Love overwhelms you, and you can’t think of anyone or anything but your half. You want to be with them, but you can’t

Then surprise her with the most beautiful message of love, discovered in this collection of love messages in prose. Just choose a love message that suits you best for your relationship and send an SMS to the person living in your heart. These loving words will make them smile and remember you instantly!

Long love messages

Love is a sincere emotion, full of warmth and tenderness, inspiration and passion. That is why we have prepared for you these long, soulful and romantic messages of love, which will honestly tell about your burning feeling.
❤️ Love has blossomed in my soul like a tender and beautiful flower, it has filled my personality with the aroma of spring, and the feeling of happiness increases with each breath, because I breathe with you. My love is not a dream at all, it is real and alive, it heals me, warms me, cares for me, inspires me, gives me hope, lifts me to the clouds, fills me with positive, takes me into a dream and all this because it is reciprocal. The infinity of my love for you is compared only with the vastness of space, and its strength – only with the power of a hurricane. This feeling absorbs me without a trace and I surrender completely, I don’t even try and I don’t want to resist!
❤️ Love for you is like a fire. It brightens my path even in the intense darkness, prevents me from getting lost in the labyrinths of life, burns my bitterness with suffering and sorrow, and when the cold of disappointment appears, it warms me with passion. My heart trembles with joy at the mere thought of you! I can’t imagine a day without your loving gaze, gentle voice and tender touch! My love for you is growing stronger, because you are my ideal!
❤️ Honey, without you I’m like a bird without wings and without a voice, like spring without sun and heat. I swear you won’t disappear from my life for a moment! I only rejoice, laugh, dream and create when you are close. I live with you! My love will never be exhausted, because its fire is sustained by your tenderness, and your amazing hugs rekindle my feelings. I’m in your captivity forever.
❤️ You are my sun! Your much-desired image melts my heart at every meeting, burning it with an indescribable tenderness. You are my captivating weakness, my fate, my joy, my life! I love you. In silence, without life. My love is inspiring, admiring. Crazy, dizzy. It dissolves, transposes into time and space. She’s happy, bright! Rising in the whirlpool, fluttering my wings! I would never get tired of it! I’m glad you’re mine!
❤️ Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to love, because you have to learn to avoid obstacles, overcome difficulties and learn patience. But the peak of the glittering happiness we enter together is worthy of all! I love you incredibly and I know for sure that we were created for each other, because you complement me harmoniously, and I – you! Together we are a whole, our hearts beat in unison, and your soul is my reflection! I want our happiness to last forever!
❤️ Each time, closing my eyelids from fatigue and waiting for the silver stars to shine, I mentally rise in a cloudy mist to admire you from there: your trembling eyelashes, your hair falling on a pillow, the slight smile on your lips. I always want to admire you, my love! Love for you delights my conscience and throws my emotions into the abyss, but then it gives me wings again and calls me into the world of enthusiasm, where dreams come true! And I want this to go on forever!
❤️ My blessed love! May your eyes shine like stars in my burning passion, may they warm my soul with infinite tenderness, may my life flourish like a spring garden. I want to always be there and see your amazingly deep eyes every minute. I dreamed of feeling your breath and touching your soft hair, forgetting about everything. I want you to follow the path of life, holding my hand. You are my magical happiness!
❤️ Honey, you are the most important value of my whole life. You are decisive, wise, passionate and gentle. My heart starts beating more often from your eyes, your touch and your kiss. I want our feelings to be as bright and sunny as a spring. Let love cover us with gentle waves of happiness and easily transfer us to a land of peace and pleasure.
❤️ Forgive me for not being talkative – I usually show my feelings through action. I’m sorry I can’t always be close – I’m working for our future. Don’t get me wrong, I forget about trifles, because under any circumstances I stay true to my true worth – my love for you.

Beautiful messages of love

Now you don’t have to think about what messages of love and longing to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend. This list of beautiful love messages will help you to confess your love, to write compliments, to tell your loved ones about your feelings.
And if your half is far away, then know that this exclusive collection dedicated to true love also includes sad messages of love.
🐱 My love for you is bright, like lightning, endless, like the universe and pure, like a spring. You are my lucky magnet, who attracts me with great power and promises me unlimited happiness!
🐱 I put in your love account a thousand hot kisses, a hundred passionate hugs and dozens of tender words. I promise to refill it regularly, so you can use this unlimited gold card of my adoration without hesitation and it won’t deny you anything.
🐱 To look at your whole life with tender eyes, to admire your smile that is more beautiful than the sun, to feel your breath and hold your hand – these are my dreams and desires. Let the threads of love bind our fate and weave magical patterns of happiness.
🐱 In every dream I see you, I feel delighted joy! I want to share with you all the moments of reality, because without your amazing eyes, life seems gray and only you can color it in the shade of happiness!
🐱 Every day with you is a fascinating journey into the land of tenderness and passion. A train of happiness leads me in it, love issues tickets, and traveling companions are tenderness and adoration.
🐱 People like me are called lucky, because I managed to do the incredible – to hit the jackpot in the lottery of life. The winning amount is not calculated in monetary units, but in happy minutes with you, because our meeting is my greatest luck.
Sometimes it is said that to love means to flourish only. But I believe that love is a sprouting that breaks the ground of understanding and knowledge, grows into a stalk of support and releases a bud of tenderness, blossoming into a beautiful common happiness!
🐱 The aroma of happiness fills my soul, the trills of birds ring in my ears, the expectation of joy constantly haunts me and everything because love makes our life real and full of color.
🐱 Any addiction is fatal. But there is an exception to this rule. This exception is you. My obsession with you gives me strength, inspires me to fulfill my dreams, gives me a special meaning of life and I want to always remain in the prison of this sweet madness.
🐱 My happiness! I adore your face, as if carved by the chisel of the great sculptor. I love the brightness of your eyes, as in the paintings of the most talented artists. But I know for sure: no work of art can be compared to you!
🐱 You are the light that calls my soul after itself, the temptation that I cannot refuse, the joy that lifts me to unimaginable heights, you are the essence of my life, my half, my destiny, my eternity.
🐱 My love, it is infinitely important for me to live with you in one dream, to make common plans, to breathe the same air and to look to the future together. My life, my meaning, my joy is you.
You are a dream come true that brings a lot of happiness in my life. Our feelings are like a dream, only in your wonderful arms do I understand that our love is real and infinite.
You are the light of my window, the warmth of my nights, the sweet honey of my memories. With you, an hour seems like a minute, and a day without you is an eternity. With you, I lose my independence, but I believe more and more in love.
Honey, I’ll be happy with you in a hut, in a tent, and even on a little raft! But the presence of a chic palace will not scare me either – I am ready to endure with you not only the difficulties of life, but also the joys of comfort.
🐱 Feelings overwhelm me, the world has become a thousand times brighter when you and I met. Your kisses and hugs bring me an incredible amount of warmth and happiness. I love and want to be with you forever!
🐱 My love came straight from dreams. You are the ideal we aspire to. Please enjoy your gentle and unique smile more often and I will give you a huge world of feelings and desires instead!
🐱 My dear little man, my soul, my joy, no silk in the world can be compared to your arms; the sweetness of your kisses attracts me like a magnet; the light of your eyes warms my heart in the harshest cold.
Honey, true happiness is to wake up with you every morning, pure joy is to dedicate your free time only to you, true pleasure – to take constant care of you and heavenly happiness is to fall asleep next to you every night, to you I hug tightly.
🐱 You are my delicate flower. Let the good mood and the pleasant things make you miss it. Of course, longing for me. I wish you a wonderful day and a no less excellent weather, with bright sun.
🐱 My love for you is as hot as the iron to the max and as strong as Hercules. It is so infinite that there are no comparisons or alternatives!
🐱 My love blossomed like a flower and became a very beautiful feeling. I wish it would never fade, but give me the feeling of an emotional flight forever.
🐱 I love you so much! I can repeat it over and over again! I don’t sleep without you, I don’t eat and I don’t live without you for a moment! Without you, life would be dark and scary… Let’s see each other as soon as possible.
Love is a natural disaster: it appears suddenly and calms down for a long time and with devastating consequences. But I am ready for all the emotional calamities, because I love you!
🐱 If you ask me how often I think of you, I will answer that I started thinking about you only once in my life. When I first saw you. And from that moment I did not stop, all my thoughts are only about you, because I love you!

Short love messages

Feel free to write, talk, and shout about your great love, inspired by this collection of short love messages.
🖤 ​​The feeling for you shines like a multicolored rainbow, and my soul flies towards yours along this magical bridge.
🖤 ​​I feel you in every breath. Yet mutual love is true happiness!
🖤 ​​My love, my soul is overwhelmed by feelings, tenderness overflows, passion burns, my heart is torn by longing.
🖤 ​​You decorate this world, you are the air I breathe, you are the sun that warms me and I do not have enough words to express my love!
🖤 ​​My happiness lies in you, because only with you do I become myself and can open all parts of my soul!
🖤 ​​How much I love your eyes, voice and laughter! In the moments when you are close, I understand that love has a name, and this name is yours!
🖤 ​​I wish to drown in your tender arms and loving hands, to immerse ourselves in the waves of happiness and to love each other under the sun of warmth and passion!
Honey, let’s get some order in our relationship: we make coffee in the morning and make love in the evening.
You are my ideal boyfriend. I am ready to listen to you for days, especially when you talk about love for me and you compliment me a lot.
🖤 ​​I have been living with hope for a long time, and more – with faith. You miss my love.
🖤 ​​I have long wanted to tell you that I love you! I’m suffocating without you, you’re causing a storm in me! A storm that only you could stop.
🖤 ​​You don’t have to play with love. You have to deal with love.
🖤 ​​I really love you! I can’t imagine my life without you! You are the most beloved, the most faithful and the most beautiful! You need to know that!
🖤 ​​Life goes on in vain if you are not with me!
🖤 ​​The expression “Silk Road” was invented, feeling the tenderness of your skin! Sunglasses were invented to look you in the eye!
🖤 ​​Love is on the verge of extinction, because YOU have replaced it!
Mea My delicate flower, with your angelic beauty you captured my heart without a fight. You managed to find the right pin code for this!

Love is an inexplicable feeling. No one will ever know where it comes from and why it goes away in time. I hope our love is eternal.
🖤 ​​My love for you is as strong as a child, strong and brave – as a gladiator and as devoted as a dog!
🖤 ​​I’m sad, boring… I’m really sorry without you. I want to hug you, kiss you! You know, I’m crazy about you! I love you very very much!
🖤 ​​I want every time a cold wind blows in your life, to be close to me, to feel it and to warm you with my warmth. I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time that I love you.
🖤 ​​The bear doesn’t love sweetness as much as I love you! The ocean is a puddle compared to the depth of my feelings.
I have never met a person as irresistible as you. You are my clean air and bright light!
🖤 ​​The book of my soul has opened all its pages for you!
🖤 ​​My love has the tenderness of spring, the blossoming of summer, the goodness of autumn and the purity of winter. I love you indefinitely!
🖤 ​​My love is yours, the most refined name in the universe, your deep eyes, a devoted heart and a sensitive soul.