In the life of the parents, the children occupy the most important place, and the birthdays of the little ones are considered the most significant holidays of the year.

Of course, on this special occasion, you will pay special attention to the preparations for the holiday, but do not forget the messages from many beautiful years, which will surprisingly complete the birthday script. After all, your puppies are waiting for their personal holiday for a whole year!

Whether you have a 1-year-old girl, one who is already going to school or a 17-year-old teenager, this choice with the most beautiful messages from many years for children will definitely help you in organizing a wonderful holiday!

Messages from many years for children from parents, grandparents, classmates

📫 Today, the sun came out from behind the clouds and the birds sang their happy songs to announce that you have a birthday! A long and difficult journey in life awaits you, but the most important thing is to believe in yourself and know that you will succeed, because we, your parents and your friends will always be by your side!
📫 Look at the sky! Each star represents a child. Yours is the brightest and most beautiful of all, because today is your birthday. May your life be warmed by its magical light, may its brightness guide your path, and may the greatness of the star remove all sorrow. Happy Birthday!
📫 Sweet baby, even if you are still small, I want you to grow up beautiful, healthy, intelligent, happy, to enjoy mom and dad and the whole world. Have a beautiful childhood as in stories, devoted friends, pleasant emotions and many surprises that will fulfill all your innocent whims.
📫 Happy birthday, baby! I wish you success in school, to learn well, so that your parents will be proud of you. Listen to them and respect them, do not offend them, because your parents love you very much!
📫 Our dear child! We wish you all the best, and your mom and dad will help you with that. Be kind to the world around you. Just know the problems that mom and dad can solve in five minutes. Happy Birthday!
📫 Our dear child! For you, everything is just beginning. May your guardian angel keep your love and faith. Have outstanding results and make us and our teachers happy. To do good and to become a worthy person. Grow smart, polite and kind! You are our future!

Short Messages For Kids

⭐ A pleasant word addressed to the child on his birthday will cheer him up, and sincere wishes will inspire him and give him self-confidence. Therefore, do not hesitate to read these short messages for children for the most appropriate wording.
⭐ My child, today you have a holiday – birthday! Your family is proud of you, you are a beautiful sun for us. The most desired, dear and expensive. Now our lives are not in vain.
⭐ Our little love, congratulations! You are the child we have always wanted. You are the best! Grow good and healthy, under the protection of the Mother of God!
⭐ Congratulations, happy birthday! I wish you happiness, joy! Have many friends to make your life more fun. I wish you smiles to drive away the sadness. And may the sun always shine for you. The fact that you were born – it’s already a holiday!
⭐ Dear one, we will always be with you! Together we will overcome all difficulties. We are very happy that you have chosen us as parents. Happy Birthday!
Baby, you’ve grown another year! You have become not only older, but smarter, sweeter and more beautiful. You are the most precious sight in our eyes. Happy Birthday!
⭐ As a princess, be beautiful and happy! Eat porridge to grow, but not only in body but also in mind, soul and deed! You are our joy!
⭐ Grow up healthy and happy, baby! Get your mind and strength from your father, beauty and ingenuity from your mother, and wisdom and patience from your grandparents! Grow to everyone’s joy. Happy Birthday!
⭐ Congratulations! You are our soul! Grow smart, strong, successful and bring joy to all of us!
⭐ We love you, baby! Be kind, intelligent, strong and don’t forget your childhood stories!
⭐ Happy birthday! Hatred! Everyone brings you presents and flowers today. Have a charming and fun day! You are our joy and care.
⭐ Your birthday is to tell you: we will let you go on the road alone, guarding you from behind. We will always believe in you and we will always be waiting for you. Because we love you!
⭐ Our little one, we want your wishes to be fulfilled, to find your happiness and not to rain on the path of your life!
⭐ Happy birthday! You are the most expensive in the world! Together with my father we wish you the fulfillment of your dreams, many plush toys, many balls and sweets! We love you the most!
⭐ Happy birthday, baby! Grow and flourish! In life, we wish you joy and happiness! Have everything you want!
⭐ Birthday is the best holiday. Congratulations, baby! May your dreams come true – that’s why you were born!
⭐ For your birthday, my boy, I wish you the whole earth – forests, seas and oceans, exotic lands and unpopulated islands. I want you to conquer the mountains, but wherever you go, don’t forget that your loving parents are waiting for you at home.
⭐ Another year has passed and again the guests come with the long-awaited gifts. We wish you smiles and happiness, laughter and joy, faithful friends and a direct path, chocolate mountains and all the other sweets we wish you to find!
⭐ Bunny, happy birthday! You grew up very big and I want everything to be good for you. Have lots of friends, lots of games, lots of laughter. Glory and success in the sport you play. And many good wishes! Know that your efforts will help you in life!
⭐ Happy birthday! You’ve become smarter in another year! You started jumping up, you started running away. You look carefully and look for your toys. You started eating better, so you grew up big! Today is your holiday – happy birthday, my baby!
⭐ Today is a wonderful, long-awaited day – it’s your birthday! Carry only joy in your heart and have more fun at home. Happy birthday, sweet little girl!

Messages from many years for daughter, son, 1 year old grandchildren

Fun, gifts and cake – all these are, of course, the integral attributes of the first name day, but without congratulations it is difficult to imagine a celebration. So, I have been preparing these messages for many years for my daughter, son, 1 year old grandchildren for inspiration.
📫 A year ago a treasure appeared in our house, noisy, small, but so expensive and loved. I want our baby to be always surrounded by love, to start with the little things in life, for example the first steps, to bring only happy smiles and to have endless energy to be able to know this world so big and interesting.
📫 Congratulations on your first birthday! May the child grow up healthy and happy, and may the world he is discovering now never disappoint him!
📫 Congratulations, nice sun, with your first birthday, with your first significant day! I wish you to go on good roads, to raise a healthy, loved, good and happy child. You are the greatest joy for the whole family!
📫 Dear aura, congratulations on your first year of life! On this beautiful day, I wish you not to grow up capricious, but eager to learn new things, in order to become more and more independent. I also congratulate your parents on the one-year anniversary of their joy. I wish them peaceful nights, reasons for pride and to really enjoy your small victories.
📫 Congratulations on your first birthday! Today you are already 1 year old! I wish you a carefree childhood, lots of nice words, good friends, lots of candy, ice cream and toys. Enjoy every mother’s smile every day and take confident steps towards your father. Happy birthday, dear!
📫 Congratulations on your little treasure with the first year of life, which has become for him the first step in this world! I wish you, dear parents, happiness and patience in raising the child, may the Lord give him a wonderful destiny!
📫 How fast this year has passed and here comes your first birthday! I wish you to raise a healthy, curious, good and happy child!
📫 Congratulations to the kid on his first year of life. To grow up healthy and smart to please parents. To smile more often, to cry less often, to always be excited and satisfied with everything in this world, to learn new things and to be the best child in the world.
📫 A splendid event – the first anniversary! Congratulations, bunny. I wish you a lot of new, interesting, funny, fascinating, impressive and beautiful things in this world. Grow up, conquer new heights, enjoy mom and dad, play with grandparents, have fun, dance and sing, dream and be a happy child!

Messages from many years for the 3-year-old

Turn on your imagination and come up with something special and enjoyable for the hero of the occasion, for example with one of these birthday messages for the 3-year-old. The little tribute will thank you with a sincere smile and bright eyes!
📫 Our small and smiling sun, have a happy birthday! You are already 3 years old. You are our joy and happiness. We wish you a lot of energy to get to know this fascinating world and to discover new things every day. We love you so much! We hug you!
📫 Wonderful child, today you are 3 years old! Happy Birthday! I wish you vivid impressions and new discoveries, every day to be more amazing than the previous one, and the smile and joy to be your friends!
📫 Your child turns 3 today. May her childhood be the most interesting and happy for her. Toys shouldn’t break, candies shouldn’t end, cartoons shouldn’t stop, and parents shouldn’t argue. To have only miracles!
📫 With your birthday, my little popcorn. You are already 3 years old and you can run safely to meet your dreams. Since you appeared, the world has become more beautiful, brighter, better. You are such a sincere and cheerful little man. I want to wish you every day to be full of smiles, new adventures and joy.
📫 My dear, today you are 3 years old. I want us to explore this wonderful world together! Smile often, be an obedient child, and we, your parents, will raise you in love and harmony!
📫 Congratulations, our bunny! It has been 3 years since we were blessed and the angels have brought happiness to our home. May your life always be happy, carefree and interesting. Grow and warm our hearts with your sincere smile.
📫 Congratulations on this magical date, with a 3 year anniversary! I wish you days full of sweets, interesting and cheerful, curious and happy. Paint this world with your colorful dreams!

Congratulations on the first anniversary – 5 years

At the first jubilee, the child is already more aware of what a birthday means. Here we have prepared the most beautiful beautiful congratulations for the first jubilee – 5 years. Your smells will surely enjoy these funny and kind Happy Birthday Wishes for Kids.
Thanks to these beautiful congratulations on the occasion of the first jubilee – 5 years, the hero of the occasion will feel that he is the protagonist of what is happening.
📫 Congratulations on the 5th birthday, our dear child! For us parents, the most important thing is to be healthy. And we only ask the good wizard to fulfill all the desires of our little treasure!
📫 Congratulations on your birthday, wonderful baby! May this world be full of color and joy at the age of 5, discover something new and interesting for you every day, receive many chocolates that will make your mood sweet!
📫 Happy birthday, my dear child! You are already 5 years old. You’ve grown so fast, and I can’t get enough of enjoying your angelic face. I wish you to never lose your curiosity and to remain a cheerful and obedient child. Mom and Dad love you!
📫 Happy birthday, my angel. I wish you, at the age of 5, to play with interest, to surprise your parents every day and to conquer everyone with your smile.
📫 At the age of 5, I wish you many smiles, the fulfillment of all dreams and happy emotions! May every moment of your life bring you only pleasure! Always have a rainbow over the window, the sun should be bright, the weather should be warm, and the smiles should be happy.

Short messages from many years for 10 year olds

When choosing a greeting card, the child’s age, gender, and nature and interests should be considered. Here you will find the most suitable short messages from many years for 10 year olds.
Congratulations in any form are very welcome to accept on birthdays, especially for an independent child of 10 years. Take inspiration from the following examples of short messages from many years for 10 year olds.
📫 Congratulations on this small but important anniversary! May all the wishes you make when you blow out the candles on the cake come true as soon as possible. Good luck at school and good friends. Receive the most fun gifts and always smile, make your parents happy!
Today I want to congratulate you on your 10th birthday. This day makes you not only bigger, but also wiser, independent and responsible. I want to wish you all your dreams, unlimited fun and vivid emotions. Don’t rush to grow up, enjoy the wonderful and fascinating childhood.
📫 Congratulations on a beautiful 10th anniversary celebration! I wish you sincere friends, success at school, interesting hobbies and a happy life.

📫 On my 10th birthday, I would like to wish you trusted people to be always close, to have excellent grades at school and not to be a place for sadness in your heart. Happy Birthday!
📫 Congratulations on your 10th birthday and I wish you to always be among the top ten: the best, talented, smart, capable, wonderful and successful. I wish you a happy childhood!
📫 Congratulations on this important holiday, 10 years. Have a carefree childhood, become more confident in yourself and your dreams, fly to adventures and happiness, have fun with friends and listen to your parents!
📫 Congratulations on your 10th birthday today! To dream beautifully, to learn well and to play with enthusiasm. You are our little hero! We love you!
Congratulations on your birthday for the rebellious teenagers of 17 years old, which can also be sent via sms, viber or whatsapp
📫 Today you are just 17 years old! An age full of hope and dreams! I wish you only positive emotions, fantastic impressions, sincere smiles, a lot of happiness. Create, love, reach crazy heights. May the sun light your way and bring only good and honest people in your way. Happy Birthday!
📫 Congratulations on your birthday! At the age of 17, I still want you to believe in miracles and always achieve your goals. Even if you are no longer small, for me you will always remain a child. Do not rush to mature, make independent decisions and look for answers, but enjoy the last moments of childhood, the moments under the parents’ wing!
📫 Happy birthday! I wish you good luck in life, many positive and happy moments! Don’t know what boredom and sadness mean. Always be surrounded by devoted friends and loving family! Let life be a fun adventure for you!
📫 Congratulations on your birthday! 17 years is an extraordinary age, a period of possibilities. I want you to define your goals and achieve them! No one and nothing can stop you from achieving achievements in school, in friendship, in the family and in any of the fields!
Being a parent is wonderful. And it doesn’t matter if you have a daughter or a son, for the parent the child is a child at one and 20 years old, who must be cared for, loved and pampered.
In this selection we have gathered a collection of greeting cards for both girls and boys, for different ages. We have also included funny messages from children for many years. So it is impossible not to find the right birthday words for your precious scent!