Your girlfriend is celebrating her birthday soon. You want to be special in her eyes. Then these birthday messages for your girlfriend were created especially for you. Here you will find beautiful, extraordinary and bright congratulations, which you can present to your beloved friend in the form of a message.

Most importantly, carefully select the text so that it contains phrases and details that can really touch it.
The girlfriend’s birthday is a good opportunity to send her the most beautiful words from her birthday and to show her, in a special way, all her feelings and affection towards her.
Here are the most emotional birthday greetings for your loved one, whether it’s a girlfriend, fiancée or wife, and all you have to do is choose the most beautiful birthday message, according to your girlfriend.

Happy New Year messages for your beloved girlfriend

These luxurious birthday messages for your beloved friend will make her feel the power of your feelings.
↩️ Today is your birthday, baby. They want you to be endowed with the tenderness of spring, the purity of winter, the beauty of autumn and the joy of summer. Have a bright life and don’t be afraid to mix the colors, to create, to paint every day, and I will be by your side and send you the brushes.
↩️ Today is a wonderful day – your birthday, baby. I wish you life to offer you happy and unique moments, friendly and sincere smiles, fate to pamper you with health, beauty, luck and goodwill.
↩️ Happy birthday! Every day I want to see your smile, to feel the tenderness of your touch, to admire the depth of your eyes and to understand that my love is mutual! I love you to infinity!
↩️ My love, congratulations on your birthday. I always want you to smile, joy to be always present in your life, and happiness to be real and one for both of us.
↩️ My dear, for your birthday I want to remind you that this world is more beautiful and better thanks to you! You have a wonderful character and an extraordinary beauty. Like a rare flower, it delights my eyes. We understand each other and sometimes you even read my thoughts. Be happy, honey!

Messages from many years for my beloved friend

🔔 Congratulations, my baby! Have a nice birthday! I wish you to keep calm in any circumstance, to have only sincere people by your side, to receive daily compliments, to get what you set out to do, and I will take care to support you in everything!
🔔 My dear, you are the most beautiful woman in the world! No one would dare to compete with you in beauty or intelligence. I wish you health, happiness, the world to admire you from afar and in silence, and I promise not to be jealous. I love you!
🔔 You appeared in my life and turned it into a story! You brought me an ocean of sensuality and passionate fireworks! I wish you to be happy with me, my magic fairy! Have a nice birthday!
🔔 My dear, on your birthday, I wish you to be able to fly like a free butterfly, to be able to enjoy every day, to bloom and be inspired, to dream and create, and I will always be with you to love you and to fulfill all your desires.

Happy Birthday messages for girlfriend

Sometimes short messages for many years for the girlfriend can become more eloquent than a thousand words and will give the half an incredible sense of celebration!
▶ ️ Happy birthday! My dear, let the rays of joy enter your home, let the song of happiness resound in your life, and let the light of your smile guide your path to success. I love you!
▶ ️ Have a happy birthday, my love! I wish you a galaxy full of love, in which to enter the infinite universe of happiness, made up of billions of bright stars of the pleasant moments of life, to be completed with successful meteorites, and well-being to exceed any limits.
▶ ️ My love, you are the most beautiful being on this planet! I wish you a happy birthday! Joy and success without interruption, sincere happiness and unceasing love. Happy Birthday!
▶ ️ Honey, I want to remind you on this special day that love for you warms my soul, the warmth of your heart and the beauty of your eyes make me happy every day. Thank you for who I am. Happy birthday, my happiness!
▶ ️ I am so happy to be with you and to love you day and night! I’m glad you’re mine! You give me happiness and warmth, you give me hope. I only feel good about you, because you understand me without words! I will not stop adoring you! Today I wish you happy birthday! I want your dreams to come true, and for that I will become the good wizard and I will fill your days with joy!
▶ ️ My love, congratulations! Thanks to you, the world has become brighter and more beautiful, and my dream has come true. I’ve always only dreamed of you! But I’ll talk about that later… Now I want to take care of your health! Know that you are the best and all I need is you. I love and adore you, my beautiful!
▶ ️ For your birthday, may life bring you only joy, so that you will continue to flourish and flourish! You are my whole world, I need you like air, you are my meaning! I love you so much, my dear, that I am ready to give you my whole life! You are my paradise.
▶ ️ Happy birthday, my half! Congratulations! You are more beautiful than anyone in the world, you always surprise me, you make me smile and be happy. I love you very much!
▶ ️ I want to congratulate you and wish you to remain just as beautiful, fun, affectionate, tender, sweet. In a word, always be yourself. Happy Holidays, my love!
▶ ️ For me, you are the most beautiful and sweetest! I wish you much happiness today, to always be cheerful, smiling, beautiful, kind, warm, sunny as the sun’s rays! May the love between us help you to fulfill all your dreams. I’m glad I fell in love with you!
▶ ️ I won’t find the right words to tell you how much I love you! My dear, be healthy, may God keep you safe, be happy and smile! I will love you all my life!
▶ ️ My sun, you are the most expensive of all prizes! Let your dreams come true, remember that you are as beautiful as the dawn of the day and that there is no such beauty in everyone!
▶ ️ Hello! Every day of life, may your smiles bring you happiness! Good luck to you always! Stay just as sincere and wonderful! Happy birthday, my dear angel!
▶ ️ My sun! Every day you enchant me with your beauty. I want you to have the happiness of the world, everything to belong to you, to laugh happily and to fill your heart with light.

Beautiful Happy Birthday messages for my girlfriend

There are so many examples of congratulations for your girlfriend! But which one to choose
We present you the most sincere and emotional beautiful messages from many years for your girlfriend, which will become a very good support for inspiration.
✅ My girlfriend, my dear, the most beautiful girl on earth – happy birthday! I wish you sparks of fun, fire of love, drops of joy, wind of luck, clouds of tenderness and bright rays of happiness.
✅ My love, know that you are the most beautiful girl on the planet. I want to congratulate you on your birthday, a very important day for me! I wish you to reach the peak of success, on the path of luck, in the direction of happiness and inspiration, on a wave of optimism and love. Happy New Year!
✅ The most beautiful being in the universe, I congratulate you on your birthday! Honey, never know what despair and betrayal mean, fly on the wings of love with confidence, and luck will visit you even in dreams. You beautify this world with your kindness and your angelic face, that’s why I love you so much!
✅ Honey, I can’t wait for this day. I want to tell you that I love you and that I am ready to bring everyone to your feet. I thank fate for giving it to me. My beautiful, my beautiful, my beloved – receive sincere wishes today, blow out the candles, accept the gifts and always be happy! I love you!
✅ With your birthday, my sweet! You are like a flower – just as beautiful, gentle, perfect. Never get tired of enjoying life!
✅ My story, my inspiration, you are the best! I want you to shine like a star, to bloom like a rose, to be tender like a fluffy cat! May all your dreams come true and a magical miracle happen to you. May happiness be your faithful companion and may luck help you in everything. Always be first in everything!
✅ Today is the happiest day, because the sweetest, dearest and most loved woman was born! I wish you to settle under the roof of happiness, to live easier and simpler, loving with passion and with all your heart. I wish you to flourish every day and never part! Happy Holidays to you! Be the most fulfilled!
✅ You’re amazing, you know. I love you with all my heart and I wish you to be happy! I will fulfill all your desires and make your dreams come true! I wish you luck! Smile more often and don’t be saddened by anything!
✅ My sun, for me there is no one in the world dearer than you! I will reveal a secret to you: I love you! Today I want you to smile and shine like a star. You are the queen of beauty, you drove me crazy a long time ago! May all your dreams come true and be happy!
✅ More beautiful than all the wonders in the world are only your magical eyes! I wish you to remain as gentle forever, with your radiant smile, captivating my warm eyes. May your happiness be like a blood sister, may destiny love you and give you warmth and only good.
Your birthday is special to me. He gave life to my girlfriend. I wish you unlimited joy, happy days, exciting moments. Let your beauty shine brightly, bringing enthusiasm and inspiration to our hearts.
✅ Happy birthday, my dear! I wish you happiness and goodness, your beauty just to flourish. You are wonderful, you are my soul, my favorite flower, I adore you with all my heart and I am glad to have met you!
✅ My love, my tender petal, I wish you a happy birthday! You are like a ray of sunshine, like a flower. You are the light I adore! Be healthy, my love, always bloom and smile. Be happy and never give up on your dreams.
✅ Honey, I wish you infinite happiness, a bright and fun life, every day to be like a holiday, to have only joy and a smile. Don’t be saddened by the trifles. Always be gentle, kind, sweet, beautiful as spring flowers. And know that I only love you!
✅ Thank you to the universe and your parents for you! I love you unconditionally! Happy birthday, my beauty! You are my life, you are the embodiment of goodness, you are tenderness, joy, happiness. You are my bright dream and my wealth. I wish you happy days! I will never tire of loving you!

Messages from many years for the loved one

► My dear little girl, the joy of my heart, I congratulate you on your birthday. May the hour of happiness always show you the hour of love and joy, and may the hour of life stop time! Happy Birthday my dear!
► Happy birthday! I wish you, my love, the rainbow of happiness, the radiance of the sun, the delicate aroma of flowers, the fresh air and the torrential rain, under which we can hide and reveal our feelings. You are the most beautiful girl in the world!
► My love, I congratulate you on your birthday. I want you to be free in actions, thoughts and emotions. Never refuse the generous gifts of life. Happy Birthday!

The most beautiful messages of many years

💬 My dear little girl, have a beautiful birthday! I want you to fly smoothly and easily through the air of happiness, just like a balloon, to remain the most beautiful, like a flower, to present yourself in any situation as a good but strong person. Remember that I will always support you and be by your side!
💬 Happy birthday, my love. I want you to conquer everyone around you with a seductive smile, to amaze the whole world with your talents, to make your beauty always beyond the competition, and to make your dreams come true.
💬 My beloved, desired, irresistible and wonderful girl, congratulations on your birthday! To hear the most pleasant compliments, to see the most beautiful places on earth, to feel true happiness and to be perceived as a true goddess of love.

Messages from many years for the wife

These amazingly beautiful and truly romantic words will surely decorate your wife’s birthday. In addition to the gift, select from this list of messages from many years for the wife the most appropriate.
👩 Happy birthday, my dear and beloved. May your happiness, joy and self-confidence surround you. I am ready to bring all the flowers of the world to your feet, because I want to make you happy!
👩 Beloved and unique, adorable and beautiful, you are my life! I congratulate you on this important day and I want to wish you to always remain an optimistic soul, full of life, cheerful and communicable! New experiences and emotions!
👩 Happy birthday, my love. I want our hearts to always keep the secret of love, your soul to know the secret of happiness, and all the paths to success and victory to be open to you.
👩 My dear wife! My beautiful wife! You are my main luck, you were sent to me by fate! I wish you a happy birthday and good health. I want us to be together forever, in joy and in sorrow!
Ub Honey, my dear, I congratulate you and wish you happiness until the sun. Be just as glorious, gentle, a happy, loving wife! You are the most amazing flower and brighter than the sun. Happy birthday, my sweet and tender wife.
There is no friend closer and dearer in the world than you! There are no finer, more loving, loving hands than yours. There is no more tender look than your eyes! You make me happy, you give me warmth. I feel unbearable without you and I’m fine with you alone. You always warm me with your smile, and today I wish you
a Happy Birthday sincerely, my beautiful wife!
👩 Happy birthday, my wife, my loving and most beautiful sun! May your dreams come true, may your heart be full of joy and peace, tenderness and happiness. You are my angel and I want to live with you until old age.
👩 Thank you your parents for bringing you into this world! I worship them! You are my joy, my half, my beloved wife! Happy birthday to you. I wish you health, happiness and good luck. I love you with all my heart!
👩 My dear wife, I congratulate you today! Be just as beautiful, sweet, always needed by everyone. Always start the mornings with a smile! To always be successful, to be happy, not to know evil. You are my gold, my sun, my life, my destiny.
You are my gift, that’s for sure, and I love you to the point of agony! I wish you patience, my sweet, because sometimes it’s not easy with me. I wish you joy and good mood! I will love you all my life!
👩 My dear wife! You are the dearest to me in the world and I need you like air. You are a goddess for me who came down from heaven. My eighth wonder of the world, my princess. I wish you a wonderful birthday and to be the happiest in the world. Smile more!
👩 My dear beautiful wife! To me you are like the sky, the stars, the sun and the moon! You make my world brighter, more beautiful and warmer, and I fall in love with you more and more. I want you to be happy with me, to bloom like a rose. Congratulations and I wish you all the best! I want us to live like in golden dreams!
👩 My dear, I wish you to be happy and healthy, dreams not to know the end and the edge. I wish you joy and laughter, the support and love of your friends and good luck.

Messages from many years for the beloved girl

🐱 Congratulations, my dear, on your birthday! You are my joy and I want you to stay weak in my arms. You are the embodied perfection, the ideal of beauty and the example of elegance and charm.
🐱 My beautiful girl, have a wonderful birthday! I wish you all the best, a good mood, unlimited luck, magical happiness and eternal love.
🐱 Happy birthday, my sweet girl. I wish you unique moments in life, creative ideas and interesting activities. You are endowed with an irresistible beauty, a perfect intelligence and an excellent intuition, all you have to do is have sincere feelings and get everything you want out of life! I love you!

Birthday messages

🥛 My love, let the sun enter your room every morning and wake you up. Let the cold snowflakes envy you for your tenderness and warmth, and let the angels admire your kindness. Happy birthday, my dear girl!
🥛 My dear, with all my heart I want to congratulate you on your birthday! I want you to feel with me the most desired, happy and beautiful. I love you, you are my inspiration!
🥛 My beautiful and beloved little girl, I wish you a happy birthday! I am always amazed by your beauty, intelligence and inventiveness. Be healthy, sincere, kind, gentle and attentive. May all the paths of life be open to you. Use the opportunities, make an effort and you will get what you want. And I will be there for support and help.
🥛 I will collect all the stars in the sky today for my girlfriend, for her birthday. But know that only our love can be brighter than all the celestial stars!
🥛 May all your wishes come true and do only what you want. I love you with all my heart. You are so beautiful and tender!
You are my ideal! I don’t see any flaws in you. Let your life be as sweet as a hundred thousand candies. May all your dreams come true the moment you want it.
🥛 I want to congratulate you and wish you joy, smiles, happiness and fire in your eyes. I love you very much! You are always so beautiful, so funny! Just always be happy with me! I will always be with you to solve all your problems!
🥛 Honey, to always live like in a fairy tale, to have a lot of happiness, not to know the troubles, not to owe anyone anything! My soul is just for you! Be merry, keep your soul clean, and remember that I adore you. You are the light of my eyes, you have given me happiness.
🥛 My dear, let your life be happy, beautiful, what you dream of achieving, let the sorrows and quarrels be forgotten forever. Everything will be the way you want it, my dear, just believe it. You will have boundless and endless joy and your life will be filled with prosperity!
🥛 My love, I wish you to be happy, not to know evil, to be surrounded only by beauty. I want you to always love me!
🥛 My beloved, my beautiful, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. I always dreamed of you. I wish you much happiness! My princess, you are my fortune. It flourishes and conquers the whole world. Let your most desired dreams come true!
🥛 Honey, accept my birthday cards! You’re always in my humble heart, even if I don’t show it to you. All my thoughts are on you. Thank you for existing in my destiny! Be the happiest!
🥛 The world is more beautiful because you exist in it! I just want you to be happier every year. I wish, my joy, all your dreams to come true, to swim in joy!

Messages from many years suitable for SMS, Viber and WhatsApp

You want to congratulate your girlfriend elegantly and beautifully, but you are far away
Then these messages from many years, suitable for SMS, Viber and WhatsApp will be perfect. Give your loved one not only exclusive gifts, but also original and sincere messages!
❤️ My sweet sweetheart, you are the most beautiful and amazing being I have ever met. Today I congratulate you on your birthday and I wish you never to depend on the opinions of strangers, not to spoil your mood due to the weather and not to be overwhelmed by difficulties.
❤️ My dear, for your birthday I want to send you the warmest words, I wish you not to have sad times and to be happy. I love you very much! Happy Birthday!
❤️ Today is my girlfriend’s birthday! I want to congratulate you and wish you to fly like a free bird in the sky of happiness, to dictate the rules of life and to be able to cope with unpleasant situations. Happy Birthday!

❤️ Congratulations, my love! I wish you happiness! May your eyes be enlightened, may you be healthy, and may you always keep our ardent love in your heart.
❤️ Beautiful, I’m in a hurry to congratulate you on your birthday! Destiny to generously give you success, happiness, joy, luck. May all your dreams come true as soon as possible and new ones be born instead. My love will always warm you!
❤️ My dear, today is your birthday and I want to tell you that I admire you: for your smile, for your beauty. I want you to keep your optimism forever. I hold your image in my heart and tell you that I love you.
❤️ Happy birthday, my angel. All my love is with you today. You are beautiful and wise, fair and good. You are more expensive than diamonds, gold and silver. Have happiness, joy, no problem in fate and in all that only success awaits you.
❤️ My daughter, I wish you a happy birthday! I’m incredibly lucky in life to meet you. Today I receive so much tenderness and warmth from the best girl in the world! I wish you the sweetest dreams, captivating, hot kisses. I love you and that’s so beautiful!
❤️ I wish you, my love, happy birthday, good luck, always be convincing, the kindest and most beautiful! Instead, I want to give you all my loyalty, to be with you all the time, to be less jealous.
❤️ You are the most beautiful today and every day! Have miracles, smiles, dreams come true, happiness, joy. You are the perfection of the earth! I love you very much!
❤️ Happy birthday, my love! Remember how much I adore you. Without you, believe me, I can’t imagine any day in my life.
❤️ Dear! Always be a happy ray of sunshine, enlightening my heart. I will warm you with happiness and warmth! Know that the door is always open for you in my soul!
️ Honey! May life give you smiles, may dreams come true, may health be generous, and may our hearts always be connected!

Birthday messages

– My darling! For your birthday, I want you to feel like a real queen, to accept the gifts of destiny, to always be adorable, extraordinary, magical and unique.
– My dear, on this special day, I want to wish you the fulfillment of the most secret wishes! Your eyes are more beautiful than the sea, your gait is graceful, and your lips are sweeter than candy. I feel happy when I’m with you. You are a real treasure. Happy Birthday!

If your girlfriend has a well-developed sense of humor, then she will surely appreciate these funny messages from many years)

– My love, for your birthday, I want all MY dreams to come true. I want to make you happy, to surround you with love and to fill every moment of your life with pleasant moments! Because I love you!
– Sweetheart! I congratulate you on your birthday. I’ll try to be your James Bond, Don Quixote or the god Adonis – whoever you want, my dear!
– Honey, congratulations on your birthday. Be like a sharp antelope, a strong bear, and a cheerful squirrel.
– My dear, the light of my eyes and the joy of my soul, I wish you a happy birthday. Remain my sweet chocolate, my icing on the cake, the goddess of beauty, the woman with an incredible fantasy and a funny weirdness. You are the most formidable for me, without the complicated make-up and Versace clothes.
– Golden woman, congratulations! Always stay the same: a cold shower and a hot sun, a strong wind and a colorful rainbow. In any condition and in any situation, know that I will always love you!
– Happy Birthday! You are the only wonder in the world to me. I wish you serenades of romance and happy author songs, a hip hop of luck and a rock of passion, hymns of love and manele of joy! Congratulations!

The funniest messages of many years

❤️ With your holiday, baby! I am probably the happiest and luckiest man on earth, because many are looking for and kissing frogs, and I suddenly found the princess!
❤️ My fluffy bunny, my priceless pearl, today I am ready for heroic deeds. Don’t be embarrassed and ask for what you want – I’ll do anything for you, take advantage of the moment!
❤️ Today the beauty salon will be blinded after your visit, because on this day you will be the most beautiful. But know that for me you are always beautiful. Happy Holidays, my love.
❤️ My love, on your birthday I wish you did not know what headaches mean, literally and figuratively, to live without difficulties, and your beauty to lead this world! I love you and happy birthday!
❤️ I know your adult soul is still alive as a child. I admit that your body lines are mega tempting. You always stay that way, my love: with a perfect figure to the joy of your friends, with a strong temperament to the joy of men, with a sharp tongue to the joy of your boss and future mother-in-law. I only love you like that. Happy birthday, my ideal!
❤️ Happy birthday, my fate! Great life is ahead! I wish you happiness! You’re my fairy that I blush every time I look at her. I try to be smart with you, but I lose sight of you.
❤️ I will make your life rich, with desired surprises, with sincere smiles, with victories and pleasant emotions, because I have a coin with which you can buy all this. This is love.
❤️ My dear princess, you are always beautiful for me in any outfit and especially without outfits! I will make every sacrifice for you, just be with me! If you tell me, I’ll bring you a star, because you’re the goddess, and the rest doesn’t matter!
❤️ For your birthday, I want to finally admit that I don’t love you, I adore you. I want you to fall all day today – in my arms. To cry – for joy. Your hands hurt – from the weight of the flowers you will receive.
❤️ Wishing you health and success in your various affairs, I want to remind you that you are the most perfect of all beautiful models! Happy Birthday love!
❤️ Today is the day when I am ready to fulfill all your whims. Don’t miss the chance, because such actions only happen on your birthday and another 364 days after it.
❤️ Today’s prom queen is you! I would give half the kingdom for you! Have a great mood, get beautiful flowers! Know that I am chronically ill after you, and fortunately there is no cure for the disease.
❤️ Honey, congratulations on your birthday and I warn you that today I will answer you for everything with the same coin. I will always look you in the eye, I will listen to everything you say, I will lower all the stars in the sky and I will only talk about love for you!
❤️ What can I wish you, dear
You already have everything! I can only tell you that being your boyfriend is an honor! Waking up next to you and falling asleep next to you… I could only dream of that.