You can always amaze your girlfriend with love messages and text messages: when she drinks a cup of coffee or tea at dawn, with a love text message in the morning; when you want to make her smile before bed, with a love SMS and good night, or maybe when you are hundreds of miles apart, with long distance love text messages.
It is so beautiful to open your heart full of affection to your half and it is so easy to send beautiful love text messages for your loved one today!
In the list below, we provide short love SMS for EA and long love SMS so that you can choose the most beautiful love SMS and send it to your loved one.
This will be a nice and positive gift for the whole day. You will see, your girlfriend will be extremely happy, even for the funny SMS! And if you’re away from each other, sad text messages will help you reconsider your feelings of love and longing.

SMS of longing and love for her

The state of longing may not be the most pleasant emotion, instead this feeling is so emotional that it raises love in the 9th heaven. The inner feelings at the moment of temporary separation are perfectly found in the beautiful words in these text messages of longing and love for her, which will surely capture her thoughts.
✉️ Where are you, my sun
Where are you, my dear
Come back as soon as possible, I miss you unbearably!
✉️ I miss you! I pray for destiny to meet as soon as possible. You are my ray that shines in the dark and the medicine that heals my soul from sadness.
✉️ My loving cat, I miss you! I’m writing this text quietly, but I’m looking forward to kissing you on the lips. You are a wonderful beauty. You are a dream come true.
✉️ My dear, your rays have brightened my days and set fire to divine love. I’m always looking for your eyes in the crowd. But I’m alone… I miss you.
✉️ Far from you I am like a bird without wings and by no means can I find peace of mind. I, my love, dream of your face day and night.
✉️ I miss you, come as soon as possible! I dreamed of repeating our meeting. I haven’t seen anything around since I met you.
✉️ Only with you did I start living again! Honey, I miss you! When you are away, I dream of you, my love. Where to go now, what to do, I don’t know…
✉️ I miss you, darling. I hope to see you as soon as possible. How I’ve lived without you so far – I don’t know. Hurry up to me, hurry up!
✉️ My thoughts got mixed up in my head, my love, because I miss you so much. You lit my soul and now I’m afraid you will disappear from my life.
✉️ I don’t get tired of admiring you! Yes, parting breaks my heart! And every moment tormented me with sadness. My love, I miss you.
✉️ I’m sad without you and everything around me looks gray. Dream of your hugs and affection. I’m crazy about you.
✉️ Soon, very soon, I will hug you, dear! I miss you and I will not stop waiting for you!
✉️ You are not close now and my soul is longing. But every moment I remember you and I look forward to our meeting as the birds await paradise!
✉️ I’m sad, baby! I would hurry up to see each other again and then stop him! I only want one thing – to always hug you.
✉️ My love, don’t rush to disappear from my life! I need your tenderness, your sweet voice. Where are you, beautiful
✉️ I long for you, my love. I miss it, and life passes… I’m sad, living alone without my girlfriend.
✉️ I want to see your eyes, touch your lips and immerse ourselves in our eternal love! But you’re so far away…
✉️ I miss you, honey, I miss you so much. I dreamed of coming back as soon as possible and embracing you with love.
✉️ My big-eyed miracle! I’m sending you 1000 kisses. Miss you so bad! I will love you forever! I just want to be together!
✉️ I can’t hug you right now, I can pull your hair lightly, I can’t say words of love in your ear and I can’t kiss your neck. I can’t even breathe without you!

Funny love text messages for girlfriend

In the “Funny love text messages for your girlfriend” section, you can find the funniest wishes for your weak half. They will surely bring a smile to your loved one and cheer him up for the whole day.
❤️ Looking at you, I turn into a child who knows only one word – I want to!
❤️ You know you’re a thief
You stole my heart!
❤️ Your heart rate and blood pressure increase, your mood is confused, I can’t keep my balance, the diagnosis depends on you, the treatment is your love. Rescue Me!
❤️ You know, when I think of you, I always smile. People say I’m crazy… I always smile!
❤️ As one poet said, the girl’s heart is a secret. Even if he loves her very much, he will still answer – No. So I don’t believe you! I know you love me!
❤️ Your operator warns you: you will not smile right now – we will disconnect you!
❤️ Nightmare! They diagnosed me and found you in my heart!
❤️ Now 2 million people sleep, one million eat, half a million make love and only one, the most beautiful person I love, read this message!
❤️ You are as stubborn as a demon, but still as beautiful as an angel from heaven. I love you!
❤️ I close my eyes – I see you next to me, I open my eyes – you are gone, I close my eyes again to see you again and I am afraid to open them because I do not want to lose you.
❤️ In connection with the violation of the article of the code of love, I sentence you to life imprisonment in my heart. We will fix the verdict with a kiss, without being challenged.
❤️ You hit me right in the heart, and the medicine won’t help here. The disease of love for you is incurable!
❤️ My heart was stolen by you. Take it – I’m not stingy!
❤️ Honey, I love you so much I can’t stand the zipper on my jeans!
❤️ A virus has crept into my contact list. Beautiful, smart, affectionate and sexy. So I decided not to look for an antivirus, but to send him this message.
❤️ In paradise they said that the most beautiful angel ran away from them, but I did not betray you!
❤️ You live in my heart, you live in my soul, in my thoughts, in my head. When you pay for accommodation
❤️ Loading: 1%… 20%… 30%… 100%. You are successfully loaded into my heart.
❤️ One hundred thousand teddy bears, kittens and pandas can’t be compared to you in fluff!
❤️ I would like to send you all my love, but I’m afraid there won’t be enough space in your smartphone’s memory!

Love texting for her good night

Below we have provided ready-made versions of goodnight love sms messages for her, which contain the most beautiful words to be written when the sun goes down.
🌝 In your dream today, let everything be like a fairy tale. I love you. Good night.
🌝 The most affectionate and sweetest, gentle, kind and beautiful, I want to wish you very sweet dreams and good night!
🌝 A dream rushes to your bed. Sleep in peace! You’re sweet and my love.
🌝 How wonderful it is when you are close, when my eyes meet your gaze, when the smile is always sincere! I kiss you tonight and I hold you tight, my love!
“Good night, my dear.” Despite the fact that we are very far from each other, I still see you in dreams and I really miss you.
🌝 The night slips quietly, catching the sunlight. Twilight comes in response. Sleep, my dear child. I will come to you in a dream.
🌝 You want me to come to you in a dream
To sit on the bed in silence, to touch you lightly, to hold your hand and to smile at you
🌝 Tell me more about you! I won’t let you sleep until morning!
🌝 Have good, beautiful dreams. Let the night be so clear that your dreams come true. Sleep well, sleep sweet!
🌝 I want to hug you, kiss you passionately and keep you awake all night. These are my dreams. My love, you sleep sweet!
🌝 I’m sorry if I ruined your sleep, but I miss you so much and I’m in a hurry to tell you I can’t wait to hug you!
Bună Good night! I kiss you lightly on the lips and on both cheeks!
🌝 Tonight, I’m sending you a sweet kiss. I love you, I can’t live without you and I always want to be together. You are always in my heart, because I live only by loving you!
🌝 The night kisses you sweetly and everything falls asleep in silence. Let the bed be comfortable and tender with you, maybe we will meet in a dream! Good night.
“I think you’re sleeping now, the moon is shining through the window.” Good night, my love, my favorite in the world!
🌝 Let everything be like in a fairy tale, let your dreams be warmer! Close your eyes and rest well! Sweet Dreams!
🌝 Your bed is very bored and has been waiting for you for a long time. The dream is knocking on your window, so good night! I’ll kiss you 1000 times in a dream.
🌝 I am writing this goodnight SMS and I want to tell you that I miss you very much. I can’t do anything without you, everything falls out of my hands. Honey, I love you so much!
🌝 My dear angel, looking at the night sky, I speak mentally about my feelings for you and I would like to be heard by your heart. Kiss the tips of your wings!
🌝 The day went well and the night is beautiful and gentle. I wish it was always a good night for you!

Love SMS for my daughter (new)

My love text messages for my daughter, new and original, are usually read several times and can make your love story and your dating more passionate. Each of them contains the recognition of open feelings or compliments.
🖤 ​​Even if it rains, the wind blows or the fire burns – I love you with passion. I would now fly towards you to lightly caress your face, kiss your lips and look you in the eye.
Honey! Now I just want you to caress your hearing with a sweet whisper and expressions of love.
🖤 ​​My dear, you are very beautiful, very sexy, passionate, playful, patient. You are my favorite! I love you!
🖤 ​​My dear! I want to admit that I’m melting after you, that I don’t know anyone better, more wanted and more beautiful than you!
You are the sunlight, you are my pain and fear. You are the taste of heaven on your lips and the song I sing. You are my life that I love.
Believe me, there is nothing more wonderful than being with you!
Mea My little one. You smell like a flower, you have a voice like a bell and you are as beautiful as the morning. I want to see you, touch you and whisper in your ear how much I love you!
🖤 ​​How’s your mood
How you slept at night
You know, I told you before and I tell you all the time, but now I’ll repeat – I love you very, very, very much!
🖤 ​​I always want to love you and whisper your feelings. I want to be with you. I want you. Smile at me and dream together!
🖤 ​​I want to confess my love for you, to hug you, to smile and to kiss you! I love you, don’t forget that! Very strong and very much so.
🖤 ​​I love you more than life. For you I would give the moon and the stars, for you I would give the whole world and the roses, for you I would give all my beautiful days and, of course, me!
Honey, I can tell you that in my dreams, in my words and in my nights it is only you. You’ve been my whole life. I miss you so much, you are everything to me!
🖤 ​​It is said that nothing in this world lasts forever, but I do not believe in these words. I will always love you and I will never stop admiring you!
🖤 ​​My eyes are smiling, my blood is boiling, I’m worried about you. I want you again and again… Maybe that’s love
🖤 There’s something I like so much about – closing my eyes and thinking about you.
🖤 ​​Your eyes are so beautiful and your smile is so sweet. I met you and now I’m going crazy!
🖤 ​​Fuck the emotions, fuck the doubts! You’re the best – that’s my opinion!
🖤 ​​A beautiful message for my girlfriend: I want to warm you, I want to hug you, I want to undress you, to kiss you, I want love, I want fire, because I love you so much!
🖤 ​​Your lips are bored, your hands, eyes, body and soul want you. I feel so alone now… I want to kiss you gently, to hold you close to my chest, I want to see your smile… I love you!
🖤 ​​When I hear your wonderful voice, everything inside begins to light up, and my heart breaks and sings! I love you, in spite of everyone! Neither distance nor time have power over my feeling!

Love words for her (short)

Women always expect from their strong halves attention, affection and warmth. Sometimes I can even ask them openly. Therefore, men should take the initiative in their own hands, and the first step could be these words of love for her, short and emotional.
You are the girl of my dreams, like a fairy tale. I am ready to bathe you in my love and affection, waiting for recognition!
Esc I love you, but I’m jealous. And maybe sometimes unbearable, because I try to hug you at all our meetings, kiss you all the time and always talk about my feelings!
Everyone is looking for their ideal, but I found you. Just as the moon is the satellite of the earth, so you are the satellite of my life!
You are more beautiful than the sun and the moon, you are better than the starry night! You are more necessary than heaven and earth, I love you so much!
🐱 I want my dreams to come true, because in my dreams we are always together!
🐱 I don’t know how to write poetry, but I can express my thoughts – I love you madly, not in a dream, but in reality!
🐱 I love you, I kiss you, I hug you and I dream of you! Your eyes embarrass me, and I promise you all the love and affection!
🐱 You are as beautiful as a sunset and as exciting as the waves. You are mine and that makes me happy!
🐱 I am writing this text message, my hand is shaking and my love for you is intensifying every second!
🐱 I love you for your insensibly beautiful eyes that look at me with tenderness and care. I love you for your hot body that warms me. I love you for your sweet kisses!
I like you and I miss you. I don’t notice anything around me, I don’t live when I’m without you! Your smile is like a drug!
Honey! Your voice is like a brook, which murmurs and calms me. I’m so glad I got you! I will always repeat to you that I cannot live without you and I wish you infinitely much!
🐱 You will go out today and the sun will kiss you. But I’m sure he’s not as gentle as I am.
Attention! You are surrounded by my love! After all, you are the most important thing in my life! I love you very much!
🐱 My feelings for you are endless, my love is like an entire ocean, which is why I feel like I just can’t live without you!
Greetings! I am a message entrusted to you to send you an unlimited number of the tenderest and sweetest kisses!
🐱 I want to say that I like you very much, that I love you and for your sake I will do anything, just be with me! Dozens of love phrases won’t describe my feelings!
🐱 Love spins the planet and will save the world! And if I’m not with you – I feel like I’m dying. We both know that you are my joy and I am yours!
🐱 I love you so much! You are my dearest! I like your eyes and your smile! I rarely talk about it, but you know very well how much I love you, how my heart suffers without you!
🐱 If a flower blooms every time I think of you, the world would become a huge garden!

Declarations of love for her via SMS

These declarations of love for her via text message will not go unanswered. Be more courageous and you will see that your relationship will change for the better.
I never thought I could lose my head in love, but it happened! Ever since we met, I just can’t live without you. You are the most beautiful girl in the world!
⭐ I love you so much, I just can’t live without you. I look at our pictures every day and I want to hug you and kiss you gently!
⭐ I want to hug you, touch your lips, warm your hands and never let you go! I love you!
⭐ In my dreams – you are mine, in my life – you are a dream. I lose my mind without you, I’m very sad, I suffer and I can’t imagine my life without you!
My love! You can’t imagine how much that means to me! You are my life, a part of my heart and soul. You’ve enchanted me!
Voi I will give you the dawn of the day, the moon and the stars, the seas and the oceans. I will give you the softest touches of your lips. I’ll give you the whole world, because I’m crazy about you!
You are like a sweet poison to me and at the same time sweet as chocolate. Everyone around you loses your mind when you’re not with me!
⭐ I love you cheerful, attentive, funny. I love you seriously, angry, angry. I will always be with you, I will always be where our dreams come true!
I just want you to be happy and I want to be the cause of this happiness!
I am happy and I live because of you, my love! Only with you do I smile for no reason, and my feelings overwhelm me! You are everything to me, the whole world, life and meaning!
⭐ You know where I am
Below, below, below. Why are you looking for me on the phone
? I’m below. I’m in your heart!
⭐ If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a whole blizzard!
⭐ I’m crazy about you! My love ignites with every look from you! You are magical to me, amazing!
If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have thought that such beautiful girls as you live in the world! I love you more than life! I always want to be with you!
⭐ Always sweet, always with a smile on your face, you bring me joy and peace. I love you for what you are and I am because of you!
⭐ If I were given eternity without you, I would choose a moment, but with you.
I love three things! The sun, the moon and you! The sun – during the day, the moon – the night, and you – always!
We are so different, but I want to be together! You are that kind of pure beauty, the star that shines and ignites in me the fire of love!
⭐ As soon as I close my eyes, I see you! Maybe we’ll meet today and I shouldn’t keep my eyes closed all night
⭐ You are the dearest person in the universe to me! You are smart, beautiful, charming! I’m crazy about you!

Good morning love SMS for my girlfriend

You can also send a good morning love SMS to my girlfriend. No doubt this will make your day even more beautiful, even if it is raining outside. Surprise her with a heartfelt, romantic message that will affect her soul and make her think about the deep feeling you feel for her.
👩 How nice it is to wake up early in the morning and send a text message with a good morning wish to your girlfriend! Morning, my dear!
👩 I want to hug you, kiss you and whisper in your ear that you are a princess! You’re my princess and I can’t live without you! Good morning!
You are my only one, my girlfriend, the most beautiful and tender. You are my sun, my joy… and so I can go on forever. Good morning dear!
👩 Accept my gentlest and warmest GOOD. After all, there is no one better in the world than you!
👩 Somewhere, a warm, gentle, kind, affectionate heart beats, whose girlfriend is now reading this text. Good morning dear!
👩 Good morning, my dear girl! I wish you a good day and a wonderful mood!
👩 Good morning! I miss you already! I want to wish you a good day and add that I love you!
👩 Good morning, my joy. I kiss your lips lovingly, I hug you tightly and lift you in my arms. I won’t let you go anywhere!
👩 Wake up as soon as possible and smile to your ears! Pour your tea, wait for me and don’t get bored.
👩 It’s early in the morning, the sun has risen and the good morning has whispered to you. Open your eyes, my love, and wait for me. I’m in a hurry to you.
👩 Morning, my love, I kiss you virtually on the lips. I hug you lightly, throw you back in bed and I won’t leave you alone soon!
👩 My sun, it’s already morning! It’s time to get up and decorate this world!
👩 Good morning! Bright light, more emotions, smiles, more luck, more warmth, baby!
👩 Morning is never good, but good SMS helps. My princess, good morning! I love you sweet. Let’s get up from the crib already!
👩 Honey, it’s time to get out of bed! Thanks to you, I wake up every morning in a good mood! I love you! Many kisses!
👩 The sun has already risen and found a secret – that I miss you, that I always dreamed of you! Morning!
👩 Good morning, cat. Have a nice day, be as sunny and bright as you are. I love you, I kiss you, I miss you so much! Always yours!
👩 The cutest eyes in the world! Open your eyelids! Let this day thank you for its beauty!
👩 The morning has come, the rays shone in the sky and woke you up. The whole world seems to be better, cleaner and kinder because of you!
👩 My sweet, affectionate, tender, kind girl, wake up and sing! May this day be wonderful for you!

The most beautiful love SMS for her

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right words to confess your love. In this case, we come to your aid with this selection of longing and love SMS for her. The beautiful greeting and the tender words will put a smile on his face and will inspire confidence in the strength and happiness of your relationship.
🖤 ​​I can’t give you the moon in the sky and I can’t reach the stars. But I truly love you and I am ready to lay down my life for you. I burn for you with both my heart and my soul, always living to the limit. The cause of my great love is of course you! I gave you my heart, I saw my fate in you immediately and I realized that I have never loved anyone before you!
🖤 ​​You are calm, affectionate, just like a cat. I love when you kiss me tenderly and when I feel all my happiness and life in your little hands. I’m far away, but so close to you!
🖤 ​​You are my joy, my light, my fresh air! You are my sun, my golden ray! You are also lyrics, and music, and prose, darling! Only you are happy! From the moment I saw you, I began to feel the taste of life. I instantly fell in love with you, thanks to you I became more attentive and caring, more responsible and better. Now I don’t need other muses!
🖤 ​​I am with you forever! I will protect you from all misfortune. With you I became a different person, much better. With each passing day, my love for you doubles! You are the cutest girl!
🖤 ​​This cocktail of feelings I experienced at the sight of your incredible face changes my view of the world and directs my life in a different direction – better. I am grateful for these changes. You are a beautiful flower that accidentally broke out in my fate and I will tenderly protect you for the rest of my life. Honey, our journey together is a beautiful one, and I will never cease to admire you.
🖤 ​​I saw your clear eyes in a dream. I didn’t know you then, but I dreamed of you! When I saw you, my heart sang like a nightingale. I started complimenting you, making jokes, looking for reasons to see you again… Then I realized that you are my princess. You are the girl of my dreams!
🖤 ​​My love, there are not so many words that could describe my feelings! I just want to give you the most delicate flowers, whose petals resemble the velvet of your skin, and their scent is similar to the aroma of your soul. I want to become your heart to feel every second!
🖤 ​​You are my clear sun in ordinary life. With the sweetest look, smile, voice. You have realized all the dreams in my soul! I didn’t know I could feel this way, love that way, be so happy. You are my sweet: captivity, witchcraft and fantasy!
🖤 ​​I’ll tell you a secret today: no one is more beautiful and desirable than my beloved daughter! You are my joy and happiness. You give me affection, tenderness and love. Thanks to you, the sun has become brighter. I repeat to you again about my feelings and thank you for everything.
🖤 ​​My love, only your face can give me energy for the whole day! And if you give me another kiss in the morning, my day will be covered with eternal love! My pearl, you are my dearest, I am ready to offer everything for the velvet of your skin, for the sparkle of wonderful eyes and the radiance of your smile. Indeed, sincere love cannot be a mistake!
🖤 ​​I see your face woven from the rays of the sun every night in my dreams and I am ready to give everything to make sure that these dreams will never change. It wouldn’t take me a lifetime to look at you. I’m glad I can admire you at night, when you come in a dream, when my eyes close. I want to be with you always, baby, and never miss a moment of happiness.
🖤 ​​My favorite! You can imagine
I love you today even more! And I really think that today you are even sweeter and sweeter than yesterday! I never thought I could love so strongly, with so much passion. You are my dearest person! I am ready to swear your happiness and eternal love!
You are my clear sun, my light wind from the seashore. You are the beautiful starry sky and I can’t live without you. Your laughter is my favorite sound, calling me from afar. Your appearance is a real fire that melted my frozen heart. You are so different, but always good to me. Wherever I am, my beautiful, know that my soul is only for you.

SMS of love for my girlfriend

Here we gathered longing and love text messages for the girlfriend far away, as well as text messages with love declarations, short and long. They are all very elegant and exciting, refined and creative in a good mood. You can also find funny love text messages for your girlfriend in the collection.
❤️ Honey, I will never stop thanking heaven for your presence in my life. You made me happy! You are not only a girl adored by me, but also a faithful, understanding friend and an unusual interlocutor. If I had the gift of changing the course of events, we would have met earlier, because the time spent without you was a waste.
❤️ I don’t know, darling, how I would have lived if I hadn’t met you. I’m the happiest in the world! No one is as lucky as me, because I have you. You are my happiness! Every day you bring me light and joy. My heart is in your power forever!
❤️ My dear, I know that sometimes I am wrong and there are many disagreements between us. Sometimes my words can be like a sharp dagger that leaves painful wounds. But know that I love you very much and I don’t need anyone else in my destiny. I close my eyes again and imagine how I am with you now…
❤️ Hello, my beautiful and dear girl. For you I will take a star from the sky! Every day we are together, I understand that you are my shining love, which brings me only joy. It’s impossible to be sad next to you! I want to live my whole life, just loving you!

❤️ If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have thought that girls like you are still in the world. You’re not like everyone else. You are gentle, kind, sweet, gentle. At home, next to you, I feel comfortable, warm and calm. And that’s exactly what I need. It seems to me that you will be the best wife and mother in the world! I’d like to spend my whole life with you.
❤️ For you, I would like to turn into flowers. I wish I could anticipate your gestures and words. I would like to make all your dreams come true and give you the whole world. You’re turning my life into a garden of eden. You are beautiful and sweet. I’m only really happy when I see you smiling. When I’m with you, the world immediately becomes kinder. I love you!
❤️ You are like the moon in the dark sky. So beautiful! You give me your tenderness and affection and I don’t need the sun or the bread, just to see your smile. And if I can’t look at the sun, then the moon, on the contrary, caresses my gaze. I adore you.
❤️ When I think of you, I remember the beautiful gardens with summer flowers, which give off a special scent. This is probably the scent of true happiness and love. Sometimes, for the perfect blessing, it’s enough for me to just touch your hair. I feel at peace and pleasure with you. The sun and all the stars in this universe are burning just for you! I kiss you gently and I love you madly! When I’m with you, my happiness can’t be compared to anything! Your lips are like sweet jam. Our meetings are also sweet. All I want now is to fall asleep on my shoulder.
In times of sun or rain, heat or frost, wind or blizzard – your girlfriend always deserves attention! Feel free to tell her how much you love her!