What To Blog About: Irresistible Blog Ideas

Nothing beats the feeling of finally hitting “publish” on a blog post you spent days or weeks growing. However, coming up with blog post ideas can sometimes be the hardest part of actually writing it.

When Google won’t help and you’re stuck with writer’s block, it can be difficult to generate blog post topics. But never fear, because here are 15 irresistible blog ideas to get you started!

1. Write About A Trending Topic

If you’re interested in pop culture, current events, technology, or other time-sensitive topics, writing about a trending topic can be awe-inspiring. Find something that’s relevant and interesting and produce your own unique spin on it. It’s also a great way to draw in more readers as their searching for the same topic.

2. Share Your Expertise

If you have experience or knowledge in a certain field, that’s the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts and experience in a blog post. Describe your process in detail and draw on your own personal knowledge to teach your readers something new.

3. Listicle

Everyone loves a good list. Related to almost any topic, a listicle is a great way to break up a blog post into easily manageable chunks. Put together a list of tips, resources, or anything else to make e an infusing article.

4. Top Ten Tips

Similar to listicle, top ten tips can be great way to break up a blog post. What’s great about these type of post is that it’s informative and easy to read. It’s perfect for newcomers who want to learn everything they need to know condensed into a few paragraphs.

5. How-To Guides

This can be a great opportunity to show off your expertise, giving readers information they can actually use. Break down the process step by step and use visuals when necessary to make the content even more helpful.

6. Unboxing/Product Review

This is perfect if you’re a product-based business. Go into detail about the product and unbox it for your readers. Here, you can feature different tips and tricks of using the product.

7. Unique Perspective

If there’s a topic that’s been covered a thousand times, look for a different approach to it. Maybe you take a humorous angle, or challenge people’s rules of ethical thinking. Whatever perspective you decide to tackle it from, provide your readers with new insight and something to talk about.

8. Interview An Expert

This is great for both readers and you! Find someone who is an expert in their field and create an interview post. Not only can the interviewee gain some recognition, you receive a powerful, insightful post to feature on your blog.

9. Q&A

If you don’t have access to an expert or want to keep your post more general, create a Q&A post. This can be helpful to readers who want answers to their questions.

10. Recap Posts

Short and sweet, recap post are meant to keep readers up to date summaries of longer or ongoing series.

11. Photo/Video Posts

Sometimes, text just won’t cut it. Visuals can help tell a story better than any amount of words. Get creative and find ways to show your ideas to interesting new visuals.

12. Success Tips

What everyone wants to know: the secret of success. Share your own advice or tips and draw on the experience of others.

13. Reviews

Share your own reviews whether it’s a product or a service, book or movie. Writing a review is a great chance to share your expertise and opinion.

14. Round Up Posts

Whether it’s other blogs or experts, this is great to keep readers up to date and to draw in more views from being featured in it. If you need help, look for digital influencers who will be more than happy to share your content.

15. Behind The Scenes

Show what it’s like behind the curtains, whether it’s your daily routine, secrets and tips of expertise, or how you come up with blog post ideas. You can never go wrong with transparency and authenticity.

Writing blog posts can definitely be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be an unbearable task. Just get your ideas lined up and before you know it, you’ll have finished another successful blog post.

Whether you choose to write about current trends, unbox something interesting, or share something unique, with these 15 irresistible blog ideas, you’re sure to find something you can write about!