The Netflix streaming service is one of the largest online cinemas available in almost every country in the world. Netflix’s history began in 1997, and a few years later, the company launched its own content on a budget comparable to the big Hollywood blockbusters.

Our selection contains the best Netflix feature films, worth watching, of all genres: horror movies, romances, drama, comedy and more.

Project Power

Our list of TOP rated movies on Netflix is ​​opened by Project Power. The budget is $ 85 million.
The subject tells the story of a miraculous pill that appeared on the streets of New Orleans and that for five minutes gives the one who took it a superpower. It is impossible to predict what kind of power will be given to the person.
The most important question is how the owner will use it. Most people who decide to try it use their skills discovered for criminal purposes. A police officer is sent in search of the dealers, who, along the way, finds two allies.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again This

is a romantic Netflix movie. The Christmas wreath complicates Margaret’s personal life, and her double Stacy comes to the rescue. Who could interrupt their plans?

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

The Top 5 Netflix movies also included Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.
In 1974, after watching ABBA perform at Eurovision with the song “Waterloo” on TV, an Icelandic boy Lars firmly decided that one day he would definitely play there and win. Many years later, Lars performed songs with his friend Sigrit at a local bar, still dreaming of Eurovision. One day, the elves heard Sigrit’s pleas and made the Fire Saga take part in the contest.
Will Ferrell became interested in the Eurovision Song Contest when in 1999 he and his wife were visiting relatives in Sweden. In 2014, he went to Copenhagen for the final, and in 2018, Will Ferrell participated in the Eurovision final in Lisbon as part of the Swedish delegation.

Red Notice

The film’s budget is $ 150 million. The main characters in this action film were played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.
About the script: An Interpol agent is sent in search of the most cunning thief in the world (Gal Gadot). The film premiered on November 13, 2020.


We also recommend this production from TOP Netflix action movie.
A group of killers is hired to release the son of an Indian drug lord who is in prison. The teenager was abducted by competitors and detained in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka – a slum town and almost completely surrounded by rivers. Former military man Tyler Reik will be in charge. He quickly takes care of the armed guards and frees the prisoner, but taking the boy to a safe place is not so easy.

The Old Guard

For centuries, a team of immortal warriors from various eras have been fighting evil in the name of humanity, and in the modern world they must hide their essence with great care. Their leader Andy agrees to release the next hostage, but the team is ambushed, and now the former CIA agent has video evidence of their immortality. While selling them to the ambitious head of the pharmaceutical concern, the warriors find out about the existence of a new immortal.
The lead role is played by Charlize Theron.

Spenser Confidential

Five years ago, Spencer, a Boston police officer with a strong sense of justice, ended up in prison for assaulting Captain Boylan. After he is released, he settles in the house of his former coach, but he has to share the room with a black thief, Hawke.
That same night, Boylan is killed. Thus, Spencer decides with the help of his new friend Hawke to reveal the tangle of corrupt links with the Boston police.

Hillbilly Elegy

The film recounts the exploration of the American dream through the example of three generations of a family living in the Appalachian Mountains in eastern North America.
Hillbilly is not the name of the heroes. This is how the so-called Appalachian Mountains, often with Irish and Scottish roots, are called in America.

The two popes

TOP 10 Netflix movies can’t be without this production, starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Price. The film provoked a lot of discussion and dissatisfaction with the subjectivity of the creators, including accusations of attempts to whitewash the Vatican in a situation with church pedophilia.
The basic idea of ​​the image was to describe the calm and open conversation between a conservative and a progressive. Benedict XVI is a conservative in a crisis of faith and is preparing to retire (he became the first pope in 600 years to relinquish his title). Cardinal Bergoglio is a progressive who also wants to retire, but realizes that his service is not over yet. The two pontiffs are completely different, but they want to be heard and understood, so it’s interesting to watch their conversations, regardless of religion or attitude toward the church.


It is a light comedy of criminal detectives with action inserts. So easy that you can play “I’ll guess the final in the third minute.” But the lack of intrigue and lack of action is offset by the number of jokes: the heroes (Jesse Asher, R. Roundtree and Samuel L. Jackson) shoot them more often than they raise their guns.
The first film of this name was released in 1971, so “Shaft” is a franchise of almost fifty years. Here John Shaft Jr. will ask for help in the investigation of the murder of his father’s best friend John (Jackson) Shaft and his grandfather John (Roundtree) Shaft. Three generations, three approaches to work and three tons of jokes.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

In TOP Netflix movies, the continuation of the cult project about chemistry teacher Walter White and his drug business must be included. The sequel focuses on the fate of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), White’s young accomplice. Fans asked for the story to end, and Netflix offered it to them. Neat, logical and keeping the original caste.

The King

of England, the beginning of the 15th century, the culmination of the 100-year war. The Prince of Wales Hel leads a dissolute life with his friend Falstaff and does not think of the throne. But when his father, King Henry IV, dies of the disease and his younger brother dies on the battlefield, Hel must take the crown. Becoming Henry V, the young leader skillfully deals with conspiracies and riots and also decides that the French monarchs did not show him the respect he deserved.

Triple Frontier

The film’s budget is $ 115 million. The plot takes place in the border area between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil – a refuge for drug traffickers and terrorists. For many years, the special services tried to clean the area, but failed. The agent nicknamed the Pope, after many attempts, establishes the place where the drug lord Lorea is hiding, after which he calls his former colleagues to help him. The pope offers his comrades an adventurous plan – to rob and kill Lorea to ensure a comfortable old age.

6 Underground

Billionaire Ryan Reynolds brings together a team of daredevils who want to fight injustice in our mortal world. In order to act regardless of the law, he adjusts his own deaths – thus becoming ghosts.
The film’s budget is $ 150 million. The film was directed by Michael Bay. An entire series of movies is planned.

El hoyo

The events take place in a multi-storey underground prison called the “pit”. Detainees either spend their time here for any illegal activity or are sent voluntarily to improve their place in society. There are several hundred levels in the “pit” and there are two people on each of them. Every day, a meal is brought down with a variety of dishes. People can eat as much as they want, but food cannot be kept – breaking the ban is punishable by death. However, if in the “first” levels one eats in excess, then in the “hundreds” many think of cannibalism.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Art critic Morph Vandewalt leads a measured and rather boring life of a bohemian partygoer. One day, his girlfriend accidentally finds a warehouse of unknown works in the apartment of the deceased neighbor. Morph realizes they’ve discovered a genius. Since the deceased had no relatives, local galleries compete to buy his paintings, but it soon turns out that art is not always harmless. Morph begins to investigate the artist’s identity.
Dan Gilroy wrote the characters Morph and Rhodora especially for Rene Russo and Jake Gyllenhaal. In the process of writing the script and filming, Dan Gilroy consulted with many representatives of the contemporary art world.

Uncut Gems

Year 2012. Howard Ratner owns a small jewelry store in New York. As a big NBA fan, he can’t imagine his life without betting on games, so he’s deep in debt and constantly hiding from creditors. One day, an accomplice brings him to the store of the main Boston Celtics player, Kevin Garnett, and at the same time he brings a package from Ethiopia with rare black opals. Enchanted by their brilliance, Garnett asks to borrow a stone for a few days and leaves the champion’s ring as a pledge. Howard immediately puts the ring in pawn and bets on the Celtics game.

In the Tall Grass

is a horror film, a screen adaptation of Stephen King’s famous work. Brother and sister drive through the wilderness of Kansas. During a short stop, I hear cries for help coming from the thicket of tall grass. They decide to answer the call, without suspecting what awaits them.

In the Shadow of the Moon

Philadelphia, 1988. Policeman Thomas Lockhart had a busy day. In different parts of the city, three people are mysteriously dying and all three have strange marks on their throats. After she managed to communicate with the fourth victim while she was still alive, the police received a description of the suspect – a black girl with a blue hood. Following the murderer, Lockhart finds her in the subway and gets into a fight with her, after which the girl dies under the wheels of the train.
1997. After congratulating her daughter on her birthday, Detective Thomas Lockhart receives a message about crimes identical to the crimes of nine years ago. The suspect is a black girl wearing a blue hood.

Dolemite Is My Name

Los Angeles, 1970. Rudy Ray Moore, a stand-up artist, tried to become famous in various areas of creative activity, but to no avail, and now works in a ghetto music store. One day, he hears interesting rhymes from a local tramp and takes them for himself. Rudy’s new stage look – naughty and vulgar Dolemite, who dresses like a pimp – is becoming incredibly popular. After independently recording and releasing several highly successful albums with a black audience, Rudy decides that Dolemite needs his own movie.

The Perfect Date

Another romantic movie. Brooks decides to create a mobile application, thanks to which any girl can “rent” him as a friend. As he meets different girls, he begins to understand what he really wants out of this life.

The Laundromat

2.6 terabytes of documents with information about the offshore accounts of many current and former world leaders, high-ranking officials and celebrities have come to the attention of journalists.
The film is based on Jake Bernstein’s book “The Hidden World: On the Panama Papers Investigation of Illicit Enrichment and Political Corruption (Secrecy World).” Starring Gary Oldman and Meryl Streep.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

While the world was leading a normal life and looking to a high-tech future, William Kamkwamba from a village in Malawi built a wind turbine to save his village from drought. And this despite the fact that the locals laughed at him, and his own father considered William’s idea a waste of time.
The drama film is based on a true story.

Murder Mystery

is the second most watched Netflix movie after Bird Box, starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. The motives that led more than seventy-three million viewers to watch detective comedy are not mysterious at all. The creators simply took the plot in the spirit of Agatha Christie, added modern colors and included many good jokes.
Hairdresser and fan of detectives Audrey and her cop husband Nick go on a cruise in Europe, which Audrey has been dreaming of since the wedding. Here, Audrey meets the eccentric millionaire Cavendish. The rich man invites Nick and Audrey to his uncle’s wedding – on Malcolm Queens’ yacht, where the couple becomes acquainted with high society. It’s just that the owner of the yacht is killed, and the arrived police are sure that the killers are American tourists who came from nowhere.


A thriller very suitable for those who like to penetrate other people’s brains and look for the double or triple game of the subconscious in everything that happens.
Ray, his wife Joanna and daughter Peri were returning home after Thanksgiving. The family stops at a store, and Peri, frightened by a large dog, tripped and fell into a construction pit. The girl broke her arm and was rushed to the hospital. Ray, after waiting for his wife and daughter to be accepted by doctors, falls asleep. Waking up after a while, he found out that he had come here, in fact, alone.

The Irishman

In an old people’s home, an elderly man named Frank Sheeran remembers his life. In the 1950s, he worked as a simple truck driver, did not want to be a gangster at all, but accidentally met crime boss Russell Bufalino. He took him under his wing, started giving him small tasks, and now Frank, nicknamed the Irishman, works as a mafia killer.
The film had 10 Oscar nominations. To bring Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci together, Netflix paid $ 105 million.

Marriage Story

The couple – New York theater director Charlie and theater actress Nicole – are in the process of divorcing. Charlie was perfectly fine from their marriage, but Nicole thinks she’s lost, and taking her son, she moves in with her mother in Los Angeles. There, he has already been offered a role in the series, only to find a divorce lawyer.
The role of Nicole is played by Scarlett Johansson.

The Highwaymen The

movie is about two tough rangers, retro cars and deserted American landscapes. Cast is Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner.
Bonnie and Clyde are some of the most famous gangsters in history, who ruined people’s lives during the Great Depression. However, the film is not about them, but about the heroes who, after catching the No. 1 criminal couple, did not interview the reporters, but left in silence to continue their work. Two Texas Rangers – Frank Haymer and Manie Gault – are the main duo of the film, and the audience will see Bonnie and Clyde here only at the known end.

The Open House

After the death of her husband, Naomi and her teenage son Logan are left without a livelihood, and the woman’s sister invites them to live in her huge mansion in the middle of the forest. The house is for sale, so the new tenants must periodically leave the keys and the house to the real estate agents for the whole day. Unfortunately, the mother and son try not to pay attention to the strange part of the house.


Drama tells the story of the head of the record company Matt (Jason Sudeikis). One day, Zoe’s girlfriend (Elizabeth Olsen) comes to him and says that she worked as her father’s assistant (Ed Harris). But now he’s dead and Matt has to fulfill the deceased’s wish – to print photos from the “Kodachrom” movie. There is only one Kodak lab left in the country, and the heroes will have to make a long journey. The father will follow them invisibly.
Like many others, this image was overbought by Netflix after its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

Roxanne Roxanne

A biographical drama from the 80’s-90’s. A teenager named Lolita Gooden, aka Roxanne Shante, was destined to become a hip-hop legend. But he has to work hard to secure and protect his family.
This image appeared at festivals in 2017, but never appeared on the big screens. But thanks to Netflix, viewers around the world were able to find out the true story of the famous singer.


The main character Peter (Michael Pena) is constantly dreaming of attacks on Earth by aliens. To continue a normal existence in society, he goes to the clinic. But it turns out that not only he sees such dreams.

6 Balloons

Katie (Abby Jacobson) is preparing a party for her boyfriend. Going for the cake, she wants to take her brother Seth (Dave Franco) on the road. Katy discovers that she has started using drugs again and wants to take him to the clinic. However, Seth is not accepted anywhere due to lack of insurance. As a result, she has to take her brother with her to the party.


Two friends travel out of town to celebrate the birth of one of them. After drinking heavily in the evening, the next day he goes hunting. But instead of a wild beast, friends accidentally kill a resident of a nearby village. And now he has to be saved.
It’s one of those movies that hit Netflix outside the United States. The British thriller is very different from its American counterparts in clarity and naturalism.


Tells the story of a father (Martin Freeman) who, during a zombie apocalypse, tries his best to save his child. The problem is that he himself was bitten by a zombie, and in two days he will turn into a monster. Within 48 hours, he must find a safe place for the child and those who will take care of him.
This story was originally used by the same directors in a short film with other actors. But with Netflix’s support, the story that a father’s love can be stronger than death itself has reached the mainstream audience.

Irreplaceable You

Abby and Sam were to be married at the age of eight. However, the couple faces an inevitable breakup when Abby is diagnosed with cancer. She wants to find someone to take care of Sam after her death. Moreover, he meets three incurable patients who think only of life, although a short one.

Repay our debts to us

The main character Guido does not know how to live. He has a lot of debt and no job or loved ones. He decides to get a job as a collector, eliminating debts from others in order to close his own. However, Guido proves to be too conscientious and kind for such an occupation.
The film is an example that Netflix is ​​interested not only in the English-speaking audience.

The Christmas Chronicles

It is a classic holiday movie: naive and family. Starring Kurt Russell.
The Christmas in the Pierce family was the favorite holiday, but after the death of the head of the family, the holiday stopped causing joy. The Christmas tree is not decorated, it is not cooked and, as a result, the mother has to stay at work during the holiday. Teddy and his younger sister Katie stay home, and the latter, watching the Christmas videos, notices on the tape the proof of Santa’s existence. The children quickly enter the characters of the detectives and prepare to film the gift provider, but in the end they help him save Christmas.

Bird Box

If it’s not the best, then the most watched – in terms of the number of viewers on its native Netflix streaming platform, “Bird Box” is the leader in views. That’s why we wanted to include him in the TOP Netflix psychological movie. Starring Sandra Bullock.
About the topic: The earth is inhabited by dangerous creatures who, by their appearance, make people commit suicide, and the film tells the story of a single mother and her two children, trying to get safe, blindfolded.

The Dirt

Movie about the popular American rock band Motley Crue. These guys sang on the same stage with Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Aerosmith and Papa Roach, and the amount of alcohol, drugs and debauchery in the movie (as probably in the lives of the band members) exceeds the total amount of all these things. “Rocketman” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.
The name of the film is not misleading – the story of Motley Crue’s rise was not clear. But heavy metal for the Motley Crue boys wasn’t just music – it was their whole life.

Outlaw King

The film is based on real events, telling the story of Robert Bruce, one of the greatest Scottish monarchs, organizer of the country’s defense during the initial period of the War of Independence against England. The budget for the image is 120 million dollars, and the main role is played by Chris Pine. The film was directed by David Mackenzie, who directed films such as “Last Love on Earth”, “Music Bound Us” and “At Any Price”.
So at the heart of the plot is the story of Scottish King Robert I Bruce, who declared war on England to separate Scotland from it.


It is the story of the life of an ordinary middle-class family in Mexico City in the 1970s and the mass shootings of student demonstrators in 1971.
The film has three Oscars, two Golden Globes and the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival. The director is Alfonso Cuarona. The film was originally scheduled for theatrical distribution, but in 2018, the distribution rights were acquired by Netflix.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The events take place in the Wild West in the small provincial towns, among the endless high plains. In this harsh world, where everyone is for himself, there is only one law: the strongest survive.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean’s normal life is turned upside down when all the letters she wrote to her lovers suddenly fall into the hands of the recipients.
Jenny Han is the author of the “To All the Boys I Loved” trilogy, based on which the film was shot. Lana Condor, a Vietnamese-born woman who was adopted by her American parents at the age of six months, was approved for the role of film.


Next in the TOP is the movie Bright, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. David Eyre and Mark Landis have made a film about the modern world, in which orcs, elves and centaurs live with humans, and one of the main characters here is the first orc cop in history.


Among Netflix’s top movies is Okja, which can be attributed to the bipolar genre. On the one hand, it is a tender, childish film about the friendship of a girl and a pig in a mountain landscape of harmony and peace; on the other hand – an acute social drama with the discreet propaganda of vegetarianism and a strong pay for modern society with all its capitalisms.
Little Mija has an unusual friend – an experimental pig named Okja. Meat Corporation, however, where the miracle pig was raised, wants to take stock of the 10-year experiment with a presentation with it, after which guests will be able to taste it as the main dish of the menu. Mija aims to save her huge friend.

Our Souls at Night

Many have probably heard of Jack Canfield’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series – collections of true stories that show that this world is worth living. So, this movie is not just chicken soup, it’s a spiritual antibiotic, and if the therapy of the movie ever becomes an official practice, this movie can be watched by anyone without a prescription.
Addie Moore has been a widow for a long time, the children have left, the house is sad, with a lot of space. Such old age frightens many, but Addie finds a solution – by hanging on to his neighbor Louis, who also lives alone. Neighbors decide to cause loneliness.


A meteorite reaches Earth and causes major changes. Meanwhile, biology teacher Lina is suffering from the loss of her military husband. Kane went on a secret mission, but never returned. Until one day, the disoriented and slightly pale husband suddenly appears in the doorway of their bedroom. The joy does not last long – the man begins to have multiple convulsions and bleeding, and on the way to the hospital the ambulance is slowed down by the military. Lina wakes up at a secret base near the same mysterious area where the meteorite fell.
The film is based on the first book in Jeff Vandermeer’s “Southern Reach” trilogy, which was released in February 2014.

War Machine

General Stanley McChrystal is a controversial figure in the history of US counterterrorism operations. The meteoric rise and early resignation due to the scandalous Rolling Stone article in 2010 have become one of the most talked about events in politics, causing many rumors and speculations.
Based on a documentary book by reporter Michael Hastings, the film focuses on the Afghan period of McChrystal’s military career. The film was shot in the United Arab Emirates, and the role of the protagonist was entrusted to Brad Pitt.

Blame it!
In addition to classic movies, Netflix also has anime productions.
The distant future. After the infection has spread, people lose contact with the network. Robots-builders and guards get out of control: robots rebuild the uncontrolled city, and the guards declare the inhabitants of the city outlawed and kill them. A group of people manage to survive in a settlement, due to the perimeter beyond which the guards cannot pass. However, the lack of food forces them to leave the hiding place. One day, they meet a stranger named Killy. He is looking for the genome of a network terminal to use to bring people back to power over cars.

Gerald’s Game

When sex with her husband goes too far, Jesse desperately defends himself against her harassment, which turns out to be fatal for the man. The exhausted woman is left tied up in her bed, alone, with painful memories, voices in her head and a mysterious stranger – someone monstrous, very real and dangerous.


Year 1946. Henry McAllan moves his family from Memphis to his father’s remote farm in the Mississippi Delta. While Henry is doing manual labor on the land he loves, his wife Laura, who is used to city life, finds it difficult to adjust to a new place under the watchful eye of her father-in-law. They are soon joined by Henry’s younger brother, Jamie, who has returned from the war.
All four Oscar nominations were for women: Dee Rees for Best Adapted Screenplay, Mary J. Blige for Best Supporting Actress, Rachel Morrison for Best Actress, and Mary J. Blige and Taura Stinson for Best Supporting Actress. the best song.

The Meyerowitz Stories

Danny is the eldest son of the scandalous and famous sculptor Harold Mayrowitz and is a lame composer. He came to New York to visit his father with his daughter. Harold, in addition to Danny, has a daughter, Jean, and a son from another marriage, a successful accountant Matthew, who lives in Los Angeles. Soon, Harold has an exhibition of works at MOMA. The children help him prepare it, and the old sculptor remembers stories from his life.
The first collaboration between Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler was in the 1996 film “Lucky Gilmore” by Dennis Dugan.


“Divines” is a film about poverty in the slums of Paris, in which there is no ounce of hope. Dunia is fifteen years old, her mother is always drunk, and the teachers who know this world too well do not instill in the students an unfounded belief in a happy ending. Moreover, drug traffickers and rapists are found on the street more often than they should be. Dunia was left an abandoned child in the middle of a wet highway.
The film was declared the best debut film at the Cannes Film Festival.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay is a black and white melodrama that draws you into melancholy. The plot is as simple as it gets: Jim and Amanda were in love at school, but they broke up. Everyone has lived their own lives, but twenty years later their ex-boyfriends meet by chance in the store.

The film doesn’t even have a script: all the dialogues and actions are improvised, the actors only knew the general plot and the approximate characteristic features of their characters. Watching this movie is like going to the theater. It’s about what happens every day and right now in a corner store, on the subway or at a meeting.


After a collision with the local bullies, fragments of his smartphone reach Tom’s brain. Coming out of a coma, he realizes that returning to normal adolescent life is impossible because he has superpowers.


The future of the Earth depends on new technology, but the path to the planet’s survival is an unexpected turn. So, trapped in a laboratory and in a loop of time, the disoriented heroes try to hide from the masked invaders, while keeping the new source of energy that could save humanity.

The Ridiculous 6

The film’s budget is $ 60 million. It is about a man who became an orphan as a child and was raised by a tribe of Indians. His name is White Knife – and now that the boy has grown up and become a man, he finds out that he apparently has five more stepbrothers. After they reunite, they decide to find their father, who disappeared many years ago in the vastness of the Wild West.

The Fundamentals of Caring

The film tells the story of a writer who is facing a creative and personal crisis and gets a job as a nurse for a young man with a rare genetic disease. At first, they hate each other, then they find a common language. And in the end, they become best friends and go on a country trip. On the way, they are joined by a girl who ran away from home. For everyone, this journey will be a step on the road to self-knowledge. The filming lasted 26 days.

Beasts of No Nation

Boy Agu is forced by the West African civil war to join the mercenary team. He survived the death of his father and the disappearance of his sister and mother, and is now immersed in a life full of violence and cruelty.
In preparation for filming, Idris Elba stopped exercising, gained weight, stopped shaving and shaved his head a little to pretend that his character was starting to become bald. The actor wanted his character to be different from the characters he usually plays – strong, fit and well-groomed.