Dreams about teeth usually do not bring good news. But some interpreters think otherwise. Here are some dream books that explain what it means when you dream that your teeth are falling out of your mouth and if you deserve to be afraid of such a dream.

Miller’s Dream Book

Any dream in which your teeth and gums fall out is a cause for trouble, even if the dentist removes it – in this case, be prepared for serious and long-term health problems. If you dream that your teeth are falling out – talk about your loved ones’ illnesses.
If you have lost only one tooth – it means that your pride cannot stand under the yoke of circumstances, and your work will be in vain.
It also matters how many teeth have fallen out: one – sad news; if you see two teeth fall out – a series of failures due to negligence; three – to very big problems; all – in pain.

Baba Vanga’s dream book Baba Vanga’s

prophecy associated the loss of teeth in a dream with the sudden death of a person in your environment (if it is bloody – then it is someone related).
Worse, if the tooth is removed, your friend will face violent death, and the killer will go unpunished. In this case, Vanga advises not to rebuke your conscience, but you must come to the conclusion that this is fate.
Being left completely toothless in your sleep, you will have an interesting life, but a lonely old age, because you will survive your loved ones and friends.

The Islamic Dream Book

In the Qur’an you can find directly opposite explanations of the meaning of images about what it means when you dream that your tooth is falling out. Some believe that this is an indicator of life expectancy. The more teeth you lose, the longer you live, and life will be richer if your teeth fall directly into your hands.
Others warn that such a dream may be followed by the death of a loved one due to an illness. Who exactly
The upper teeth symbolize men, the lower teeth – women. From the right – the head of the family, the right incisor is the father, the left is the father’s brother. From the left – mom.
If any of them are no longer alive, then they may be close relatives or friends. But if all the teeth fall out – then this is a good sign, you will have the longest family life.

Freud’s psychoanalyst’s book of dreams

correlated dreams about teeth with the desire to masturbate and fears that others might find out about it.
Meditating on what it means when you dream that a tooth is falling out (it doesn’t matter if it was pulled out or fell off by itself), Freud reflected the fear of punishment in the form of castration for masturbation.
If you have especially shaken your tooth so that it falls out faster, then you will like self-satisfaction more than sexual contact with the opposite sex.

Nostradamus Dream Book

If you have a serious goal and have dreamed that you have lost a tooth – be prepared, because of your own inaction and confusion, you risk breaking all plans.
When a hole remains after the loss of teeth, you will age earlier than you should, because you will quickly lose vitality.

Loff’s dream book

Being toothless is an embarrassing situation. Therefore, the psychoanalyst has linked such dreams with the fear of losing your reputation and being in situations where you will feel embarrassed.
But dreams about tooth loss can also have a purely physical component – gnashing of teeth in a dream or high sensitivity.

The Esoteric Dream Book

Losing Your Tooth Without Pain suggests that connections that did not play a special role in your life will go away on their own. If blood is flowing at this time, then the separation will be painful.

Italian dream book The

loss of teeth in a dream corresponds to the loss of a positive attitude towards life, vitality. If your teeth have been forcibly removed, this warns of a possible death in your inner circle or the fear of death itself.

Other interpreters:

  • When you see a lost tooth in a dream – you will suffer from emotional disturbances or an approaching illness. If the tooth has fallen out with blood, such a dream can speak not only of your emotional experiences, but also of the loss and serious illness of those close to you.
  • The tooth you pull out on your own warns you to be careful – this symbol is interpreted as death, which is often not physical, but rather suffering and all that can be called “death-like.”
  • The dream in which you received a tooth says that you should pay attention to betrayal by your loved one. Also, this dream reports that you can commit an eruptive act, due to which you will lose respect from relatives.
  • If you dream that you have a healthy tooth in your hand – it is interpreted that you can stand up, fight, restore your position and cope with a difficult situation.
  • Dreaming that your teeth will fall out, you can expect an enemy to appear.
  • If you have lost a rotten or bad tooth – this means your release and escape from illness or problems. However, if the tooth did not fall out immediately but gradually dissipated, pay attention to your health. Maybe something is bothering you and you are losing your vitality. The dream also indicates the state at work. You may lose material stability.
  • It also matters how many teeth you have lost: interpreting what it means when you dream that 2 teeth are falling out – expect more serious problems, a whole series of misfortunes and disappointments. When all the remaining teeth are rotten and the last healthy tooth has fallen out – the picture indicates that you are inattentive to the person next to you and you lose the chance to build a love affair.

What Psychologists Say

Losing teeth in dreams is archaic and often accompanied by feelings of fear or dread. In ancient times, being toothless meant starvation, and this equates to death.
In men, the loss of teeth in a dream may be related to the actualization of the fear of death. Dreaming is also associated with loss of sexual activity and aggression.
To lose one’s teeth symbolically means to lose competition with another man, to receive a blow over self-esteem.
For example, such a dream may occur after a situation in which the man could not appear.

    The dream of losing teeth in women may be related to the subject of sexuality, aggression and fear for its manifestations. The loss of teeth in such dreams can be the result of guilt and severe punishment. A similar image can appear after a situation in which the woman, instead of “showing her teeth”, was silent, that is, she suppressed her aggression.
    Psychologists say that teeth that fall in a dream are a symbol of future problems, disagreements or diseases. The loss of a tooth predicts events that can strike a person’s dignity, as well as the destruction of hope.