The Biggest Beauty Trends of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week always uncovers the most eye-catching beauty looks. This year was no different as a variety of hairstyles, makeup, and accessories from different runway shows were revealed. Here are some of the biggest beauty trends of New York Fashion Week 2020.

Natural Hair

The natural hair movement has been ongoing for years, but it had a special presence at New York Fashion Week this season. Addressing the effects of climate change, designers chose to celebrate natural beauty by presenting models with voluminous curls and coils. Designers like Valentino, Elie Saab, and Chanel have long been champions of natural afro-textured hair. Many runway looks also featured hair wrapped in protective styles like head wraps.

Multi-Colored Eyeliner

From vibrant blues to popping pinks, colorful eyeliner was seen all over the runway this season. Esteless, Thom Brown, Area, and Khaite featured models with neon shades of eye makeup that complement the bold nature of this season. It’s a fun way to stand out if you’re not bold enough for rainbow-hued wigs and brightly-covered outfits.

Colored Hair

Adding more color to their hairstyles, models from a range of brands from Prabal Gurung to Cushnie showed off cotton candy pink and baby blue colored hair. It’s a look fit for any free-spirited fashion lover looking to stand out, either with a few strands or a full head.

Minimal Makeup

In contrast to the vibrant makeup looks, minimal makeup prevailed as well. Many brands opted for this clean look, with Carolina Herrera, Dion Lee, and Oscar de La Renta highlighting natural beauty without the need for a lot of makeup.

Oversized Accessories

This season featured oversized accessories, from headbands and earrings to bags and sunglasses. Designers like Helmut Lang and Longchamp showed models wearing shoulder-topped bags and over-the-top shades. This look is great if you’re looking for a classic style with a twist.


Metallics have always been around but were taken to an even greater level during New York Fashion Week. Models were seen wearing metallic hairpieces, backdrops, and more. Alexander Wang and Altuzarra included glittery makeup looks and daring body jewelry.

Creative Use of Color

There was no shortage of creativity when it came to color combinations. While many often stick to primary colors when it comes to fashion, this season proved that there’s some power in playing around with complementary colors. Red, yellow and green were seen on the runways of Proenza Schouler and Prabal Gurung as well as bold red, blue and pink looks from Longchamp and Thome Browne.

Techno-Style Hair

This season women’s fashion was represented on the runway with sharp, futuristic styles. Hair pieces and synthetically-enhanced hairstyles or wigs with coordination pieces and beaded pieces adorned the heads of many models. This look might be a bit much for everyday life but it certainly is eye-catching.

New York Fashion Week 2020 was full of captivating beauty trends. From natural hair and colorful eyeliner to oversized accessories and color combinations, the looks are bold and eye-catching. Whether you’re looking to stand out or just add a bit of glamour to your everyday look, it’s clear that the beauty trends from New York Fashion Week will continue to inspire us for the seasons to come.