Technology has made communication between couples easier and more convenient. Dirty texts and chats remain one of the most used communication tools between couples today. They secretly turn on your partner and make them crave your physical and emotional touch. In this article, we identify the top dirty texts that will drive him crazy.

The Basics

Sending the right type of message to your partner is essential for the success of your dirty texts. Start slowly by using simple words, risqué questions, and subtle hints of what you’re thinking of now. These messages will tingle and titillate your partner and pique their interest.

Here are some examples of simple words and subtle hints that can get the conversation flowing:

  1. “I’ve been thinking about you…”

  2. “I can’t wait to see you…”

  3. “I want to do something naughty…”

  4. “I’m imagining you…”

  5. “You drive me wild…”

Make Suggestions

Once you’ve set the tone, start making specific suggestions and statements that focus on body parts, certain activities, and explicit thoughts. As you’re sending them, make sure your language is explicit and that you’re including descriptive words that evoke images in your partner’s head.

Here are some examples of suggestive statements that you can send your partner:

  1. “I want to feel your strong hands massaging my body.”

  2. “Let’s do something we’ve never done before.”

  3. “My body aches for your touch.”

  4. “Imagine I’m doing very naughty things to you…”

  5. “I want you to explore every part of my body.”

Be Mindful of Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to dirty texts. You want to send them at the right time so that your partner is most aroused and aroused. Most men are naturally aroused and aroused during the day, but nighttimes work best if you want to be flirty and suggestive.

Here are some tips on how to time your messages:

  1. Send them when they’re at work: Send a naughty text when they’re at work to help them cope with the stress and make them think of you.

  2. Send them before an important meeting: This will help to get them in the mood and make them more focused and confident.

  3. Send them late at night: This is when most people are relaxed and the conversation can flow more easily.

  4. Send them when you’re out of the house: If you’re away from home and feel like sending a naughty message, you can use apps and platforms to do just that.

  5. Send them after a fight: After a disagreement, sending a steamy text can help get your partner in the mood and put the argument to a rest.

Get Exciting

Once you’ve built the foundations of your dirty texts, it’s time to get exciting and start spicing up the conversation. Here are some specific activities and suggestions to help get your partner really aroused and aroused in no time:

  1. Tell them what you want to do to them.

  2. Describe your fantasies.

  3. Ask suggestive questions.

  4. Talk about what you like them doing to you.

  5. Describe sex positions.

  6. Talk about role-play and the outfits you’d wear.

  7. Use descriptive words about each other’s bodies.

  8. Send naughty pictures.

Be Creative

No matter how you write your messages, make sure they’re creative and original. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-written and thought-out message; it can spark chemistry and real passion. Here are some tips to help you get creative with your messages:

  1. Use literary references: Read literature and refer to certain characters, lines, or situations to make the conversation more enjoyable.

  2. Use familiar quotes: Reciting movie lines and book passages helps to add nostalgia to your conversations.

  3. Use puns: Make your messages fun and quirky with original puns and plays on words.

  4. Change the context: Put a new spin on an old conversation and make it interesting.

  5. Create a story: Create an exciting story about them and make it vivid, fun, and suggestive.

Dirty texts are a great way to get close to your partner and to open up about your fantasies. However, you need to be careful with the words you’re using and the timing of your messages. It’s important to take the time to set the tone, make suggestions, get creative, and be mindful of timing. Following these steps will ensure that your dirty texts drive him crazy and keep the sparks of passion alive between you.