When you can’t spend years with your loved ones, the best way to tell them you’re thinking of them on New Year’s Eve is to choose one (or more) of the following messages for family, friends, colleagues. and, why not, the boss.

Here are some messages you can send to your New Year’s loved ones!

New Year’s messages for friends

1) Aho, aho dear friends,
Wait a minute and listen
Tomorrow the year is new
(Your name!) Wishes you
Much abundance and health
Only success in all
What will bring you the year
Luck to fill the chariot
Peace and joy
Health and love!
2) I want these holidays to bring you all the wishes and I wish you a holiday full of peace and quiet, and especially a lot of snow, because I know how much you like it. Happy Birthday!
3) Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift. A gift to share with loved ones. Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year!
4) Now that our world is growing by a year, I wish you to receive the biggest slice of happiness and luck with which to fill your heart and home, today and for the rest of the year. Happy Birthday!!!
5) Ah, Happy New Year! Health and love from me for you, and next year it will only go well for you. Happy Birthday with joy, health, happiness, peace and fulfillment. Happy Birthday!
6) May the New Year find you with good thoughts and dear friends and reserve for you the highest achievements. An excellent New Year!
7) This coming year will only be good for you! Happy Birthday!
8) Happy Holidays with loved ones. The new year should be full of achievements, accomplishments and a lot of health. Happy Birthday!
9) Have you thought about where you spend  the New Year ?
Don’t forget to take with you: good will, light in your mind and the joy of yesteryear! Happy Birthday!

New Year’s messages for colleagues

1) A Happy New Year and don’t forget that we build our own happiness, love comes when you least expect it, luck lurks around the corner and one more thing: you owe me money !!! Happy Birthday!
2) Close your eyes and make a wish. I heard that on New Year’s Eve any dream can come true and I hope it happens to you too. Happy Birthday!
3) With the hope that the new year will be better than the old year, I send you a thousand good wishes accompanied by hugs and I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
4) Happy New Year, with much health, light and fulfillment and, above all, may God help us in everything!
A New Year full of joy!
Sincerely, (your name)!
5) I wish you a peaceful holiday, an unforgettable party and the fulfillment of the most daring dreams for the coming year. Happy Birthday!
6) With the coming of the new year, I wish you either that the flame of the torch of happiness burns near your soul, or that the rain of angels always watch over you, or that the path of life be sprinkled with rose petals, or that the moon and may the stars ignite in your heart and soul only love and happiness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
7) Get over what it was, truly believe in yourself. The New Year is an open book with recipes for success, choose what suits you and set off with confidence! Happy Birthday! A fulfilled and happy life!

Funny and original  New Year’s messages

1) New Year’s weather forecasts  : rain of kisses and hugs… We advise you to close the umbrella and open your heart. Happy New Year!
2) The new year will bring you plenty in the house, food on the table, currency in the account, a yacht in the port, motor on the highway and neighbors to see. Happy Birthday!
3) For the Holy Holidays
Four happy wishes
I wish you all the best:
Much abundance in the house
Bread more tasty,
Few debts
In the coming year.
Peace in hearts, rich fruit
Joy, pure thought, May your goodness not come out
of your house .

4) I wish you a sweet Sunday, bright months, wonderful Tuesdays, magnificent Wednesdays, playful Thursdays, happy Fridays, beautiful Saturdays and an Excellent New Year!
5) This year there were times when I bothered you, made you suffer, upset you, annoyed you, made you scream in frustration… And today I just want to tell you… that I plan to continue in the New Year!
6) Tell the next year,
To bring you only good…
And tell him to give you,
Everything your heart wants…
Health and lots of money
Happy New Year and Happy New Year!
7) I wish you 2022 times 12 months of success, 52 weeks of achievements, 365 successful days, 8760 hours of health and 525600 inspired minutes. Happy Birthday!
8) Ah, ah, good friend you’re online now. Stop writing and listen to what I have to say! Even if you are with DND, BE RIGHT BACK or NMD, I hope you don’t ignore me, because I’m telling you a plow. I didn’t come in to stress you out, I came in to wish you, happy birthday, full id lists!
9) Let your dollar be green,
And the glass full of whiskey,
And another one with wine,
For a full 2022!
10) The special moments of the end of the year to bring joy to your home, money in your pocket and maybe a Mertan!
11) To have part of everything you have and still want,
Of everything you do not have and want,
Of everything you lack and do not know.
Happy New Year!
Happy birthday!
12) To believe more in yourself, To have love, To forgive much easier, To work harder! Enjoy life! Happy Birthday!
13) Aho Aho, it’s the New Year,
And the hen is without an egg,
And the cuckoo without a goose,
Give me a lion too, aunt! Happy Birthday, 2022!
14) Knock on the door. Knock on the window. Who is
the New Year!

New Year’s messages for the family

1) Good father, dear mother,
Today is the right day
To tell you what I want
to show you how much I love you.
First of all, I wish you
a Happy New Year with health,
good will, easy life,
joy and much growth!
2) May the New Year bring you more smiles than resistance, more success than defeat and more accomplishments than you ever thought possible. Happy Birthday!
3) Love, joy, wisdom and generosity will be your guide in the New Year! In the hope of a better year, I send you a greeting of health, a drop of confidence and some happiness! Happy Birthday!
4) Happy birthday,
Health forever,
House full of food,
Love saturated.
5) New is the coming year, we are our dreams, we are our desires, we are our spirits, but my warm wishes are forever! A New Year as you dreamed!
6) May the coming year mean a new step for you to climb. I wish you a fulfilled and happy life! Happy Birthday!
7) To bring you all the things you didn’t have and wanted for the new year! Happy Birthday!

New Year’s messages for the boss

1) It’s the balance of the years! Let’s look back with forgiveness, forward with hope, down with understanding and up with gratitude! A New Year full of joys and accomplishments! Happy Birthday!
2) The last days of the year are ready to pass through the hourglass of time! The New Year is about to open its first white pages, still unknown. I wish you health, joy and accomplishments!
3) Happy birthday. May the Lord give you everything. Maybe a drop of happiness, maybe one of love, maybe one of luck, maybe all at once.
4) Good health and Happy Birthday, have more fans than enemies!
5) Joy comes from small things. Peace comes from the heart. The warmth of the holidays comes from our hearts. Happy New Year!
6) Let some of the fireworks light up on New Year’s Eve to light you up. May the coming year be a bridge for you to something better, brighter. Happy Birthday!