Sharing your sad emotions with your loved ones will help you feel less bad. If you hide your sad emotions and do not know how to express them to your partner, friends, family, these sad messages will help you express your emotions clearly. It will make them understand what you are dealing with.

When you break up with someone you love, you will probably go through the stages of denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. After you have finally given up on your past relationship, you will probably experience a sense of loss. Some people find it therapeutic to express their feelings toward others.

Human life is full of all kinds of emotions. Different people deal with their emotions in different ways. Expressing sadness is necessary, as is happiness. But if you keep your sadness in you for a long time, it becomes really hard to get rid of it.

Below you will find sad messages of love, suffering and disappointment that will help you express your feelings of sadness and heal from it.

Sad messages of disappointment for friends

A true friend is one of the most cherished bonds created by anyone. You can share your deepest fears, secrets and achievements. They are your confidants and the strongest support you blindly trust. When you receive an obstacle or a betrayal from such friends, it can be really heartbreaking. Below you will find sad messages of disappointment for friends who will help you express your feelings towards the friends who disappointed you.

“It comforts me that the number of disappointments in friends is always more than the number of admirations for them. ” ”
You know, this is no more pain, no more disappointment, no more tears.”
😔The search for ghostly friendship is often disappointing.
“Disappointment is a small death!”
😔There is only one way to avoid disappointment. This applies both in business and in love and friendship. Never ask questions if you already know the answers.
I would go back to those days when the cruelest disappointment in life was the Kinder toy, which I already had…
😔The worst way to miss a person is to be with them and understand that they will not be never yours
“It was a boring disappointment at first.” Then hate.
“Because of the disappointments, I don’t believe in friendship.”
After I lost faith in you, I felt like I lost everything.
Another disappointment and another kilogram of chocolate. I’m getting used to it…
😔It often happens that you naively believe that friendship is forever and, in the end, you receive disappointment and sadness.
It looks like I’m going to have to change my mind to be a true friend, or I’ll always be disappointed…
😔How false this friendship is. How many disappointments there are in one minute… in one thought…
😔I am disappointed in you. Thank you so much for helping me start living again.
😔The flame of friendship is extinguished, but the disappointment remains…
😔Guide in the head, goal in action, goal in communication. I live in a horrible disappointment, called autumn depression…
😔Disappointment is something I experience every day, seeing you.
😔A new acquaintance – a new friend – a new disappointment – a new quarrel – a new enemy… Conclusion: I have to eat!
“Looking for evidence, I realized I had nothing more to prove.” Everything sank into an abyss of disappointment.
😔Every morning I wake up hopeful and go to bed with a disappointment…
😔Because of my disappointments, I lost another friend.
😔Love without reciprocity is no longer love…
😔It is better not to expect anything in advance. Then there will be no disappointments.
😔How good you are in the intervals between betrayals!
The worst thing that can happen to us is the disappointment in ourselves. So, calm down!
“Frustration is a strange feeling.” It’s not painful, it’s just naked…
😔It’s funny how those who have twisted your soul always want to be friends.
“Hello, disappointment.” It’s not nice to come so often…
😔Take your heart and put it on the shelf for a while. That would take some rest from the pain of disappointment.
It is bitter to realize that the person covering your back was just hiding behind you…
😔I would rather die of hunger than eat anything and be alone than with anyone.
“Don’t be disappointed.” Disappointment turns into a powerful weapon in the hands of the enemy.
“You can’t lie to me anymore.” Because you can’t make me believe in a person I was disappointed in again.
😔Every spring only brought me disappointment, while I wanted to bring love and friends.
Now I want to be a robot, without heart and soul, not to feel pain and disappointment.
You are like a candle: you burn hard, you sanctify everything around you, but in the end you die in your own tears and disappointment.
How can I explain that you disappointed me
Disappointment appears in my head. When the heart still remembers words, deeds, laughter, events. And the mind understands – these are a lie.

The saddest messages of suffering

Life is not easy, we face so many personal problems in our lives. This is a reason for sadness. These sad messages of suffering will help you express your emotions on social networks or you can read them on a sad day to feel better.

Let the clouds explode and the heavens weep if they run out of you!
“Better not to know love at all than to know it after you have lost it.
” in peace…
😢I’m sad again. I want to see you. I will come to you in a dream to remember me.
“I dreamed of spending my life with you.” But life passed, the dream remained. And I’m neither far from you nor close…
“My day is sad without your beloved eyes, without the eyes in which there are dreams”.
“I can’t live without you!” It’s very hard for me! I feel bad and painful just because I’m here and you’re away!
“Empty days, empty nights.” Empty life, naked eyes. An empty heart and soul, when everything is, only you are not!
“Judge me as you wish, but I will not lie to you!” I LOVE YOU! And I suffer in silence…
😢Your tenderness no longer warms me, because the feeling of love has disappeared.
“Forgive me!” Know that I don’t live without you, I walk like a zombie. You are the meaning of my life, you are the meaning of my tears, the whole meaning of my joys and sorrows!
“You don’t have to look for light in others, you have to find it in yourself.”
😢If there is no loved one nearby, then the whole life is destroyed…
😢I hate because I love you, because I suffer both night and day.
“I’m in pain – you don’t care.” I have to live – I don’t want to. But I can’t love you either.
“I can’t forget you.” In a dream I see your face, and every time I don’t see you, I’m sick. I know I’m a “toy” for you and you can throw me at any time, but I’m still waiting for that moment when you’ll tell me you love me.
“I had a wonderful dream.” We were together in that dream. You and I. But unfortunately the dream is over and I have to live on.
“You upset me, you left me.” But I wipe the tears from my face, because I don’t want people to see me suffer because of you.
I don’t need other smiles, because I always remember yours! I can not forget you!
😢How hard it is to tell a person: I don’t love you anymore! Forget about the walks, the facial features, how you loved!
😢Rivers can dry up, oceans – never. You will forget me, but I – never!
I will go hand in hand with you, I will hug and kiss you. I wouldn’t want to wake up so I wouldn’t break up with you!
“Don’t be sad that I’m far away!” I love you and distance doesn’t matter.
“I haven’t loved anyone so much!” Even though it’s too late to open my heart, I want you to know that I still keep your face in my soul.
I only see my life without you in tears. Forgive me for making you sad, but I love you.
No one will ever know and I will not tell anyone how my heart hurts for the one I love so much.
It is said that it is painful to look at the sun, but it is even more painful to look at the lips you love, but you cannot kiss them.
I don’t need words, just your love! My heart cries and suffers because we are so far from each other!
“Don’t get mad at me, you’ll understand everything yourself.” You won’t find any more tears in me anyway. I’m gone forever, I won’t be back, and when I meet you, I’ll just smile at you.
“I don’t want you to suffer in vain!” But I can’t love you anymore! Forget me! Only then will your soul begin to sing again and you will be able to live!
We are different people, with different destinies. Our meeting is a mistake, a mistake called love.
When you pass me, I catch these moments and, if you start a conversation, I hold it in my heart. I don’t know why I remember every word of yours…
😢I want so much to see you, to hug you, to look you in the eye, to forget all the quarrels and insults and to be together forever!
Love betrayed me and now there is only emptiness in my heart…

Sad messages of love

The journey of a lifetime becomes a story when someone falls in love. Things don’t always stay calm and rosy; there are times when you will reach a hard path and at that moment you will have to prepare for a sad journey. And on this journey, you don’t have to be alone. Below we have prepared for you sad love messages that will help you to accept the loss of love and to express your feelings towards family and friends.

“I miss your caresses!” Forgive my love!
Love is certainly power, but sometimes it is completely unbearable!
“I’m so alone.” I can not live without you. Write me how much you love me!
Let’s forget about our feelings and encounters… We both knew this wasn’t going to last forever.
“I wish I could deserve your forgiveness!”
😭If my absence does not change anything in your life, then my presence in it does not matter.
If you love me – you will not forget me. And you don’t have to be afraid of separation either. Sometimes you can love far away, and you can almost break up.
“Everything was fine until I found out the truth.”
OareWants when a person, without whom you can’t, maybe without you…
I know that tomorrow I will miss you more than today, because today I miss you more than yesterday!
😭I will not notice if the stars are not in the sky, nor if the sea is dry… But I will notice that the sun has disappeared if you are not around!
“I will love you forever and I will never forget you.” How we were together… How we once loved each other…
😭You know why I love you so much
Because there is no other way.
My heart no longer dances the waltz as before. The music of my soul drowned in the depths of our separation…
😭One day you will begin to see me where I am not. I will miss you when I forget about you. You will look for me, but there will be no trace of you in my life. Only in a dream will you see me, embracing me in your arms.
“I don’t want our souls to sit in different corners and endure these sharp crystals of sadness beneath the soles of our feet!”
“My heart aches every day, burning in torment and flames.” I feel like I’m dying without your love. I love you and I understand that more every day.
MeleMy eyes and ears no longer believe in your fairy tales.
ExistaThere is no greater sadness when I know we will not be together and yet I hope for something.
“You understand others, but you can’t understand yourself.
” I look at the blue sky and see only lead and emptiness.
I can no longer bear the tears on the pillow, the ashes in my eyes and the absence of the sun. Give me back my love!
“I feel incredible pain.” But it is not an organ or part of the body that hurts… The soul hurts. And the worst part is that it’s impossible to inject painkillers or anesthesia into it to look at you…
😭You lied to me! You made me fall in love with you and now, when I can’t live without you, you’re not with me…
😭I can’t think, breathe, work and exist, because I miss you. And I have only one dream: to see you and kiss you.
“It’s sad when the people you love become the people you don’t want to see.”
“Fate has brought us the happiness of being close.” I’m afraid I’ll lose you!
I couldn’t become the one you dream of, but I can become the one you won’t have!
😭The chess of my soul was defeated… I want to cry…
😭This loneliness is much sharper than the sting of a knife! And the worst part is that we can’t come to terms with it.
“You give me more oxygen than air.” And during our relationship, my body got so used to you that I can’t breathe when I break up. This is the first sign of your lack of attention
. I hope that time will heal everything.
“Love is hot as a flame, and I melt like a candle.”
When arguing with your parents, don’t look for others, so it should be the same with your loved one.
Teach me to live without you.
We are always attracted to those who do not need us at all…
I loved, I believed, I suffered, and now he is leaving! I’m terribly tired of you!

Sad and new messages of life

Life is full of challenges and obstacles that we must face with tenacity and weight. Although life may be characterized by beauty and splendor, it certainly has its less appealing attributes, such as sadness and suffering. If you want to express your feelings of sadness, below you will find sad messages of life that will help you say, clearly, what you feel.

I want the sun, the sea, a bottle of champagne and the sign “Leave me alone with your pretensions”. 😞We are all by nature, or Friday, or Monday.
We live in a world where a smile no longer means a good attitude towards you. Where kissing does not mean feelings at all. Where confession does not mean love. Where everyone is alone and no one is trying to change that. Where words lose all meaning because they lie.
How good it is to live in dreams, illusions, fantasies. But it’s a shame they’re far from reality.
We are the generation that lives in megabytes and smiles in a straight bracket.
“In life, there are more locks than keys.”
Rich people believe that the main thing in life is love, the poor people believe that the main thing in life is money.
“I burn the past in the fire.” I am going further. Iert. Everyone will pay for their deeds. For every moan and pain of mine.
“In me, trust in people dies.”
“It’s a pity there’s no” Delete “button in our lives.
AmToday I have a black stripe in my life…
😞Life is a game and people are actors in it. So play with me!
UniversalThe universally recognized truth is that as soon as something in your life begins to improve, something else falls apart.
You should never get lost in places where you have been alone.
“How often my past knocks on my door.” Screams and whispers… asks to enter. He promises he’ll be fine. But I don’t believe him.
😞You go through life with your head up, but not with your nose up.
When we feel bad, we think that somewhere, someone is good. When we feel good, we seldom think that someone is feeling bad.
“Not everything that life throws at us should be lifted.”
Don’t leave the good ones and don’t go back to the bad ones.
Life is like a rainbow, and before the rainbow it always rains.
“I’m fine,” I said to everyone and wept at night.
ClarIt is clear that life is short. But compared to what
He who seeks meaning in life has not found happiness.
“Why do I sometimes lack the courage to change my whole life?”
😞How fast the short-lived flower of life withers…
😞There is something worse than living with yourself – living without you.
“Back – I will not return.” To start again – it’s impossible. The road is too thorny and difficult. I couldn’t get past it without making a mistake again.
I cry without tears, I cry in silence.
😞 Nothing happens to me… Only life… Just living it…
😞I am a completely useless chapter in the book of your life…
😞Nostalgia is when you want to come back, but you have nowhere
“I hid from the harsh reality under a warm blanket.”
😞Outside is winter, summer – in dreams, spring – in the head, but autumn in the soul.
IataLife is a smile, even when tears flow down your cheeks.
The one you once left in your soul simply cannot be banished. His empty chair always stays there.
“I like those people to whom I can say, ‘Do you remember ?'” I
‘d like to start over. Where is the beginning
? My world froze at one person – at you. Too bad you’re cold and you can’t melt me!
CeWhy create artificial difficulties in life when there are so many natural
😞Dying means joining the majority.
There are times when life turns into a maze.
Life is not easy for those who start a new life.
Our life is good only if we do not remember the past and do not think about the future.
“My plans are not to live forever, but to live brightly.”
The most interesting thing in our life happens in our absence.
“It was a different life in my dreams.”

Sad messages of loneliness

Sadness is the other side of the coin. Without her, happiness doesn’t seem so pleasant either. So let’s accept it as it is, but without learning from this experience as much as possible. Sadness makes us wiser and we learn the next time we face such a state to better manage it. For such situations when you want to send a sad message of loneliness, read below our list of sad messages of loneliness.

☹️The hardest torment and torture for a person is his loneliness.
☹️I will try to love loneliness…
☹️We are all doomed to a certain degree of loneliness.
☹️There is no one more lonely than the one who survived the loved one.
☹️Better to suffer from hunger than loneliness.
☹️Solitude absorbs the soul when the dearest and closest person leaves us. Then we become like beasts in a cage. We start punching the walls and screaming at the moon.
☹️When I’m alone, I feel completely alone. And when I’m with people, I realize I don’t think so.
☹️I’m alone. Why I need someone
I’ll be alone again. All efforts are unsuccessful.
☹️There is too much talk about loneliness. Man is always and never alone.
☹️I don’t suffer, but sometimes I’m very sad. Not because it hurts, but because it has become empty and lonely in the heart.
☹️Why be around those who don’t appreciate you
Better proud in solitude than a slave.
☹️When you want to be alone, there are always too many people around. When you really want to see at least one loved one, you are alone.
☹️True loneliness is the presence of a person who does not understand you.
☹️If you are sad and alone, your loneliness triples.
☹️Solitude is when you have money and time, but you have no one to see.
☹️The worst loneliness is when you don’t even want to cry.
☹️I won’t say I’m sick alone, but bad without her.
☹️Sometimes you want to hide under a warm blanket, take your old photo album and listen to the rain outside. But I advise you to fight loneliness! Go outside, run through the puddles and you will see the rainbow!
☹️True sadness is when there is no one to share the sadness with.
☹️It’s inevitable. I bet on you, on us… But I have to accept, I’ll always be alone.
☹️I really want someone to make my life the most important priority in their life.
☹️Solitude is not fiction. Loneliness is a disappointment in people.
☹️ Loneliness is when you are alone in the new year.
️I hide under the blanket, and loneliness quietly creeps in on me and caresses me…
☹️My phone has 100 contacts registered, but I don’t have anyone to call.
☹️I like rain music when my heart is alone.
☹️I thought I loved loneliness, but it seems that loneliness loves me more.
☹️Night. I sit, smoke and look out the window. It’s sad, I have no one to talk to, no one is waiting for my call. I look at the stars and think, “How many of us are alone in the world?

Sad parting messages

Breaking up with someone you have loved wholeheartedly is agonizing. These sad parting messages will give you the strength to get over it. Read the sad parting messages below and use them to express your sadness about parting. You can also use them as sad parting statuses on social media.

“We have to break up and make it as painless as possible.” Unpleasant days await us as we reconcile with this new state of mind. I wish you happiness, goodbye!
I’m very sorry I didn’t have a happy ending. I sincerely wish you all the best!
“Goodbye” I didn’t think I’d tell you that, but I can’t be with you anymore!
“I’m very sorry, but we have to break up.” Let your heart not cry, let your soul not be sad and let everything be wonderful in your life. Let warm and good relations remain between us.
GOODBYE! We will never see him again. And this message carries my goodbye kiss!
“I’m sorry, but we have to break up.” You are a wonderful person who helped me to see this world from all its beautiful parts, you are a song that sounds and a beautiful fairy tale, but not mine.
“Goodbye, we’re breaking up forever.” Forget my number, I’m where the trains don’t run. My heart is broken, but it will heal!
“I’m sorry, but I think we’d better break up.” It is painful and unpleasant, but we have no future. I tried and failed.
The love that was in my heart burned, she lived alone, but she did not dare to tell you. Sorry.
The breakup will end our relationship, but I hope we remain good friends.
“It’s very hard for me to say goodbye and I don’t even want to live without you.” But there is no other way, better now!
Everything in our lives has a beginning and an end. Our love had a happy beginning, a beautiful story, but unfortunately this story must end. Forgive me for everything, please. I hope that our separation will add strength and confidence, freedom and peace. Farewell!
“It’s sad to know we have to break up.” But I hope this will not lead to negativity and resentment. I want each of us to find our own happiness, to have luck on the path of life. Good luck.
“Goodbye, we won’t see each other again, I don’t want to hurt you.” I will suffocate, drown or burn my love and you will not hear about how much I love you.
“Goodbye, we’re breaking up forever.” We can no longer see the sunrises and sunsets. I’m leaving, but know that you were everything to me, I was happy and I will be again va someday…
😰Goodbye! How painful this word is! It breaks my heart. But it’s better that way than knocking on the closed door…
😰I can’t speak, but I can write. We won’t see each other again, but my heart is moaning in pain. Neither mind nor heart can understand why this is happening, why loved ones leave and then live in peace
😰I say goodbye to you, but my heart bleeds! How cruel this life is – all dreams are destroyed in a second!
I’m sorry, but we can’t have a happy love story. We lose interest in each other and this is a good reason not to continue the relationship. Otherwise, we will both regret the wasted time and effort in the name of unfulfilled hopes.
😰Sharing from loved ones is like torture that lasts forever. It makes us lonely and unhappy. I want you not to experience loneliness and to quickly rebuild your life!
Goodbye! We won’t see each other again. My heart hurts and I moan louder and louder. He can’t understand how you can love and lie. And why should you give yourself to love…
😰Goodbye! But I leave you a piece of my heart!
“Goodbye.” We’re not together anymore, but I still love you! I know, everything will pass, don’t worry and go on with your life!

Sad messages of love and longing

People have a lot of emotions, which they can’t always express easily. One of the emotions is sadness, when you think you are the most unhappy. If you feel sad because you miss your loved one, read below the messages of love and sad longing that will help you express exactly what you feel.

I miss you and with all my heart I want to immerse myself in your eyes, to feel your warmth, to forget everything!
I miss you more and more every day. I miss you and only with you can this world be happy for me!
“I just feel sad without you.” All colors fade, and feelings fade if you’re not around. Come back as soon as possible, I miss you so much.
I want to see you as soon as possible and hug you tight! Without you my soul is restless and I am constantly thinking of the two of us. I miss you!
“I’m very sad and alone without you.” When you are not around, everything becomes uninteresting and gray. I miss you!
“Every parting with you leaves a mark on my soul.” The unbearable wait is worth a happy meeting! I miss you in silence and I look forward to seeing you!
😟All these days, I hide from the cold and sadness, remembering the moments spent together. The memories are already over, so come back as soon as possible. I miss you.
When you are close, time flies incredibly, and without you every second stretches endlessly. I miss you so much and look forward to our meeting!
You leave, but remember: you do not leave alone, but with a piece of my soul.
“When I’m away from you, I feel overwhelmed and unhappy, and when I’m next to you, I feel like I’m floating in the air.” I really miss you.
I want to hug you and forget about these days I spent apart. I miss you so much!
“I miss you, my heart suffers without your smile.”
I miss your caressing hands! I miss your eyes looking at me with tenderness and care! I miss your body, which radiates heat! I miss your heart that loves me! I miss you!
I miss you in every fragment of my life, night and day, morning and evening. I really miss you!
I miss you and look forward to our meeting. I feel sad, bored, cold and alone without you.
😟I mentally rush the days and events, count the hours and minutes that remain before our meeting. I miss you!
Kilometers separate us, but the soul is always close. I feel the touch of gentle hands, light breathing on the skin and tender hugs. I miss you!
“I miss you!” I want to scream from the bottom of my lungs and scream like a wolf at the moon. Come back to spend time together as soon as possible!
“I miss you so much.” Too bad the kilometers that separate us can not be erased with a eraser. Both in thought and in heart, I am near you.
It’s 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds, and every second I think of you and I miss you so much.
I don’t notice time without you and I remember those beautiful days when we were together. I miss you! Without you I feel a void in my heart!
I want to hug you as soon as possible, I want to be with you, I want to share your feelings and emotions with one look. I miss you so much and I feel terrible!
“I miss you and I’m sending you my warm hug, because in the distance, that’s all I can do.”