Usually, the holidays, especially the winter holidays (Christmas and New Year), are the best time for reunions with all the loved ones. But even though we won’t be able to see each other again this Christmas because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean we can’t send messages and best wishes to our loved ones.

The Christmas tree and the cake are indispensable for Christmas, as are the messages, wishes, text messages and congratulations for all the loved ones, whether they are from family, friends or colleagues. Christmas means forgiveness, joy, love, and last but not least, kindness.

So, here is a selection of beautiful Christmas messages and best wishes to send to family, friends or colleagues during the winter holidays.

Special Christmas wishes for your boyfriend or girlfriend

“Your passionate kiss will be the most beautiful Christmas present, so come and kiss me. I want to feel all your love. ”
“I will put all my love into your Christmas present. I love you and I want us to spend the eve of the holiday together. Merry Christmas, my love! ”
“The best thing about this Christmas is that I can warm myself in your arms. Thank you for making me happy. I wish you a happy holiday from the bottom of my heart! ”
“The winter holidays are the most beautiful since you have been with me. I love you and thank you for being a part of my life! ”
“Let’s get lost among the globes and the tinsel, run through the snow like children, bury ourselves in presents and love each other like crazy for Christmas.”
“My dear, this is the most beautiful Christmas of my life. I float beside you with happiness and all I want is to never wake up from this beautiful dream. Merry Christmas with me! ”
“The most beautiful period of our lives awaits us. We are going to spend a lifetime together. I love you my love! Merry Christmas! ”“ The holidays weren’t complete if you weren’t with me. Thank you for all the beautiful moments this year, my love! Happy celebrations!”

Christmas wishes for dear friends, colleagues or acquaintances

“May the gentle spirit of the Holy Holidays snow on you only joy, prosperity, joy and health in the coming year! Happy celebrations! Happy Birthday!”
“Have a Christmas like a real child, with Santa, with the smell of fir trees and blushing apples! Have a clean Christmas, kissed by snowflakes! ”
 “It is said that on Christmas Eve, at every bell ringing, a wish comes true! I wish you to spend the holidays with a soul full of desires, in the ringing of the bells! Merry Christmas!”
“May the spirit of Christmas caress your soul, bring you joy and prosperity, happiness and luck, gifts under the Christmas tree and dear people close!”
“Santa Claus knocks on the door, takes his hand out of his glove and gives him the gifts of heaven from his palm, next to the fir tree and by the fire to fill you with luck. Merry Christmas!”
“May the snowflakes fall lightly on your heart and soothe your longing for me. A Christmas full of joy! ”
“May the joy of Christmas last until dawn and a Christmas choir sing to you for the Holidays!”
“Have the happiest holidays of your life! I hug you and I send you with all my love my most beautiful Christmas thoughts. ”
“An old man with a dear face stepped on your doorstep. Don’t be offended, it’s Santa Claus and he’ll bring you a better year. Merry Christmas!”

Best wishes for parents

“My dear parents, you have enlightened my life and shown me the right way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice and for the love you have given me! Magic holidays! ”
“When I was little, I wanted the most beautiful gifts from Santa Claus. Now I know that the most important gifts are not beautifully wrapped under the Christmas tree, but you. Happy celebrations! I hug you dearly, my dear parents. ”
“May the snowflakes fall lightly on your heart and soothe your longing for me. A Christmas full of joy, my dear parents! ”
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“You held my hand and taught me how to decorate my first Christmas tree. Today I am decorating the Christmas tree and I wish you were by my side. I wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart! ”
“The smell of fir, the scent of flowers, knocking on ugly windows, thousands of colors flashing in the sky, be happy for the holidays, now and in the years to come, dear parents!”
“I wish the holidays to be sprinkled with joy, fulfillment, peace and health. Thank you for existing and for being with me, mom and dad! ”

General Christmas wishes

“Happy holidays with joys and accomplishments with loved ones! May Santa find you with a rich meal and a pure soul! ”
“May this year’s holidays fill your soul with joy, trust, hope and love. Santa Claus to bring you the most desired and unexpected gifts to you and those close to you! ”
Some people around the corner say that there is Santa Claus. That you wrote to him and that he will come, to bring you light in his fists! By the fir tree and by the fire, good luck! ”
“Santa is coming a bit, we never feel him, but every time, he leaves happiness, joy, health in each gate forever! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!”
“It’s Christmas! It is divine! We were looking out the window… Santa is flying through the snow
… We’re being drunk vin! ”
“I wish you that the winter holidays bring you health and happiness, the fulfillment of all wishes and the health of your loved ones. Happy Birthday!”
“Hello, I’m Santa / The one with the nose a little red / I came by phone / Not on the door or on the chimney / With wishes of happiness / Health and love! Merry Christmas!”
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“Santa Claus knocks on the door, takes his hand out of his hand and gives him the gifts of heaven from his palm, next to the tree and by the fire to fill you with luck!”