Because sometimes it’s even hard for me to find the right words in the face of an emotion as great as the one I feel when it comes to rain, I’ve been looking for a book that speaks my language. And I found her. This is the wonderful book “Love the rain, love life” by Dominique Loreau.

I love rain more than any other natural phenomenon. Not a day spent by the sea, in the rays of the scorching sun, does me any good, but I manage to find peace, energy and joy in a day spent by the sea, under the gray clouds and the raindrops.

As the writer Dominique Loreau puts it, “By loving the rain, watching it, listening to it, letting go of it, we can learn to live each moment more deeply, in a more present way.”

Love life, love rain

“There are few who love her. And yet rain is a metaphor for life, feelings and mentality. And it also calls into question our conception of the universe. Endlessly retouched painting, melodic music, rain is the pretext to dream, to escape from everyday life, to enjoy sensations and feelings. Its sonority, consistency, perfume, even taste, but also the thousands of forms and reflections in which it is embodied are just as many opportunities to sharpen our sensitivity, to change our mood and not to let the whole being invaded, in its depth. , of a multitude of indefinite sensations. ”

“When we have a serene spirit and awake senses, we appreciate the perfect beauty of nature. Likewise, only a calm mood allows us to appreciate the rain. Discreetly, that’s how we should stand in the rain. Zen also teaches us this attitude. To live our lives in depth, to go through the bad moments as well as the good ones, to accept the showers and hurricanes like the carp in his pond, what else could we do better ”

“Observe rainy scenes, captured live with the precision of a photographer or the ear of a musician. Discover moments of eternity in a flash of a moment. Capture the world of impressions in the movement of the rain, appreciate its extreme charm, fragmentary character and spell. Such an activity is a lesson in style, a lesson in life. Do not deny this pleasure! ”

“The rain has so much power: it can give us energy, melancholy, hope or a moment of silent meditation. It invites us to slow down, to introspect, to deepen our dreams, to enrich our spiritual life. Carrying meanings, she is completely a special being: she has a body, a voice, a soul. Rain is the point of resonance where two infinities meet: the microcosm and the macrocosm. ”

“Small and frequent rains, delicate and fast, voluptuous and wildly comforting, wet and warm, ephemeral or endless, cool or cold as ice, rains that sting our skin, freeze us, refresh us… All these rains, we feel them with eyes, they touch us with their presence. So much sensuality… It’s the need to feel, the need to touch, the need to taste. And all these needs replace even the need to see. To be in contact with the rain, to abandon yourself to it, to give yourself time to live, to imprint in yourself such moments of joy: to dedicate yourself to analyzing, refining and enriching these perceptions… life has so much to offer us! ”

“Trembling with pleasure in the tropical rain is an unforgettable experience. Like fire, water can be heaven or hell. But, in general, the rain cools: not only our neck or skin, but also our hearts. Our hearts have dried up in contact with the robotic world. The rain refreshes us, brings us back to life: it puts us in direct contact with nature again. Just like plants, people need it. Isn’t it said that a walk in the rain at the edge of the foggy waters (near waterfalls or by the sea) brings positive ions that calm us and fill us again is the desire for life “

Quotes and poems about rain

“I listen to the rain
whose drops fall one by one .
I listen to the rain , the
sound of which calms my heart.” [Lys Gauty] photo source: shutterstock
by greenseas
on my lips to your neck / Promise of my hands getting lost everywhere / Drop by drop on your skin in a rain of caresses. ” [Emmanuel Hirihart]
“There are delicious spring rains when the sky seems to cry with joy.” [Anonymous Author]
“On the other side of the river, the clouds gathered above the building were pale, but before my eyes it began to get dark. Then the distant lights dimmed. Oh, the downpour was approaching the swirling river. I waited fascinated for her to come and whip my window. It was so beautiful to look at, the lights came on after the downpour, they were brighter than ever behind the rain-soaked glass. ” [Nuala O’Faolain, With Love, Rosie]
“One morning, as I was walking in the rain, I came across a forest, where the ivy was growing in a thick carpet and climbing on the trunks of many trees. The special shape and size of the idera leaves, which bent under the intense barrage of heavy raindrops, filled the air with a sound that made me stop. When I focused on a sound, it was like a kind of squeaking noise not very different from the way the rain fell on the roof of the tent, but unlike the sound of rain on the roof of the tent, it was like hundreds of leaves. separate would have sounded, each making a separate sound and tone. As if they had a language of their own, saying something very special in saturated light. The message was hard to decipher, subtle and old. It continues, despite my difficulty in understanding it, like a foreign language. It was like a proclamation, a greeting coming from the back of his neck, screaming like a trout underwater. I was standing there, listening. It was like a sound that filled me, an invaluable sound, of an unimaginable depth, bathing me to the bone with free time. It was like a wild conversation of anonymous gifts. Wet spheres of irrational conversation, bouncing quietly. I had the impression that even if I had stayed to listen to it my whole life, I would never have been able to hear it in its entirety. ” [Anonymous Author] Wet spheres of irrational conversation, bouncing quietly. I had the impression that even if I had stayed to listen to it my whole life, I would never have been able to hear it in its entirety. ” [Anonymous Author] Wet spheres of irrational conversation, bouncing quietly. I had the impression that even if I had stayed to listen to it my whole life, I would never have been able to hear it in its entirety. ” [Anonymous Author]
“Listen to the silence as it falls drop by drop.” [Yeats]
“Crystal impossible to light this rain.” [IDA]
“The winter rain looks like it’s been seen for a long time.” [Buson]
“In Vermeer’s interiors, what strikes the most is sobriety: no car, no appliance, no installation appears in the endowment of these spaces. Aside from the noise of the conversations, nothing comes to disturb the silence. [John Lane, The Powers of Silence]
“The cadence is slow, the game relaxed. In the deep night, ten different sounds penetrate the ear, fading and tasteless. The heart is at peace, the Deep is in the depths. ” [Bo Juki, Poem]
“A drop of water, lit by the
stars in a sleeping lake
A drop of water, shrouded in fog
On the morning surface of a pond
A drop of water just slipped
Beautiful, sad and happy on
the Golden cheek of the moon…” [Anonymous Author ]