If you want to create a wonderful mood for your partner and strengthen your relationship, you have the option to send short declarations of love for him and her. Without a doubt, this gesture will make you both equally happy! Beautiful and exciting models of short love letters we have gathered in this collection, where you can get inspiration from. You can frame them in SMS messages or, for an extra dose of romance, you can write handwritten texts on a beautiful card.

Exciting declarations of love

Love can sometimes turn you into a poet, just to see the face of your loved one shining with happiness and pleasure. If you want to melt the heart of your half, dedicate emotional declarations of love.

↩️ I instantly remember our beautiful moments together, which give me strength for new challenges. So, whenever you ask yourself what is going on in my mind, know that the answer is YOU. And no matter what other things and worries I have, I will always have that little compartment in my mind that reminds me of you. I will always love you and I will never stop thinking about you until the end of my life!
I will come immediately and give you a massage, as you did the other day. Or I’ll sing you a lullaby and make you some tea… All of these things can help you calm down and relax. I don’t know if I can make you feel better, but definitely more enjoyable!
↩️ When you are away, it seems that the seconds are hours and the hours are years. Sometimes I even cry knowing that you are a few miles away from me, but I quickly remember that you are everything I need in my life and all the joy and happiness I need only fit into your smile. I hope to be together as soon as possible!
↩️ Honey, remember that in my mind there is always the same scenario: you, me, a white dress and a tuxedo. It is the beginning of a fairy tale that my imagination plays every day. Then also children, lots of laughter and lots of love. That’s perfection, nothing less.
↩️ We loved each other from the beginning and we will love each other forever. Because you are my soul mate and I am yours. You will always be the sun in my sky, the evil that runs through my soul and even the air that I breathe. Until death do us part.
↩️ We will continue to laugh together and talk until the early hours of the morning until we finally get tired and fall asleep. We will meet again sooner than we think and the hours will start to feel like seconds. I miss you and I love you. See you soon!
↩️ My mind is always busy thinking about you and our love, even in those days when I feel sad and depressed, or if I’m upset and fighting with you. I always think of you and I love you. Because none of this matters. I forget them quickly the moment I see your face. Then I remember how lucky and grateful I am to have you in my life.
↩️ My charming prince! How about you call me?
↩️ Maybe this is too emotional for you, but know that I love you and I appreciate that you love me for who I am. This matters the most. Thinking back to our first dates, I understand that they were the most beautiful scenes of my life. Nothing could have made me doubt that we should be together. We are made for each other! Forever.
↩️ Honey, I like to write about you, you know
↩️ My love, no matter what I do or say, I just can’t stop thinking about you. It is a sweet torture to know that we are physically separated and, at the same time, so close to each other, because our hearts beat like one. Sometimes I think I’m going to lose my mind in all my thoughts about our passionate kisses, walking on the beach last summer, our races and our touches, which are always the last…
In this world where we are constantly surrounded by hatred and misery, it is nice to write about the positive things that make us smile. People don’t do this often enough. Usually we focus on the bad things, forgetting that we have so much good in our lives. But that is human nature. I mean, since you’ve been in my life, nothing negative has come to my mind. I am happiest when you send me a message, kiss me or hug me tightly. I forget all my worries and keep thinking about you and how adorable and wonderful you are.

Declarations of love for him

These declarations of love for him will help you strengthen your relationship and will reveal everything that is best in your couple.

🖤 ​​To love… To forget, to suffocate with lust in your strong palms, to suffocate happiness and passion – that means to love you. You are not only the best and amazing, you are not only cute and seductive, you are not only loved, but you are adored!
🖤 ​​You made my childhood dreams come true, you became an inspiration to me, a shining ray through the clouds! Every day, feelings for you take on a new meaning and help me feel all the colors of life, give me strength and fill me with joy! May it last like this forever!
🖤 ​​The love you gave me is so special that my whole day is full of thoughts about you. Falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.
🖤 ​​I remember the first time I saw you. I knew I wanted to be with you from the moment I set my eyes on you. I couldn’t help but look at you, at your eyes, at your smile – you stole my heart the first time you spoke to me. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met you. And so far, I can’t believe you chose me to be with you. You are everything I want as a partner and you are mine. Don’t think for a minute that I don’t appreciate everything you do for us. You are everything to me and I love you.
Knowing that you are with me, my life is a dream come true. The memory of our first kiss is the memory of my heart beating for you. When we first held hands, our souls became whole. To see you means to feel that everything is fine. My love, I share all my feelings with you!
🖤 ​​I think back to the time before you were a part of my life. I remember wandering aimlessly from one place to another because I had no motivation. But you showed up and everything has changed since that day. You have given me so much that I will never be able to reward myself and I know that I can only spend my life loving you and making you feel happy in my arms. I know you are that gift from life that is given to the lucky ones in heaven! You mean the world to me.
I know how much you enjoy reading, so I thought I’d try to write you a love letter. I’m not a writer, you know that, but I wanted to tell you how much I love you on paper. I want you to have a memory of words and feelings. Even though you’re not with me now, I always have you in mind. I see your eyes, your lips, I feel your hands and the sensation of butterflies in your stomach when you smile. I wish I could be with you right now and I know I’ll be there soon. I can’t imagine my life without you in it, and even though you’re far away, I can always feel close to you. I love you.
🖤 ​​Every morning I wake up smiling happy because I have my good genius and my faithful friend. I have invented hundreds of the most beautiful passionate names for you, but they cannot convey the depth of my feeling either. Feelings that people usually refer to as love.
I want to let you know that love is something eternal; the appearance may change, but not the essence. Love doesn’t ask me questions, it just gives me endless support. Through love, I want to express the whole feelings of my heart for you. I love you so much.
I know I can’t give you the world, but I can give you my heart, my love and my affection. I promise to stay true to you and hold your hand as long as you let me. I will do my best to make you as happy as possible. I feel like I’m the queen of the world right now, because I’ve found my king!
🖤 ​​Our love is so strong that I have no choice but to always be in love with you. You’ve always been so good to me; you are my whole world and I love you! My love is deeper than the deepest ocean, wider than the sky, and brighter than the brightest star in the night. My soul trembles every time I think of you. You are my sunrise and sunset!

Declarations of love for her

Sending declarations of love for her is not only useful for long-distance relationships, but also helps to convey the deepest emotions to your partner even when you are in the same room. That way you will know how you feel about her.

❤️ Although I may not have the most tempting words to express my love, I will say these two words – I LOVE YOU – to explain that my world revolves around you all year long. My love for you is real and I will love you forever because you are the only one who deserves to be loved gently.
❤️ There are thousands of yesterday and there are billions of tomorrow, but there is only one today and I will not let the day go by without showing my love for you, telling you how I feel for you every day. I love you every moment of my life. I don’t need the sun because you are my sun, and your radiance brightens my world and I am very sure that I love you forever.
❤️ You are the world to me and I say this from the bottom of my heart. You proved to me that love costs nothing, because I can’t imagine what I could have done to deserve this kind of love. Thank you for sharing a part of my heart with my life. I will love you forever and nothing can change.
❤️ From high school to dating and from simple strangers to being soul mates, my life has been so great with you, it has been a joy over time. I would love to take her to the next level because you will make me the perfect husband. I feel so special that I’ve met someone like you. I love you, my dear.
❤️ Spending time with you is without a doubt the greatest thing ever. It’s the most enjoyable moment I’ve ever had. When I’m with you, honey, time flies. But when we are separated, every second is spent in agony and waiting to see each other again. I love you and I miss you so much!
❤️ Sometimes I get caught up in life’s problems and I start to worry, I get down and alone in my thoughts, I feel like a homeless child, but the kind of love you give me keeps me hanging! I will always need you and thank you for being there for me. I love you very much.
❤️ The love you gave me is so special! My whole day is full of thoughts about you, falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.
❤️ There are a thousand ways to say that I love you the most in the whole world, but only one way to prove it – through actions. You have proved that you love me unconditionally countless times. You were the person who was with me when everyone was against me. I know from day one that you are special to me. I love you and I want to take care of you as much and as well as I can. I hope you know that I always have the best intentions, so forgive me if I ever hurt you or hurt you. I will love you forever and I will never let you go!
❤️ My love is yours forever. Either rain or sun, I will treat you like a diamond and I will never let anything separate you from me. Even if you are far away, you will not leave my heart for even a second. My love for you will blossom until the day of my death, because I felt life and I want to show it to you, love.
❤️ To see you smiling means a lot to me and I would never want to see you sad. I would do everything humanly possible to keep your face shining with smiles and laughter, because your love is everything to me. It’s even more than I imagined! I’m glad I met you, I love you so much!
❤️ You are just one in my mind and heart. You know the effect you have on me
❤️ I know I can’t give you the world, but I promise to make you happy forever. There is nothing that will give me greater joy than to see you always happy, you are the best thing since God made man and forever you will be the queen of my heart. Your love is everything to me.
Even in times of stress, I feel calmer than usual. I always seem to find the easiest part in problems and situations. This is so different from me, the pessimist I was. You are the only angel in heaven in my heart.

Beautiful declarations of love

When hearts unite, there must be a need to express how you feel. Here you will find beautiful declarations of love for husband and wife or for boyfriend and girlfriend.

⭐ My love, I miss you and I long for you deeply. I would like to be with you right now, to feel your breath very close to me, to see the sun reflected in your eyes, to feel your hand in my hand. I miss your voice, I miss walking with you hand in hand, our fingers intertwined, I miss your smell and your sweet presence. I hope that this agony will not last forever and I hope that we will meet very soon so that we can tell you, face to face, how much I care about you. I kiss you, (name).
After all I’ve been through, I never thought I’d find someone like you. To know you in my life is like finding a needle in a field full of grass. No one has a perfect past and everyone has a sad story to tell, but you’re never tired of listening to mine. You make me believe that I deserve to be loved despite my imperfections. I’ve never seen you want to give up on me. I want to tell you that I am more than happy and grateful to have you in my life. I love you very much.
Mea My love and my only one, you could not leave me indifferent. I love you with an incredible and infinitely deep devotion. And there is no feeling stronger and more beautiful than my passion! I always try to be close, I can’t live a day without seeing you, I’m sure this is true love, which doesn’t make sense to hide it, because it can be seen without my confession.
⭐ Everything reminds me of you. The flower shop around the corner, the empty chair in the restaurant, the ice cream shop, where I spent so many sweet moments, the pillow on which I found your hair… everything reminds me of you, everything strengthens the feeling of loss. The loss I feel when you’re gone! But there is something that hurts too much: looking at your picture and seeing you smiling and so wonderful! If you knew how much I miss that shy smile that was always on your lips, you would come back as soon as possible and as soon as you got here, you would realize how much I love you.
⭐ My life is beautiful because of you, because of my lady’s love. You came into my life like a candle in the dark. You showed me the meaning of love not by your words, but by your care. I know your shy nature won’t let you open up to me; but your eyes speak of the love you have in your heart. I love you so much.
⭐ You burst into my bored soul with a fresh breath, you woke him up, you opened a new life for him! I fell madly in love with you and I am ready to dedicate all your tenderness, intertwined with warm feelings.
⭐ I love you from the moment you came into my life. I look forward to seeing you every day. You touched me deeply like no one else. Feelings are so hard to express, but today I gathered the courage to present my love to you. I just wanted you to know how I feel about you.
⭐ If it weren’t for you, my love, my only true love, life wouldn’t be so beautiful. As the candle fills the darkness with tender light, so you light my life with hope and love. And it was not your words that showed me the meaning of love, but your care and understanding. Even if your shy nature doesn’t let you open my feelings sometimes, I see everything in your eyes. They talk more about the love you have for me than the unspoken words. I love you so much!
⭐ Be sure of one thing: when you return, you will feel like the most loved person on earth; this letter is just a sample, just a small drop of all the love you will receive when you return to my arms! Hurry back, my dear! Your absence agonizes me and hurts me, everything I see, hear or do reminds me of you. The distance is cruel, very cruel.

Short love letters for him and her

Tell your partner how you feel about these short love statements for him and her.

❤️ You are my shining star; you make me feel loved and special. Thank you for being the man of my dreams.
❤️ I know that circumstances make things that way and I try to conform, but every time you leave, it’s more obvious how addicted I am to your love. I love you!
❤️ I love you! If your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a beach universe!
❤️ It hurts too much that our separation becomes unbearable. This is exactly how I feel now and I would like to keep you in my heart forever.
❤️ I want you back, fast, very fast… Don’t let me suffer and give me back my strong arms and my love.
❤️ You are the most beautiful, tenderest person I have ever met – and even that is an understatement. I love you!
❤️ I just wanted you to know that I am so grateful for everything you are! You are smart, sweet, amazing, beautiful and funny. This list could go on and on! I love you!
He beats very slowly and sadly, because he can’t stand being away from you.
❤️ Storm clouds can gather and stars can collide, but I love you until the end of time!
❤️ I am so grateful to God for giving me the best girlfriend in the world whose love cannot be replaced by anyone. I love you.
❤️ I want you to know that there is no one who can replace you. The way you look, the way you always know what I’m thinking, the way you give me hugs when I need it the most and the way you listen to me are very valuable!
❤️ I feel close to you, even though you’re far away. Please believe me when I tell you I love you.
❤️ I can’t believe it’s been a year since I became a couple. Time flies and I must say that I am happy to have you. I love you!
❤️ I never doubted I loved you. I completely believe in you. You are the dearest woman to me. My reason for life.
❤️ I am truly blessed to have you as a part of my life and I look forward to the day when we begin a new life. When I say “I love you”, I mean every particle in you!
❤️ You are the happiness in my life, I suffer a lot when I am forced to be away from you. I suffer a lot when I realize that you are not close and it will take until you are with me again.
❤️ My love, did you know that when you travel, my heart becomes truly alone
❤️ What I feel for you is something special – thank you so much for making my life beautiful and filling it with such amazing details.
  • I have dreamed of you all my life and today I express my love for you. I like to hold your hand and enjoy the journey of life together.
  • You are part of my life that I have been looking for all these years. Finally I found you. I’ve never felt so happy and I want to be with you always.
  • I suddenly remembered that song that says, “The lyrics aren’t enough anymore, I want to hear your voice.” But I wish I could hear it right here, very close to my ears. I love you!
  • When I am sad, you lift my spirits, when I am happy, you share my joy. In the good and bad times you are always with me. You taught me how to love. I love you.
  • Your image is always in my mind, I always hear my heart whispering your name and I can always see your face when I close my eyes… how beautiful you are. I love you.
  • I want you close to me, whispering in my ear how much you love me!
  • I don’t just want to hear you on the phone. Your voice coming through the cold threads instead of giving me relief, increases my pain…