Top Men’s Trends From Spring/Summer 2021

As the warmer months approach, it’s time to start thinking about what styles and trends will be popular this spring and summer season. The fashion landscape for men has seen some dramatic changes Due to COVID 19; from fashion tech coming to outdoor lifestyles, men have stepped up their style game this season. Here we take a look at some of the biggest men’s style trends for the warm months ahead.

Smart Suiting

Suiting is continuing to be an essential part of many men’s wardrobes. This spring and summer season brings a breath of air and some lightness to suiting. Seen on the runways, thin summer fabrics, eye-catching prints, pastels, bright hues, and bold stripes were in abundance. Whether worn as a full suit or separate pieces, such as a blazer and shorts, these pieces are sure to complete any wardrobe as the temps rise.

Statement Shirts

This season, shirts have become a tool of expression. From blousy vintage shapes to delightful polka-dot prints and tailoring details, there is something for everyone. If a look for a statement shirt is desired, there are lots of options to choose from, from loud and bright tropical prints, to more subtle pastels shades and ginghams. Something that can be worn by men at multiple occasions.

Colourful Cargo Pants

Combine utility style with a playful look, and we have the cargo pants. A staple for many men, this season designers have taken the style to the next level. In a variety of bold primary colours, green grassy hues, plaids and khaki shades, the cargo short is ideal to create that perfect summer look.


As the days start to brighten up, the textures are getting softer this season. With its velvety, soft feel, corduroy is making a comeback in trousers, tailoring and shorts. Cozy corduroy is a great way to add texture to any outfit and style in a casual way.

Key Denim Styles

Denim is always a go-to material for men when it’s hot outside. This season, stylish and luxurious jeans are getting many style updates. The trend this season is for light-wash, relaxed-fit jeans and bright hues.

Short Suits

Short suits are the look of the season. From shorts to jackets, designers have had a bit of a love affair with shorts for men this spring. Whether for a day at the park or for a cocktail party, shorts are a great way to inject some style into your wardrobe.


Outdoor-Tech is the perfect solution to join the two worlds of physical activity and style. Designers have used tech fabrics and styles to create their own directional spins on practical activewear. Sweatsuits and tracksuits are key components for this season.

Neon and Pastels

Go bold or go home is the mantra for many men when it comes to this season’s colors. If a bold look is desired, then neon is the way to go. If being more subtle is more the thing, then pastels are the perfect shades for any man. No matter the look, colors are sure to grab the attention.


Accessorizing is a major trend this season and there are many options for men. From dad caps and scarves to beaded jewelry and statement sunglasses, men’s accessories make a big impact this season.

This Spring/Summer 2021 season brings a breath of air and a bright palette to men’s fashion. With options ranging from statement shirting to fashionable activewear, there is something for every style-conscious man out there. From lightweight suiting to short suits, this season’s trends offer the perfect opportunity to get creative with your wardrobe. Be it an outdoor-tech ensemble or colours neon and pastels, this season is the perfect opportunity to dress to impress!