Free time can be a real punishment when you do not find entertainment to your liking. If you are looking for something to do at home when you are bored with a friend or being alone, we offer you some interesting options for spending time, which will help you to spend your day useful, to get moral satisfaction and to diversify your free time.

These “what to do when you get bored to death” ideas will help you find psychological pleasure and create a great mood, whether you do it on your PC, at home or abroad. Many activities are also suitable for children.

  1. Go for a walk

When you get bored at home, when you have nothing to do, just go for a walk. You can walk through parks and streets. Important! Hide your phone in your backpack. Such an isolation of gadgets will allow you to take a fresh look at the world around you.

  1. Do sports training

If you do not have sports equipment, you can order a personal weight kit. You will have a double benefit: boredom will be banished and your body will be more toned.

  1. Online games

It’s a great way to get started on your computer when you’re bored. This can be an RPG shooter, known and loved by many. You can also test new games – for example, Morphite or Alto Odyssey.

  1. Clean up

It is not necessary to initiate a general cleaning, but it is enough to tidy up a certain place. This can be the wardrobe, the drawer on the left or the box on the balcony. The situation looks better when everything is bright and clean.

  1. Learn a foreign language

It is a useful idea to do on the net when you are alone at home. It can be popular English or mysterious Japanese. Knowledge of foreign languages, words and phrases is never superfluous. You can use the online services, among which the most popular are Puzzle English and LinguaLeo. This occupation will not only improve your grammar, but will also extend the general boundaries of your worldview.

  1. Get to know each other

Another inspiration for what to do on the internet when you get bored. It’s not just about romantic relationships, but also about new friends, bound by chat messages without obligations. You will need a mobile phone and the desire to communicate. The Android app store offers a lot of knowledge programs. Communicating with strangers will not only overwhelm your boredom, but will also create new relationships (no one has canceled the harmless flirtation).

  1. Wash dirty clothes

If the dirty laundry box doesn’t close and needs attention, it’s time to wash your clothes.

  1. Clean the mailbox

She has long needed a general clean-up: delete her spam, unsubscribe from her mailing list, and sign important emails.

  1. Cook new food

Cookbooks or websites with a similar topic will help. People close to you will surely enjoy a luncheon or a sudden dinner.

  1. Make a manicure

For the procedure, it is not necessary to go to the beauty salon. If you have all the necessary tools, you can do it yourself. Refresh your color or paint your nails again.

  1. Arrange your hair in a new way

The new look not only eliminates boredom, but also helps you become more confident. If you do not yet have a “own” hairdresser and you are looking for what to do when you get bored outside, then visiting the various barbershops can turn into a real adventure.

  1. Change the scenery

Even the beloved objects of the interior over time become boring and need to be replaced. If your financial resources allow, you should go ahead and change the furniture in your house.

  1. Go to the gym

Or you can sign up and go to the first test training. Fitness clubs offer classes for everyone: group, individual, cardio, pilates, etc. For additional activities, there are a number of subscriptions for a single visit.

  1. Read a book

Looking for what to do when you get bored when it rains outside, you can use this idea. Everyone has a list of books they would like to read, but they don’t have time. The time has come! Just open the front page and the script will capture you.

  1. The old friend is calling

This may be your favorite friend or a distant friend from the past. It is important that you enjoy communicating with him and being with each other.

  1. Create a resume

Even if you don’t need to find a job, such a self-presentation will help you to see your skills, to raise your self-esteem.

  1. Take care of those close to you

For example, buy your grandmother’s favorite slippers or send a letter to your aunt in another city. Relatives will enjoy these little touches.

  1. paints

You can draw a portrait or landscape or try painting on numbers. Talent and skills are not required in this case. Self-expression is important. If you want to develop quality, then in the online environment you will find dozens of courses that teach you how to paint.

  1. Take a bath in the bathtub

And not just a bath, but with the addition of salt and essential oils. It’s also a great idea what to do with your boyfriend when you’re bored. And if you’re alone, the company will be a great book or a glass of your favorite drink.

  1. meditates

Help in this case is any mobile application on this topic. It will help you focus on your breathing, to hear your heart rate. Meditation is based on positive harmony and is suitable if you are looking for what you can do when you get bored at night.

  1. Opens new horizons

This is a new hobby or the beginning of activities you have long wanted. You can sew or master a new computer program.

  1. Solve sudoku, crossword puzzles or pixwords

Behind a magazine you will always find such a mental exercise. And on the entertainment sites, there are many types of such games.

  1. Write the wish list

They can be goals for the coming year, a list of movies to watch, or places to go.

  1. Write a poem

It is not necessary to be in rhyme, there may be verses in prose. It is possible to discover a new talent, previously unknown, and poetry to become part of your life.

  1. Have a cocktail

As ingredients, everything available in the refrigerator will be suitable. Afterwards, take a well-known, classic recipe and make it yourself.

  1. Have a party

This article is inspired by the last point. Drinking cocktails alone is sad. For the sake of good evening, just invite a few friends to a party and prepare some snacks.

  1. Are you sleeping

Sleep is desired in the early morning, when we need to go to work. To avoid drowsiness, it is enough to go to bed a few hours earlier. The new regime will have a positive impact on the external appearance.

  1. Wash the windows

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. If it’s winter outside, then just wash the inside of the window so that half the work is done.

  1. Listen to your favorite music

A perfect occupation when you are looking for what to do when you get bored at school, on a break, or at home. If you are tempted to dance, don’t hesitate – do it! If you can’t make noise or it’s late, enjoy your favorite headphones. You can also discover new music by looking for great new compositions that you have never heard before.

  1. Watch TV

It is ideal for those who include it once to listen to the president’s speech. Now it’s time to discover new shows and shows.

  1. Read the news

It is useful to keep up with the events of the world. Most importantly, don’t take it too seriously and don’t get involved in politics.

  1. Create your own blog

This little online corner will help you reflect your inner peace. It is the place where you can open your soul. It is not mandatory to make the blog accessible to everyone.

  1. Write in a paper diary

Thoughts, ideas and plans can be recorded in a journal. For those who do not like to write, it is recommended to form an audio diary, in order to return to recordings in a few years.

  1. Devino nostalgic

Wrap yourself in a duvet and look at old photos, for example. Memories are always warm and bright.

  1. Make a YouTube channel

It’s not about earning income or popularity. The channel is a self-expression, a method of communication with others. It is created for you, and later, such projects gain popularity among the audience.

  1. Finish what you started

Everyone has such tasks – to complete an important but delayed activity. The reasons for non-compliance are not the same for everyone: some do not have enough time, and others simply do not want to do so. If you have no desire to do everything from start to finish, it is enough to dedicate at least a little time to the activity started.

  1. Create a winter garden

Few can boast of a villa outside the city. But for this occupation, you don’t even have to have one. A free window sill, a plant, a pot and a little patience are enough. For those who find it tedious to take care of flowers, there is a stone garden. It will fit into any minimalist interior and will show the whole subtlety of the homeowner. In addition, you can organize a spice garden, where you can plant arugula, parsley, onion, basil, spinach, etc.

  1. Give flowers

This must be done for no particular reason and no special date. It is enough to select the bouquet in the delivery service and send it by courier to the necessary address.

  1. Learn to tie a tie

At least some kind of knot! The process may involve you and you may want to find out more. This skill is like never before, because in today’s world fewer and fewer people know how to tie a tie beautifully.

  1. Examine the area where you live

For this occupation, it is not necessary to leave the house. All interesting places can be found with the help of maps (paper or electronic). To expand your knowledge, it is useful to study the map of the world and to remember where the famous mountains, islands and rivers are.

  1. Visit an interest club

You can find it in every part of the city. The variety of games amazes: board games, karting, knitting, pottery and many other things.

  1. Clean your cell phone

It’s about its internal cleanliness. Every smartphone needs to regularly delete old programs, copy photos to an external drive, and replace user settings.

  1. Have a massage

Through video, you will be able to learn the simplest methods of self-massage. If this occupation proves to be interesting, then it is worth looking for professional training courses.

  1. Go to a cafe or a restaurant

It is not necessary to order a dinner of three dishes. To get acquainted with the atmosphere of the new place, just order a coffee and a dessert. This place may soon be your favorite.

  1. It mimics a holiday

In this case, choose the best drinks carefully, learn how to decorate the dishes and decorate the table.

  1. Go to the concert

Even if your favorite artist does not intend to perform in the near future, you can go to any other attractive singer. Such an evening will broaden the knowledge about the music world and will leave a good impression.

  1. Do yoga

Start by learning some basic exercises. For those who are completely away from yoga – start with the correct distribution of breath.

  1. Create an unusual Instagram profile

It could be a page of your beloved pet, for example.

  1. Drink water

It will not help to get rid of boredom, but it will not be superfluous. Most people consume insufficient fluid per day. Thus, an extra glass will be the beginning of the way to solve many health problems.

  1. Establish the financial plan

Once you are familiar with a personal financial plan, you can easily calculate your finances for the future. The plan includes all expenses, income and accruals.

  1. Do the Inspiration-Expiration exercise

By learning this process, you will be able to keep your balance in the most difficult situations.

  1. Watch videos of world celebrities

Not everyone has the opportunity to see the stars in reality, but the technologies make it possible for everyone to reach the star without leaving the house. It would be interesting to compare how your idol has changed over the years.

  1. Watch all Game of Thrones episodes

Of course, if you have enough days off.

  1. Take selfies

Take a lot of selfies, choose the best ones and update your profile pictures on social networks.

  1. Sort your clothes

Put away any clothes you no longer wear, then donate them. You can also create new outfits.

  1. Make the board

There is also a joke in this regard – never a minute goes by harder than when you do the drawing.

  1. Rhyme what you see

A perfect occupation between friends. Rhyme everything you see around you, for example – banana cup. It is an excellent preparation of the brain.

  1. Complete puzzles

Another logical exercise that banishes boredom and trains the cerebellum. For logical activities, some sites offer a large selection of classic puzzles.

  1. Explore sites

Browse the sites you like, see what new articles have been posted and come up with ingenious ideas. Dig deep!

  1. Register on Tik Tok

One of the newest social networks, which quickly became popular.

  1. Browse Pinterest

How to combine the new pencil skirt, how to spend your first birthday, how to make a bouquet of candies – millions of ideas are waiting for you here, for every taste! In addition, you can register on Pinterest, keeping all the ideas that interest you.

  1. Organize a SPA day

Organize a SPA at home: with face and hair masks, body wraps, body scrub, etc.

  1. Look out the window

Sit or sit (if space allows) in front of the window with a cup of coffee and watch the passers-by, the leaves and the clouds. Feel happy.

  1. Stay in bed

Spend all day on the couch and don’t worry about it!

  1. Read the instructions

Read the instructions for the appliances and finally find out how to make a double latte in the new coffee machine.

  1. Listen to podcasts

If you haven’t done so before, it’s time to start listening to podcasts: educational or entertainment.

  1. Choose a seminar / tutorial to your liking

Choose an interesting online seminar or tutorial and listen to it.

  1. Update your laptop and gadget software

Make sure the latest operating systems and antivirus are installed.

  1. Clean the pharmaceutical kit

It leaves only the most necessary and unexpired medicines.

  1. Do a facial massage

The skin needs daily care, and facial massage helps maintain healthy skin. As we age, the muscles of the face begin to lose their elasticity, being affected by fatigue and daily stress. Fortunately, facial massage helps to revitalize and tone the skin. It is relaxing, anti-wrinkle and very beneficial.

  1. Explore Wikipedia

Moreover, follow the links inside the article that interests you, expanding your knowledge about a certain topic more and more.

  1. Prepare meals for work / school / college in advance

Divide them into portions and refrigerate.

  1. List the pros and cons of certain concerns

For example: I should have children
I should buy the car
I should go on holiday abroad or domestically

  1. Learn how to give first aid

There are enough videos on this topic. You never know!

  1. Wash combs and makeup brushes

Ideally, they are cleaned once a week.

  1. Find out how to tie a scarf

Like the tie, the scarf can be tied in several ways to make it look elegant.

  1. Write messages on your girlfriend / boyfriend on paper

Write short messages on small pieces of paper to your girlfriend or boyfriend, and then put them without seeing them in your pockets and bag.

  1. Order pizza sua sushi

It is known that food often saves us from boredom. It’s important not to overdo it!

  1. Create handmade greeting cards

Take colored paper, scissors, glue and make some congratulations for friends and relatives for the upcoming holidays.

  1. Make a list of potential gifts

This will be very helpful when you have a special occasion and you will be invited at the last minute.

  1. Talk to your partner

You can discuss common plans and goals, making sure you agree with the dates of your next adventure.

  1. Fold paper plane / ship

If you are in the company of a friend, you can compete: whose plane will fly further

  1. Bake crackers

Then you can invite friends and share Chinese cookies.

  1. Blow soap bubbles

Who said that only children enjoy soap bubbles
? It is an interesting and relaxing occupation for adults as well.

  1. Create something for your pet

You can make her a new house, a toy or a scratcher.

  1. Write a letter with the children

Write a letter with your children for your family. Hide it in a time capsule and promise to open it and read it in a year. Also, if Christmas is approaching, you can write a letter to Santa.

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  1. Fight with the pillows

It is a beautiful memory, whether it is organized with friends, children or lovers.

  1. Organizes shows for children

In these shows, change clothes and roles several times.

  1. Leave your fingerprints on paper

Take the paint and a thick sheet of paper and leave your fingerprints. Write down the date and save it for years to come. It would be nice to leave your children’s fingerprints.

  1. Learn calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of clear and beautiful handwriting. It trains the nerves, stimulates the mental abilities, develops the motor skills. Calligraphy makes the brain feel the correctness of lines, symmetry and rhythm, develops observation and imagination.