In this article, we have gathered the most original friendship statuses between girls and boys. Through them, you can express your gratitude, opting for texts of thanks for friendship, or, conversely, disappointment. And if you have homage friends, you can select a friend’s birthday status. The status is a special text for social networks, which expresses the emotional state of the user, his position in society and his opinions on certain topics, such as life. and friendship.

Sad statuses of betrayed and lost friendship

We all know that true friends will come to the rescue in difficult times. But there is another side to the coin. You can read about this in these sad statuses of betrayed and lost friendship:

πŸ”– It is impossible to keep your back straight if there are so many knives in it.
πŸ”– If you don’t want to be betrayed, then never tell anyone your secrets.
You cannot consider yourself a 100% loyal friend if you have not yet been offered the opportunity to betray.
Forgiveness of betrayal, in principle, is not difficult, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to forget.
You don’t have to have friends. You have to be friends with them.
πŸ”– Traitors betray themselves first and foremost.
There are three things in life that you can never predict – Love, Betrayal, and Death.
πŸ”– Almost everyone can betray, but only a few can forgive.
πŸ”– If you believe someone, then you will surely be betrayed, so I prefer to trust only myself.
πŸ”– A betraying friend is a hundred times worse than the most vengeful enemy.
πŸ”– True friends exist only in childhood, when they are naive, when they do not know betrayal and envy.
πŸ”– The more you open your arms, the easier it is for you to be crucified.
πŸ”– I break my life like a piece of paper, together with those who did not want to go on with me. And I’m starting to write it from scratch.
Betrayal is always an unexpected blow.
πŸ”– Betrayal is all the more painful the closer you are to the person who betrayed you.
πŸ”– In most cases, those who protect you in the front will stab you in the back.
πŸ”– I forgive you, of course, but for the last time…
πŸ”– Thank you, friends, your betrayal has made me stronger.
πŸ”– Betrayal, like a stab in the back… always unexpected and very painful!
πŸ”– What could be more tragic than unrequited love
πŸ”– If you want to keep your friends – never betray them!
πŸ”– The place, the circumstances, the system of symbols and signs have changed, but the smell, the taste and the essence of betrayal are the same all over the planet!
πŸ”– Pain. Betrayal. Resentment. The heartbeat stopped. I recognized this power – revenge!
πŸ”– From devotion to betrayal is just one step.
πŸ”– It’s so funny to look you in the eye and listen to you lying, because I know the truth…
πŸ”– You look at animals and hate people more and more. Betrayal, falsehood, hypocrisy are specific only to man.
πŸ”– In this life, everything returns and, if you betrayed at least once, you can be sure that they will betray you too.
Not having true friends is the worst loneliness.
πŸ”– I’m disappointed in people shouting, “We’re friends!”, But in reality they’re nothing more than acquaintances. What a shame.
πŸ”– There are no true friends, but true traitors.
πŸ”– Selling friends is not a sign of bankruptcy, it is a sign of a career.

The most beautiful status of true friendship

Status is a way to declare yourself. Therefore, we present to you the most beautiful status of true friendship, which will declare your gratitude to friends.

➑️ Being friends does not mean knowing someone for a very long time. It means accepting in your life someone who will never disappear from it.
➑️ The best people in my life have always been the ones I thought about on the first date: God, how crazy he is!
➑️ A true friend is not one you are always at peace with, but one who, even after an argument, will be able to make peace with you.
➑️ The friend is the person who comes when everyone leaves.
➑️ Thanks to those who support me in difficult times and do not give up. There are few such people left, which is why I call them not friends, but best friends. Indeed, without them there is no one
➑️ Friendship is like a diamond. It’s rare, expensive and there are a lot of fakes!
➑️ A true friend is not the one who shares the trouble with you, but the one who will not suffocate with envy when you are happy!
➑️ Best friends are not those who come to you when you feel good, but those who are with you in difficult times, when your soul cries.
➑️ True friends may call you stupid, but they will never let others do it.
➑️ Friendship is one of those things that can’t be bought with money.
➑️ True friends will never show you that they are your friends, they are just by your side, with no other details.
➑️ The dog is an unusual creature: he doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, if you are a sinner or a saint. You’re his friend. That is enough for him.
➑️ Friendship is such a holy, sweet, constant and lasting feeling that can be maintained for life only if you do not ask for a loan of money.
➑️ A friend is one who, in a big, noisy company, noticed that you were gone.
➑️ Nothing replaces old friendships. The years do not add friends, they take them, they take them on different paths. Time is running out for friends to get tired of. The circle of friends is getting thinner, but there is no one more precious than those who remain.
➑️ Only your best friend will never be offended by your joke, but he will answer you the same way, or even worse.
➑️ True friends are people who help you sincerely at a time when you do not ask for their help.
➑️ True friends will never betray you, and if they betray you, then they were not your friends.

Indifferent status for fake friends

These status of indifference for false friends, with a deep meaning, will best render your failed friendship. Betrayal and envy, lack of support and devotion – you can write about everything briefly and simply on social networks.

⭐ When I asked God to save me from my enemies, I began to lose my friends.
⭐ Instead of love, loneliness comes, pain replaces happiness, and instead of friendship – pure betrayal.
⭐ Until you understand that there are only wolves around, they will already eat you.
⭐ It’s good when a dog is your friend, it’s bad when your friend is a dog.
⭐ A friend stops being a friend when he needs something from you.
⭐ When betrayal becomes a habit, there is no room for friendship.
⭐ When you believe people and try to do everything for someone with a soul, with a pure heart, for certain reasons, they respond with betrayal and distrust. Why there is no justice in the world
⭐ Humans are the most gentle, loving, kind, sympathetic, peaceful, and caring creatures in the world. Especially when they need something from you.
⭐ With age, you understand which friends are real and which have only become friends and disappeared from your life, playing the necessary role.
⭐ Sooner or later, everyone takes off their masks. Then you can see who your true friend is.
People say that they have many friends, without realizing that friendship is extremely rare.
⭐ Sometimes it is useful to argue with a person. That way you will learn a lot about yourself.
⭐ Wherever you look, betrayal is everywhere and it doesn’t matter if there are friends or not.
⭐ It’s better to let our enemies talk bad about us than to gossip about our best friends.
⭐ Only the one who went through the betrayal of his best friend can understand how simple the problems that once seemed serious were.
⭐ The best defense against betrayal is to trust each other.
⭐ For the person who betrayed love, I could find an excuse – it was a mistake. But for a man who has betrayed friendship, I can’t…
⭐ Good friends are interested in you and don’t just talk about themselves.
⭐ The more you appreciate friendship, the harder it is to endure betrayal from friends.
⭐ Better to have a real enemy than a false friend!
After meeting you, I realized what betrayal smells like. It smells like your perfume.
⭐ Betrayal begins where trust ends.
Finding a good friend is only half the battle. You have to be the same.
Never judge a person by his friends. Judah’s were impeccable.
⭐ Comrade can leave at any time, absolutely unexpected, in fact, in the same way he appeared.
⭐ After betraying friends, the rest is just a trifle.
⭐ Only your four-legged friend will keep your secrets.

It hurts when you open your soul and heart to a friend, and he betrayed you…

Funny status of true friends

It is valuable in our time to have a friendship that is not affected by time or distance. We have also selected for you funny statuses of true friends, which will be especially useful to be read by friends early in the morning and to make them available for the whole day.

  • True friends are friends who will not let you do stupid things alone.
  • The question is not why your friends are crazy. The question is whether you feel comfortable in a crazy society.
  • If my friend’s friend is my friend and my friend’s enemy is my enemy, then my friend’s boyfriend is my friend.
  • Take care of your best friends! It’s hard when there is no one to go to the club with in the toilet or call them while you go to the store.
  • Friendship is when two laugh hysterically non-stop.
  • True female friendship is when you don’t have similar dresses.
  • Only a true friend can say, “You annoy me,” without fear of offending you.
  • If you helped a friend when he had problems, he will surely remember you when he has problems again.
  • -When I die, bury me with my friends. – Why
    – Because there is no pit from which we have not yet climbed!
  • Dear friends! If you don’t call when everything is fine with you, don’t call when you’re sick, please!
  • I have beautiful friends. To save this world – we just need to get together!
  • The friend is a news service, a liquor store and a psychological assistance center.
  • When my friends become businessmen, I will sell them unsuccessful pictures from my archives for a lot of money and I will buy a villa on the Cote d’Azur.
  • The real girlfriend is like a bra – close to my heart and always supporting me!
  • Friends are people who, before visiting you, ask – β€œYou have something to eat

Friendship status in English (translated)

In recent years, virtual communication has become very common, so for ardent fans of social networks, we have also selected friendship statuses in English, translated into Romanian, as an international means of expressing thoughts. You can also combine them with birthday status for your girlfriend or girlfriend to get an original wish.

β–Ά ️ Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty. (Only your true friends tell you when your face is dirty)
β–Ά ️ It’s better to be in chains with friends than to be in a garden with strangers. (Better to be in chains with friends than to be in a garden with strangers)
β–Ά ️ One who looks for a friend without faults will have none. (The one who seeks flawless friends will not find anyone
β–Ά ️ In prosperity it is very easy to find a friend; in adversity, nothing is so difficult. (In prosperity it is very easy to find a friend; in misfortune, nothing is so difficult)
β–Ά ️ A friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else.
β–Ά ️ Be gracious to all men, but choose the best to be your friends. (Be merciful to all people, but choose the best to be your friends)
β–Ά ️ A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself. (The friend is the one who believes in you when you have stopped believing in yourself)
β–Ά ️ Friendship, like phosphorus, shines brightest when all around is dark. (Friendship, like phosphorus, shines brighter when everything around it is dark)

Long status of longing for friends

Friends are an integral part of everyone’s life. For those who are at a distance and separate their miles and years, long status of longing for friends is created, which expresses your sincere emotions.

βœ…οΈ Sometimes your eyes meet the eyes of a stranger and you suddenly realize that this person could become your best friend. You understand that a stranger knows absolutely everything about you and you know him as well as if you had grown up together. And not because you are both such clairvoyants, but because you are like twins, but not from the outside, but from the inside. Here is this feeling I have for you! I miss our friendship and I want you to know that no distance will be able to take us away from each other!
βœ…οΈ I have always held this view (and a reasonable person cannot have another opinion) that married friends should not be visited as often as when they were alone, because although true and good friendship cannot and should not be dubious, the family nest is so sensitive that it can be hurt not only by a friend but also by his own brother. It happens, very rarely, but it happens. However, I want to tell you that I miss you and our friendship!
βœ…οΈ I couldn’t stay in the house anymore and I went out. It was foggy. In the distance, the sea was noisy. I was looking around. I was no longer alone. Now, somewhere south, beyond the horizon, I was not alone. Through the fog I could see the gray roads, the headlights of the cars splashing me with the bright light, the tires hissing and two hands clutching the steering wheel, two eyes with a confident and cold look: the eyes of my friend I miss so much!
βœ…οΈ I understand what the only meaning of friendship is. Friendship is necessary for a person’s memory to function properly. Let us remember the past, let us keep it forever in our souls – this is a necessary condition that allows us to keep the integrity of the “I”. In order for this “I” not to shrink, not to lose its fullness, it must be irrigated with memories, like a flowerpot, and such watering is impossible without constant communication with the witnesses of the past, that is, with friends. They are our mirror, our memory; they need only one thing – at least from time to time, to wipe this mirror, so we can look at them. We haven’t seen each other in so many years! I miss my mirror!
βœ…οΈ A person’s life is like a long road: for some, it is paved smoothly, and for others like me, it is potholes, a banana peel and cigarette butts. Your road is slightly smoother than mine and has fewer holes in it. Once upon a time, you changed my way, just to be with us. I hope that one day, our roads will intersect again and we will be able to eat a box of chocolates together. You are my best friend. My only girlfriend.
βœ…οΈ Remember, if it’s hard, bad, sad, scary, if you’re tired – give me your hand! And I will give you mine, wherever you are, even if we are thousands of miles apart. The sadness of a man divided into two people is not at all frightening. And when a friend’s hand holds you, what does it matter what happens in the world
βœ…οΈ Sometimes, if you open up, you get a chance, or even more – to learn more, to feel more. It is important that in these moments there is someone you can trust, to whom you can open your heart. Sometimes, together, two people can reach amazing heights. Thank you for always being with me, in these good years and not so much!

Best Girlfriend Status (Short)

Short statuses can also serve as a birthday card or any other holiday. In this case, it’s about age-old status for your best friend.

  • You become even more expensive for me, with each new day! Congratulations!
  • People like you don’t follow the rules. They create their own.
  • There are a lot of stars, and you are the brightest!
  • When we are together, every day has a special taste. Happy Birthday my dear!
  • Brilliant achievements and success in everything, my dear friend!
  • Happiness, tenderness, warmth – not just today, but all year long!
  • Good luck and happiness!
  • You can’t be better! Stay the way you are!
  • Take everything in your hands. Choose the best.
  • You can do anything! Look around and smile – this is your world!
  • Dream. Believe in yourself!
  • Make the right decisions and win!
  • Wherever you are, it’s always a holiday! Congratulations!
  • I’ll tell you my secret – I have a best friend!
  • Seeing you, everyone is back! You are as bright as the sun!
  • Play only by your own rules!
  • I’ll tell you a secret – you’re the most beautiful in the world! Happy Birthday!
  • You are perfection in everything! Happy Birthday!
  • Be what you want. Be happy!
  • Joy is the sun and flowers, and happiness is when you are close! Happy birthday!
  • Believe in dreams! They become reality.
  • We understand each other perfectly and complement each other wonderfully! Happy birthday to you
  • Refinement – this is your style. Never cheat on him!
  • All I need in this life is to be my friend.
  • May each day be like a beautiful flower: so bright and wonderful!
  • May this day be as wonderful as yours
  • Warmest, sunniest wishes!
  • Be on the wave of success. Happy Birthday!
  • The whole world is at your feet! Always belong to you!
  • Best friend status (short)

    Here are some examples of multi-year status for best friend, for people who know the value of real friendships.

    πŸ•« Smile, enjoy life, be happy: the world is so beautiful! Happy Birthday!
    πŸ•« I want every moment to bring you only joy, happiness and warmth!
    πŸ•« Listen to your heart and be yourself.
    πŸ•« I wish you happiness and the most wonderful mood!
    πŸ•« Fulfillment of all the most precious wishes – on this beautiful day and always!
    πŸ•« Open your heart to happiness – and all your dreams will come true!
    πŸ•« Live without problems! Many, many years! And don’t give up on your dreams!
    πŸ•« I ask for calm and happy days! Health and well-being!
    πŸ•« May all your dreams come true!
    πŸ•« Good luck in all, joy and great happiness!
    πŸ•« Let life give you everything you dream of!
    πŸ•« Every day to make you happy and to have wonderful events!
    πŸ•« Life is a highway. Be right!
    πŸ•« May your whole life be a bright holiday!
    You know how to see the unusual among everyday things! Good luck to you always!
    πŸ•« May life become more and more beautiful every day!
    πŸ•« Make efforts for new heights and you will achieve everything!
    πŸ•« Dream, smile, enjoy every moment!
    πŸ•« All the best wishes for this wonderful holiday must be fulfilled! Are you ready!

    The newest beautiful friendship statuses

    The statuses convey your mood, reflect your thoughts and opinions. This way of expressing yourself will help you to express your attitude towards your friends and loved ones. With the help of these status as your best friend, you will show the creativity of all your virtual friends.

    β‡’ Protect your friends, believers and true ones. Friendship is easy to lose, much harder to return.
    β‡’ When we meet friends, we become the ones our parents told us to stay away from!
    Friends don’t manipulate friends. They help each other.
    And I’m proud of two, but real.
    β‡’ Childhood friends are the ones who still remember the number on your landline.
    β‡’ After a good drink, there is always someone to add to your friends.
    β‡’ Friends have everything in common, because friendship is equality.
    β‡’ True friendship is when you walk down the street, you stumble and fall, and your girlfriend approaches and falls next to you!
    β‡’ The friend is a person who knows everything about you and still loves you.
    β‡’ Friendship returns if it is friendship. Even if you suddenly stop talking, it doesn’t matter why, sooner or later, you will speak again as before. Friends are forever.
    β‡’ With a friend, it is a thousand times easier to remove the tear from tired eyes. With him, you want to cry, you want to laugh.
    β‡’ When you know what to talk to a person about, it is a sign of mutual sympathy. When you can be quiet with a person – this is a sign of true friendship.
    β‡’ A friend is a person who hates your enemies as much as you do, even if he has never seen them in his life.
    β‡’ If my friend were a child, I would adopt him!
    β‡’ Friends do not have to be perfect; it is enough to be close at a difficult time.
    I don’t choose my friends. This activity is stupid and useless. I am much more interested in choosing vegetables at the market. Friends are gifts of destiny.
    β‡’ You are proud to have two hundred friends on Facebook
    β‡’ Problems come and go, and true friends remain. If one of the friends left, it was a problem.
    β‡’ Be with those with whom you laugh sincerely!
    Mani Enemies came, friends left.
    β‡’ Friendship is true only when two friends, without saying a word, are still happy together.
    β‡’ If you want to know the flaws of a girl, praise her in front of your friends.
    β‡’ A true friend is one who knows your past, believes in your future, and accepts you as you are in the present.
    β‡’ Friends. You have a lot of friends, as long as there are no problems in life and everything is fine! But when the difficulties come, stop being your friends.
    β‡’ True friends are the ones with whom, if you argue, you appear on Youtube.
    β‡’ Without friends, life is like a dessert. Friendship is both an oasis and a fortress. There is no such misfortune that cannot be alleviated by a word or a look from a friend.