For modern women, the wedding is rarely the goal of life, but as a child, all girls love stories that end in a happy marriage, the white dress being perceived as the royal outfit of Cinderella. Indeed, in a wedding dress all women look irresistible.
The wedding itself is perceived as a big celebration, so dreaming of the bride at your wedding, you experience positive emotions.
However, it is advisable to analyze several dream books, which explain what it means when you dream of being a bride in the church, each symbol of night images having a positive or negative interpretation.

The book of dreams after Monday

For those born from September to December, seeing themselves or someone else dressed in a wedding dress – the dream symbolizes innocence.
Born in May, June, July, August – the woman of your dreams, dressed as a bride, denotes your suffering for love.
And if your birthdays are in January, February, March or April, the bride is dreaming of a good new beginning, hoping for an improvement.


dream book The book interprets the dream in which the happy bride appears as follows: major changes for the better are foreseen in your life.

Women’s dream book

If you are young and you see in a dream that you are trying on a wedding dress, you will have an inheritance that will delight you a lot. If you dream that you are preparing to be a bride and you cry – you will suffer from disappointment in love. Kissing the bride in a dream – is towards the happy reconciliation of friends.
When the bride looks tired and sick – you will not enjoy the success and actions of your friends.
If a bride kisses you, sleep promises you excellent health, and the dream where the bride kisses others offers a lot of friends and pleasures.
The bride in a wedding dress and without a groom symbolizes disappointment in others, the collapse of all hopes, and the wedding without a bride predicts an unforeseen situation that will be extremely unpleasant.
Reverie with the bride’s bouquet is interpreted by loneliness, and if you catch the bride’s bouquet – you will soon meet the chosen one of the heart.

Family Dream Book

In the explanation of this book, the bride dreams when she is about to receive an unexpected inheritance. Instead, you will be disappointed by the chosen one or by the chosen profession, dreaming that you are reluctant to try on a white wedding dress.
If in a dream, congratulating the bride, you kiss her on the cheek, then in reality you will come to terms with the person with whom you have been in a quarrel for a long time.
For dreams where the bride kisses others, the explanation is as follows: your future will be full of pleasures, you will have many friends. If the bride kisses you in a dream, for many years you will not complain about your health or it is possible that the chosen one will receive a rich inheritance.
The kiss of the bride who is upset means the envy of relatives and friends.

The book of erotic dreams

A girl in a dream can see the bride when in real life a good offer follows. If a man sees the bride in a dream, such an image warns him of a forced marriage as a result of his partner’s pregnancy.

Freud’s dream book

Freud, as usual, interprets in his way all dreams, including what it means when you dream in a wedding dress. Therefore, the woman who dreams of herself as the bride of the loved one can expect a rapid change in personal relationships.
It is possible to reconcile after a long quarrel with someone. Your problem is that you are asking for official recognition of your relationship. Reduce the heat a bit, maybe after a while your chances will be much higher.
If in a dream the woman saw her daughter married, he suggests that you unconsciously compare yourself to her and often the comparison is not in your favor. Notice that you are old, your appearance has changed, imagine yourself in her place, you want the same success that your daughter has.
When a man has seen his partner or even his wife, under the pretext of a bride, the dream suggests that he is not currently confident in his masculine power, it seems to him that some failure is coming. And in a dream, he tries to return to the time when success was guaranteed.
If the man has seen his daughter married, the image gives the dreamer a pleasant pastime. It’s probably a long-awaited date with someone he hasn’t seen in a long time and secretly wanted to see.

French dream book

According to this book, the bride is a happy sign which, being seen in a dream, brings a happy meeting or a love marriage.

New Dream Book of 1918

Interprets the dream of the bride by waiting.

Miller’s Dream Book

If the dream bride is indifferent to her groom, this offers a lot of unpleasant circumstances that will simply destroy her for a few days in real life. Seeing a bride crying, expect work problems – you may not be happy with your job. The bride who ran away from her wedding in a dream symbolizes failures at work or separation from her loved one as a result of the appearance of a rival.
And the symbol of a pregnant bride is overcoming the difficulties in the last second, with the loss of many nerves. Many brides in wedding dresses dream when you spend a lot of time communicating with the opposite sex.

The esoteric dream book To

be a bride in a dream, being unmarried in reality, has to do with war. But answering what it means when you dream of being a bride and you are married, the book comes with such a meaning – you will be a widow because of social unrest.
The book has another explanation for what it means when you dream of being a bride, even though you are married – it’s about the threat of death. For a man, the dream of the bride will bring benefits, luck, and for a groom who sees his bride asleep – the improvement of the life circumstances associated with marriage.

Rommel’s dream book The

dream in which the bride appears symbolizes waiting. For men, this is the hope of success in business. In personal life, the dream is associated with deception, sadness (for example, if the man dreams of a bride he does not have). Kissing the bride means making peace with friends, and if you kiss others – you will find a lot of joy and have fun dating.
In dreams when the bride kisses you, health and prosperity are promised, and if you notice that the bride is tired, the actions of your friends will upset you. When a woman dreams of being someone’s real bride, love and income (most likely inheritance) awaits her.

Such a dream promises all kinds of benefits only if the mood was cheerful. Otherwise, expect disappointment in personal matters. The bride, who feels indifferent to her future husband, will actually experience many problems immediately after the wedding.

Miss Hasse’s dream book The

dream in which the bride is in a white dress foretells sadness and a negative period in destiny. If you are in a wedding dress and unmarried in reality – expect adversity – fate will present you with some unpleasant surprises.
When the wedding heroine runs away from the ceremony – the dream predicts a lost chance to increase her fortune, and when the bride dies in her sleep – it means that you will fail. The bride in a black dress predicts coercion in marriage, and in a red dress – beware of fires.

The modern dream book

According to this book, the bride dreams when she comes to get an unplanned source of income. The dream of the bride in the wedding dress, who is very happy with it, predicts the beginning of a favorable segment of your life, leaving behind the difficulties. Many women in wedding dresses – you have to face a serious situation that will require quick ingenuity.
The night vision when you catch the bridal bouquet speaks of an increased chance to try the status of a married lady. The bride at the cemetery dreams before she is betrayed by a loved one or left by her life partner.
The bride without a groom symbolizes the fear of being alone, and the bridesmaids dream when a wonderful day follows.