Currently, fashion trends offer us very different and contradictory recommendations, but this can only be used to our advantage.
It is quite difficult to make a choice, but we will help you make the right decision. So what is the perfect manicure of the year?

Latest news for this year’s nail design

We present the most current trends of the current year. The choice depends on many factors and as always, there is not just one excellent option. There are a lot of gel nail designs pictures of all colors and shades, but our goal is to explain the latest trends.

  1. Metallic color and decorations

It seems that the fashion industry in recent years lives under the motto “More shiny elements!”. Varnishes with glitter particles, decorative elements for nails, imitations of precious stones, rhinestones and stickers with a mirror effect – all these trends have been familiar to us for many years.
But this year, something new awaits us: use a shiny varnish and glue some decorative pebbles or pieces of foil. You will get a shiny look. You can also complete this bright style with a design.

  1. Black models

Graphic black designs or nail pattern with stamps on a transparent background is another trend in nail design in the last season. The main aspect in this manicure is the perfect embodiment: the lines must be clear and uniform.

  1. Avant-garde style

The art of Rothko, Malevich and Kandinsky continues to inspire nail designers this year. And this phenomenon is easy to explain: a manicure based on avant-garde style looks very good.
If you still succeed in complex compositions, start with something simpler. A black, white or red square is enough for the first time.

  1. Jewelry

We will take this trend with us from last year: this year there was a real boom on nails decorated with artificial stones, pearls and gold beads.
The minimalist style is also fashionable, where one or two nails are decorated and a decoration with a lot of shiny elements. But the last option, of course, is not one for office days.

  1. Black and white manicure

The classic black and white combination has been a bit forgotten in recent years, but this year this issue needs to be corrected. You can choose between black and white square manicure, French graphic art or black and white drawings to your liking.

What Nail Shape Is In Fashion

The Right Answer Is Any! Wear your nails the desired shape and length and with the help of our ideas you will be able to implement the latest images and designs.

  1. Sharp nails

Sharp nails often look aggressive and inappropriate, but this is easy to fix. First of all, don’t grow them too much. Secondly, choose the right design: French manicure, shadows and “cat’s eyes” fit with sharp nails. These techniques will help remove the aggressive effect.

  1. Square nails

The fashion trend in manicure for long square nails are translucent textures. Paint your nails with varnish not in two layers, but only in one layer, so that the long ends of the nails look like glass.

  1. Long, rounded nails

In fashion, almond-shaped nails are of medium and long length. At the same time, in order to keep up with the latest trends, it is not necessary to use a complicated design, it is enough just to make an elegant manicure.
But don’t overdo it: extremely long claws are not welcome.

  1. Oval nails

If we are serious about fashion trends, then one thing is for sure: the “square” shape of the nails is not as questionable as the long, rounded ones. One of the interesting options for nails are oval or round nails, painted on the outside with varnish.
This line can be of any color or of several colors. It is important to note that this design looks great on both short and long nails.

  1. “Ballerina” nail shape

Like sharp ones, “ballerina” shaped nails are very whimsical and require a special approach. To create a manicure that looks good and helps to enhance the flawless style, you need to apply light pink and peach or completely transparent varnishes on the nails.
If you like a more complicated design, decorate your nails with small stones or beads.

The most popular colors for manicure

The most popular color of the lake today and in any other year is the one that fits perfectly with the skin tone. But if you take into account the smallest changes in the fashion world, then keep in mind the list of shades that have been observed at various presentations.

  1. Grey color

These shades did not become famous just because of the movie “Fifty Shades of Gray”. The gray color combines perfectly with other colors. Remember: if you have pale skin, it is better to use darker shades.

  1. Yellow and orange color

Look for the most elegant shades. These are the best choice. These colors will be best suited for the warm season, when the skin will get a uniform tan.
These summer nail designs will conquer all the bases of rest. Dark shades are suitable models for autumn.

  1. The color green

There is only one tip: choose emerald. First of all, such a manicure is in line with the design trend of “precious” nails. Secondly, nails of such shades have appeared in a lot of fashion shows.

The classic red manicure Red

lacquer, like red lipstick, are some basic elements. And a monochrome red angle model will definitely be in vogue.

Short nail designs

Five successful ideas for those who prefer short nails.

  1. Separate the edges of the nails with strips of varnish in a shade of pink gold. It’s cute, beautiful and simple. And it’s really a little solemn.

Another fashionable jacket for short nails is to “spray” a small lacquer with sequins on the tips or, conversely, the roots of the nails.

  1. Simple monochrome squares will be very well combined on short nails with black lacquer.

But on a white varnish it is better to apply delicate multicolored designs or inscriptions. Simple nail designs can also be used. To do this, use a nail brush.

  1. Don’t forget the matte textures that are fashionable.

Bridal Nail Designs The bridal

manicure has not undergone any major changes. Delicate pink colors, jewelry and decorative stones are a classic relevance. This also applies to French nail designs. A beautiful manicure is a real gift, which makes any day much more successful!