Although it is not always easy to get along with a brother, we cannot forget that we grew up together and that we share much of our life with him. The birthday is, therefore, the right occasion to remind her of our affection and the value of our very special relationship. And how about if not with a birthday message in which we write how special it is.

Are you looking for messages from many years to dedicate to a brother? Here you will find a long list of birthday messages that are right for you. They are perfect for congratulating your brother, in person, or for sending him a message on social media.

Below you will find the most beautiful messages from many years to congratulate your brother.

The most beautiful messages for many years for my brother

What do you do if your beloved brother’s birthday is coming soon, but you don’t know what to wish him
? Don’t worry, here you will find many happy birthday messages for him! Sometimes words fail to convey everything we feel to our loved ones. Even if you are arguing with your brother, a message from many years can alleviate the quarrel. Of course, he will be happy to receive a message from the soul, for sincere words can warm your brother’s soul like nothing else in the world.
Brother! Whatever you want, do it, because life does not stand still! Happy Birthday! Become a happy, healthy and successful person!
“Brotherly love has always been and will always be the strongest. This is a close bond that stays with the brothers forever. Congratulations, my dear, on your birthday! Always be worthy of the title of the best and good luck in everything!
MeuMy dear brother, I, your sister, would like you to be optimistic, cheerful and lucky. To conquer the mountain tops, the air and the water, to live in motion. Don’t worry about anything and everything will be fine!
I want to congratulate you on your birthday and wish you much happiness and success. May everything exist in your life: storms and blizzards, and joy and peace. And if sadness comes, remember that I am always with you, ready to help you in difficult times.
Brother! May your persistence become the key to a successful career, and may optimism be a perpetual machine of movement that will lead you to well-being.
“Good luck to you, my dear brother!” May the love and respect of your loved ones for you grow and multiply!
“Brother, happy birthday!” Continue to charge others with optimism, kindness and receptivity, and may they be rewarded with the fulfillment of all desires!
Never forget that there is a person in the world who is ready to rush to your aid at any time, to share both your joy and your problems. This person is me, so you can always count on me! Happy Birthday!
🎁Today, on such a wonderful holiday, for your birthday, I want to wish you the most unimaginable dream come true and never feel sadness and longing!
🎁Brother, your birthday is a holiday for me too! I am delighted to see your happy face, faithful friends near you, loving parents. When I see all this, I understand that there is a happy person next to me and regardless of the bad intentions that fate has prepared for you, all this is not scary when there is such support! Happy Birthday to You!
Brother! I wish you to always be faithful to a good friend and not to forget your family. Go through life confidently, knowing that you will always be supported by those you love.
🎁Dear brother, I wish you happiness and great, pure love! Happy Birthday!
Thank you for your care, for your advice, for your love. You will always be the most important person for me and I wholeheartedly want you to remain as I know you now: a kind, friendly, caring, courageous and true man! Happy Birthday!
“My dear brother!” Happy Birthday! I wish you good health, success in all your deeds and commitments! And I also wish you untold riches, but remember that the greatest treasure of human life is the love and respect of relatives and friends!
“Happy birthday, brother.” Be healthy and rich, strong and lucky in life. Know that you are the best brother in the world. We love you.
Best thoughts! No word can restore my love and respect for you. I wish you to realize your dreams, to be loved and to love, to celebrate life every day. Thank you for being.
“Dear brother!” With an extra year you became older, but also wiser. I want your male character to help you conquer new heights. Of course, I want you to never need money, help, support in your life!
“I want to have a special brother like you.” I will never stop thanking my parents for giving it to you. We always take care of the best moments between us. A kiss!
🎁My boyfriend, only brother, for your birthday I always wish to be the first of the best! Let your dreams come true, the stars will fulfill all your desires, and the wings behind you will easily carry you through life!
“My dear brother!” No matter how many miles we are, remember, I’m always there – I support you mentally. On this important day, I want to tell you that everything is possible for you and I wish you luck, so that love and joy will never leave you. I wish every little dream of yours to come true. Greetings and a hug!
Greetings to a dear and beloved man. Little brother, I want to wish you long, happy and joyful years. Health and strength, so that you can easily cope with any difficulties and easily overcome various obstacles. Let the difficulties strengthen you and push you to move forward, achieve your goals and get what you want. Happy Birthday!
“You know how to make me smile, how to listen to me, how to protect me, my older brother.” Thank you for always being close to me. With you, my life has become a miracle. A warm hug!
“Little brother, happy birthday!” I wish you health, so that you can achieve your dreams, to overcome all obstacles, serenity, love, luck. I wish you prosperity, happiness, so that your life will be full of wonderful things.
🎁Dear brother, I wish you splendid success in what interests you and it is important to you. Health, great strength, patience, as well as luck, confidence, positive mood, bold plans and easy ways to implement them.

Christian messages for your brother

Birthday messages for your brother, whether they are funny, Christian or longing, always testify to your emotions full of incredible sincerity and emotional purity, because the brother is a close person and dear to the soul. If you want a Christian message for many years, for your brother, below you will find a list that will make you happy.
Brother! I know you have dreams, because everyone has them. Let them start to become a reality today, for your birthday!
“My dear brother!” Today I want to congratulate you and wish you every day to be happy, interesting and unforgettable!
I want your generous and benevolent destiny not to forget to offer you both prosperity and good comfort. Happy birthday brother!
Brother! May everything you dream of come true and everything you expect to happen!
🎉Birthday is an annual gift given to the person to enjoy the love and affection that close friends and family have for her. So, we declare decisively that this event is valuable and dear to us. May the days of your life last as long as possible and may there always be your love and disposition for us. Long live the hero of the day!
“My dear brother, your birthday has finally arrived, so happy and wonderful.” Today I want to wish you brighter moments for your soul, and your friends and loved ones to give you pleasant surprises!
“How two brothers live.”
When they are little – they play, share their fantasies, if they have a little quarrel, they get along immediately and, of course, they want to grow as fast as possible. Now that we have reached maturity, our views on many things in life have changed. But we are still ready to support each other! Today I wish you many years, brother, and I want to tell you that you are not only my brother, but also my best friend! Always be lucky, loved and happy!
Brother! Today is your special day – your birthday! It happens only once a year, so celebrate it so that it will be remembered for a long time! I wish you to smile and have fun, to enjoy life and every moment!
“Brother, you are still the dearest person to me.” I always feel your helping hand, your support, your shoulder. On this day, I want to wish you what I want – happiness. Stay the same, real and cool, because there are no such people anymore.
Brother! Congratulations and I wish you love, trust, hope, faith! Health, happiness! Movement towards goal and luck! May your heart always be kind and warm!
Congratulations, my dear brother, happy birthday! I want to wish you all the best and even more than that!
Brother! I want you to find the path you have been looking for for so long. May she lead you to the fulfillment of hope and happiness! May the most incredible wishes come true! Happy Birthday my dear!
Let your life boil and sparkle like champagne in my glass! Happy birthday brother!
“Life depends on ourselves.” I want you to become a full master of your life: to know firmly what you want and to easily reach your goals! Happy birthday brother!
🎉From my brother’s birthday, it will be useful to remind him how dear he is to us, because every minute in his company is a real treasure! Even if he has his own family now, we will definitely get together today, on this holiday! Happy birthday brother! I wish you happiness and prosperity for many years!
🎉Pockets full of money, happy moments, fun and smiles! Take everything from life! I wish you no obstacles in the way of life, and that your best friend is always close! Don’t forget me, bro! Enjoy life, live your day!
Have success in the most important beginnings and in the most important issues! Have such happiness in life that it can grow and multiply! I wish you everything I wish for me and even more!
My dear brother, for your birthday I want to wish you everything in life to be perfect. Always be happy and enjoy life!
🎉Brother is a friend, and a support, and a counselor, and an accomplice! The brother is the brother. Thanks for having me, happy birthday!
“My brother, my pride, my strength – let me wait for you.”
I wish you, brother, much joy in destiny! Good luck to you.
“You are the best brother in the world!” You can always count on my support! Health, happiness, success and to be surrounded by the most beautiful people! As the lava of the volcano boils, so the fire of love will always burn in your soul, and happiness will be like an ocean.
🎉I wish you a long life, and before the happiest future awaits you! May the most positive people surround you!
“I’m glad I have such a brother as you!” I wish you infinite luck that will turn your dreams into reality and make you the happiest!

Messages from many years for the older brother

The most beautiful messages from many years for the older brother, wishes and congratulations are a way to express our love for those we love so much. Whether they are funny or full of love, happy birthday messages are always welcome. If your older brother is celebrating his birthday, be inspired by the birthday messages below. They are all for you and your choice.
“On the birthday of my beloved brother, I wish him mountains of wealth, both material and spiritual. The house should be full of guests and there should be plenty of delicious food on the table!
Brother! Always go forward, towards your goals and don’t lose your temper in any situation! Meet only the best people in your life!
Brother! Always believe in your dream and go forward boldly, without paying attention to minor failures. By your example, you have shown me that you should be persistent, so do not betray your principles. May all your dreams come true!
🍻My older brother, happy birthday! Always be cheerful and sociable, as we are used to seeing you! Don’t lose your charm!
“For me, you are a protection and a reliable shoulder that I can always rely on.”
On this wonderful holiday, I want to wish you, older brother, not to lose sight of the right direction and to go forward boldly!
Brother! Let the glass be half full, not half empty. Keep up the good work and move on!
🍻From your birthday, I wish you a lot of bright happiness, true male friendship, pure and sincere love! Only worthy people can enter your house and only the sunlight can look out the windows!
Enjoy every moment of your life and don’t be saddened by small failures. Find true love and cherish those close to you. Happy Holidays, my dear!
“Happy birthday, brother!” I wish you new victories and achievements, and in life to be surrounded by those people you trust and cherish!
On this wonderful day, many years ago, my most beloved person was born – my older brother! We have been together since childhood and we know each other best. I mean, you’re the most sincere and kind person I know. Maintain these wonderful qualities!
“Everything I have learned from life I owe to my older brother.” Even after 10 years, you will remain an example to me. Happy Birthday!
Today, my older brother has become even stronger, braver and wiser. I wish you goals to be achieved successfully, to never know of problems and troubles in life!
MareMy big brother, you are my ray that lights my way! Happy birthday, my faithful friend! Have a lot of love, happiness! May each day be filled with joy and stop thinking about sadness! Be optimistic! I wish you all the best!
“You are an example to me as a persevering man, so don’t betray your principles.” May all dreams come true!
🍻My older brother, happy birthday! Always be cheerful and sociable, as I usually see you! Don’t lose your charm! Always aim for your goals and don’t lose heart in any situation! Meet only the best people in your life!
“For my birthday, my dear brother, I wish you great shining happiness, true male friendship, pure sincere love. Only worthy people should enter your house and only sunlight should look out of your window.
Pleasant words are heard from all sides on this festive day! And everyone, of course, is happy. I wish you, my older brother, more bright sun and good days. Always keep your luck close!
You grew up another year, my dear older brother! Still a hero for me who knows no barriers! Happy Holidays! You are the best!
“I’m always proud of my big brother!” I want you to remain the same strong and reliable friend that I can always rely on, and you to meet in your way only people on whom, in your turn, you can also rely. One of them, rest assured, is me!
“You’re always the first for me, always one step ahead.” Walk confidently, without problems, without stopping on the road! I want there to be no barriers in your life and the sun to always shine. My dear older brother, you are the best!
“My older brother!” You are the most sincere, the cutest and the sunniest person in my life. For me, it remains both a reliable fortress and a refuge in difficult times. Continue to enlighten the world with your radiant smile! Be happy for your birthday!
“Happy birthday, brother!” I want you to achieve new victories and achievements, so that in life you will be surrounded by those people whom you trust and whom you cherish. Always believe in your dream and go forward boldly, without paying attention to minor failures.

Messages for many years for brother

Who has never had a brother does not know how many laughter, moments of happiness and quarrels have been lost. In fact, brothers are a safe anchor in life, no matter what happens you know you can count on him and despite the quarrels, which are often frequent, the connection that binds you will never end. It is a special occasion like a brother’s birthday or you are looking for a way to say that you love him. With the messages from many years below, you will be able to congratulate him in the most beautiful and special way. Read below and choose the perfect message.
“My dear brother, you are the best in the world!” I wish you much success, joy, self-confidence, good mood, the most interesting events and bright holidays for your birthday!
Happy birthday! Know, brother, that when sadness comes in your life, your sister will always support you and come to your aid in difficult times!
🧧Today we gathered for your birthday and I want to wish you great happiness, bright and warm, just like the sun!
Congratulations! Remember – your family will be not only a support, but also your life guide. Good luck and radiant smiles!
You managed to stay just as good in your soul, for which I congratulate you! Smile more often and remember that your birthday wishes will come true!
On this incomparable day – your birthday, I wish you only the most sincere wishes! Happy birthday brother!
Brother! I wish you a smooth life, success, financial well-being, stability and achievements. Let your life be full of bright events, pleasant moments and sunny days!
The older you get, the more you start to value family life and life in general. The older you get, the more you will pay attention to all the little things and try to have time to do more than you did. Congratulations on your birthday and I want to tell you, my brother, that you did everything right, you live your life right. I wish you happiness, love and kindness for many years to come.
Brother! Let only honest and faithful friends surround you, never face the bitterness of betrayal and resentment! I wish you health and courage in overcoming obstacles.
“My dear brother!” Do you remember what a daring boy you were as a child
? Now you are even bolder! You are serious, but you have a sense of humor, you are very smart, but you talk to everyone equally. Your relatives and friends are always ready to help you and, of course, do not forget the memorable days! Happy Birthday!
RateBrother, you are the only one and the best! You have just entered this serious and adult world! So, be fabulous for yourself – magical and not scary at all!
Brother! Today I want you to at least sometimes listen to the opinion of your parents, because they only want the best for you. I kiss you!
🧧Childhood is behind us, but we still remember how we walked barefoot on the grass, what delicious ice cream we ate and what our favorite books were… For your birthday, brother, I want to say that no matter how much you grow up, it is very important to remember childhood and to be able to take from it not only warm memories, but also faith in miracles!
Brother! I wish you to become a true favorite of Luck and to be the strongest and best of all! You deserve!
Brother! It’s your birthday today! I congratulate you and wish you health and success in your studies. I want you to finally decide the choice of your future profession and this choice to be a correct one.
Always be in a good mood and don’t pay attention to trifles. Aim for your goals and believe in fulfilling your desires, love your family and cherish your friends! Congratulations!
I wish you to continue dreaming, to marvel and to fall in love every day of your life. Happy birthday brother.
The best age of a person is when he stops turning years old
and starts fulfilling his dreams.
🧧I want to make some very special birthday wishes to my best friend and a wonderful brother. I love you!
Happy birthday!
🧧I wish my brother an irreplaceable good life full of health, emotions and great moments!
You behaved like a mother, now a trusted person and best friend. You are the security of those who will never betray me.
🧧Happy birthday brother !! Having an accomplice like you in my life makes everything easier and more beautiful. Thank you for always being there
🧧Our roots say we are brothers, our heart says we are friends.
“A brother can be the keeper of your identity, the only person with the keys to your unlimited knowledge and secrets about you.” (Marian Sandmaier) To many
🧧The best thing my mom and dad did was give me a brother like you. Happy Birthday!
“Hello, brother!”
You have always been my idol, my hero, my role model, over time you have become the wonderful person you are now and that can only fill me with pride. Happy birthday brother.
Don’t listen to those who tell you that at 40 it’s time to take stock. Always look ahead and keep watching your dreams! It’s the best way to stay young. Happy birthday brother!
A brother is a childhood pinnacle that can never be lost.
🧧Dear brother, on this special day I want to wish you a life full of happiness, satisfaction and beautiful surprises. Happy Birthday!
“Besides being my brother, you’re also my best friend.” I love you so much and I wish you a birthday and a bright future!

The funniest messages for many years for your brother

It’s not always easy to say “Happy Birthday Brother,” especially if you want to surprise him with a funny birthday message. Below are funny messages you can dedicate to him, and they are perfect to make him smile and feel loved.
“My dear brother!” On this magical holiday, congratulations! I sincerely wish that the fairy tale in your life would never end, that miracles and goodness would surround you!
You became one year older, wiser, stronger and more experienced. However, no matter how many years pass, you will always remain for me a small, cheerful and mischievous brother, with whom we were not afraid of anything in childhood, we always stood one after the other like a stone wall. Much courage, wisdom and happiness!
Brother! Reach new heights without forgetting the most important thing – loyalty to you. Always be the first in any business, let your soul mate with a loving and faithful woman, and the stork visit you at least three times. I’m proud to have a brother like you!
“My dear brother!” Another year has passed. You’re older. You have become wiser, luckier, stronger and healthier! You have become more attentive and caring, more loving and loving, more charming and more attractive! In short: every year you are more and more brave than me! Happy Birthday!
🎊It’s nice with you, interesting and fun! Honestly, sometimes you can be unbearable, but I remember that you can be better and my anger immediately passes. I’m so glad I got you. I am proud of you. I love you. Happy birthday, my dear brother!
“Happy birthday, boy!” You got older by another year and maybe wiser. But to me you are always the little brother! All our childhood memories are valuable to me. I’m always happy with you as a child. I wish you well-being, health, luck, light and kindness!
🎊For an older brother, a faithful friend, a respectable man and a good man, for his birthday, I want to wish him health, luck and love, but also what can be called luxury gifts from fate for a man true: the collection of cars to include only those that can be put in the garage, work to bring pleasure and good income, and one day, to meet the girl of your dreams who will give you your heart!
“It’s your birthday today, but it’s not just your holiday.” This is the day of our parents who love you; it is the day of your friends who respect you and it is also my day, because we were born a few minutes away. Remember how we grew up, did our homework and how glorious we spent our lives together and you will immediately understand what feelings overwhelm me today.
My dear brother, from the bottom of my heart I wish you not to lose that fire in your soul, which warms us all and everything around us! I love and appreciate you.
🎊My brother, my sincere friend, the only one who always tells me the truth, who heals me with words of encouragement and does not disappear in difficult times. Which considers my interests more important than my own, which is not envious, but always open and strong. You are the most wonderful brother and I sincerely congratulate you!
SpunI always tell all people what an intelligent, artistic and fighting brother I have! What a joy it is to know that I have such a brother as you in this great world! You are the gold of my life! I wish you to be happy for another 100 years!
“What could I wish for your birthday?”
Of course, love and kindness! Rest and fun! The hardest dream to imagine come true and you never feel sad! Today is an extraordinary holiday, live it to the fullest!
My dear brother! To get what you want – to dream your desires with open eyes, to be pursued by happiness everywhere, and success to be permanently established in your life.
RateBrother, have a wonderful name day! May your goodness be rewarded with the fulfillment of all your desires, may your perseverance become the key to a successful career, and may your optimism be a motivator that will lead you to well-being.

Messages from many years for the younger brother

Even if the birthday messages from relatives and friends are always valuable, it is no secret that birthday messages for the younger brother from the sister or brother produce double pleasure. Read the messages from many years below, and choose the message that you consider perfect.
How wonderful it is that I have you! You are my sun and the whole family! Happy Birthday brother!
Accept the warmest and most sincere congratulations on this holiday! My dear little brother, from the bottom of my heart I wish you health, happiness, reliable friends, faithful love and a long life. I love and appreciate you.
👟Please accept your birthday cards (25, to be exact)! I want you to always meet exceptional and good people in your life, to believe in miracles and not to forget how to dream!
RatBrothers! May the health of the lion, and may happiness be up to the ninth heaven!
“My dear brother!” Let me congratulate you on this wonderful birthday! May the most cherished dreams come true, may your health give you the strength to always get what you want, and may inspiration always be your companion!
RateBrother, I would like to honestly admit that you mean a lot in my life, even if I don’t always talk about it. To me, you are not just a little brother, but a best friend and constant support. You are a wonderful person and I am glad you exist! I want you to keep everything that is best in you! Always stay the same and take care of yourself!
“My dear brother!” I sincerely congratulate you on the day you were born and you gave us all your warmth and light!
“My brother!” Have only the most devoted friends and trusted people with you! Be happy!
Happy birthday to you, already an adult, but still a little brother! On this day, I want you to always have the sun shining on your life path, the paths you have chosen to always be smooth, and the decisions you make to be easy!
“My dear brother!” On this magical holiday, congratulations! Dream more and paint the world in bright colors. May the guardian angels always be with you and protect you from all trouble! It grows healthy and strong!
Brother! You are a true friend to me, a good advisor, but also a constructive critic. I know that you will always help me in my problems and you will not give up supporting me. Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true!
“Happy birthday, my dear brother!” I wholeheartedly want you not to worry. Get what you want, and make your dreams come true! Have a lot of happiness in life and a lot of success!
I wish you, my dear brother, to be a hundred times happier! Always have joy in fate! Love and kindness!
“Brother, happy birthday!” I wish you a good mood, strong health and lots of money! Never be sad and live happily ever after!
👟Today, on such a wonderful holiday – your birthday – I want to wish you the most impossible dream come true and never feel sadness and longing! Dear brother, I wish you happiness and great, pure love!
“My dear brother!” For your birthday, I wish you with all my heart that life will lead you easily and happily on the right paths, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties. Go through a flower garden, and all you need to be nearby. Welfare and success!
“Brother, happy birthday!” Let your light disposition energize others with fun, and your kindness and receptivity be rewarded with the fulfillment of all desires, perseverance be the key to a successful career, and optimism be the machine of the movement that will lead you to prosperity.
“I’m glad to congratulate you today – my friend, my brother.” I wish you a carefree and effortless life. May everything come true and happiness happen!
👟Birthday is a beautiful holiday, especially yours. How nice to say the word “brother”! I wish you much joy, many peaks and great victories. To be loved and cherished. All the bad storms of life to get around your house. You are my support and protection! Please, never fail.