drank a cup of hot coffee, covered the circles under my eyes with foundation and smiled in the mirror. Take care of yourself! You have no reason to be unhappy!
πŸ‚ Only friends can see through my smile the sadness in my soul.
πŸ‚ I’m not sad, I’m just awake.
πŸ‚ -What do you serve
-Tequila with sadness!
πŸ‚ Even the sad sound of the autumn rain can’t make me forget for a moment how painful it is not to love you anymore.

    The night makes me sad. Probably because its darkness makes me think of you.
    πŸ‚ Forget about sadness every day for at least half an hour. And use this time to sleep!
    πŸ‚ It will be sad when we die, now is the time to rejoice!
    πŸ‚ We are afraid of losing, of forgetting pride, we want to run away and hurt, weep, we laugh. Is this the real life
    πŸ‚ Love is just a sadness that overcomes you, a word like a little poem…
    πŸ‚ Sadness together is more fun.
    When you are sad, you want to wear a mask of joy so that no one can see your sadness.
    I’m sad not because nothing happened, but because I know it could have happened.
    πŸ‚ Sadness for me is something special – my daily meditation, the only art I possess.
    πŸ‚ Sometimes you are sad not because there is a real reason, but because you have to be sad for the company.
    Happy people do more stupid things than sad ones.
    πŸ‚ When you are sad alone, the mirror doubles your loneliness.
    πŸ‚ Longing is sadness with love.

    New love statuses

    In this article are gathered beautiful statuses, with important meaning about love. Choose the one you liked, post it and enjoy your half!
    ❀️ Stay with the one who always wants to know how your day went.
    ❀️ The most important thing is to cleanse your soul. Follow three rules: do not complain, do not blame, do not justify.
    ❀️ Only patience can be stronger than love. But not everyone has it.
    ❀️ Love can cover a hundred sufferings.
    ❀️ Every minute has something great. For example, the minute of love.
    ❀️ Our greatest strength lies in the tenderness of our heart.
    ❀️ The ones I love will be the happiest.
    ❀️ I have too high heels to run after you and too much self-esteem to get you barefoot!
    ❀️ It’s easy to fall in love, but it’s hard to stop dating!
    ❀️ Love is like a butterfly that you can’t catch, but when you stop chasing it, it suddenly sits on your shoulder.
    ❀️ You must always tell your boyfriend the truth, never lie to him. Only then will he trust you and love you.
    ❀️ A man asked a sage: Which woman is the most beautiful
    He thought and answered: The one you love.
    ❀️ -Wow, you have a new boyfriend
    -No, I washed him with love πŸ™‚
    ❀️ The sexiest number in the world is 21593! Why
    Because when 2 people think of one, in 5 weeks they will find out that in 9 months they will already be in 3.
    ❀️ When you see happy people – don’t envy them. You don’t know how they fought for their happiness.
    ❀️ Only when you find the right person can you keep quiet about it and enjoy it.
    ❀️ The perfect relationship is when you quarrel like husband and wife, talk like best friends, flirt like 16 year olds and take care of each other like brother and sister.
    ❀️ Love is when you hear his voice for 3 minutes, and the smile on his face does not disappear for two hours.
    ❀️ Expensive flowers, candies, movies, restaurants and gifts do not mean happiness. Happiness is when you just hug a loved one!