The Wolf Moon is an ancient phenomenon that rises above the night sky each month, during the full moon. For centuries, cultures around the world have been captivated by the mysteries of the full moon and its impacts, however, particularly with the zodiac signs, this has become a topic of much interest and speculation.

In this article, we will uncover the myths and realities behind how the full moon signals affects to each of the zodiacs. We’ll examine the beliefs and perspectives of experts, discuss the impact of full moon on specific zodiacs, as well as explore lunar rituals and activities. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how the Wolf Moon affects each of the zodiacs and how you can embrace its energy for your personal goals.

What is the Wolf Moon?

The Wolf Moon is the traditional name for the full moon that appears each month. The term is believed to come from Native American cultures, who would listen to howling wolves during this time, welcoming the new moon and celebrating the change in season. The Wolf Moon marks a significant time of the month, using its power to encourage rituals and to seek answers to questions and challenges.

What is a full moon?

The full moon is a lunar phenomenon which occurs each month when the moon appears at its fullest in the night sky. This happens when the moon is opposite to the sun and the side of the moon facing the Earth is fully illuminated.

Full moon energy can be incredibly powerful and is often associated with new beginnings and abundance. Different cultures around the world observe the full moon in many different ways, from moon rituals and ceremonies, to celebrating loved ones and embracing challenges and goals.

How does the Wolf Moon affect the zodiacs?

The intensity of a full moon can be incredibly powerful and significantly influence our lives. In astrological terms, the Wolf Moon has a direct effect on the twelve zodiacs, dictating to us how we should align with the moon’s energy and utilise it for our own personal needs.

For thousands of years, astrologers have studied the power of the Wolf Moon and its potential to bring out energies and potentials in us based on our zodiac sign. Different zodiac signs react differently depending on the power of the Wolf Moon and its influences.


The planetary ruler of Aries is Mars, known as the god of war. This zodiac takes on a great deal of energy, with the goals to be triumphant and strong, however, this can lead to Aries attempting more than it can handle. With such intensity of energy, the Wolf Moon can make Aries impatient in achieving its goals and make it act rashly. Instead, Aries should take time to plan and move with caution.


As the planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus, the sign is associated with love and abundance. Taurus believes very strongly in sanctuary and comfort, a key concept to be embraced under the Wolf Moon. The sign should take this opportunity to shift focus on creating more balance in its life and ensuring it’s cherishing those closest to it.


The zodiac of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, known as the messenger of the gods. As Gemini is an inquisitive sign and loves to gather knowledge and experiences, the energy of the Wolf Moon can be a beautiful opportunity for exploration. Gemini should spend this time comprehending the depths and wisdom of the world, take time to reflect and develop its own knowledge base.


Cancer’s planetary ruler is the Moon itself, making it extremely vulnerable to the energy of the Wolf Moon. Cancers are particularly well-suited to the energy the Wolf Moon presents and should embrace taking time out for themselves, allowing for plenty of rest and relaxation. Nurturing and compassion for the self is of utter importance when under the intensity of the Wolf Moon.


The zodiac of Leo is ruled by the Sun, associated with leadership and ambition. The Wolf Moon can be a positive power for Leos, inspiring creativity and inviting luminescence. Leo should utilise the Wolf Moon as an opportunity to tap into its natural leadership, opening up conversations and inspiring those in its realm.


The planetary ruler of Virgo is Mercury, known as the messenger of the gods. Virgos are often deep thinkers, so the presence of the Wolf Moon is a great time for Virgo to use their natural talent and take this time to develop deep connections to their inner selves. Virgo should use the Wolf Moon as an opportunity for deep meditation and a chance to locate and work on any unresolved issues it may have.


As the planetary ruler of Libra is Venus, the sign looks to blend all aspects of truth. The Wolf Moon creates the ideal energy for finding harmony for Libras, by allowing time for plenty of self-care, reflection and time for all of its relationships to grow.


Scorpio’s planetary ruler is Pluto, known as the god of the Underworld. Scorpios are often wise and insightful beings, though they can also take these traits to extremes. As Scorpios can often feel engulfed in the intensity of its own thoughts, the Wolf Moon is an opportunity to break away and put its powerful strength towards some form of action.


The planetary ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the god of thunder. The nature of this sign is that of self-driven exploration, however, this sign can often be deeply lost in thought. The Wolf Moon provides Sagittarius with the opportunity to reflect and ensure they are prioritising their own needs and taking time out of the busyness that life can bring.


The zodiac of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, known as the father of gods. One of the characteristics of Capricorn is an intense dedication to achieving and reaching greater heights, this sign also takes on a lot of responsibility. The Wolf Moon brings a chance for Capricorn to step back, take a break and enjoy the journey of each milestone.


The planetary ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, known as the god of the sky. As an air sign, Aquarius is often fond of intellectual pursuits and abstract thoughts, the Wolf Moon can be a period of peace for this sign in which it can delve into conversations, spiritual quests and broader perspectives.


The zodiac of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, known as the god of the seas. Pisces loves to explore the depths, often being very introspective and dreamy creatures. The Wolf Moon is the perfect time for this sign to wrap within its own energy and look to uncover any new insights or changes it may need to make for its future.

Lunar rituals and activities

The power of the Wolf Moon is a great opportunity to tap into and embrace its energy to better our lives. As the Wolf Moon is intimately connected with the zodiacs, rituals and activities special to each sign should be considered in order to encourage those energies and potentials.

For Aries, the best activity is to take a break and find balance in your life. Open up conversations, take some time to be alone, plan and look to ponder key questions.

For Taurus, a great activity is to meditate and wrap up in the energy of the Wolf Moon. Look to express your love for yourself and taking time out for relaxation.

For Gemini, the ideal activity is to undertake extra research. Take time to look into topics of interest, create intellectual conversations and delve into philosophical conversations.

As a Cancer, the perfect ritual is to take some time for self-care. Look to spend some time in nature, reflect on your thoughts, express any needs you have and set some self-care practices.

For Leo, taking time to open up dialogue with friends or colleagues is essential. Look to practice leadership qualities and conduct some conversations.

As a Virgo, the right activity is to focus on deep contemplation. Take time to fully understand and connect with yourself, investing time in your health is a great way of doing this.

For Libra, focus on finding a sense of inner harmony is key. Consider how those closest to you are doing, and make sure your emotional are always being managed in the right way.

For Scorpio, spending some time to take action on things that need tackling is ideal. Weigh up your decisions and plots your moves.

The activity for Sagittarius is to focus on new beginnings and ideas. Take time to brainstorm and come up with new projects, companies or ideas that bring on increasing amounts of creativity.

For Capricorn, strive to make the journey enjoyable. Focus on taking short breaks when needed and make sure to cherish those around you.

The activity for Aquarius is to have conversations and develop connections with people. Take time to create relationships and be involved in intellectual conversations.

As a Pisces, focus on self-improvement and exploring new depths. Look to take time for yourself and spend time journeying through your spiritual goals.