Children are the flowers of life. They decorate our lives and fill it with meaning. That’s why we decided to offer you a selection of wonderful quotes about children: quotes about children and mothers, quotes about children and childhood, quotes about children’s emotions, quotes about love for children, as well as some sad quotes about abandoned children and deprived of parental care and warmth.

These celebrity statements about children will excite you and help you better analyze the basics of education.

Beautiful quotes about children

Having a baby means the opportunity to walk through your childhood again. To take the first steps again, to say the first words, to return to the first grade and to the prom.
Being a parent is great, as evidenced by the quotes about the love for children of mothers and fathers, as well as the quotes about childhood presented below.
πŸ† The purpose of education is to teach our children how to do without us. E. Leguwe

πŸ† By the time he realized that his father was right, his son was already growing up, convinced that his father was usually wrong. Lawrence Peter

πŸ† If the child does not feel that your home belongs to him, he will go out into the street. Nadine de Rothschild

πŸ† The baby gives birth to the parents. Stanislav Jerzy Lec
πŸ† Parents are the bone from which children sharpen their teeth. Peter Ustinov

πŸ† Men love women, women love children, children love cats. Aylis Ellis

πŸ† We always invent our children. Valdemar Lisiak

πŸ† When dealing with a five-year-old, the main danger is that you soon start talking like a five-year-old. Gene Kerr

πŸ† When the child grows up, he stops understanding. Alexander Kulich

πŸ† Difficult childhood never ends. Jerzy Urban

πŸ† No child can share their parents, just like a child’s parents. Jan Kurchab
I look at my children. My former youth lives in them. They justify my old age. W. Shakespeare

πŸ† Children enjoy activities even when they do nothing. Cicero

πŸ† Children always do everything willingly. Comenius I

πŸ† Adult fun is called deed, children’s fun is also called deed, only adults punish them for it. Aurelius Blessed

πŸ† Children cannot be severely discouraged. They don’t just tolerate lies. Lev Tolstoy

πŸ† If children were not forced to work, then they would not have learned to read, to sing, to do gymnastics, nor what strengthens virtue the most – shame. For from these occupations, shame is usually born. Democritus
πŸ† Children need to be taught what will be useful to them when they grow up. Aristippus

πŸ† Never look for the resemblance of children to their father: it can cause unpleasant astonishment. Stanislav Jerzy Lec

πŸ† The child from the first grade must be taught the science of loneliness. Ranevskaia flour

πŸ† Without children it would be impossible to love this humanity. Fedor Dostoevsky

πŸ† If the children grew up as expected, then certainly the geniuses grew up with us. Geothe

πŸ† Women make us poets, children – philosophers. Malcolm Chasal

πŸ† Children do not need teachings, they need examples. Joseph Joubert
Children are the reason why the sky has not yet destroyed the world. Moritz-Gotlieb Sapir

πŸ† There is often a deep meaning in children’s play. Johann Schiller

πŸ† In the theater of life, the only real spectators are children. Vladislav Gzheschik

πŸ† Children who always call their mother are afraid that she will leave with another child. Ramon Serna

πŸ† Most of us become parents, who have not yet stopped being children. M. McLaughlin

πŸ† Husbands and wives should be chosen by their children. Valeri Afonchenko

πŸ† The child’s life is a huge experiment. Alfred Adler

πŸ† Mutual love is held by children. Menander
πŸ† Children are innocent, so their conscience sleeps; they do not know what remorse means. Valentin Grudeev

Quotes about children and childhood

We were all children and we believed in the magic of childhood. And even though we have matured, we are still in no hurry to say goodbye to this carefree mood. Furthermore, we can remember the lucky period of our lives with the help of these quotes about children and childhood.
➑️ Children find everything in nothing, people find nothing in everything. Giacomo Leopardi

➑️ Childhood – when everything is amazing and nothing is surprising. A. Rivarol

➑️ Every child is to a certain extent a genius and every genius is to a certain extent a child. A. Schopenhauer

➑️ With small children, as in the case of intellectuals: when they make noise, they make us nervous, when they are calm – it is suspicious. G. Laub
➑️ All the children of the world cry in the same language. L. Leonov

➑️ Children teach adults not to get lost in business and to stay free. M. Prishvin

➑️ Children never obeyed adults, but they regularly imitated them. D. Baldwin

➑️ If you know how to diagnose a child’s joy, the intensity of his joy, then you should have noticed that the greatest joy is the happiness of overcoming difficulties, achieving goals, open secrets, the joy of victory and the happiness of independence, mastery, possession. Janusz Korczak

➑️ Children have no past or future, but unlike us adults, they can use the present. La Bruyère
➑️ Children are instantly and naturally possessed of happiness, because they themselves are joy and happiness by nature. VM Hugo

➑️ Children must live in a world of beauty, games, fairy tales, music, drawing, imagination, creativity. VA Sukhomlinsky

➑️ He who has not been a child will never become an adult. Charlie Chaplin

➑️ Kids are always ready for a miracle. Olga Muravyova

➑️ Children listen most carefully when they are not talking to them. Eleanor Roosevelt

➑️ Children have fun in a certain occupation even when they are doing nothing. pica

Quotes about children and mothers

Children are the flowers in their parents’ lives. In this paragraph, we decided to emphasize the relationship between mother and baby, through these quotes about children and mothers of the remarkable personalities in history.
↩️ Children are the flowers of life that are born upside down. Antoine de Saint Exupery

↩️ I know nothing more beautiful than a dignified and happy mother with a small child in her arms. TG Shevchenko

↩️ Mother’s hands are the embodiment of tenderness. Victor Hugo

↩️ The first word of a person is the mother, the last is the mother. The world relies on the comfort of mothers. Mikhail Lezinsky

↩️ She is a mother and she is right. Ivan Turgenev

↩️ Motherhood is a blessing. Maria Scapskaya
↩️ The strongest connection in a woman’s life is her baby. Katie Lett

↩️ The wealth of the mother is her children. Konstantin Kushner

↩️ Motherhood is a lifetime. Karl Rainer

↩️ My mother’s heart is wide. There is a place for all children in it. Mikhail Bakunin

↩️ The mother’s heart is an abyss in the depths of which there will always be forgiveness. Honore de Balzac

↩️ The first gift our mother gives us is life, the second is love, and the third is understanding. Browser Dirk

↩️ Every mother considers herself Shakespeare, the creator of masterpieces. Alexey Ostrogorsky
↩️ A mother with many children could easily replace several air traffic controllers. Laurie Alter

↩️ I think I did a good job as a housewife if, by the time my husband comes home from work, our children are still alive. Raymond Barr

Quotes about love for children

We hope that these interesting, philosophical and sometimes unexpected quotes about the love for children of famous classics will help you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of childhood for at least a while.
We were unlucky with our children – they grew up. Christopher Morley

⭐ The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child. Joe Houldsworth

⭐ Pamper your children, it is not known what tests life has prepared for them. Antoine de Saint Exupery

⭐ Most of the time, we enjoy our children’s pranks, games, and tricks more than their adult-conscious deeds, as if we loved them for our entertainment, like monkeys, and not as people. Mr. Montaigne
⭐ A child needs your love the most when he deserves it the least. E. Bombek

⭐ A child is love that has become visible. Novalis

⭐ The mother needs nothing for the love of her children, except that she is a mother. Semen Ramishvili

⭐ Children should be selflessly loved. This is difficult, but there is no other way. Barbara Bush

⭐ Mother’s love is all-powerful, selfish, and selfless. It doesn’t depend on anything. Theodore Dreiser

⭐ Without children, it would be impossible to love the world. Fedor Dostoevsky

⭐ Children who are not loved become adults who cannot love. Pearl S. Buck
⭐ If children grew up according to our expectations, only geniuses would grow. Johann Wolfgang Goethe

⭐ If the child does not feel that your house belongs to him, he will turn the street into his house. Nadine de Rothschild

⭐ Life is short, but man lives it again through his children. Anatole France

⭐ Love does not necessarily mean children, but children are necessarily love. Valery Afonchenko

Quotes about family and children

Our children are our old age. Good education is a happy old age, bad education is our future sadness and tears. Read these quotes about family and children and find out what the great philosophers thought about education and the family relationship.
πŸš€ You can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when adults are afraid of the light. Plato

πŸš€ Be honest even with the child: keep the promise, otherwise you will teach him to lie. L. Tolstoy

πŸš€ It is easier to raise a strong child than to change a man. Frederick Douglas

πŸš€ Protect your children’s tears so they can shed them on your grave. Pythagoras
Never force children to buy the truth at the cost of addiction, and never perfect your mind to the detriment of their heart. J. Bernardin

πŸš€ If people say bad things about your children, then they say bad things about you. V. Sukhomlinsky

πŸš€ Children must – while they remain children – be led by parental authority, but at the same time they must be prepared not to always remain children. C. Wieland

πŸš€ Children need more examples than critics. J. Joubert

πŸš€ Children are holy and clean. You can’t make him your toy. A. Chekhov

πŸš€ If you don’t know who your children are, look at their friends. Xun Tzu
πŸš€ A parent who tries to change his child, not starting with himself, not only wastes his time in vain, but also takes very cruel risks. V. Levy

πŸš€ Education is an example and love, nothing more. Friedrich Frebel

πŸš€ Raising a child is not a pleasant time, but a job in which you have to invest the efforts of sleepless nights, the capital of heavy feelings and a lot of thinking. Janusz Korczak

πŸš€ Husbands and wives should be chosen by our children. Valery Afonchenko

πŸš€ The decision to have a child is a serious one. This means accepting that your heart will wander out of your body now and forever. Elizabeth Stone

Quotes about children and parents

There are many methods in educating children, but the main thing is to give your children all the love and surround them carefully. It is necessary to try to spend every free minute with the baby. Here are the most appropriate quotes about family and children in this regard.
πŸ‘ Adults should not be angry with children, because this does not correct them, but hurts them. Janusz Korczak

πŸ‘ When the word doesn’t touch, then the stick won’t help. Socrates

πŸ‘ We prepare our children for the future if we continue to teach them today, as we taught them yesterday. D. Dewey

πŸ‘ To educate children requires talent and a broad knowledge of life. Maxim Gorky

πŸ‘ Cattle are for slaughter, and children must be raised.Darius

πŸ‘ When you return to your old house, it seems that you did not look for the old house, but your childhood. Sam Ewing

πŸ‘ Love your childhood: encourage it to play, to have fun. Who among you sometimes does not regret this period, when there was always a smile on your face and peace of mind –
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

πŸ‘ Nobody told me that I was beautiful when I was little. All girls should be told that they are beautiful, even if it is not true. Marilyn Monroe

πŸ‘ Children need to be very lenient with adults. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

πŸ‘ Children who have never seen peace and children who have never seen war have different ideas about justice. One Piece
πŸ‘ The child changes your life in all aspects – of course, for the better. The sacrifices are certainly very large, but in return you will get much more. In a word, I feel ready to die because my life is already in my daughter. Heath Ledger

πŸ‘ Children inherit the madness of their parents. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

πŸ‘ I film myself in many children’s films, because I want to give them positivism. His arms and legs are often broken on TV due to terrorist attacks and wars, but children need love and happiness. When you grow up, the world destroys you. It’s a miracle we can still smile. Johnny Depp

πŸ‘ If all children are special, why adults grow up
George Carlin

The child is the mirror image of the family situation, of the relations between the parents, even if the parents do not want to admit it. Luule Viilma

πŸ‘ The school has nothing to do with education. This is a control institute where the basic skills of shared housing are taught to children. Winston Churchill

πŸ‘ Parents love children more than children love their parents. Parents may not love each other, but they live together for their children, and children may leave their parents for the love of an absolutely stranger. Konstantin Melikhan

πŸ‘ Children express what they feel. And they are not afraid to love. Miguel Ruiz
πŸ‘ The children did not betray me, did not deceive me and did not disappoint me. And the adults disappointed me. Adults and the whole world have been disappointed. Michael Jackson

πŸ‘ The child who has been his mother’s favorite all his life will always be the winner and will believe in luck. Sigmund Freud

πŸ‘ Children are interested in where everything comes from, and adults – where everything is going. Vladimir Turovski

πŸ‘ Parents know more than their children, but children are always smarter than their parents. Jonathan Safran Foer
I want the same things that every parent really wants for his children – for them to be happy and for the filth of this world not to touch them. My favorite book is The Path of Your Life by William Saroyan. The text begins with the phrase, “Live, do no harm to anyone, and do not allow anyone to harm you.” Johnny Depp

πŸ‘ When I was working in a videotape shop, I saw parents arguing with their children because they were always taking the same movies they had already seen and loved. The children think, “Why take something unknown?
I’ll take this tape again.” I have child psychology, I like this approach. Quentin Tarantino

πŸ‘ In life, you have three great missions: to learn to be happy, to have children, and to teach them the art of being happy.Vladimir Chepovoi

πŸ‘ Only children know what is really going on in the world. They see more than adults, they believe in more, they are more honest and they always tell you what to expect. Cecilia Ahern

πŸ‘ What you would not do for your children, they will reach an age when everything will be blamed on you. So insist on only one thing – learning foreign languages. Only this moment will forgive him. Marlene Dietrich

Remember: happy children don’t need toys, they need your care!