In this agitation of the world, two halves meet – He and She. And each couple has their own scenario of developing their relationship: the love story begins, unfolds and, unfortunately, ends. There are many reasons for separation: misunderstanding, accumulated dissatisfaction, betrayal or the feeling that the relationship has reached a stalemate.
Virtually all stories have a good start, but not all ex-lovers are able to put a good end to relationships. It’s hard to gather your thoughts and say calmly, “I’m sorry, but I have to go.” The voice may tremble, and tears may flow from the eyes treacherously. If separation is inevitable, you better try to write messages of regret, parting, and goodbye to your loved one.
You can write the saddest parting message in your own words or use the examples of sad love and parting messages for him and her that we have prepared, remembering all the fun and interesting moments you spent together.

Painful parting messages for him and her (long and short)

Breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend is always painful. In such moments, no one would like to read letters that are too long and full of unnecessary affection. Of course, it is a place of beautiful parting messages, but to be relatively short, without unnecessary tears and accusations.
✉️ We broke up. The sky darkened with clouds. We rush into the abyss of sadness. Love is gone. It’s sad. Does not say anything. Don’t tell me the reasons for the breakup! I want to forget everything!
✉️ It’s empty in my soul now. All my dreams are shattered, I don’t feel loved anymore. Leaving, I’ll look around, because I know – once upon a time, we were happy. I know I loved you and you loved me. But now you don’t have to talk to me angrily! I sigh in pain, but I want to say goodbye and not be offended. I’m sure fate has prepared us for something more, better, more appropriate. We will definitely get to know each other and meet new people. Separation is just the beginning!
✉️ Our feelings could not be saved! Forgive me! Forgive me for failing to save the gift that heaven gave us, for not saving our love. But the broken wire can no longer be glued, so we have to say goodbye. May all that was good between us help us to turn our failed love into a devoted friendship.
️ Goodbye! Do not remember the bad times, do not wait, do not offend, do not be deceived. Let our past go and you will meet another love on the way! You will meet the person who will love all your flaws. Maybe one day you’ll forgive me and forget all the insulting words.
✉️ You are a special person, no doubt. You left a warm mark on my soul. I only wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart, but the past cannot be reversed. I know it hurts, but we all have to go our separate ways. There is no reason to be together when we are no longer in love. I’m sure another happiness awaits us somewhere… So, consider the separation between us the beginning of a new journey!
✉️ Our hearts have long since drifted away from each other. Despite our attempts to close the relationship, they have long said goodbye, killing the hope of a common future. The time has come to listen sincerely to our hearts, to let go of each other to find happiness, but not together.
✉️ I made so many mistakes! It is already impossible to correct them… Once upon a time we were so in love, and today we are not even friends.
✉️ I don’t want resentment to disturb your heart. I know that love will rule again in your soul! We can still be happy when life is happy again! We deserve a chance!
✉️ You know, the time spent with you is full of positive moments and I will remember them with great pleasure. It was joy, it was feelings. But sometimes people have to break up and go their separate ways. I want each of us to have a happy journey, a rich, colorful life! Don’t get mad at me – I sincerely wish you all the best!
✉️ Goodbye! We can’t be together anymore! We should look at each other! We can’t avoid separation, although I’m sorry to lose you!
✉️ It will be hard for our hearts and I don’t think we will ever forget, but we have to break up! Please don’t cry and don’t be sad!
✉️ I’m sorry! But one day you will understand that this is the only solution! I can’t be with you! Each of us must go our own way!
✉️ Parting is a sad time. We were together yesterday, and today our destinies are separated. What we dreamed of together did not come true. I don’t want to spank and blame each other. We must forget the past and start life from scratch.
✉️ Today I closed the door to the magical land of love. Maybe we’ll get back to it someday, but there will already be completely different people with us… Too bad the circumstances were just like that… And, even though we’re almost strangers, all the good that once bound us will remain in my memory. I wish you good luck and good days ahead!
✉️ Too bad the best moments of the past cannot be returned. Nobody is to blame. That’s how was ment to be.

Farewell messages that make you cry

When the relationship between two people ends, the sad parting messages for him or her, which contain the well-chosen words, will “soften” the difficult period.

  • I remember sadly the cloudless days when we loved each other. And I regret that I realized too late what I lost, only when you left forever. Of course, time heals and I will love again… But you know, the heart does not want anyone else, because the moments of happiness are not forgotten!
  • Goodbye, love! Tears well up in my eyes. I try to be firmer in my heart, but it’s hard for me now. The time will come and I will forget everything, I will learn to love again. But now – I long for you, I feel lonely and sad!
  • Thank you for all the good and bad, funny and sad things that have been between us. Fate has sent us not only happiness but also experience. I hope that when a new love comes, we will not repeat the previous mistakes. Let us remain in the memory of the other as something beautiful and pleasant. Farewell.
  • Breaking us up forever, I give you my last kiss. We will not return to this love, do not wait, do not be upset and do not hate me!
  • We are not allowed to be together! Anyway, I wish you happiness. Forget me, forgive me and let me go.
  • Thank you for this gift – the unusual feelings of love and hope. Our relationship fell apart, but we can’t blame a star we watched with fascination until it fell. Your light will always warm my heart, even from a distance.

⚠️ We say goodbye… We are already far from each other. Our feelings will not be reborn from the ashes, like the phoenix. Yes, it is sad in the heart, but parting in time is a wonderful art!
⚠️ Everything that was between you and me will stay with us forever! Even if we were not destined for each other, I wish you happiness in life!
⚠️ The spark of our passion faded long ago. We break up because we’re too different. Unfortunately, we look at this world differently. I don’t want accusations in vain. Our communication has long since turned into a space for accusations, so that’s enough! Let’s do everything now to become happy, to believe in love, to remain proud and dignified people, to live in peace, without slamming the door.
⚠️ It’s time to summarize the outcome of our relationship. The decision was not easy for me, but I think this is the only right option – we have to break up. The course of life did not stop, it just slowed down. Everything will surely improve, and soon, sadness and resentment will be just a memory.
⚠️ Let’s say goodbye without words, melancholy and sadness. That was our destiny. And it is better to do it simply, peacefully. We will never understand who is to blame, but that doesn’t really matter. We hurried to build our sandcastle. We dreamed too much and now all we have left is the pain.
⚠️ You’re not with me now… For no reason, you slammed the door in front of me! I wish we could at least stay friends so I can protect your dreams!
⚠️ You touched my cheek with your hand and told me we couldn’t be together anymore. It seemed that the end of the world had come. I hardly accepted and understood the failure, there were many tears after, and even now there is a void in my soul that one day I hope will really fill a real feeling. Farewell! You were a great lesson for me! Yes, I will not forget your warm hands, but I will not forget how cruel you were to me!
⚠️ Saying GOODBYE is painful and difficult! But otherwise you can’t… I can’t run away from me. Yes! My heart is cold! What was between us was magic and will be remembered. I will keep them careful and gentle. Your face will not be forgotten either, believe me! But it’s time to close the door for us.
⚠️ Goodbye! Now it doesn’t make sense to continue the torment. Our whole past is now just a memory. I will no longer be with you, we will not laugh, we will not kiss and we will not dream together. All that remains is to remember…

Messages of regret, parting and suffering

Even if sending the “last” message is sometimes dangerous, because there is a high probability of receiving inappropriate answers or even insults, still the beautiful parting messages will indicate the seriousness of your intentions, and sometimes – forgiveness.
↗️ I don’t like to say goodbye and I don’t feel comfortable shutting up. But these thoughts hurt my soul even more. I’ll break the silence and tell you it’s time to break up. I hope that distance and time will heal the pain.
↗️ We met, we suffered, we lived, we loved. But the fire went out. Farewell. Don’t blame me, don’t offend me and forgive me. We are completely different.
↗️ Thank you for the warmth, passion and affection. Life with you was like a fairy tale. But every happy beginning has an end. Let’s try to forgive each other and forget.
↗️ Farewell words are so heavy, full of sadness. My heart became uninhabited again. I hope this gap is filled as soon as possible. Forget my smile, forget my tender look. You have to understand – our relationships cannot be returned! You will not bring love back into my soul and we will never be together again!
↗️ Don’t be sad, I beg you! We were so happy together, but love left our home. So let’s keep it in our hearts, let’s keep all those days when love was beautiful. Maybe our relationship will turn into a true friendship.
↗️ Look at me… You and I know we’ll be better off. No, we don’t love, we play love. It won’t be the same as before. Forgive me and try to understand everything. That will be better for both of us.
↗️ Once upon a time we were inseparable… Now I don’t even want to remember you! Neither good words nor bad words. It will be the best reward for me if you are happy with another one!
↗️ Forget me, forget the warmth of my palms, forget our evenings and meetings. Behave like a stranger, because we can no longer save these feelings. Forgive my insults and let your soul smile sincerely at a new meeting.
️ Forget the relationship with me, but still… remember me…
↗️ You know, I got used to living with you without mutual feelings a long time ago. There has always been a chasm between us, insecurity, uncertainty. You wouldn’t let me breathe freely! I’d better be alone. Love is over. Please forget about me!
↗️ Forget my smile and don’t try to meet my eyes. Maybe I’m making a mistake, but the feelings don’t live between us anymore… I’m sorry to leave you so soon. Believe me, I sincerely regret that this is how it all ended. But mercy is not love. And time heals.
↗️ We’re breaking up, we can’t be together anymore! But once I loved and I know we can still love!
↗️ Unfortunately, we are not born for each other. That’s why I can’t be with you! I want you to forgive me from the bottom of my heart! Choose a new path in life!
↗️ That’s how it happened that you and I broke up and love is gone. I want to stay friends. I wish you to live happily!
↗️ Forget about me and don’t be sad. Of course, you will find your destiny! And your pain, believe me, will leave you. Tomorrow we will start loving again! Our time is up! And already each with his time…
↗️ Well, goodbye. It’s time to go. We’ve exhausted our feelings. I will not swear, I will only thank you for all the days we spent together.
↗️ We filled each other’s days with meaning, we became a little wiser together. We got lost in thought… I will never regret anything! I don’t know why darkness came into our relationship and why we stopped loving each other…
↗️ Love will not return and with it, the joy of life is gone. We wanted to deceive fate, but it still separated us. But I don’t want one day to wake up in the morning and regret that happiness can’t be returned…
↗️ I meant so many words! It is always very difficult to leave! We will seek our happiness from now on elsewhere! It is impossible to be together!
↗️ You are very different, too foreign… We wanted to go boldly forward! Great feelings awaited us, and we parted ways. But I’m sure happiness is still waiting for us!

  • Love is gone, and parting will untie our hands. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, for your affection, for your understanding. Life has not destroyed us, it continues
  • What a pity you have to leave… What a pity that “we” have reached “the end”. I will always remember you, darling. Everything was wonderful!
  • My memories burn in my heart and I am sorry for our happiness! Thank you for the magic of the wonderful days that left a mark on my soul.
  • There is no reason to blame each other! We were not proud, selfish and behaved properly. We just didn’t love each other…

↗️ Too late I understood happiness… Now each of us has his own way…
We know that it is difficult to decide to send a goodbye message to your loved one.
In any case, the appearance of pain and resentment is easier in written form than in front of your loved one. Who knows, maybe these messages will take your relationship to a new level, help you resolve misunderstandings and establish much stronger relationships. Be happy!