Dream interpretation is the oldest way a person finds out what awaits them. Dreams open the door to the future for us, they are able to tell us about happiness soon or to predict our misfortune.
One of the most common images is the cat. Not surprisingly, this cat is more common to us than others, and humans associate many signs, superstitions, and world secrets with cats.
The meaning of what you can dream of a kitten has many interpretations. In some cases, dream cats mean failure, and in others, they bring happiness.

Black Cat

When you dream that the black cat is passing by, it means that your enemies will bypass you. If it is an aggressive cat that attacks and bites, the interpretation changes: there are people who are eager to damage your reputation or property.
According to Loff – the black cat can come in dreams that promise losses. And from Hassa Here’s book, we learn that the black shade of the animal speaks of problems. In addition, the dirty black cat can symbolize the disease of the fellow.
If in a dream you run after the cat or kill the black animal, this promises victory over the enemies.

Gray Cat

Many interpreters have meditated on what it means when you dream of the gray cat and come to the same idea – the person will give in to flattery or betrayal.
If the animal is driven away or does not come in contact with it, then the negative can be avoided. If the gray beast is dreamed of by a man, it means that a lying woman is trying to delight him.

White Cat Looking

for what it means to dream of white cats, remember that it depends a lot on the condition of the animal’s fur: clean fur foretells good, and dirty fur promises business failure. If you have dreamed of a white cat walking on the road, be prepared for the collapse of plans and the loss of hope.
Often, the white color of the beast involves betraying a close friend.

Red cat

There is a version that a woman who has been scratched in a dream by a red cat can expect a pregnancy.
Other explanations say that the dream cat has a sad event in any field: health, feelings, facts. Moreover, the red color of the animal also promises the betrayal of a loved one.

Feline multicolored cat

in 3 colors or more foretells all kinds of tests, barriers, difficulties. The fluffy animal promises to fight for personal happiness with a beautiful, intelligent and cunning rival.

Many cats in a dream

If you had a night view with many cats, then, according to Nostradamus, it is worth waiting for the famine associated with climate problems.
This is also an indirect indication of the presence of gossip. Looking for what it means when you dream of many cats that have died and suddenly come to life, be careful – your enemies are lurking. Baba Vanga believed that many cats in a dream symbolize shame in real life.
If you see a lot of dark animals, we inform you that it symbolizes a large number of gossipers around you who are preparing to make a bad plan. And meditating on what it means when you dream of the little cat playing with its fluffy mother, it is about deception or information hidden from loved ones.
You can take this as a warning and start looking for answers in real life.
Seeing feline chicks and their gray mother – know that daydreaming characterizes you as a dishonest relationship with the second half. If a woman has this dream, then temptations and related errors await her.

Mice and Cats

In many interpretations of dreams, it is said that cats promise trouble in reality. However, if mice also appear in images, they can change their meaning completely. Therefore, we will emphasize what it means when you dream of a mouse and a cat.
If the cat catches mice, a monetary profit awaits you in real life. Miller believed that many mice and a single pet actually symbolize a large number of people from whom one should expect harm. It is considered important to remember the color of the animals.
The main thing is that the rodents are not black, otherwise they predict serious diseases. Even the white and the gray will not bring pleasure: the dreamer will soon have other enemies.
Some interpretations mention that the dreamed mice are serious and unpleasant gossip, and the cat that catches them promises a victory over the enemies. But it is important that every rodent is caught.
Only then can you expect good changes in your life. In the situation when the cat does not catch any mouse: the dreamer will have to worry about work.

Aggressive Cats

When you dream of cats biting you, it symbolizes a confrontation with a person’s idea and beliefs. According to Miller, when the cat attacks in a dream, it is considered the image of the attacking enemy, which is ready to bring trouble, rumors, losses to the dreamer.
It is important to remember exactly how the victim behaved in this case: if the person protected himself, if the cat bit him, if the animal was defeated, if you saw a cat scratching you, if he felt pain and if he felt fear.
According to the modern dream book, the cat’s attack foretells a serious and cruel enemy, ready to step on all principles for the sake of victory.
If in the night images the cat bites the person, then in reality it has fallen into a love triangle.

When caressing the cat in a dream

According to Miller, the interpretation of the dream in which the cat is caressed is a promise of love not recommended, especially if the animal is in the arms of the dreamer.
Moreover, the person you love is very selfish and values ​​only himself. The explanation of the dreams after Meneghetti says that the sleep vision, in which the cat is caressed, explains the fact that there is an energetic vampire in your environment.
According to Hassa, caressing a cat in a dream means realizing if the people around you are trustworthy. Feeding someone else’s cat – expect uninvited guests that can cause you a lot of trouble.

Sick cat

If the beast is bleeding, then expect news of relatives’ illnesses. When the sick animal looks weak but affectionate – you need to be more careful about your health, there may be hidden problems.

The bald and dirty cat predicts the retreat of the enemies, about whose insidious plans you will find out at random.

Dead Cat

According to Freud, killing a cat means suppressing your sexuality. Miller believes that killing a cat will open your eyes to friends with two girls.
Hassa interprets the dream when you kill a cat and eat it later by the fact that the person will face a serious betrayal.
The psychological explanations of dreams indicate that the dead animal promises to overcome difficulties, as well as respect from other people.
Raising a dead cat means finding an excellent solution to getting out of a dubious situation.