The special holidays of the loved one, such as name day or name day, are wonderful events. You can choose any Happy Birthday message for your name day lover or birthday boyfriend from the list below, because I keep warm words and make the holidays more special! These days, sending beautiful Happy Birthday messages for girlfriend / boyfriend or boyfriend / husband will make their heart jump for joy.

Happy Birthday to them in romantic ways and make them feel loved! We have gathered both funny texts, full of love and longing for distance, to tell them how happy you are for their presence in your life!

Funny Happy Birthday messages for your girlfriend / boyfriend

It’s so great when you can share anything, without any hesitation, with your partner, even funny Happy Birthday messages for your girlfriend / boyfriend!

🖤 ​​I searched online and went to all the stores, old and new. But I couldn’t find anything as beautiful as you. Happy Birthday, my daughter.
🖤 ​​NASA has recently launched a campaign to find aliens. But they don’t know that my boyfriend is so amazing that it makes me suspect that he is an alien. Happy Birthday my dear!
🖤 ​​I can’t believe your birthday isn’t declared a national holiday yet! So we took a day off to celebrate together. Happy Birthday my love!
🖤 ​​Happy Birthday, my daughter! I called sick at work today because I’m sick of you. So please heal me with your sting of love!
🖤 ​​What do you get when you mix warmth and beauty and combine them both with a sexy personality
🖤 ​​You smiled at me and I fell off my chair! Your smile is so strong that it could end all wars! Happy Birthday!
Don’t worry about your age. Know that you will always have me with you, participating in every crime. Have a blessed birthday. I love you more than you can imagine.
🖤 ​​On this special day of yours, I just want you to know that there is no cure for aging. But the good news for you is that you’re getting pretty old. Happy Birthday!
🖤 ​​Let’s hope your love for me grows exactly as you get older. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
One day is not enough to make a fuss about your charming and kind personality. Therefore, please organize several parties throughout the year. I love you more than anyone. Happy Birthday.
You! Happy Birthday.
🖤 ​​I wish it was your birthday every day. I wish I could celebrate every day with cakes and sweets. Because I love them and I love you too!
🖤 ​​You age beautifully, but you don’t become wiser as you should. But I think I have to come to terms with that… Happy Birthday!
🖤 ​​The wishes you make as you blow out the candles on the cake – they will all come true, because that’s what I wanted. Happy Birthday.
I hope you will not be saddened by the number of candles on the cake. Many happy moments of the day, my love. God bless you with grace and luck. I love you!
🖤 ​​You are older than yesterday, but you are certainly no less interesting than yesterday. I still find you super interesting and adorable. Happy Birthday!
🖤 ​​I’ll be blind at your real age if you promise me the biggest piece of your birthday cake. Sounds pretty fair, not
🖤 Happy Birthday, my love. Remember that you can eat as many sweets as you can afford. To have a good day!
🖤 ​​You’re so sweet that if I were you, I’d eat like my birthday cake. Happy Birthday my love!

🖤 ​​Age is just a number, but sometimes it matters. So, tell me, how many candles will be on the cake
🖤 After thorough research, I can conclude that you are really more beautiful than the most beautiful princesses! Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!
🖤 ​​You become more and more mature and beautiful. I hope that one day you will become a lover too. Happy Birthday, darling!

Long Happy New Year messages for girlfriend / boyfriend

Express your gratitude, respect and love for your partner. Browse our classic selection of long Happy Birthday messages for your girlfriend and boyfriend and send them with your love.

⭐ Dear wife, only you bring me spring. Only with you, my summer is happy and only you can help me survive the winter. I love you and Happy Birthday! All the words in the world are not enough to describe our journey, but it can be edited in one word: “LOVE.” Happy Birthday!
⭐ Just looking into your eyes makes me remember all the reasons why I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the fairy of my country! You brought colors into my life and, being your birthday, I wish you a colorful birthday. I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday!
⭐ As the years go by, my heart falls in love with you more and more. Have a wonderful birthday! I can’t imagine what I would do if you didn’t hold my hand and looked me in the eye to tell me I was yours forever. Tonight, let’s celebrate your birthday!
⭐ If someone asks me to define “love”, my answer would be about YOU. I love you very much! I wish I could attach my heart to this birthday wish and wish you all the best. I will do my best to make you like this! God bless you!
⭐ My day does not start with the sunrise and does not end with the sunset. It begins and ends with you, my love. You are my morning, my lunch and my night. May your birthday begin and end with the back light of our burning love.
⭐ I love everything about you, from your bright eyes and amazing smile to your tender, loving heart and soul! I think of you with great pleasure on your special day and I wish you all the good that life can bring. I love you, darling! Happy Birthday, full of health and happiness!
⭐ Every day, my love for you grows. Tomorrow I will love you more. It is important for me to be with you every day of my life, with even more love in my heart. The first time we met, I knew immediately that you were the chosen one and I was the chosen one. As the years go by, my heart gathers love deeper and deeper. Happy Birthday!
⭐ Happy Birthday, my dearest and sweetest man! Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and how empty my life would be if you weren’t here. You are my best friend and lover. Day by day, you have shown me how blessed you are and how grateful I am for you. Happy Birthday my love!
⭐ How could I forget your birthday! This day is so special for me, because it is the day when you came to earth and enlightened my life. Happy Birthday my dear. Goodbye and be happy! I’m just crazy about you. I have goosebumps, thinking of you. A beautiful day, the greatest love of my life.
⭐ Happy Birthday to a special person who brings so much joy to my heart! I cherish every moment we spend together, dear, and I wish you endless happiness! I hope you feel good today. I’m so glad it’s your birthday! And I wish you the best in the world! I hope you enjoy today!
⭐ Your birthday is the only day of the year that I enjoy more than mine. That’s because I love you more than I love myself. Happy Birthday, my precious love. Have many happy moments of the day. I wish you all the success, happiness and love in the world.

Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend (Short)

On your partner’s special birthday, send them short Happy Birthday messages for their girlfriend or boyfriend. Tell them that they are the most valuable beings in your life and that their love has made you a better person.

❤️ Enjoy your big day; to bring you many joys! I love you!
❤️ I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing person like you in my life. Happy Birthday love!
❤️ Happy Birthday, my love. Thank you for watching the movie of life in the theaters of our hearts together.
❤️ Never leave me! Happy Birthday!
❤️ The love of my life, may God bring you all the happiness of the earth and the sky. Happy Birthday!
❤️ God bless you. You are my Love! Happy Birthday!
❤️ My soul mate, Happy Birthday! Stay happy and keep smiling.
❤️ Happy birthday to my prince! Thanks for everything!
❤️ Happy Birthday to the King of My Heart! You are my heaven on earth.
❤️ Happy Birthday! Keep smiling. This is truly a special day!
❤️ I just want to say – Happy Birthday to the love of my life!
❤️ Happy Birthday, my partner in murder. I wish you all the happiness you deserve, my love.
❤️ Happy Birthday to the best girlfriend in the world! I’m so lucky to have you!
❤️ Oh, my dear, let me have a very sweet day with you! I deserve it because it’s your birthday!
❤️ We’ve been together for so long, but you’ve always been there for me. I love you so much and congratulations!
❤️ Let me make you happier on this special day. Have fun all day! Happy Birthday!
❤️ Honey, you add a new dimension to my life and make it thrilling. Thank you that you exist. Congratulations!
❤️ Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Happy birthday!
❤️ Happy Birthday, my dear husband! I promise to be by your side in all your ups and downs!
❤️ You are everything to me. My life would have been incomplete without you. Happy Birthday dear!
❤️ I’m so lucky I have you, honey. Happy Birthday!
❤️ Honey, I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!
❤️ My dear boyfriend, I just wanted to let you know how special I consider you. Happy Birthday!
❤️ I love you and have a wonderful birthday!
❤️ Have a wonderful birthday! May God keep you in His blessings! I miss you!
❤️ Thank you for being a constant in my life. Happy Birthday, beautiful!
❤️ Happy Birthday, Princess! Know that my heart is yours forever.
❤️ Happy Birthday to you, my dream girl. Many happy moments of the day! Have fun!
❤️ Happy Birthday to the one I love! Sometimes I feel like taking my heart out of my chest to show you how much I love you.
❤️ My love, this is the day that is very important to me, because it is your birthday! Happy Birthday!
❤️ Happy Birthday to the girl with braided beauty and intelligence. You are perfect as you are.
❤️ I love you more and more, with every step we take together in unknown directions. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday messages for your loved one

Do not hesitate to send the most beautiful Happy Birthday message for your girlfriend or boyfriend, choosing it from our collection with the cutest Happy Birthday messages for your loved one.

🎁 No word can express my love for you, because it is much bigger than the universe and much deeper than the ocean! Happy Birthday my love! Many happy moments of the day.
🎁 May your birthday be as extraordinary as yours.
🎁 All our memories together will never be taken, no matter how old we are and how many birthdays will pass – I will always be here for you. Happy Birthday!
You are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Have a wonderful birthday, my dear!
🎁 I love you much more today than yesterday, but not even a tenth of what I will feel tomorrow. Happy Birthday my love!
🎁 It will only take a few seconds to utter the words – I love you. But it will take a lifetime to show you how much I love you. Happy Birthday!
🎁 Luck has always been on my side. But I’ve never been luckier than the day I found you. Having someone like you makes me feel like the most blessed person alive. Have an amazing birthday, honey! I love you!
No birthday present will be enough to make up for the gift you gave me – your love. Happy Birthday! I love you!
Multi Happy Birthday, darling. I could spend eternity celebrating you, because you’re damn special.
🎁 Happy Birthday, my dear! Today, there is no greater love for you than mine! Tomorrow, this will no longer be true. Then I will love you even more!
Multi Happy Birthday, baby. Your presence in my life is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened.
🎁 I will love you more every year. Remember that your best years are still ahead and I will be there for your every ascent! Happy Birthday my love!
🎁 Whenever I am with you, I feel my heart pounding in my chest. I think my love for you is so strong! Happy Birthday!
🎁 Happy Birthday, my love! On this special occasion of your life, I want to remind you that I am here, truly crazy and deeply in love with you!
🎁 My love, Happy Birthday! You brought the colors of happiness into my life. For your birthday, I want to say again, “I love you so much.”
🎁 My love, you have no idea how much I love you. You bring happiness into my boring life, and for that I am always grateful. Taking care of yourself is one of my primary responsibilities. Happy Birthday!
🎁 You are the dream girl from my imperfect country! Know that I’m crazy about you. For your birthday, I want to tell you “I love you”. Happy Birthday!
🎁 When we are together, an hour is a minute. But when we are separated, a minute feels like an hour! I love you my dear. Happy Birthday!
🎁 Honey, you’re an angel in my life. Let us rejoice because this is the day when God sent you to earth to be together. Happy Birthday!
🎁 For me, there is nothing better in this life than to share this special day with you, the love of my life. I love you, Happy Birthday!
🎁 I thank God every day for your existence. Happy Birthday dear. You make everything around brighter.

Happy Birthday Messages in English for your loved one

When it comes to a serious relationship, you can express your love and admiration even on ordinary days, but especially on holidays. Send Happy Birthday messages in English to your loved one and tell her how her arrival in your life has made her happier!

  • Words aren’t enough to let you know what you mean to me. Happy birthday, to someone so sweet!
  • If I had a magic lamp, the only thing I would wish is for you to be my wife. Happy birthday, gorgeous!
  • Happy birthday to you my dream girl. Many many happy returns of the day. Have a lot of fun and joys.
  • Happy birthday special lady! Chocolates and roses for you on your birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the prettiest woman in existence!
  • I will never be tired of loving you. Today, I wish you have the brightest and most colorful celebration of your birthday. I love you!
  • Happy birthday to the one I love. Thank you for choosing me as your life partner. I hope to always bring a smile on your face.
  • Sometimes, I wish I could pause time so that I could stare at you for some more time. Happy birthday, love!
  • You are the fairy of my fairyland! I wish you all the success, happiness and love in the world. Happy Birthday!
  • Honestly, everything about you feels magical. Thank you for being my magical princess. Happy birthday, my love!
  • Happy birthday to the best girlfriend in the world! So lucky to have you!
  • Happy birthday to you my love. Eat lots of cake today!
  • Happy birthday, my love! Insanely grateful for your presence in my life. Thank you for making me smile like crazy.
  • Happy Birthday to the queen of my heart! On your special day love, I wish for you all the beautiful things in life.
  • The universe may turn upside down, but you will always be the prettiest girl in town. Happy birthday, my love.
  • The passion of love I have for you will never fade. You will always remain to be my one and only. May this birthday bring everlasting joy in your life! Happy birthday!
  • I have the most precious thing that life can offer to anyone. I have you, the most beautiful, gorgeous and lovable girl in the world. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my Queen! Seeing the curve on your lips makes me happy.
  • Happy Birthday to an amazing lady who is young and crazy, classy and fabulous in her own way. Have a burst on your birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my love! May you always continue to smile and happiness be yours forever.
  • Happy birthday, my love! My day feels quite incomplete when you’re not around. So, please don’t ever leave.
  • My feelings for you grow stronger by each day. I cannot imagine a day in my life without loving you truly, madly and deeply. Happy birthday to you!
  • Happy birthday my love! Thank you for accompanying me on the magic carpet of love. I hope to have you by my side now and forever.
  • My faith in fairytales is restored when I think of my relationship with you, my love. Thank you for being my happy ever after and a very happy birthday to you!
  • Happy Birthday, baby! You are the sweet cherry of my bitter life!
  • May the cheers of this day be with you in the coming years. May our love grow stronger each day! Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend!
  • The most beautiful Happy Birthday messages for my girlfriend / boyfriend

    If he or she has made your imperfect life a perfect one, then don’t forget to dedicate the most beautiful Happy Birthday messages to him / her for my girlfriend / boyfriend! Create beautiful moments together!

        • Happy Birthday love! Thank you for understanding me so well!
        • I like to think of myself as a writer. But writing your name on the pages of my heart is what makes me happy. Happy Birthday love!
        • I wish you all the peace and happiness of the whole world. I hope you will always be with me until the last day of my life. Happy Birthday, my heart!
        • My dear husband, why do I feel a warm sensation whenever I am around you
          Happy Birthday to my love! I love you without fear and without excuses.
        • You’re the kind of person who makes me want to rewrite history. Thank you for everything! Have a happiest birthday of all.
        • You are the one who comes to my mind whenever I see something beautiful. Because I want you to be with me to share the beautiful moments together. Happy Birthday love!
        • Happy Birthday to the man of my life! The love I feel for you is deeper than the oceans, greater than the mountains, and I hope nothing will ever come between them.
        • Happy Birthday, my love! Thank you for taking care of me in ways that no one could ever repeat. I pray that our love never disappears.
        • Having a meaningful conversation with you is my favorite part of the day. Happy Birthday, baby! I love you.
        • I feel loved when I notice how you remember the little things about me, honey. Thank you for loving me.
        • My heart is pounding whenever I’m around you. Really love you. Happy Birthday to my favorite man!
        • Happy Birthday my love! Thank you for helping me discover the kind of love that comes once in a lifetime.
        • One day, I hope I can give you everything you deserve and much more. Thank you for staying with me. Happy Birthday!
        • Happy Birthday to my boyfriend! Not a day goes by that I don’t think how blessed I am to have loved you.
        • Having you in my life is nothing but a blessing, dear. Happy Birthday. I love you very much!
        • Happy Birthday to my soul mate! I want you to know that I love you immeasurably and irrevocably, in ways that no one can ever repeat.
        • Being loved is one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. Happy Birthday, my dear darling and thank you for everything!
        • Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve a husband as amazing as you. Thanks for being you. Happy Birthday love!
        • I wish her the happiest birthday of the love of my life. Know that wherever you go, I will follow you.
        • Life seems so beautiful when you’re around! Happy Birthday to the man I love! Thanks for everything!
        • When I was little, I just heard stories of happiness. When I was growing up, I discovered my happiness forever. Happy Birthday my love!
        • Happy Birthday my dear! Thank you for bringing so much sun and happiness into my life. I love you very much.