You need inspiration to write a birthday message for a special friend or family member. Wish them “Happy Birthday” with one of these fabulous, fun and inspiring greeting cards and wishes!

On this page, you will find a wide range of wishes, greetings, happy birthday messages and written quotes to help you find the perfect words to wish someone happy birthday and make them start the day with a smile!

Birthdays are the most beautiful! From wishes and messages from many years to cakes and candles, nothing makes someone feel more special than to receive a little love and attention for the birthday. But instead of simply saying “Happy Birthday!” This year, here are some of the most beautiful messages from many years, birthday wishes and congratulations from many years to make a loved one feel very special.

We have a great list of Christmas and New Year wishes, to personalize a birthday card and to help the person celebrating the birthday to have a memorable day.

The most beautiful messages from many years for your loved ones

Choose the best messages to congratulate those close to you on your birthday. A lovingly wrapped gift and a handwritten greeting card or a birthday message can be the perfect combination to make your day more memorable. Here are some wishes from many years 2022 and birthday quotes to greet someone you know. If you don’t know what to write on a birthday card or how to wish someone happy birthday, these happy birthday messages can be your bank of ideas.

Choose from our collection of beautifully designed and meaningful birthday messages for family members and close friends or short and simple birthday wishes for friends, family, bosses, colleagues, godparents.

Funny messages from many years – Funny sms

The feeling behind a gift is often more important than the gift itself. However, it can be difficult to find the right message to write to your family, colleagues, friends, and loved ones. We have gathered some sources of inspiration so that your wish for many years will put smiles on the face of your closest and dearest. Here is our selection of funny messages from many years that will make your loved ones happy for their birthday. These funny messages from many years will be your source of inspiration to write an original message.

  • You know when you realize you’re old
    when the candles on the cake cost more than the cake itself. So you have enough money or we take out a bank loan
  • Happy Birthday and I wish you to keep your reputation high on this day, to fight against your enemies and to surprise your loved ones!
  • For your birthday, let the wizard present you with a personal helicopter, in which you will find a safe, where an account from a Swiss bank will be hidden.
  • Forgive me for not knowing which gift would suit you, only the elderly are harder to impress and I had emotions about you. Anyway, I wish you Happy Birthday!
  • Let the rain of happiness, respect, love, patience, longevity, mutual understanding fall from the sky and all the most secret erotic desires to be fulfilled today in a white limousine. Happy Birthday my dear!
  • In fact, I wanted to bring you something super special, super wonderful, unique and super beautiful for your birthday, but I can’t fit in the envelope.
  • Happy Birthday! Let the fridge be full of goodies, the bags full of money, the aquarium full of goldfish to fulfill your wishes, the garage full of cars, and the room full of beautiful girls!
  • Happy Birthday! The inevitable will happen a year earlier.
  • Happy Birthday to my dear friend who, if he had been a dog, would have been dead at this age
  • Today I refrain from making jokes about the passing years, because… honestly, I’m very sorry how old you are. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
  • Aging is mandatory, but maturing is optional.
  • You are the smartest man I have ever met, with the best tastes in women. How do I know
    ? That’s why I’m your wife. Happy Birthday!
  • A Lighter Really
    ‘re going to need a flamethrower to light your candles.
  • For your birthday, I wanted to bring you something reminiscent of your youth, but it was sold out to cave art and dinosaur bones.
  • Happy Birthday, sweet donut! Have the health of a bull, caviar in the fridge and money in bags!
  • Hmm I don’t know why, but I felt I needed to send you a message urgently. But why
    ? I know. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations! Never pass by the mountains of money. Sweet sleep and lots of food, villa by the sea and good luck! Catch the wave of happiness! Happy Birthday!
  • I haven’t forgotten it’s your birthday. I just forgot what day we are on today.
  • Happy Birthday! May your Facebook be an avalanche of messages from everyone you don’t know and you’ve never talked to!

Messages for many years for your boyfriend or friend

Send your boyfriend the best wishes for his birthday. Browse our beautiful and unique collection of birthday messages for your boyfriend, which you can share on Facebook, Instagram, or via a Whatsapp message. It may seem simple, but birthdays come every year and it’s not easy to be original when writing your birthday wishes for your boyfriend. Choose the one you like and wish them happy birthday in an original way! See here a beautiful collection of love messages for your loved one!

  • Happy Birthday my love! You know how to be gentle and strong, brave and good, kind and fair! So stay!
  • To the man who has been my best friend all these years, partner in this adventure called life and love of my life, happy birthday! I am so happy that we are spending this day together!
  • Your arms are like my home, the place where I find peace and strength. You complete me. Happy Birthday my dear!
  • Happy birthday to the only person in the universe with whom I want to grow old and become upset.
  • Boyfriend! Congratulations on your birthday! You are the dearest person on earth for me, I feel good and pleasant with you!
  • In my book, you are my prince. And in my movie, you’re my hero. In my body, you are the heart. And in my life you are everything! Happy Birthday my love!
  • Another special text from the list of messages for many years for my boyfriend is this one: Your smile, the love you give me and the fact that you always make me laugh make my life much more beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you give me unconditionally. I love you! Happy birthday, my love !.
  • I feel blessed to have your love, you are my spiritual support in everything I do and I love you with all my heart! Happy birthday, baby!
  • I wish you all the best! May our love not disappear! Happy Birthday my dear!
  • Happy birthday, baby! You are everything I wanted and I want you to know that I love you more and more every day! I hope you have a wonderful day today, and if it doesn’t look like that, I’ll take care of it myself! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. I hope you like it and always remember that I love you so much and I will only love you!
  • I wish you an unforgettable day, to be happy and to return ten times all the good you do to those around you. I will never stop loving you. Happy birthday, baby!
  • Happy birthday to the master of my heart, the man of my dreams and the love of my life!
  • Thank you destiny for our meeting and for our happiness! Kisses, hugs and love! Happy Birthday!
  • Today is a very special day for me because that special person in my life was born today. Happy birthday, baby!
  • Happy Birthday my dear! There is only one person in this world that I want to thank today and that is your mother! Because he brought you into the world, the most loving, sensitive, sexy man in the Universe!
  • My boyfriend, my joy, my happiness, I wish you a happy birthday! You are my universe, you are my world and I thank you for that.
  • Happy birthday to the best thing that ever happened to me!
  • You make me the happiest and I feel your warmth and love in every moment. Happy Birthday my dear! You are the reason why I smile even in the most difficult moments.
  • From the first smile you conquered me, and now my heart beats only for you. Happy Birthday my dear! I wish you to be healthy and have a wonderful day, full of joy!
  • I wish you to have special experiences and unforgettable memories, to always be happy and to always see you smiling! Happy birthday, my love!
  • Every day with you is special, but today is extra special because it’s your birthday, honey. Happy birthday, with all my kisses and hugs!

Messages from many years for your girlfriend or girlfriend

Despite the fact that you bought a gift, another important thing that will make your girlfriend really happy for her birthday is a message for her birthday. It must be original and from the heart. Take advantage of this opportunity to express your feelings through these messages for many years for your girlfriend. You ran out of ideas You are
looking for something special to impress her
Or maybe a funny message that will put a smile on her face
In our collection you will find messages from many years for my unique and original girlfriend where you can be inspired.

  • Happy birthday, love! Have a nice birthday! I wish you to keep calm in any circumstance, to have only sincere people with you, to receive daily compliments, to get what you set out to do, and I will take care to support you in everything!
  • Your day is a new opportunity to tell you how special you are to me. I really like being with you. Happy Birthday!
  • Honey, happy birthday! You are amazing, wonderful, charming. I wish you boundless happiness, kindness, warmth and tenderness. I want to see your smile every minute and feel your touches. May the sun shine for you, the birds sing and the flowers bloom.
  • My wish for you is to have the most beautiful birthday! One that will stay in your heart forever! And I want you to know that wherever you are, I will always wish you well!
  • My dear, you are the most beautiful woman in the world! No one would dare to compete with you in beauty or intelligence. I wish you health, happiness, the world to admire you from afar and in silence, and I promise not to be jealous. I love you!
  • Honey, congratulations on your birthday. I always want you to smile, joy to always be present in your life, and happiness to be real and one for both of us.
  • My dear, on your birthday, I wish you to be able to fly like a free butterfly, to be able to enjoy every day, to flourish and be inspired, to dream and create, and I will always be with you to love you and to fulfill all your desires.
  • Happy Birthday! Every day I want to see your smile, to feel the tenderness of your touch, to admire the depth of your eyes and to understand that my love is mutual! I love you to infinity!
  • My love, I fall in love with you more and more every day, even if it seems impossible. Every day you conquer me with your charming smile and incredible beauty. You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. I love you!
  • Today is a wonderful day – your birthday, baby. I wish you life to offer you happy and unique moments, friendly and sincere smiles, fate to pamper you with health, beauty, luck and goodwill.
  • You appeared in my life and turned it into a story! You brought me an ocean of sensuality and passionate fireworks! I wish you to be happy with me, my magic fairy! Have a nice birthday!
  • My dear, I wish you a perfect day, with many smiles, good cheer, relaxation! Get the most out of everything you want in life! Happy Birthday!
  • I love you the way I never thought I would. I wake up thinking about you and go to bed thinking about you. So today, on your birthday, I woke up with the desire to be the first person to wish you happy birthday and lots and lots of happiness and love!
  • Congratulations on the birthday of my wonderful girlfriend. I wish you, my little flower, much happiness, happy eyes, smiles and surprises. May everything you set out to be come true and all your wishes come true. Let everything happen exactly the way you want it to.
  • You are my love story. You are in everything I do. In everything I see, in everything I touch. You are in what you dream. You represent the words that fill the pages of my life every day. Happy Birthday!

Messages from many years for the husband

Finding the right words to celebrate the special days of your loved ones can sometimes seem difficult, especially when it comes to your husband’s birthday. You always want to make him feel great and special for his birthday. But if you don’t know what to write about a birthday wish, don’t worry. Here I have gathered some of the most beautiful messages for many years for my husband. Choose the one you like or change it according to your preferences. Make him feel loved and adored with these birthday messages for my husband!

  • Happy birthday, my dear husband! Spending the rest of my life with you was the best decision. I am grateful for every moment!
  • Happy birthday, darling! If someone asked me what the secret of a happy marriage is, I would answer like a wonderful husband like you. I love you like on the first day!
  • Honey, I love you the way you are! You are a wonderful person who deserves the best in this world. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my husband! I, your faithful wife, really want you to come up with bold ideas. I promise to surround you with tenderness and make your every day unique.
  • Hours, days, months, years, decades will pass but I will never forget the moment you hugged me for the first time, looked at me and whispered “I love you”. Happy birthday, you are all I could want from a husband!
  • You are my knight. But where’s your white horse ?
    You don’t have a horse
    . You are incomparable, a fairytale hero, always ready to jump to the rescue. I, your princess, will always be yours, because that’s what it says in the story of our lives!
  • I know, sometimes we despair of each other. But you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you! Happy birthday, my dear!
  • Some are looking for a lifetime and can’t find what I found in you. Happy birthday, husband!
  • 7 billion smiles and yours is my favorite! Happy birthday, my dear husband! Stay the same all the time, because you are wonderful!
  • My husband, my love! I love you like in the beginning, I adore you and I want you. I only wish you well and hope to be as happy as ever. Long live me, happy birthday!
  • My husband! You know how to solve any problem skillfully! On your birthday I wish you success in all its beginnings. Be the best not in words, but in deeds. Take care of your mind, dignity and body.
  • Honey, every year you become wiser, more balanced, and more patient. Each experience does not age you but matures you, makes you see things differently. Don’t be sad, don’t see only the negative side of this day because the people who love, respect and encourage you are with you. Happy birthday love, to make your dreams come true, to keep your health and to be with your family always!
  • Happy birthday, dear husband, you are my most precious treasure. You always motivate me to challenge. Optimism always reigns in your eyes. Today all the beautiful words are addressed only to you.
  • I didn’t think you could meet someone to fall in love with over and over again, every day. Then I met you… Happy birthday, baby!
  • Not all women were lucky enough to marry their soul mate, but I was blessed. I want you to know that I adore you! Happy Birthday, my husband!
  • Our hands came together and life took on meaning. Happy birthday, my dear husband!
  • My dear, happy birthday! You are the only man in my life with whom I feel safe. It was with you that I learned what love is and found happiness. It is a joy for me to have children from such a wonderful man. I will always support you in everything and I will help you. And may our love grow stronger as time goes on.
  • Happy birthday, husband! The best thing in the world is to find someone who knows all your flaws and weaknesses and who continues to consider you wonderful. Thanks for being that person to me!
  • I love you for all the small or big ways you make my life wonderful. Happy Happy Birthday!
  • Honey, congratulations on this special holiday! On this pleasant and wonderful day, have magical moments, and I will kiss and hug you constantly. I want to see my husband happy.
  • I wish you, my dear husband, a wonderful mood throughout the year. In spring you have love and romance, in summer – the hot flame of passion, in autumn – golden intimacy, and in winter – tenderness and happiness!

Beautiful and short messages from many years

Birthdays are so special! Wish your friends and family “happy birthday” and inspire them for the new year that follows with one of these beautiful and short birthday messages for many happy new year. Enjoy your loved ones with these beautiful messages from many years:

  • May all your wishes come true and all your dreams come true on this special occasion!
  • Live every moment of your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • I hope your birthday is as special as yours, darling!
  • Happy Birthday! Thanks for always being there for me! I adore you!
  • For my dear – Happy Birthday. I hope you have a truly magical day!
  • Have a birthday to remember for the rest of your life! Happy Birthday!
  • The most wonderful person I know deserves no less than the most wonderful birthday celebration!
  • I cherish the time spent together! Happy Birthday!
  • Let this wonderful day enjoy you endlessly and give you unlimited happiness!
  • You deserve all the smiles in this world. Embrace the joy that this day brings in front of you!
  • Have a wonderful birthday today. You deserve it!
  • My dear, thank you for inspiring me continuously. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday!! I wish you a fabulous year, with many joys and smiles!
  • I wish you a very happy and memorable birthday celebration!
  • God bless you for your birthday. I wish you all the best!
  • You are the moon that lights my way in the dark. Without you, my life is incomplete. Happy Birthday my love!
  • I wish you health and happiness today and always! Happy Birthday!!
  • I wish you a wonderful day and all the most amazing things for your birthday!
  • I wish you a day full of happiness and a year full of joy. Happy Birthday!
  • May the light of the candles on the cake brighten your life for the rest of your days!

Messages for many years for the wife

When it comes to your wife, there is no doubt that you would be willing to do anything to make her happy. And when it’s her birthday, it’s natural to want to make her feel special. A birthday comes once a year and is the only time a person is in the spotlight, guaranteed. Your wife’s birthday is a celebration of her life and you can send her a beautiful birthday message (among many other things) to make her feel loved and remember that you are blessed to have her in your life. So, here is a collection of the most beautiful messages for many years for my wife!

  • My dear woman, my beloved wife. The sky and the clouds gave you to me, I don’t even know what it’s worth. I am grateful for our family home, for the warmth of the house, for the trust. I will try to make you greet every day with a smile. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s an honor to be your husband, but for your birthday I would like to be more. I would like to be your knight, my princess, the king who rules the wool queen over their kingdom. Although we are not blue blood, our kingdom is the house we have and the love we have and we would not give that for anything in the world. Happy birthday, my dear wife.
  • Happy birthday, my beloved wife. Today is your birthday and you deserve everything you want. Good health, love and good cheer. May life protect you and always keep you safe, everything you want to become a reality. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful, housewife, loved and most charming of women. I love you, my dear wife, rejoice as you feel today!
  • My love, for your birthday I want to remind you how special you are. You are unique, wonderful and special. No one can surpass your love and your diligence. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
  • Happy birthday, love to my heart, enjoy today. Hugs dear, my wife!
  • No matter how long it takes, you are just as beautiful, young and full of life, and today, on your birthday, I hope you enjoy it the most. Stay healthy, loving and caring as before. Thank you for all the happiness and for the help you give me every day. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
  • Today is a special day for us, those who care about you. We are very lucky to be a part of our lives. Happy and Happy New Year!
  • Happy Birthday my love. You are ideal for me, and may the whole world see you that way. I wish you not to be saddened by anything, to smile as often as possible, to realize all your plans, to always feel loved and wanted by me.
  • Happy birthday, my beloved wife. I want you to shine with your beauty and your talents. May you open a new calendar sheet on this special day, which will only contain bright days. My dear, I wish you much happiness, good mood and well-being.
  • My love, and this morning your eyes shine with tenderness, and my soul melts every time it sees you. May everything you want come true today, spend your birthday with your loved ones and enjoy every moment. Happy birthday, my dear wife!
  • My dear, let the flowers bloom for you today and enjoy their beauty all year round. To me you are my flower and I want to have you by my side forever. On this day, love, enjoy the people around you, have fun and do not forget that no matter what happens I love you. Happy birthday, baby!
  • This morning I will bring you the best wishes with a bed breakfast. Good health, money, success in everything, to have an orderly and quiet house like your beautiful soul, my dear! I love you so much. Happy Birthday!

Messages for children for many years

Birthday is one of the best days of the year for children because they expect so many things from so many people. Children deserve to be treated in a special way not only on their birthday, but in general.

Birthday wishes for children are like gifts wrapped in beautiful words and make their mark on their lives. Whether you are looking for messages from many years for grandson, niece, son or daughter, in our collection you will find the most beautiful messages from many years for children of all ages.

  • Happy Birthday! Because you always bring happiness to those around you, we wish you a day full of joy and surprises that will last you all year long.
  • Happy birthday, my dear child! May everything be as you wish, and the sun always shine on your street, so that you can run, walk and have fun with your friends! Be healthy and cheerful!
  • For the sweetest angel, we wish you countless hugs, happiness and much caress on this wonderful day! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Happiness, innocence, hope and kindness, love, all to have a part in your life, my child!
  • Happy birthday our dear! You will always be our little boy, even if at some point we will look at you from the bottom up to tell you this.
  • May this day bring you as much joy and happiness as you bring us every day! Happy birthday our beautiful princess!
  • Our dear, we will always be with you! Together we will overcome weights and smile! We are happy to be your parents and wish you good health and success in life! Happy birthday, dear baby!
  • I wish you a carefree and trouble-free life, just like in the cartoons! Be active and make friends, because life with them is definitely a lot more fun!
  • Happy Birthday, beautiful and good baby! To have a life full of joy, luck to overwhelm you, and bad luck to bypass you! May all your dreams come true!
  • Today is your birthday and all you have to do is unpack the presents and be happy!
  • Listen to your parents, sleep and eat well. You shouldn’t have any other worries at this age!
  • Dear little one, may the joy never end for you, may true friends surround you, and may your family be happy! Today is your birthday and all you have to do is unpack the presents and be happy!
  • Happy Birthday, dear child! Mom and Dad love you so much and thank you for choosing us to be your parents! Live your childhood! Don’t miss these happy moments, which never come back! Happy birthday, son / daughter!
  • Childhood is a world full of serenity and joy, enjoy it every day of your life. Happy birthday baby! Good luck in the years to come!
  • Dear and cute baby! Be like your father – strong, kind and bold, and like your mother – gentle and delicate. May the world be good to you, and may happiness always accompany you.
  • Always keep your smile warm, pure soul and light in your eyes as they were on the first day you saw me. Happy Birthday, beautiful and good baby!
  • How fast you grew up, my angel. It’s like I didn’t ask for your first smile recently. We wish you a harmonious development, a mountain of candy and to laugh out loud today, being surrounded by your loved ones.
  • My dear child, today is your birthday. You’ve grown another year! Your family is proud of you and rejoices every day for the light you bring to their hearts! Happy birthday, baby!
  • Happy birthday our dear little girl! You fill our souls with love and joy every day! We love you very much and we are very grateful to have you by our side.
  • Baby, you’re another year old! You have become not only older, but smarter, sweeter and more beautiful. You are the most precious sight in our eyes. Happy Birthday!
  • I want you to always know and feel how strong, smart and beautiful you are! We wish you all the best in the world and happy birthday!
  • Today is your first birthday, but know that many more magical moments await you along the way. We wish you a way to meet only goodness, and luck to hold your hand

Messages for many years for my mother

Every mother deserves to feel appreciated and loved on her special day. From endless patience to endless support, there are so many things to be grateful for. If you are struggling to find the right way to convey the depth of your love and gratitude, these Happy Birthday Mother’s Day messages are a great way to show her how you feel about her.
Here are some birthday messages for mom’s birthday:

  • What to wish your dear mother
    Of course, kindness, love, health, happiness and many beautiful, memorable moments, resulting in a huge number of pleasant meetings!
  • Happy Birthday! You are the sun of this holiday, a star that never goes out at night. Mom, darling, my girlfriend, congratulations! I wish you didn’t cry and don’t know about the pain. Out of all the difficult situations to get out untouched. I wish you would never grow old and be beautiful and sweet all your life. I wish you great happiness in life.
  • For the woman who always brought out the best in me and waited only for good things, or at least was the only one who saw another, better self: Happy birthday to the best mother, mistress of my soul!
  • Mother, today the sun shines with pleasure for you, all the pleasant and warm words are addressed only to you and all the smiles and admiring looks are yours!
  • Dear mom! You dressed warm today, you warmed up your lunch, you have money for the trip.
    Now it’s my turn to take care of you, to organize your holidays and to give you joy not only for your birthday! You are the best!
  • Allow me, with all my loving and grateful soul, to wish you a happy birthday and wish you all the purest, brightest and best! Be happy, healthy and loved!
  • My beautiful mother! What a joy it is to wake up every morning and know that I have you! You gave me the chance to live on this planet and admire everything around me: the little butterfly, the beautiful flower, the sunset or the blue ocean. I hope that your birthday will bring you only pleasant moments that will never end!
  • Who is the best mother in the world
    ? You are. Let me put it
    bluntly You start to have hearing problems as the years go by
    Happy birthday!
  • Inspiration, friend, cook, driver, psychologist, living model, teacher, coach. You were all for me. Thank you and happy birthday, once again!
  • If there are saints on earth, then my mother is among them. A pure soul and a good heart, with an amazing ability to forgive and love. My angel, may your wings never reach the weights of the earth!
  • Mom, we are of the same blood, but spiritually we are the same. I want your soul to sing and your heart to love! Many, many years ahead!
  • Sweet, caring, gentle and affectionate mother! I congratulate you on this day and from the bottom of my heart I wish you a good mood, excellent health, joy and the fulfillment of all your wishes!
  • Sincere smiles, warm hugs, pleasant conversations and only positive emotions! Mommy, happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my young and beautiful mother! I wish you as many wonderful and memorable moments as possible, a beautiful life like in a story. Have support, attention, and love. May good mood never leave you. I love you!
  • Mother, strength, patience and happiness to you! I look in the mirror: my eyes are like a dream, my hair like a waterfall, my smile like a new moon – and everything is from God named MOTHER. I take everything that is better and I will continue to take it from you. Heartiest congratulations!
  • I like to consult with you, squatting, in silence… Both night and day, at any time, mom! You are the best friend in the world, you are my mentor, my counselor and my judge. And for your birthday, I wish you joy, health, success and be happy, mother!
  • I love you and I will always be there if you need my help! Happy Birthday Mother!
  • Mom, you always knew how to make me feel like the most special person in the world. There are no words to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. You are the best person in my life!

Messages from my birthday to my father

Celebrating a birthday is a joy. Joy doubles when it’s your father’s birthday. If you need messages for many years for your father, here are some unique ideas for you. The birthday is an opportunity once a year, so don’t miss the opportunity to say “Happy Birthday” with a few amazing and emotional words. Here are some messages from many years for men, whether it’s Father’s Day, birthday or any other important occasion where you can get inspiration from:

  • Happy Birthday, my hero! Thank you for every hug that made me stronger and for every smile that turned me into the beautiful woman of today.
  • Dad, you ignored my mistakes every day just to keep a smile on my face. I will always try to make you proud! Thank you for all the stories you told me, all the lessons you taught me and all the patience you had. I love you. Happy birthday, Dad!
  • I know I wasn’t always the perfect baby. Thank you for showing me how to correct my own mistakes as I grew up. I love you! Happy birthday, Dad!
  • Because the years of toil and work are white and wrinkled, I can tell you, Dad, that from now on you will rejuvenate. Because love and happiness are in the blink of an eye, I can promise you that from now on you will become more beautiful, Dad. You are loved more than ever. Happy Birthday!
  • Father! On this beautiful day, your birthday, we wish you a sea of ​​gifts, beautiful flowers, lots of confessions and smiles, a sea of ​​pleasant meetings and wonderful minutes, and on holidays – a warm beach by the sea.
  • My dear father, it gives me great pleasure to send you, on the occasion of my birthday, the warmest wishes of health, peace of mind and joy. Happy Birthday Daddy!
  • May today’s dreams come true, tomorrow’s hopes come true, any fall one step ahead, good thoughts and happiness to be with you always. Happy birthday, Dad!
  • No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I can never thank you enough for all the love and care you have filled my life with. You’re my hero, Dad! I love you so much!
  • I pray that God will bless you, my dear father, today and in each of the days to come. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear father, on the occasion of your birthday I wish you a long and beautiful life, happiness, health and love! Happy Birthday!
  • My dear and dear father, I congratulate you on your birthday! Thank you for existing. Thank you for giving me life, educating me, scolding me when needed, and giving me helpful advice. I want your soul to never grow old, Stay just as young, happy and fun. Always be healthy, work hard, and my mother and I will make sure we always remind you that you are the best father and husband in the world. Happy Birthday!
  • A smile has the power to straighten everything and fill everything with light. I hope you have as many smiles in life… Happy birthday, Dad!
  • Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for me and for all the joy and love you bring into our lives. Thank you, Dad, for believing in me and pushing me to do my best to get what I want. I love you, Dad!
  • Always with a smile on his face and optimistic, so stay tuned, Dad! May you have all that is best and most beautiful in this life and may God give you much health and thousands of joys! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday messages to friends

Say “Happy Birthday” to a friend or best friend with one of our fabulous birthday wishes! On this page, you will find a lot of messages from many years for written friends to help you find the perfect words. Get inspired by this beautiful collection of birthday messages for your best friend:

  • Today is your birthday, it’s a wonderful day. Hugs and an endless sea of ​​joy and love! I appreciate you very much and I’m glad we’re friends! Happy Birthday my dear friend!
  • A lot of friends have come and gone from my life over the years, only you have stayed and shown me what true friendship means! Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day!
  • Happy birthday, buddy! May your wallet always be full, your heart rich in love and patience, your family healthy and close, and every day a new reason to smile!
  • I may not be with you on this special day, but I want you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing you a happy birthday!
  • May the path through life be smooth for you, may each day bring you joy, peace and love from those around you, and may your work and passions always be the source of your success! Happy Birthday!
  • I have no words to express how happy I am that you are celebrating another year of your life! I wish you to always be happy and healthy. Never change. Happy Birthday!
  • My brother, I wish you to enjoy your family and to feel good wherever you are, to always feel that every moment is special. Health and only joy to you and your loved ones! Happy Birthday!
  • Be happy! Today is the day you were brought into this world to be a blessing and an inspiration to the people around you! You’re a wonderful person! Have as many birthdays as possible and fulfill all your wishes!
  • To smile with a fulfilled soul, to enjoy every day, to be close to your loved ones and to be able to do everything you want! Happy Birthday my dear friend!
  • With each passing year we become wiser. I’m not sure what you learned this year, but I know that every experience has turned you into the person you are today! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday with many wonderful thoughts! Besides the traditional things like health, luck and love, I want you to have only joys on a personal level and achievements on a professional level! I hope you have a perfect day!
  • Here is the big sun in the sky today to celebrate your birthday! My dear friend, do not lose your madness, optimism and smile. I wish you all the best in the world, with all my affection! Happy Birthday!
  • I want today to bring you as much joy as possible, as much as the one you emanate from those around you. Happy Birthday!
  • Each year is a book with 365 blank pages. Create a masterpiece every day, using all the colors of life, and as you write, smile! Happy Birthday!
  • To receive flowers for your birthday and to learn from every flower to love, to shine, to bring joy and celebration! Happy Birthday!
  • You are my support in everything I do, you encourage me and lift me up when I am on the ground. Today is about you! I wish you a lot of happiness and fulfillment! Happy birthday, my dear friend!
  • Happy birthday, buddy! I want to congratulate you for the successes you have had so far and I want you to know that I will be here to support you and congratulate you for the successes I am sure you will have in the future! I wish you success, health, joy and only accomplishments!
  • Our madness, going out with other friends, parties and every beautiful memory we made, these are all things I will always remember with a smile. I hope you feel the same way and look forward to our upcoming releases! Happy Birthday!

Messages for many years for the sister

Sister celebrates her birthday You are
looking for the most beautiful messages for many years for your sister
You have come to the right place! We offer you a collection of messages, wishes and greeting cards to choose from, you will definitely impress her!

  • My sun, my sister! I’m so glad we’re so friendly! I wish you to find a great love that you will carry until the end of your life! I am sure you will be a happy mother and wife!
  • Today I’m raising a glass for my beloved sister! In this joyful holiday full of joy, I want to wish you happiness! Let there be a lot of new, interesting, fascinating events in your life!
  • My darling! Dear sister! Another year has passed, but for me you will always be a child! Tender and kind, beautiful and receptive! May all the flowers be at your feet today!
  • Today is your birthday. An opportunity for me to remind you how much I care about you and that you are part of my soul. Happy Birthday, best sister!
  • She laughs happily! Receive daily joy in your life in the form of bouquets of flowers, sweets or love. Let the light shine in your eyes and have a happy heart. Happy birthday, dear sister!
  • My dear sister, I wish you not to count the years, because the soul always remains young, not to regret what has passed, because there are many interesting things before, not to be afraid again, because risk is a noble cause!
  • My dear sister, I want to congratulate you and wish you well-being at work, happiness and joy in your home, love, money and understanding in your heart. Let no cloud dare to disturb your peace of mind. Happy birthday sister!
  • Maybe I didn’t show you how much you mean to me every day. For your birthday, however, I will do my best to give you the love you deserve, sister. Happy Birthday!
  • At every step you discover a miracle, I learned this by living with you. I will always be grateful for everything you have learned, the love you have shown me and the understanding you have given me. Happy Birthday my sister!
  • Know that wealth is not only in the wallet, but also in the achievements of life. I love you darling! I wish you happiness and love, so much so that your head spins.
  • Today, all the congratulations are for you! Dear sister, you already have your own family and a comfortable nest, you have achieved a lot in life, but you still have so much ahead of you! I want you to keep and increase what you already have and get what you are still looking for. Enjoy every moment and every day!
  • Sisters are like diamonds. They shine, they are indestructible, everyone wants them and yes, they are a girl’s best friends. Eternal twinkles, my sister!
  • Dear sister, happy birthday! I wish your home full of comfort and warmth, always to be inspired by creative and original ideas. May love embrace your heart and have a day full of happy emotions and beautiful memories!
  • Sister, today is your birthday! I love you and wish you all the best! Health, happiness, luck, joy, success, wealth. May your life be as beautiful as in stories!
  • Honey, dear sister! I am sending you a huge bouquet of congratulations in honor of your birth! May each day be happy, the night be quiet, good luck every moment!
  • To me you are not just a sister, you are a piece of me that I love with all my heart. Even if we are on different paths, today I wish you the warmest happy birthday! I can’t wait to hug you!
  • Happy birthday, dear sister, to have all the most beautiful in the world, to be healthy, fulfilled and happy with your family. Happy New Year!
  • My dear sister, on this special day I wish you all the best in the world. May your life be easy and the dangers around you. Health, loyal friends and great love!

Messages for many years for brother

Your brother was probably one of the first friends you ever had. Since you were a child, he has been with you; your most ferocious protector, the greatest inspiration and an excellent source of advice when you need it most. For his birthday, it is important to tell him what it means to you. One of the best ways to do this is to write a greeting card and attach it to any gift you choose to pamper.

Below, you will find some messages from many years for the brother to make his day more special!

  • My dear brother, take care of yourself, study well, be kind and brave. Love and be loved. Enjoy life and everything! Happy Birthday!
  • Brother, congratulations on your birthday! I want everything you want in your hands. Be happy in your soul, healthy, with a career perspective, loved and always interested in something. Develop yourself, try new directions, reach new heights and set new goals. Lots of strength, courage and perseverance!
  • Brother, go boldly through life, fill the world with goodness and always live with a smile on your face!
  • My dear brother, I wish you a dream come true. May miracles always accompany you, and may magic fill your life!
  • On your birthday, my brother, I want you to catch a goldfish that will fulfill three wishes: health instead of wealth, incredible love instead of new things and immense happiness instead of palaces! Life consists of such gifts!
  • I want to wish you a happy birthday, a lot of joy and a lot of success. May there be no storms and blizzards in your life, but only with joy and peace. And if sadness pours over you, don’t forget that I am always with you and I am ready to help you in difficult times.
  • Congratulations to you today resound everywhere and I want you to enjoy each and every one of them! Happy birthday! You are the best brother!
  • My dear brother, today is your birthday, happy and wonderful. Today I want to wish you brighter moments for your soul, so that your friends and relatives will always enjoy you and present you pleasant surprises. Let your generous destiny not forget to offer you both prosperity and comfort. Happy Birthday!
  • Life has scattered us around the world, but I always remember that you are my brother and that no matter what happens, you will always be my brother, just as I am yours. Congratulations!
  • My dear brother, I want to congratulate you and wish you courage, strength and perseverance. Take everything you can from life and don’t forget that life is given to us only once! Enjoy life without worries, but don’t forget work. Good luck and happiness!
  • Dear brother, I wish you an ocean of health, a mountain of luck, a truck with money, and a sincere: Happy birthday my brother!
  • Brother, have a wonderful name day! May your goodness be rewarded with the fulfillment of all your desires, may your perseverance become the key to a successful career, and may your optimism be a motivator that will lead you to well-being.
  • Brother, you will always be half of me. For your birthday, I want you not to forget your older sister!
  • The brother is also a friend, and support, and counselor, and accomplice! The brother is the brother. Thanks for having me, happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, dear brother, to have all that is most beautiful in this world, to be healthy, fulfilled and happy with your family. Happy birthday my brother!
  • Happy Birthday! Know, brother, that when sadness comes in your life, your sister will always support you and come to your aid in difficult times!
  • Congratulations to my brother! Happy birthday, happy holidays! Be rich in soul and heart, be the most visible in the rays of happiness, fight for a dream and a great love! Let luck be in your way, let your cherished dreams come true, and let your life’s mission be a pleasant one.
  • Today, on such a wonderful holiday – your birthday – I want to wish you the most impossible dream come true and never feel sadness and longing! Dear brother, I wish you happiness and great, pure love!
  • Happy birthday, my dear brother! I wholeheartedly want you not to worry. Get what you want, and make your dreams come true! Have a lot of happiness in life and a lot of success!

Messages from many years for sister-in-law and brother-in-law

The family is always growing and changing. As love and marriage make new connections, they unite families and create relationships that become special and important. The brother-in-law is one of the best friends, so celebrate his birthday with the most beautiful messages from many years for the sister-in-law you find in our collection below!

  • Even if the years go by, you will always remain young, dear sister-in-law. You are a generous and good man, I never want you to know the pain. Life should be made up of only white lines and you should not have bitter tears in it.
  • Sister-in-law, the roses you gathered in the crown of your life, let them intertwine today in a bouquet of fulfillment. May the flowers of love adorn your life and see all your desires fulfilled. Happy birthday dear sister-in-law!
  • Always be young, beautiful and with the same cheerful spirit. Don’t even look at us at 100 years old. May life offer you wonderful moments and unprecedented joys.
  • On the occasion of the celebration of your name / birthday, I wish you good health, happiness and all the best in the world and to have only serene and sunny days! Be surrounded only by the world that loves you and wants the best for you!
  • The roses you have gathered in the crown of your life, let them intertwine in a bouquet of fulfillment today. May the flowers of love adorn your life and see all your desires fulfilled.
  • On this important day, I am writing you some important lines. Take care of those positive qualities that you have. You are a very good person, and my sister made the right choice when she chose you. Be happy in your personal life!
  • You are a wonderful person, the standard of manhood and of course, true protection for my sister! May there be only successful beginnings in your life, serene days, sweet nights. May the wife be your compass in life, the ideal of loyalty and love!
  • Happy birthday, sister-in-law, to have all that is most beautiful in this world, to be healthy, fulfilled and happy with your family. Happy birthday dear sisters-in-law!
  • Happy birthday sisters-in-law! More smiles on the face, more money in the wallet, more love in the heart!
  • Sister-in-law, on this wonderful day of your life, I wish you to always enjoy what God has given you, but with strength in your soul and mind to strive and achieve what you dream to achieve or become! Happy birthday dear sister-in-law!
  • A rose has attached itself to the bouquet of your life. May it flourish more beautifully and healthily than those you already have in your bouquet.
  • May this day open the door to a successful future, may God give you a rainbow with every storm, a smile with every tear, health, accomplishments and much love! Happy Birthday!
  • My dear sister-in-law, I wish you all your wishes to be fulfilled on your birthday, to be happy, loved and to have only sunshine in your life. I wish you a sincere Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, dear sister-in-law! I want to wish you a new day to fill your soul with happiness, joy, kindness and inspiration. Stay just as beautiful, funny and cheerful.
  • A smile has the power to straighten everything and fill everything with light. I hope you have as many smiles in life as possible. Happy birthday sisters-in-law!
  • Happy birthday, dear sister of my sister. I wish you iron health, steel temperament, true success in the way of life, mutual understanding with those close to you and full love from your loved ones. May this age be suitable for the realization of all your ideas and the conquest of new heights.
  • Happy birthday sister-in-law! I wish you beautiful impressions that will drive away melancholy, passion and love that will awaken the best qualities in you, good luck in life that will simply make you dizzy!

Messages from many years for mother-in-law and father-in-law

When it comes to the various types of relationships you have with your family, one of the most complex and special connections you can ever have is, without a doubt, the relationship with your mother-in-law or father-in-law; after all, your partner has grown. The best day to show how much you respect and love them is their birthday! With these birthday messages for mother-in-law and mother-in-law, you can definitely brighten their day.

  • Happy birthday, dear mother-in-law! To have the most beautiful in this world, to be healthy, fulfilled and happy!
  • May life give you thousands of happy opportunities, and may you take full advantage of each of them. Have happiness, luck and abundance! Happy Birthday!
  • A good thought, together with the most sincere wishes for health and happiness. Happy birthday, my mother-in-law!
  • I want your heart to beat like before a miracle, to breathe like a storm, and your eyes always reflect a rainbow, at the foot of which you will find a chest of gold!
  • Birthdays are full of memories of the past, happiness of the present and hope for the future. I hope all this makes for a completely successful number. Happy birthday dear mother-in-law!
  • Mother-in-law, we are very pleased to send you warm wishes for health, peace of mind and joy on the occasion of your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • I was very interested to find out why my husband / wife ended up becoming such a great person, but after meeting his father, I was confident that it was because of you. Happy Birthday!
  • I can’t just feel blessed to have a father-in-law who is such a role model for both my husband and wife and my children. I wish you the best of your life! Happy Birthday!
  • On this holiday, I come with a greeting card for you and I wish you to always remain young in your soul, and to have in your eyes that spark of yesteryear. We wish you to live more happy than sad moments, and the balance of the soul to always remain unchanged. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, mother-in-law! Let’s see each other happy and healthy in the years to come, be well, happy and always loved!
  • You brought me the joy of having two mothers. Thank you for welcoming me and embracing me with such warmth, joy and pride. Happy birthday, mother-in-law!
  • I wish you with all my heart happiness and the fulfillment of all dreams! May your life be like a mosaic of colors of happiness and unforgettable moments, and every day bring you luck and good mood!
  • For your birthday, I wish you, to have a sunny day, the serenity of the sky to always surround you. May your light and love always shine, and may your health never be lacking. Happy birthday, mother-in-law!
  • Happy birthday, mother-in-law! Health, joy and fulfillment of all wishes!
  • On your birthday, I will tell you just a few words: don’t let your heart be touched by sadness, let your hands be rested after hard work, and let your health be strong.
  • Dear mother-in-law, may your wishes be my best wishes and never stop trying and never try to stop. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on the birthday of the most beloved and beloved woman – my mother-in-law! Always be tall, just as beautiful and full of energy! We wish you wonderful grandchildren and that you live something unforgettable every day!
  • A flower for a special person, a clean and sincere thought for a wonderful man, all the best wishes go to you today, my mother-in-law. Happy Birthday!
  • A smile has the power to straighten everything and fill everything with light. I hope you have as many smiles in life as possible. Happy birthday, dear mother-in-law!

Thank you messages for many years

Finding the Right Words to Thank Your Friends and Loved Ones for Happy Birthday Wishes
We’ve found some creative ways to thank everyone for your birthday wishes. Whether it’s a message, Facebook status or a personalized greeting card, the following thank you messages for many years will serve as your source of inspiration!

  • I feel special reading so many congratulatory messages! Thank you and hug you!
  • It is incredibly pleasing to know that there are people in the world who, for my birthday, give me such invaluable gifts as their attention, emotional words and sincere wishes. Thank you, my dear ones, for the congratulations and for the fact that you are in my life.
  • I realized I have 10 grade friends! I received so many beautiful messages, and every word reached my heart. Thank you!
  • Thank you all very much. I kiss you and take care of you!
  • Thank you all for thinking of me, thank you for the good thoughts and I hope that everything you wished me would happen to you.
  • Thanks for your thoughts. You are a person dear to my soul and your words mean a lot to me. I kiss you and hug you dearly!
  • Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful wishes. I kiss you and I wish you all the best in the world!
  • It was one of the most beautiful birthdays I have ever had! Thank you for your wishes and gifts, but most of all thank you for being my friends!
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wishes. You are truly a special person and I respect you very much. May you have only joy, happiness and good health!
  • I am extremely happy to have such wonderful people by my side. Thank you for thinking of me on this special day and for sending me your good thoughts! You brightened my day! I wish you all the best in the world!
  • My dears! Thank you very much for your kind words and bright wishes. Your attention and support, your warmth, your love are valuable to me.
  • Thank you for your attention, for your appreciation. When you feel someone’s shoulder, your wings grow, it is much easier for you to overcome the difficulties and you feel that people need you.
  • It’s great to receive so many beautiful messages from the early hours of the morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish all the best to return to you tenfold!
  • Thank you all for your best wishes and thoughts! I wish you health and joy!
  • I feel incredibly happy. My world has acquired even brighter colors thanks to all your wishes. Happiness and love to all those who wished me so much good today!
  • Good food, good friends, great party! Thank you for organizing such a successful party for my birthday.

Messages from many years for godparents

Browse this beautiful collection of birthday messages for godparents. Your godmother’s birthday is approaching and you need a special message.
We hope that here you will find the most unique messages for many years for the godmother. A birthday card full of birthday wishes can help you express your feelings for them. So, here’s a nice selection of birthday messages for your wedding nose or godmother, which you can use to inspire you:

  • The godparents are the invaluable gift that my parents gave me from the first day of my life. Thank you for your attention and love! Your son, X.
  • You’re not just a wonderful godmother. You’re a wonderful person, period. I hope your birthday is just as wonderful.
  • Best birthday to you, my dear godmother! I wish you a truly fantastic day and a wonderful year ahead. Be happy because you really deserve it.
  • The fact that you played such an important role on the day of my holy baptism brought great joy to my whole family. Thank you all for your mission and for the love with which you have kept watch over me.
  • We would like to express our gratitude for making this holy day of the baptism of our little one (name) bring us all spiritual joy and create so many happy memories. Thank you for the wonderful gifts!
  • My beautiful godmother, thank you for the baptism and the bath! Sincerely, your fine – X.
  • Mom and Dad gave me the gift of life. And life has given me a precious gift: you! I hug you dearly!
  • From you we learn what are the most important things in the world: family, love, time lived wisely. We are very happy that you are our godparents. Thank you! With respect and appreciation, your endeavors – X and Y.
  • I send you the biggest hug on your special day, dear godmother. I am forever grateful for all your love and care. You will always be in my heart; Happy Birthday!
  • I feel so lucky to have the best godmother on the planet! Have a most beautiful and happy day!
  • Thank you for the sincere advice and we wish you all the same life as before.
  • Of all the blessings God has given me throughout my life, you, my godparents, are one of the most important. Thank you for taking on my Christian status and for everything you have given me since then. And I know you’ll always be with me.
  • Even though you are my godmother, I always feel such a strong connection between us. It’s so good to know that I have a person so close to you. I hope it will always be so, because I really need you. Happy Birthday!
  • From our friends, you have become godparents. It was a great joy when you accepted.
  • With us will be the most beautiful people sent by God to watch over our love. We are proud of such godparents. Thank you for everything! With love, your loved ones.
  • Have a nice birthday, our dear nose! We wish you a wonderful day and a fantastic year ahead; you really deserve it!
  • Sincerely, your children.
  • Dear Godmother, you are one of those wonderful people with whom God has blessed me. I wish you a very warm and comfortable holiday!
  • Every garden should have a rose, every girl should have a smile, every blade of grass should have dew and every man should have a nasal like you.

Christian messages from many years

For many people, it can be difficult to find the right words to express God’s love and what you want for a friend or family member on their birthday. But the most beautiful Christian messages of many years can be inspired by so many aspects of our lives, from the simple gifts that the Lord gives us to specific Bible verses that find a way to convey your feelings of faith.

  • The joy of the whole world, Every day at the door to knock on your door, Good God to give you, Everything you want and would want!
  • My heart would be too small without your love, my smile would be too sad without your mouth, my love would not exist without you for your birthday I give you my heart!
  • Life in you is evolving. Be strong so that you don’t care about the hurricane, the storm, the severe cold or the heat. He lives, unaware of storms and troubles, for at least another 100 years!
  • Happy Birthday and good health, for every candle on the cake you have a pleasant surprise!
  • May health and happiness always accompany you. Everything that is easy and holy on earth, be in your destiny! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday messages are hard to do, I wish you everything you want and a thousand times over!
  • Every day is a new shadow of happiness, a new joy, a new mood. Have a great time today! All the colors of life are for you! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! You are such a beautiful, polite, beautiful, sincere, spiritual and unique being in this world. Receive my best wishes.
  • On this lovely day, I want to give you presents and say warm words. Happiness, health and fulfillment of dreams! I’ll be there soon!
  • I wish you the most pleasant moments of life that you can share with your loved one and enjoy the moments of magical happiness! Happy Birthday!
  • On the occasion of your birthdays, I wish you much, much health, happiness. Love to love as you know best.
  • He who loves you wants God to watch over you and to open all the way to my heart.
  • The warmest thoughts and wishes for health, happiness, joy and accomplishments. Be loved and happy in every moment of your life. Happy Birthday!
  • On the occasion of this day when you add another rose to the bouquet of life, I wish you to have everything you want from life: love, joy, serene thoughts, light in the soul, hope for a better future and a sincere and warm ”Happy birthday!
  • Good luck and joy, happiness and love! May the warmth of the words from the heart and the most sincere wishes keep the feeling of a constant celebration throughout life!
  • Today, being a beautiful day, And knowing that it is your day, In the scent of the morning, I want to congratulate you. Today, the day of happiness, For you has arrived; I wish you in your life, Only the golden road, Beautiful flowers, happiness, To rise in your way, And now, please, receive, Happy birthday from me.
  • I wish you a happy birthday! Bloom like a rose, like a tulip, always be as tender as their petals!
  • I wish you all your wishes to be fulfilled on your birthday, to be happy, loved, to have only the rays of the sun in life and I wish you a sincere Happy Birthday!
  • May from this day, all the troubles to avoid you, the love in your soul to stop without leaving and to have only sunny days and a lot of happiness! Happy Birthday !

Messages from many years of St. Mary

Looking for the most beautiful messages from many years of St. Mary
Here is a collection of wishes, messages and greetings of St. Mary that you can dedicate to a loved one who celebrates his name day!

  • From St. Mary, when it is the day of your name, receive from me many good wishes, health, good luck and fulfillment of all wishes! God guide you in everything you do! Happy birthday, Maricica!
  • I don’t know if you like the name your parents chose, but I wish you a warm heart. Happy birthday! Like it or not, it’s your birthday!
  • Today is your birthday, enjoy it! Happy birthday, Maria!
  • Name of Saint Even if you have the name of Saint I know that tonight you will give a drink and you will receive us with a full meal.
  • May St. Mary, holy day, be upon you all the goodness and love springing from a great heart. Happy birthday, Marinela!
  • Today is the day of your name, a simple and beautiful name, as pure and gentle as you. I wish you all the best and enjoy all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday, Marioara!
  • On this special day I send you my most sincere wishes. To have a life full of good things, and Saint Mary, whose name you bear, to always protect you. Happy birthday to your name!
  • Just like the Virgin Mary whose name you bear, learn to forgive, to be better, wiser, to forgive me when I am wrong and to teach me to be, in my turn, a better person. Happy Birthday
  • My friend, Maria I hope to always remain a young and full of life spirit, to always be together and to never forget the beautiful friendship between us. Happy birthday Maria!
  • I wish you a name day as colorful as a butterfly’s wings, as happy as a nightingale’s song, and as beautiful as a garden full of flowers.
  • St. Mary’s Day St. Mary’s Day, a great holiday, receives from me the most sincere wishes of well-being, health, good luck and fulfillment of all wishes.
  • May from this holy day in the smooth path of your life always shine a ray of sunshine that will bring you happiness and joy. Happy birthday to Saint Mary! A blue sky without clouds, in your way to be, to have in life only flowers, luck and joy! Happy Birthday! May you have only accomplishments, and may your life be an eternal celebration! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday Maria / Marian / Marius! Let the angels guide your steps and let the Blessed Virgin light your way in life.
  • Happy birthday, Maria! May the angels guide your steps, and may the Blessed Virgin Mary light your way in life!
  • Just as the Virgin Mary, whose name you bear, learns to forgive, to be better, wiser, to forgive me when I am wrong, and to teach me to be, in my turn, a better man. Happy birthday, Marioara!
  • May this day open the door to a successful future. Happy Birthday!
  • A beautiful name day! May all the beautiful events and the spirit of this day accompany you everywhere. I wish you a beautiful St. Mary’s Day!
  • May from this holy day, in the smooth path of your life, always a ray of sunshine rise to bring you happiness and joy. Happy birthday to Saint Mary!
  • May God decorate every ray of sunshine that reaches you with success, happiness and prosperity. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s great to know that someone likes you, someone thinks of you, someone needs you… but it’s even more wonderful to know that there is someone who never forgets your name day. Happy Birthday!
  • May all the beautiful events and the spirit of this day accompany you everywhere. I wish you a beautiful St. Mary’s Day!
  • On Saint Mary’s Day, a great holiday receives from me the most sincere wishes for good, health, good luck and the fulfillment of all wishes.

Messages from many years 18 years for adulthood

Adulthood is an extraordinary holiday for all teenagers who grow up and become adults. This is the first year of maturity and the most precious birthday of all. Most teenagers are waiting for this day to celebrate their adulthood with a lot of fun and joy. After all, it brings the freedom of life and the great opportunity to choose everything by your own decision. Here we have a beautiful compilation of messages from many years 18 years old for adults to share with those who turn the beautiful age of 18 years.

  • Finally, eighteen years! And legally, free to do everything you’ve ever done since you were fifteen.
  • I started having a so-called 30-year crisis when I made my first mistake: I’m 18 years old.
  • My advice to you today, when you turn 18, is: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, fall in love, or ask for help. Don’t spend too much money. Happy Birthday!
  • You can grow, but please, please, please, please, never grow old. Happy Birthday!
  • A romantic gift for the most romantic girl. You have shown us that dreams are never too good to be fulfilled. Your love and beauty have left deep traces in our hearts and we will never be able to forget you again.
  • 18 years, 18 flowers you have gathered in the bouquet of your life and already the boys are starting to admire its beauty and wish it for them. You choose carefully who you will give yourself to to be truly loved and to find lasting happiness.
  • When you were born, the world changed. As you grow, I hope you continue to make the world a better and happier place.
  • I hope you stay open-hearted as you gain life experience. Happy Birthday my dear!
  • It’s a special day, when you’re neither very very young nor very very old. But, we are very, very happy for you.
  • Now is the time to decide what kind of person you will be in life, which is more important than choosing your career. Choose wisely!
  • For a dream girl and a millionaire colleague, from her colleague and friend: To be loved as you deserve! With love, your friend.
  • Almost 6,800 days of existence, now you have no excuses, maturity belongs to you!
  • Childhood is gone, adolescence is over, you’ve been playing for 18 years. Now life begins… Happiness, joy and health I still wish you. Happy Birthday!

Messages from many years for bosses

A birthday is a great opportunity to wish your boss, boss or mentor all the best in life and to show your sincere gratitude for their continued support. Here are some birthday ideas for boss and boss. Whether you are looking for messages for many years for funny or more formal bosses, these ideas can inspire you.

  • Some bosses drive by force, others drive by micromanagement. And there are the other bosses (like you!) Who lead with inspiration. Your trust is not only motivating, but it has also led to a relationship of collegiality based on loyalty. You are fabulous! Happy Birthday!
  • May God bless you every step of the way and give you years of prosperity and joy. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the best boss, supporter and guide! We wish you progress and prosperity in all aspects of calf! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday boss, health, love, esteem and respect from your loved ones. Achieving endless goals, beautiful accomplishments
  • Under your leadership, we have all accomplished more than we ever imagined. Happy Birthday!
  • We are grateful to you and wish you a happy day! Happy Birthday!
  • Another year has passed in your life. Look at him with the soul of a wise man and with the clear eyes of a child reflecting amazement and faith. I want only true friends to accompany you in life: love and optimism. Happy Birthday!
  • Birthdays are full of memories of the past, happiness of the present and hope for the future. I hope all this makes for a completely successful number. Happy birthday bosses!
  • Under your leadership, we have all accomplished more than we ever imagined. We are grateful to you and wish you a happy day! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the boss who is never the boss, but always a trusted colleague. Have a wonderful day!
  • Of all the bosses I’ve had, you’re the only boss who doesn’t make the boss in the office. You are the kind of boss who motivates me and teaches me to be better and better at what I do and thank you for that! Happy Birthday!