These “greeting cards with messages for my child” will help the little ones to understand the difficult concept of strong emotion, and if you choose a “greeting card for my older child”, you will make him more proud of such parents! I gathered various “beautiful Happy Birthday messages for my child”, full of parental love! Love is an abstract concept. Help your child visualize how deep and great your love is with an “emotional message for my child’s birthday” that will show his or her feelings about everyday events. 

Happy Birthday Messages for My Baby

Show your little one how much you love him through these “Happy Birthday Messages for My Baby”! Sometimes such “birthday messages for my baby” is the best way to show your care and affection.

⭐ Congratulations to you! Love of learning, appreciation for your teachers and some good friends who will share your journey.
⭐ May the joy be with you on your special birthday. Happy Birthday!
⭐ I wish you grace and faith to overcome the challenges and hard days that are part of life. See the humor in trial situations and come to me if you need to talk or need a shoulder to cry on – I’m always here. Happy Birthday!
I want you to know how much I love you. I want you to recognize in yourself the special qualities that I and everyone else see. Understand that no matter what life may bring, I will always be by your side. Happy Birthday!
⭐ The moment I saw your face, I fell in love with you and this is a celebration of the day my life began!
I smile because you are my child. I laugh because you can’t do anything about it. Happy Birthday, kid!
⭐ I wish you the ability to stay true to yourself – always. To discover your passions in life, to surround yourself with friends and to always know that I am always on a call or a distant message! Happy Birthday!
⭐ I want to wish you another year of personal growth, health and happiness. Be rewarded with gifts: kindness from those around you, empathy for others, and humility. Happy Birthday!
⭐ Many wishes for your birthday from my heart to yours. Happy birthday!
⭐ Have the ability to develop a connection with friends and mentors with the same idea that serve as a support system when you become less dependent on me. Happy Birthday!
I want you to always cherish the fun family moments we have together. Keep our traditions alive with your children someday. And as an adult, look back on your childhood and smile. Happy Birthday!
⭐ My dear! I wish you the patience and diligence necessary to study hard and to be proud of your achievements.
⭐ I want you to keep some of the curiosity, wonder and innocence of your first days throughout your life. Happy Birthday!
⭐ Happy Birthday to one of the best children ever!
⭐ You will always be my child and my world, so I wish you all the best on your special day.

I hope your day is as big as yours. Happy Birthday!

Missing messages for my baby

Saying “I miss and love you” to your children is important not only because it makes them feel your affection, but also significantly stimulates their self-esteem, motivates them to love others, takes their fears, brings them joy. Therefore, do not hesitate to send them “messages of longing for my child.”

  • A son is the mother’s most precious treasure. I miss my son!
  • You are a miracle and you grew up to be the most beautiful child. I miss!
  • I live for my sons. I would be lost without them…
  • I miss you! Even if my lap is too small, my heart will always have enough room for you.
  • When times are tough, when your friends turn against you and your luck seems to fail, know that I will always be away from a phone call.
  • Seeing you grow up so talented, beautiful and bright fills me with so much joy! I’m glad you’re my son! I miss you!
  • My love is with you every day, even on days when you are not with me.
  • In my eyes, you will always be my little girl. It doesn’t grow too fast, baby. I love you and I miss you already!
  • You are my son, my months, my stars! I miss!
  • With each passing day, you become more beautiful in my eyes. I admire your heart of gold. I love you so much and I miss you!
  • Wherever you go, my love is with you.
  • I know you have to go your own way, but let my love be the light to guide you! I miss you!
  • I want you to know that you will be in my heart forever, no matter the distance. I love you!
  • If you ever need me for anything, I’m just a phone call away. I don’t care how insignificant the problem is. I want you to know that I will always be here for you, even thousands of miles away!
  • Sons are the anchors of a mother’s life. I miss you, my son!
  • Remember, my child, every thought is for you, even if you are far away!
  • You are my sun ray. I miss you, sweet baby!
  • Soul messages for my baby

    Parents share a unique bond with their child. Choose a “soul message for my baby” from the list below to demonstrate this:

    ↩️ Becoming your mom / dad was the best thing I’ve ever done with my life. I’m so proud of you. I love you, baby.
    ↩️ My sweet baby, I am yours and you are mine, and that is all that matters to me in this world. I love you.
    ↩️ When I see you smiling, all my worries go away. I love you so much, kid.
    ↩️ I will be there for you all the time and I will be that pillar of strength on which you can always rely, supporting yourself through life. I love you, dear daughter / son.
    ↩️ You will be in my heart forever, because my love for you will never end.
    ↩️ Ever since I held you in my arms, I have sworn to spend the rest of my life putting a smile on your face. I love you, son / daughter.
    ↩️ No matter how bad my birthday is, everything suddenly gets better when I receive warm hugs from my loving children. I love you so much.
    ↩️ You are my precious angel who makes me so happy! Thanks to you, I forget all the problems in life. Hugs and kisses for you, my dear. I love you.
    ↩️ I would give up everything in my life to give you everything you need and to put a smile on your face. I love you!
    ↩️ No matter how old you are, you will always be my little teddy bear that I will protect and love with all my heart.
    ↩️ I love you with all my heart and soul. And I want you to know that you can always count on me; I will be there for you whenever you need me.
    ↩️ For me, you are the most adorable child on this Earth. I would do anything to fill your life with endless joy. I love you very much.
    ↩️ You are all that is most precious to us and we will love you until the end of time.
    ↩️ Little angel, you will always be in my heart, no matter what happens, and I will always love you.
    ↩️ The greatest miracle of my life happened the day you entered it. I will always love you and cherish you in my heart, my sweet angel.
    ↩️ I’m not always with you, but know that you are always in my heart and I love you more than anything in this world.

    Messages for my June 1st child

    Time passes quickly and you don’t even notice when the children have grown up. To express parental love, you can use these “messages for my June 1st child”:

  • Son, there are times when you become so mean and naughty that I can’t help but get mad at you. I might even argue with you from time to time, but that never means I don’t love you. I love you more than life itself and I will do my best to help you make your dreams come true. Congratulations on June 1st!
  • Son, I’d give you the world if I owned it. I love you so much. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
  • You are so sweet and adorable, my dear child. You are the most precious to me in this world and I will adore you forever. I love you with every rhythm of my heart. Congratulations on June 1st!
  • I am the luckiest mother in the world who is blessed with a child as wonderful as you. Congratulations on June 1st!
  • No matter how old you are, no matter how far apart we are, there is nothing to break this connection between us. You will always be my little angel and I will always love you. Happy 1st of June!
  • My daughter, you are my life and I always want to enlighten your beautiful face with a smile. I love you and congratulations on June 1st!
  • My precious child, you are the joy of my life. I loved you before you came to this earth and I will love you until the end of time. Congratulations on June 1st!
  • Dear daughter, always know that I am your best friend, who will be with you in all your efforts. I will always be there to keep you safe and warm. I love you so much and congratulations on June 1st!
  • I fill my heart with love and happiness. I hope I can give you all the happiness my heart can contain. I love you, son, and Happy Birthday to Children’s Day!
  • You’re not just my daughter. You are the reason I exist, the reason I will love and cherish you as long as I live. Congratulations on June 1st!
  • From the day you were born, I knew I had received an invaluable gift from God. Thank you for filling my heart and soul with joy. I love you, dear daughter. Congratulations on June 1st!
  • I love you with every breath I take and there is nothing in this world that can ever change my love for you. Congratulations on June 1st!
  • You are my heart and soul. And I will do anything to make you happy, because you are my life. I love you, son. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
  • Son, there are two things I always want you to remember. The first is to stay positive in life, no matter what gets in your way. And the second is that I will always love you, no matter what happens. Happy children’s day!
  • The most emotional messages for my baby

    Obviously, you love your children, so why not let them know by saying special words to them.

    I have completed this article with some of the most “exciting messages for my baby” to know how much it really means to you.

  • Daughter, you are my dream come true.
  • I’m your good night kiss, and you’re mine I love you.
  • I “stepped” into my role as a parent. I chose him. And no choice made me happier.
  • Your love has uncovered parts of me that I didn’t even know were there!
  • Maybe for everyone else you are a simple man, but for me you remain the sweet boy.
  • Daughter, you are more beautiful than a flower and stronger than a mountain.
  • My son, you are my heart. I love you!
  • Daughter, you taught me to braid my hair, to make fairy crowns and to love more deeply than I ever thought possible.
  • I never knew I could love a woman the way I love my daughter.
  • From the moment they put you in my arms, you became the purpose of my life to protect you from harm.
  • People say that girls are sweet, but they don’t realize that they are also ferocious. I’m so proud of your strength.
  • You may not have my eyes, but you have my love forever.
  • I can’t believe I was touched by an angel named my SON!
  • There is a man I love more than anyone else; he is my son
  • My love will fly to you every night on the wings of the angel!
  • No matter how many lego pieces I still tread, I’m always very grateful to be your father.
  • Son, your laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world.
  • Messages for my baby for his birthday

    🎁 Have the happiest birthday of all years lived.
    🎁 If I had one wish, all my birthday wishes would come true.
    🎁 Every day should be your holiday, but today is the most special.
    🎁 You can always rely on me, my dear child! I wish you Happy Birthday!
    We don’t need gifts because we have already received the perfect gift… our baby. Congratulations on your birthday!
    🎁 May your birthday smiles be as sweet as the first smile you ever gave me.
    🎁 Every day was better because of you. This is your holiday.
    🎁 Your birthday cake is not as sweet as yours.
    🎁 You are my hero and my son and I am the luckiest father ever. Happy Birthday.
    🎁 I want such days to happen to you every day.
    🎁 Keep flying higher because you are always number one for me. Best wishes for your birthday.
    🎁 I have been blessed with you as my child and I wish you the best birthday ever.
    🎁 The older you get, the older I feel, but every day you have been a joy and today is one of the best.
    🎁 Your birthday is a celebration of your life and my beginning.
    🎁 You have been in my womb for nine months and you will be in my heart forever! Happy Birthday!
    I hope you have the best birthday ever, better than last year.
    🎁 I wish you many happy moments of this special birthday!
    🎁 No matter how long it takes, you will always be my # 1 birthday baby!
    🎁 My birthday wish for you is that all your dreams will always come true.
    🎁 You deserve to be celebrated every day, but especially today, for your birthday.
    🎁 I remember the day you were born and I was so happy! I’m even happier to see who’s growing up. Have a great birthday!
    🎁 As many stars as there are in the sky, I hope as many wishes come true for your birthday.
    🎁 May peace always be around you and happiness respond to all your birthday wishes.
    🎁 May your day be complete and full of happiness.
    I hope that every birthday teaches you something beautiful and new.
    🎁 No matter how old you are, you will always be my beloved child and your birthday is one of my favorite days. Happy Birthday!
    🎁 May the joy you spread return to your special birthday.
    🎁 You are a treasure for your birthday, I hope you are full of the happiness you deserve.
    As I would crush you to death, but you are too young to die. I love you, my son!
    🎁 You taught me how to love unconditionally and I wish you nothing but the best for your birthday.
    🎁 Blessings and love, joy and peace… May happiness find you today and every year thereafter.

    Nice messages for my baby

    In addition to providing basic needs for your children, studies have shown that another very important thing you can do for them is to tell them frequently how much you love them. Here are some examples of “beautiful messages for my baby”:

    🐱 Like a team of superheroes, our love is the strongest when we offer it together.
    “I know you’ve grown up now, but my heart doesn’t realize it.” In my heart, you will always be my sweet child.
    I was not a perfect man, but the only thing I will never regret is bringing you into this world.
    🐱 I love you stronger than iron and lighter than feathers.
    🐱 It is said that one plus one is equal to two and one plus two is equal to three, but through love, one plus one is you and one plus two is us.
    🐱 My love for you could spread around the world countless times, and when the world was covered, my love could spread around the galaxy!
    🐱 My love for you is higher than the sky and wider than the galaxy.
    🐱 When I think about how I love you, there are no words to explain. I love you because it’s you, my child… It’s so simple…
    🐱 There is no love deeper and truer than the love I give you.
    🐱 My love for you is a guiding star that leads me on great adventures in a whole new world.
    “There’s nothing wrong with ever changing my love.”
    🐱 From the moment you were born, you became the sun of my planet.
    🐱 I see the best parts of me reflected in you, but you made all these qualities even better.
    Butterflies have wings, so they can fly. Fish have gills, so they can swim. Bunnies have four paws, so they can run. I have a heart, so I can love you.
    🐱 I love you when I wake up in the morning. I love you all day. I love you in my dreams at night.
    🐱 If my love for you had a color, it would be the whole rainbow.
    🐱 I love you like the touch of a warm ray of sunshine, warming your soul slightly at the first chance of a cold.
    🐱 There are thousands of children in the world and I was lucky to have you!
    🐱 You may not be small anymore and you don’t need my help anymore, but you will always need the love in my heart, especially when we are separated.
    🐱 Playing with you is the happiest time of my day.
    🐱 My love for you is like an invisible elastic band. No matter how far you go, we are connected.
    🐱 I love you for the baby you were and for the man / woman you are today.
    🐱 I hug you and kiss you and tell you that I love you because you fill me with joy. I hug you and kiss you and tell you that I still love you, so that you too will be full of joy!

    Love messages for my baby

    A parent’s love is deep and lasting. Communicate your feelings using such “love messages for my baby”:

    😄 Sometimes, when I feel down, I just have to look at you and remember that you are my miracle. I love you, girl.
    I’ll be here for you. I love you, my dear daughter.
    No one else will ever know the power of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my inner heart sounds like.
    You will stumble and fall. You will not have all the answers and your heart will be broken. But you know what
    My son is super wonderful and I’m the lucky one because I became his father.
    😄 My dear daughter, you are the answer to all my prayers and desires. I pray that when you grow up, you will be a miracle to other people as well.
    😄 I promise you: no matter who enters your life, I will love you more than any of them.
    😄 My love for you grows stronger over the years. We share a connection that only mothers and daughters will understand. I will always love you!
    😄 You make me so proud to be your mother and I hope I make you proud to be my son too. I love you!
    You will always be the most beautiful girl in my eyes. No matter how old you are, you will always be my little girl. I love you!
    😄 It doesn’t matter how old your son is. Even big and strong, he is always the little boy for his mother. I love you!
    You are not just my son. You are my reason for living, the love of my life and the king of my heart. I love you!
    😄 My life is so magical because of you, my dear son. I love you!
    😄 In my life, you are the sweetest song and the brightest ray of light. Keep shining, my dear. I will be right here, watching your conquest of the world!
    😄 Your beautiful smile makes all worries go away. I’m so proud to call you my daughter.
    😄 Whenever you start to doubt yourself, always remember that you have me. I will always have your back. I love you!
    You have been a wonderful blessing from the beginning. I love you with all my heart, my dear son.
    You make me very proud to be your mother. I know our relationship isn’t perfect, but I love you, my dear!
    😄 I must have done something right in my life to deserve a daughter as beautiful, kind, sweet and intelligent as you. Never change, my love.
    😄 I will not always be sweet and cute and I will not always be crazy about your choices and decisions. But I will always be here to guide and support you, because I love you.
    😄 From the first moment I laid eyes on you, you ran away with my heart. I will never stop loving you, my dear daughter.
    Mea My heart will always belong to you, my dear daughter. We will always be a team. I love you.