Whimsical Lunar New Year-Inspired Manicures from Beata Xu

Lunar New Year is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the festivities than with a fun and unique manicure. To master your mani game, there’s no one better to look towards than Beata Xu. She is a renowned luxury manicurist and a nail artist extraordinaire, who creates whimsical works of art on nails – just take a scroll through her Instagram.

Her designs are creative, innovative, and are a perfect mix of art and fashion. Plus, her Lunar New Year inspired designs will surely get you in the mood to celebrate the spirit and joy of the season! So, if you’re looking for something special for your Lunar New Year mani, here are 7 of Beata Xu’s most gorgeous and amusing designs.

Iridescent Snake and Peonies

This design features an iridescent snake and a trio of red and pink peonies, set against a black backdrop. The glittering snake design is modern and glamorous, making it the perfect statement piece for any manicure. Plus, the contrast of the black with the colorful peonies creates a fresh and festive look.

Cheery Sunflowers

These sunny sunflower nails will bring out your bubbly and cheerful side. With its yellow and orange tones, this manicure design is perfect for few of us who can’t get enough of the summer vibes!

Longevity Peaches

This classic nail design by Beata Xu is the perfect way to symbolize the importance of the Lunar New Year. Covered in festive red and gold hues, these peaches represent longevity, health and a prosperous life.

Radiant Phoenix

A phoenix is a sign of new beginnings and resurrection, so what better nail design to celebrate a Lunar New Year? This phoenix design is absolutely stunning, featuring one-of-a-kind hand-painted art and a rich cherry-red background.

Delightful Oranges

These adorable orange nails will keep your Lunar New Year celebrations looking sweet. With its classic orange color, the cute little oranges are sure to bring lots of fun to your manis this year.

Graceful Bonsai Tree

This graceful bonsai tree-inspired mani is perfect for channeling peace and balance. The soft and serene shades of green compliments the delicate bonsai details perfectly, and is a subtle yet sophisticated way to ring in the Lunar New Year.

Tranquil Kois and Cherry Blossoms

The swirling kois set amongst pretty pastel-hued cherry blossoms offers the perfect zen vibe for your Lunar New Year manicure. The bright pops of color provided by the electric blues, yellows, and pinks will add a touch of fun to your otherwise tranquil mani.