Humor and laughter have been with us all our lives, and as a result, school jokes have become quite natural. Of course, there are jokes for children without nonsense, which would suit both 7-year-olds and 11-year-olds. Moreover, funny jokes for children are popular not only among the little ones, but also among the parents.

The purpose of these funny children’s jokes is to help the little ones live more fun and not to offend anyone, especially when it comes to children’s friendship jokes or school jokes. Children should be encouraged to laugh sincerely!

The funniest jokes for kids

Funny jokes are relevant for both 8-year-olds and older ones, from 4th grade or even high school students. Without such funny breaks, children’s lives are unimaginable, as the situations described in the jokes are often taken from real everyday situations and communication between colleagues and friends. So, among the funniest jokes for children are popular those with Bubble, but also jokes about animals for children.
πŸ˜„ Testing takes place in the classroom. The teacher carefully monitors the students and from time to time expels those he has noticed while copying. The deputy principal enters the class and says: – Write test
Here, there are probably enough amateurs to copy! The teacher answers: – No, the amateurs are already behind the door. Only professionals remained here.
πŸ˜„ – Children, who broke the
Silence window. – Kids, who broke the
Silence window again. “I’m asking for the third time!” Who broke the window
– Mrs. Maria! Ask for the fourth time already!
πŸ˜„ Student after grading: – I do not think I deserve such an assessment. The teacher: – Neither do I, but a lower grade, unfortunately, is not.
πŸ˜„ The student receives a grade of 10. The teacher asks for the agenda. -I forgot her at home, says the student. “Take mine!” – whispers the colleague.
πŸ˜„ Teacher: – Children, you know that in the cold all objects are compressed and in the heat, on the contrary, they increase in size
Who can bring an example from life
Bubble raises his hand: – The summer holidays last longer than the winter ones!
πŸ˜„ The teacher of the Romanian lesson: – Give an example for the use of the expression β€œfortunately”. The student replies, “The robbers were waiting for the passenger and killed him.” Fortunately, the traveler forgot the money at home.
πŸ˜„ – Children, what natural phenomena happen in winter
– Snowmen.
πŸ˜„ A very fat girl was transferred to another class, after which the school moved in the other direction.
πŸ˜„ The 1st grade student comes home from class and starts telling his mother: -I read a story in class. -Which
mother is interested. – Red Riding Hood. -And what did this wonderful fairy tale teach you?
– That I have to remember very well what my grandmother looks like.
πŸ˜„ A school teacher tells his colleague: – It has become completely impossible to work. The teacher is afraid of the principal. Director of Inspector. Inspectors – by ministers. Parent ministers. Parents are afraid of children. And only children are not afraid of anyone.
πŸ˜„ – When you do your homework
– After the movie. – It’s too late for the movie. “It’s never too late to learn!”
πŸ˜„ The teacher teaches geography. Pass the Bubble to the board. – Bubble, please tell us what the Panama Canal is. – I don’t know, our TV doesn’t show such a channel.
πŸ˜„ The father asks Bula: – You corrected the grade of two
– It’s solved! – Well, show me! – There it is! (in the diary, dirt and stains from the eraser) – Well, who corrects like that
! Give it a go!
“Bubble, tell me how long it will be two or two ,” the
teacher asks. -Four! – That’s how it is. I have four sweets for you. “If I had known, I would have said sixteen!”
πŸ˜„ Teacher: – Bubble, tell me quickly how long it will be 5 + 8. – 23. -Shame, you are so stupid! It will be 13, not 23. -That’s because you asked me to answer quickly, and not correctly.
Ra -Bravo, Bubble! his father praises him. -How did you manage to get the top ten in zoology
-They asked me how many legs the ostrich has. I answered that three. -But the ostrich has two legs! -That’s it! But the rest of the students answered that four!
πŸ˜„ Bubble, returning home after lessons: – Dad, today at school there will be a parents’ meeting, but only for a small circle. “For a small circle
. What does that mean?”
– It’ll be just the teacher and you.
πŸ˜„ The little girl is crying in a pharmacy: – My mother sent me for medicine, but I forgot the name. I remember only the shortest and simplest – hydroxymethylamino triphenyl acetate.
The boy asks his father: – Dad, what does the Stone Age mean
– The Stone Age is a time when everything was made of stone. – And the computers
πŸ˜„ – Bubble, if you are going to drive so bad, then your father’s hair will grow white! – And my father will be very happy, because he is bald.
πŸ˜„ The girl says: – Mom, I cooked porridge! – From what
– From sarmale!
πŸ˜„ Bubble doesn’t want to go to bed. The father sits down on his bed and begins to tell him stories. An hour passes and finally there is silence in the room. My mother quietly opens the door and asks: – She fell asleep
– Yes, mommy! – the son answers in a whisper.
πŸ˜„ Grandmother wakes up her grandson: – Whoever wakes up early, God gives him! Not working. “Whoever wakes up early will go out and find a wallet!” The nephew: – And who really woke up early and lost it!
πŸ˜„ The son says to his mother: -I will not go to school anymore! “Why does
she ask?” -Gheorghe will fight again, he will put BulΔƒ on the steps, Ionel will shoot from a shot… I won’t go! -Son, my dear, I have to go to school. First of all, you are already forty years old and, secondly, you are the principal of the school.
πŸ˜„ Dad says to Bula: – If you study at 10, then I will buy you a black limousine. You will study on 8 – white. Well, if I buy you a green limousine for 5 and 6, you’ll be a walking fool!
Husband and wife stay in a restaurant. The husband says, “What a delicious coffee!” The wife says, “But it’s not coffee, it’s tea!” The waiter says, “Maybe it’s soup
.” “He was a boy who was enchanted. ” He could say one word a year. Here he is in love, after 7 years in which they did not say a word. And then he said, β€œI love you! Marry me!” The girl takes the headphones off her ears and blames them: “Repeat what you said, I didn’t hear.”
“Mom, why do you have gray hair?”
-This is because you’re not listening to me. -Ah, now it’s clear why my grandmother’s hair is so gray.
πŸ˜„ In vain I was against our daughter having a piercing. Since she put a ring on her nose, it has become much more convenient to pull her to school.
Ata Dad bathes the child: – Maria, Bubble eats foam! A few minutes later: “Maria, but she’s really tasty!”
πŸ˜„ Bubble with his father are fishing. The father says to his son, “Son, give me bread.” – I ate it. “Then give me some porridge.” -I ate this one too. -Then eat worms and let’s go home.
πŸ˜„ The teacher came home to the guilty student: – The mother is home
The student: – She hasn’t come yet. – And Dad
– He hid too.
The child comes to the mother and asks her: -Mother, why does my father have so little hair on his head? The
mother thought and answered: – Because he thinks a lot! Shy son: – Then why do you have such rich hair

Short jokes for children

The age of 9 – 10 years is only good for a child to learn to relate to humor all the problems of life, to laugh and to easily overcome any tense situation. In addition, a joke told at the right place and time will bring him popularity among his classmates. Choose the right joke from this selection of short children’s jokes and tell your friends!
↩️ A son comes to his mother and says: – Mother, burn the Christmas tree. – Son, don’t burn, but shine. The son runs to his mother again and says, “Mom, the curtains are already shining.”
↩️ The teacher talks to a student’s father. -Why your son always has a lot of money in his pocket
– Yes, that’s a good idea. Today I’m going to buy her a purse.
↩️ The boy runs to his mother and says: – Mother, mother, I saw cockroaches again. “Ask my father to kill them.” – I can’t, he’s sitting on the chandelier!
↩️ My mother asks her daughter: – Alina, why are there four tablespoons on the table
– I want to make cocoa and there it says: “Add four tablespoons of cocoa”.
↩️ The teacher asks the student: – Bubble, mom always does the lessons for you
Bubble, lazy: – No, when mom is at work, then dad!
↩️ The mother says to her son: – Why do you skip a few pages when you read the book
-This book is about spies. I want to catch them as soon as possible.
↩️ The niece asks her grandmother: – Grandma, how old are you
– Sixty. – Show me your fingers.
↩️ The mother wakes up her son in the morning: – Get up! You will be late for school! The son, under the duvet, lazy: – Mother! Where to hurry
The school works all day!
↩️ Grandma’s nephew: – Grandma, turn on the light! I can’t see where my finger hurts!
↩️ The seller asks Bula: -You are sure you were sent to buy 3 kilograms of sweets and 200 grams of potatoes
↩️ – Bubble, what will you do if someone attacks you
– I’m not afraid – I know judo, karate , aikido and other scary words!
↩️ – Why didn’t you go to school yesterday
– My older brother got sick. – And what do you have with that?
I was on his bike!
↩️ The teacher calls BulΔƒ’s father: -Your son drew a spider on my table, so I almost fainted. Dad: That’s still nothing! He painted such a crocodile in our tub that we jumped through the painted door.

↩️ A little girl is watching her father’s work, who is painting the ceiling. My mother says, “Look, Alinuta, and learn.” And when you grow up, you will help my father. Alinuta surprised: – And what, until then it will not end yet
↩️ -Mom, how much toothpaste is in a tube
– I do not know. -And I know: from the couch to the door!
↩️ Bula’s father calls the neighbor: – You’ve already done your math homework for your son
– Yes. – Let me copy!
↩️ – Dad, cream is useful
-Useful, Dad replied. The son asks again: -Onions are useful
– Yes, my father answered. “Then buy me cream and onion chips.”
↩️ – Bubble, you did all the lessons
– No. – Why did you go to bed then
-Less you know, you better sleep.
↩️ -Why don’t you eat
– the mother asks the son. “You said you were hungry like a wolf.” – You saw the wolves eating carrots
↩️ The girl runs merrily through the puddles and suddenly sees her mother, watching her from the window. The girl says: -Go out the window, mother, you will catch a cold!
↩️ A little girl asks her grandfather: – Grandpa, what kind of berries are these
– This is the black currant. – Why is it red then
– Because it’s still green.
↩️ -Grandpa, the nephew asks, -You want a pie
– Yes. – Then bake us, please.
↩️ The wizard shouted at a boy on the stage: – You can, boy, confirm that you see me for the first time
– Yes, father.
↩️ -Grandma, it is true that for any evil, someone must answer well
The niece asks. “True, nephew, indeed.” – Then give me 5 lei, please, I broke your glasses.
↩️ – Bubble, how do you do math
– asks the father. – Very well! Yesterday I received eight plus six minus four.
↩️ The mother asked her son: – What would you like to receive for the New Year
– A horse, a weapon and three days not to wash!
↩️ On December 31, a son comes to his mother and says: – Come on, when it’s 11 and a half, let’s shout: β€œNew Year! New Year!” – Why –
Let the neighbors believe that the New Year has come to us earlier.
↩️ – Dad, guess which train was late
– Which one, son
– The one you promised to give me on New Year’s Eve.
↩️ Letter from the children’s sports camp: Dear parents, live well. Yesterday I had boxing competitions. I send home my toothbrush, toothpaste and other useless items.
↩️ – Mom, give me twenty lei, I’ll give it to that poor grandfather! – You’re my smart girl! And where does Grandpa live
? – That’s where he sells ice cream.
↩️ Bubble: – Dad, do you remember what you said, if I go to the 3rd grade, you will give me 100 euros
– I remember, my father answers. -So you saved 100 euros.
↩️ Mother: You put more water in the fish tank in the aquarium
. Child: No. Mother: Why
Baby: Because she hasn’t finished the water I put on her last month
↩️ A young man goes to the doctor and says: – Doctor, doctor! My head feels like a strawberry! And the doctor says, “You want some whipped cream.”

Children’s friendship jokes

Humorous children’s jokes are very popular with kids of all ages. For this reason, in this paragraph we have collected the funniest ones.
πŸ‘₯ A boy says to his friend: -You have no idea how cowardly my dog ​​is! When someone rings the bell, they immediately run under the couch. -But it’s not the same
for you -No, because we can’t fit in there!
Two friends meet. One asks the other: – You connected to the Internet
– How do you know
– Out of sight. – They’ve gotten smarter
– No, they’ve gotten redder.
πŸ‘₯ Discussion between friends. “Bubble, laugh.
Personally, I don’t see anything funny!” -And you can’t even see: you sat down on my sandwich!
πŸ‘₯ Talk between two friends. – What beautiful curls you have! – Thank you very much. I’ve been doing them all morning. – Yes,
I thought you had wavy hair. “If it had been wavy, I would have straightened it!”
Two friends meet. – Where have you been
? I ran for bread. – And how, you caught her
πŸ‘₯ My friends’ friends are my cousins.
πŸ‘₯ Learning + sleep = you have no friends. Friends + friends = you are not learning. Learning + Learning = you can’t sleep.
“By the way, I’ve noticed that I don’t have any normal friends at all.” All my friends are very strange. – But I
– You’re at the top of the list.
πŸ‘₯ -Where is the guarantee that one of your friends is not imaginary
– I will look for another psychologist.
πŸ‘₯ I constantly lose something: my phone, my headphones, my friends, my self-esteem, especially my headphones.
πŸ‘₯ It was Bula with two more friends in front of the block. “My mother is so small that she climbs on tiptoes to turn off the light,” says one of Bula’s friends. -My mother is so small that she climbs on tiptoes to put something in the socket, says the other. “That’s nothing,” says Bula. My mother is so small that she climbs on tiptoes to wipe the floor!
Two friends go to the fair to buy a cow. They arrive at the market and leave with the cow tied to the bar of the car. – Why the cow is after us
– I think we’re going too slow. – Let’s go faster. – Look, we have 50 km / h and the cow is still following us. “Then go even faster.” – Now we have 80km / h. The cow is still on our trail and her tongue is out. – On which side is the tongue, on the left or on the right
– On the left. – It means he wants to overtake us.
“I don’t know what to do with my great-grandfather: he bites his nails all the time.” “He did the same, but I quickly learned.” – How
you tied his hands
– No, I hid his teeth.
πŸ‘₯ Two friends are standing, talking, one has a big dog. On the street – minus 20. The one with a dog asks his friend: – You froze
– Yes. -You want to warm up
-I want. -FAS!

Animal jokes for kids

Animal jokes for children are so much fun that even adults can relax by reading them with their children. At times, these may seem ridiculous, but in the end, they will only provoke positive emotions – a smile and a fervent laugh.
🐱 A cat meets a dog. The cat barks suddenly. The dog asks her, “Why are you barking
?” “I’m studying a foreign language.”
🐱 Two pigs come to the zoo and see a camel. One says, “Let’s get out of here, they’ll beat us!” -Why do you think that
says the other. -Well, look what they did to the horse!
🐱 There was an emergency at the zoo – a kangaroo ran away from the cage. He was caught and, instead of the old fence, a new two-meter fence was installed. The next day, the same thing. The kangaroo was caught again and a three-meter fence has already been set up. On the third day, the kangaroo ran away again, so a four-meter fence was put up. At one point, the kangaroo asks the giraffe from a nearby cage: – How do you think, how far they will go
– I don’t know, up to ten meters! “Or maybe I’ll just close the gate at night.
” The crocodile asks his father, “Dad, when I’m rich
🐱 -Yesterday, in a fancy restaurant, I ate turtle soup. – And how
– From the plate is more convenient.
Husband and wife bought a car. Leaving her near the house, they tied up the dog nearby and told her to guard the car. When they returned home in the evening, they saw that all the wheels had been stolen, and there was a sheet on the windshield: “Don’t scold the dog, he barked!”
🐱 The bats are hanging from the ceiling, and the mice are wondering: – Why are they hanging upside down
? A smarter one: – They are doing yoga!
🐱 The fox runs to the wolf and says: – I saw a gray donkey today! “It wasn’t a donut, it was a shaved hedgehog returning from the army!”
🐱 The wolf sings under the window at the rabbit. The rabbit comes out and says, “Too bad you don’t play on the radio.” – I sing so beautiful
– No. But I could have stopped.
A rabbit, a wolf and a fox come to a restaurant. The waiter asks the rabbit: – What will you order
– Carrots. Then the wolf asks, “If I wanted to eat, then the rabbit would have been dead a long time ago.”
🐱 The teddy bear meets the hunter. The hunter asks him: – Is his mother or father at home
? The hunter: – Then go with me. And the teddy bear shouted, “Grandma!”
🐱 At the zoo. – Mother! Buy me an elephant! “And what are we going to feed him
?” It just says, “Elephant feeding is strictly forbidden!”
🐱 Two wolves talk: – I learned to write! And the other: – And what you wrote
– I do not know. I still can’t read!
🐱 Grandpa asks: – Do you know why cats can see in the dark?
His nephew replies, “I know.” Because I can’t reach the switch.
🐱 The little white bear asks his mother: -Mom, why do we need such a thick fur
The white bear answers: – So that we are not noticed by hunters and we do not freeze. The teddy bear also asks: -Mom, but why do we need claws and paws so strong
? The bear says: – Let’s defend ourselves from enemies. The teddy bear thinks for a while and asks, “But why do we need all this
? We live in a zoo!”
🐱 Call the circus director: – You need a talking horse
– Stop joking, says the director and hang up. He calls again: -Director, you need a talking horse
– I told! Stop fooling me! He calls again, “Director, stop shutting up!” Do you think it is easy to dial a number with a hoof
🐱 A big dog licked the baby. The child got scared and started crying. My mother screamed, “It bit you.
” “No, I tasted it.”
Scientists have discovered that the fat stork brings fat children.
🐱 -Your dog is weird – he sleeps all day. How to guard a house
– Very simple: when someone comes near the house, we wake him up and he starts barking. ”
🐱 My cat usually doesn’t mind sleeping in my bed, but only at the edge.
🐱 A moth and her young son sit in the closet and eat a fur coat. The son asks: – Mother! I can fly
– Not! Better eat the fur coat! – Sorry! When I flew yesterday, they applauded me so much!
🐱 Gorilla bananas have disappeared from the zoo. She posted an ad: “Whoever stole my bananas,
I’ll find him and rip off his paws and ears!” Gorilla.” The next day he finds a letter: “You bet you won’t break their
🐱 -Why does the cow in your drawing have five legs
-Well, you don’t realize that the fifth is her spare wheel
🐱 Rex asks his son: – What did you learn today at training school
– Foreign languages, Daddy. “Tell me something, too!” – Meow.
🐱 At the zoo, a hippopotamus asks the zebra: – Listen, why do you have stripes
– Because there were no polka dots in the store.
🐱 Q: Why do flamingos sleep on one leg
? A: Because if he lifted the second one, he would fall!
🐱 Q: Why do gorillas eat raw food
? A: Because they don’t know how to cook!