Summer is the season of beach trips and fun-filled shore tours. Whether you’re hitting the beach with friends or family, it’s never too early to get your social media game ready. The only way to secure your beach vacation is to post your best shots on Instagram. Whether it’s a scenic view of the ocean, a group shot of your favorite people, or a selfie capturing the moment, you need to have the perfect caption to go along with your beach adventure.

Having trouble coming up with captions for your beach pictures? Not to worry! We’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a list of the best beach Instagram captions to capture your #ShoreTour and turn your beach snaps into true vacation goals:


Are you looking to spread the word about your #ShoreTour? What better way to do it than to include it in your Instagram caption? #ShoreTour is all about taking you on a thrilling journey, highlighting all the excitement and beauty that comes with a beach trip. Don’t forget to include this hashtag when you’re sharing your beach photos.

Relaxing Captions

When all you want to do is relax, capture the moment with a chill and laid back Instagram caption.

• I’m here for the sunset, the sand, and a whole lotta chill.
• The best escape is to the beach.
• Beach: where worry melts like the ice cream.
• Beach days and chill vibes.
• Summer living at its finest.
• Stop and smell the ocean.
• Calm seas and sunny skies.

Funny Captions

Make your beach pictures more entertaining with a funny caption.

• If you need me, check the beach.
• I’ve got beach vibes and good times.
• My friends think I’m at the beach, but I’m really just at the bottom of the pool.
• I need a beach and a drink, stat!
• Enjoying the shore power of the beach.
• Let’s get ship faced, beach!
• Sun of a beach.

Travel Captions

Show off your beach exploration with a travel-inspired caption.

• Life is a beach, I’m just playing the tide.
• Taking my #ShoreTour to new places.
• Living off island time.
• Exploring the shore.
• I love the smell of saltwater in the morning.
• All you need is sand and sun to have a good time.
• The beach has me in its salty embrace.

Beach Life Captions

Capture the unique joy that comes with beach life with a beach-themed caption.

• Beach life is the life for me.
• Beach, please!
• The ocean is calling and I must go.
• I was born to make waves.
• Life is better in flip-flops.
• Life’s a beach and I’m just playing in the sand.
• No one likes shady beaches, except for me.

Romantic Captions

Make your beach photo romantic with a cute and romantic caption.

• In love with the sandy shores.
• Life is a beach and I just love my tides.
• You had me at beach.
• Kiss me under the stars and sand.
• The beach – where love meets the ocean.
• Paradise found with you.
• Sea you soon, lovebirds.

Couple Captions

When you’re at the beach with your significant other, make sure to commemorate the moment on social media with a couple’s caption.

• Sea you soon, lovebirds.
• Vacation brings us closer.
• When waves and you collide.
• Couple of lovebirds living the beach life.
• Just two humans in love with the beach.
• You and the beach, a love story.
• Romantic beach vibes with my bae.

Group Captions

If you’re spending your beach getaway with friends, these captions are a great way to showcase your seaside squad.

• Let’s get ship faced, beach!
• The beach: where friends become family.
• It’s better with friends at the beach.
• Summer crew doing summer things.
• Keep palm and carry on.
• Friends don’t let friends take bad beach photos.
• Life’s a beach and we ‘shore’ love it!

Cheesy Captions

Make your beach photos even better with a cheesy caption.

• Sea much fun!
• Too cool for the pool, I’m headin’ to the beach.
• Love you to the beach and back.
• Catchin’ these summertime blues.
• Beach, please!
• Beach day glow!
• Making waves at the beach.

Additional Tips and Best Practices

When deciding on your perfect beach caption, here are a few tips to keep in mind:
• Remember to use popular hashtags like #ShoreTour and #BeachGoals to make your photos more discoverable.
• Keep it positive and fun! Embrace the joy that comes with being at the beach and let it show in your captions.
• Make sure your caption is relevant to the photo you posted.
• Don’t be afraid to show off your personality with your caption. Choose something that reflects who you are and your unique sense of humor.

Summertime is the perfect time for beach vacations, and with one of these fun and creative captions, you’ll be able to highlight all the fruity drinks, sandcastles, and golden tan lines that come with it. So next time you hit the beach, don’t forget to include one of these trending beach captions to bring even more summer sunshine to your shore tour. Now grab your sunglasses and let’s get ship-faced, beach!